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FUNCTION: This transaction is used to add, update or delete conditions of probation. It is a two-page transaction.

CC07 is displayed through two options:

A. As the completion message for CC05 and CC06 when the PROB indicator is marked. (Refer to sections 29 and 30.).

B. Through the County Clerk Menu (CCMU).

To display the CC07 mask from CCMU:

1. Key the transaction code CC07.
2. Key the JAIN.
3. Key the Court #.
4. Key the Pet Date.
5. Key the Crt Date.
6. Press the ENTER key.

The response will be the first page of CC07. Numbers 1 through 39 match the numbers on the Conditions of Probation Minute Order. Number 97 is used for comments. Numbers 40 through 47 are not used at this time.



To add conditions, place an "X" in the parentheses to the right of the appropriate number. To skip a field, use the tab keys. To erase an "X", press the Erase EOF (end of field) key. Press the ENTER key.

Any condition marked on page 1 which requires narrative completion will appear on page 2. Each statement must be completed. Wording may be changed by keying over the wording which appears on the screen. Press the ENTER key.



To update existing conditions, mark the PROB indicator on CC06 or request CC07 from the County Clerk Menu. The response will be page 1 of CC07 with previously marked conditions indicated by a pound sign (#). The operator may enter additional conditions using an "X" or may remove errors by keying "E" over an existing "#". Press the ENTER key.

Page 2 will be displayed with previously ordered conditions and any new ones which require narrative completion.

To delete conditions ordered at a previous hearing, a new CC07 with a new court date must be entered, since deletions are terminations of previously ordered conditions. There are two lines for entering deletion information:

2. Use the second line for narrative information.

New conditions may be added on the same CC07 as deletions are made. Press the ENTER key.

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