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FUNCTION: This transaction is used to retrieve and display the court history summary for a specific juvenile.

The CC09 screen can be displayed by three options:

A. Through the County Clerk Menu (CCMU).
B. Through the JNAM response transaction.
C. Through the JNUM transaction.

The procedures for using the options are as follows:

A. Through CCMU.

1. Key the transaction code CC09.
2. Key the JAIN.
3. Press the ENTER key.

B. Through JNAM response.

1. Key an "X" in front of the desired JAIN.
2. Press the PF9 key.

C. Through JNUM.

1. Key the number type.
2. Key the number.
3. Press the PF9 key.

The response will be the CC09 mask. The information will be displayed by court number, petition date, and court date. The lowest court number will appear first. The petitions filed under each court number with related court dates will appear from oldest to most recent.


CC09 is a multi-page transaction. The operator may page through the data by pressing the PA1 key until the message "End of Available Information" appears. At any time the operator may press the ENTER key to display CCMU with the TXN field containing CC09.

CC09 provides access to CC10, the Register of Action Inquiry, through the use of the PF8 key (PFK8 is PF Key #8, or PF8). The operator keys an "X" in front of the desired court#, on any page of CC09, and presses PF8. The Register of Action Inquiry for that court# will be displayed.

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