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FUNCTION: This transaction displays the County Clerk transactions and
must be used to access all transactions beginning with "CC".

To display CCMU from a clear screen (cursor in upper left corner):

1. Key /FOR.
2. Press the space bar.
4. Press the ENTER key.

To display this menu when there is a JAI transaction on the screen, press the PF10 key.


The operator keys the appropriate transaction code (TXN) and all required information as indicated on this menu in the designated fields, and presses the ENTER key.

If a required field is omitted, CCMU will be redisplayed with two highlighted asterisks (**) in the missing field. If incorrect data is entered, CCMU will be redisplayed with the incorrect field(s) highlighted.

Completion messages will appear on CCMU with varying data. See the individual transaction sections for the specifics of what data returns to the menu.

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