SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   1
                                 SMT           DESCRIPTION                                        LCD                                
                                 ALB           ALBINO                                      01/03/2001                                
                                 ART ELBOW     DEVICES-ARTIFICIAL ELBOW JOINT              05/19/1986                                
                                 ART HIP       DEVICES-ARTIFICIAL HIP JOINT                05/19/1986                                
                                 ART KNEE      DEVICES-ARTIFICIAL KNEE JOINT               05/19/1986                                
                                 ART L ARM     ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-ARM, LEFT              05/19/1986                                
                                 ART L EAR     ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-EAR, LEFT              05/19/1986                                
                                 ART L EYE     ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-EYE, LEFT              05/19/1986                                
                                 ART L FT      ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-FOOT, LEFT             05/19/1986                                
                                 ART L HND     ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-HAND, LEFT             05/19/1986                                
                                 ART L LEG     ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-LEG, LEFT              05/19/1986                                
                                 ART LARYNX    DEVICES-ARTIFICIAL LARYNX                   05/19/1986                                
                                 ART R ARM     ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-ARM, RIGHT             05/19/1986                                
                                 ART R EAR     ARTIFICAL BODY PART-EAR, RIGHT              05/19/1986                                
                                 ART R EYE     ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-EYE, RIGHT             05/19/1986                                
                                 ART R FT      ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-FOOT, RIGHT            05/19/1986                                
                                 ART R HND     ARTIFICAL BODY PART-HAND, RIGHT             05/19/1986                                
                                 ART R LEG     ARTIFICIAL BODY PART-LEG, RIGHT             05/19/1986                                
                                 ART SHLD      DEVICES-ARTIFICIAL SHOULDER JOINT           05/19/1986                                
                                 BALD          CHARACTERISTICS-BALD/BALDING                05/19/1986                                
                                 BLIND         EYE DISORDERS-BLIND, BOTH EYES              05/19/1986                                
                                 BLK           BLACK                                       01/03/2001                                
                                 BLND EYE      EYE DISORDERS-BLIND, ONE EYE-NONSPECIFIC    05/19/1986                                
                                 BLND L EYE    EYE DISORDERS-BLIND, LEFT EYE               05/19/1986                                
                                 BLND R EYE    EYE DISORDERS-BLIND, RIGHT EYE              05/19/1986                                
                                 BRAC L ARM    BODY AIDS-BRACE, LEFT ARM                   05/19/1986                                
                                 BRAC L LEG    BODY AIDS-BRACE, LEFT LEG                   05/19/1986                                
                                 BRAC R ARM    BODY AIDS-BRACE, RIGHT ARM                  05/19/1986                                
                                 BRAC R LEG    BODY AIDS-BRACE, RIGHT LEG                  05/19/1986                                
                                 BRAC TEETH    BODY AIDS-BRACES, TEETH                     05/19/1986                                
                                 BRACE BACK    BODY AIDS-BRACE, BACK                       05/19/1986                                
                                 BRACE NECK    BODY AIDS-BRACE, NECK                       05/19/1986                                
                                 CARD PACEM    DEVICES-CARDIAC PACEMAKER                   05/19/1986                                
                                 CATA L EYE    EYE DISORDERS-CATARACT, LEFT EYE            05/19/1986                                
                                 CATA R EYE    EYE DISORDERS-CATARACT, RIGHT EYE           05/19/1986                                
                                 CATARACT      EYE DISORDERS-CATARACT, NONSPECIFIC         05/19/1986                                
                                 CAUL L EAR    DEFORMITY-CAULIFLOWER EAR, LEFT             05/19/1986                                
                                 CAUL R EAR    DEFORMITY-CLAULIFLOWER EAR, RIGHT           05/19/1986                                
                                 CLEFT CHIN    CHARACTERISTICS-CLEFT CHIN                  05/19/1986                                
                                 CLEFT PAL     DEFORMITY-CLEFT PALATE                      05/19/1986                                
                                 COLOST APP    DEVICES-COLOSTOMY APPLIANCES                05/19/1986                                
