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Information is entered or retrieved by using on-line computer terminals. Juvenile data may be viewed at a terminal by authorized employees using a juvenile's name, any of several identifying numbers used by participating agencies, or with a Juvenile Automated Index Number (JAIN). There are two types of computer terminals; display and printer. Display terminals have television-like display screens and typewriter-like keyboards. Data is entered into JAI at display terminals or from other systems through PIX (Pro-Active Interface Exchange) or uploads. Any previously entered information can be updated or viewed at the same terminals. Printer terminals "print" data on paper. They "copy" what appears on a display terminal and print information directly from the computer.

JAI transactions are divided into three menus. The JAI Menu contains Law Enforcement and Probation functions. The Superior Court Menu contains Juvenile Court functions. The Public Defender Menu contains all functions used by the Public Defender.

This manual describes the basic operation of all transactions on the JAI Menu and the inquiry transactions from the Superior Court Menu. Each operator is assigned a security profile level based on need.

Please refer to the JAI Terminal Manual for detailed instructions on how to use the keyboard and printer.

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