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The Juvenile Automated Index (JAI) is a computerized record keeping system, which makes it possible to determine the current status of juvenile dependents and delinquents. Justice agencies throughout Los Angeles County use JAI for a wide variety of purposes. These agencies include law enforcement, Probation, Superior Court-Juvenile, District Attorney, Public Defender, and the Department of Children and Family Services.

A single format (JINQ) pulls together the decision information from law enforcement, Probation, District Attorney, and the Juvenile Court adjudication and disposition hearings.

JAI interfaces through JDIC (Justice Data Interface Controller) to the Sheriff's Department and municipal law enforcement agencies for input and inquiry. JAI interfaces through NECS (Network Communication System) to the Los Angeles Police Department for inquiry only. LAPD maintains centralized entry of arrest information; JDIC users maintain on-site entry.

JAI interfaces to the District Attorney's Prosecutor's Information Management System (PIMS). Information is `pixed' to PIMS from JAI and to JAI from PIMS.

Plans are underway to `pix' data between JAI and Probation's Juvenile Caseload Management System (JCMS).

JAI data is `pixed' to the Consolidated Criminal History Reporting System (CCHRS) and the Conditions of Probation System (COPS).

JAI receives data from the Children's Information System of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the Juvenile Automated Data Enhancement (JADE) of the Children's Court of the Superior Court.

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