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FUNCTION: This transaction is used to retrieve and display the Register of Action for a specific court number.

The CC10 screen can be displayed by two options:

A. Through the County Clerk Menu (CCMU).
B. Through the CC09 transaction.

The procedures for using the options are as follows:

A. Through CCMU.

1. Key the transaction code CC10.
2. Key the JAIN.
3. Key the Court#.
4. Press the ENTER key.

B. Through CC09.

1. Key an "X" in front of the desired Court#.
2. Press the PF8 key.

The response will be the CC10 mask. The information will be displayed by petition date and court date, with the oldest petition dates first. The most recent court date may not be related to the most recent petition date.



CC10 is a multi-page transaction. The operator may page through the data by pressing the PA1 key until the message "End of Available Information" appears. At any time the operator may press the ENTER key to display CCMU with the TXN field containing CC10.

The first line of information on CC10 contains the petition date, Welfare & Institutions section (300, 602), first court date and court department of the first court hearing. When the petition is linked to an arrest, this line will contain the name of the agency; if not linked, arrest agency will say "Unknown".

When the petition is linked to an arrest, line two of information contains the allegations on the petition (displayed from CC02 entry).

Additional information is displayed in court date order from entry into CC05, CC06, CC07, and CC08.

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