                                 CON LENSES    BODY AIDS-CONTACT LENSES                    05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP L ARM    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED ARM, LEFT                05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP L FGR    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED FINGER(S), LEFT HAND     05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP L FT     DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED FOOT, LEFT               05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP L HND    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED HAND, LEFT               05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP L LEG    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED LEG, LEFT                05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP L TOE    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED TOE(S), LEFT             05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP R ARM    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED ARM, RIGHT               05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP R FGR    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED FINGER(S), RIGHT HAND    05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP R FT     DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED FOOT, RIGHT              05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP R HND    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED HAND, RIGHT              05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP R LEG    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED LEG, RIGHT               05/19/1986                                
                                 CRIP R TOE    DEFORMITY-CRIPPLED TOE(S), RIGHT            05/19/1986                                
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   2
                                 SMT           DESCRIPTION                                        LCD                                
                                 CROSSEYED     EYE DISORDERS-CROSS-EYED                    05/19/1986                                
                                 DA ALCOHOL    DRUG ABUSE-ALCOHOL                          01/10/1986                                
                                 DA AMPHETA    DRUG ABUSE-AMPHETAMINES                     01/10/1986                                
                                 DA BARBITU    DRUG ABUSE-BARBITUARATES                    01/10/1986                                
                                 DA COCAINE    DRUG ABUSE-COCAINE                          01/10/1986                                
                                 DA GLUE       DRUG ABUSE-GLUE                             01/03/2001                                
                                 DA HALLUCI    DRUG ABUSE-HALLUCINOGENS                    01/10/1986                                
                                 DA MARIJUA    DRUG ABUSE-MARIJUANA                        01/10/1986                                
                                 DA NARCOTI    DRUG ABUSE-NARCOTICS                        01/10/1986                                
                                 DA OTHER      DRUG ABUSES NOT LISTED                      01/10/1986                                
                                 DA PAINT      DRUG ABUSE-PAINT                            01/03/2001                                
                                 DBR           DARK BROWN                                  01/03/2001                                
                                 DEAF          DEAFNESS-LEFT AND RIGHT EARS                05/19/1986                                
                                 DEAF EAR      DEAFNESS-ONE EAR, NONSPECIFIC               05/19/1986                                
                                 DEAF L EAR    DEAFNESS-LEFT EAR                           05/19/1986                                
                                 DEAF MUTE     DEAFNESS-DEAF MUTE                          05/19/1986                                
                                 DEAF R EAR    DEAFNESS-RIGHT EAR                          05/19/1986                                
                                 DENT LOW      BODY AIDS-DENTURE, LOWER ONLY               05/19/1986                                
                                 DENT UP       BODY AIDS-DENTURE, UPPER ONLY               05/19/1986                                
                                 DENT UP LO    BODY AIDS-DENTURE, UPPER AND LOWER          05/19/1986                                
                                 DEV SEPTUM    DEFORMITY-DEVIATED SEPTUM                   05/19/1986                                
                                 DIMP CHIN     CHARACTERISTICS-DIMPLE, CHIN                05/19/1986                                
                                 DIMP L CHK    CHARACTERISTICS-DIMPLE, LFT.CHEEK (FACE)    05/19/1986                                
                                 DIMP R CHK    CHARACTERISTICS-DIMPLE, RT. CHEEK (FACE)    05/19/1986                                
                                 DISC ABDOM    SKIN DISCOLOR-ABDOMEN                       09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC ANKL     SKIN DISCOLOR-ANKLE                         01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC ARM      SKIN DISCOLOR-ARM                           01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC BACK     SKIN DISCOLOR-BACK                          09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC BRST     SKIN DISCOLOR-BREAST                        01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC BUTTK    SKIN DISCOLOR-BUTTOCKS, NONSPECIFIC         05/16/1986                                
                                 DISC CHEEK    SKIN DISCOLOR-CHEEK                         01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC CHEST    SKIN DISCOLOR-CHEST                         03/06/1985                                
                                 DISC CHIN     SKIN DISCOLOR-CHIN                          09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC EAR      SKIN DISCOLOR-EAR                           01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC EYE      SKIN DISCOLOR-EYE                           01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC FACE     SKIN DISCOLOR-FACE                          01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC FGR      SKIN DISCOLOR-FINGER                        01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC FHD      SKIN DISCOLOR-FOREHEAD                      09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC FOOT     SKIN DISCOLOR-FOOT                          01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC HEAD     SKIN DISCOLOR-HEAD                          01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC HIP      SKIN DISCOLOR-HIP                           01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC KNEE     SKIN DISCOLOR-KNEE                          01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC L ANK    SKIN DISCOLOR-ANKLE, LEFT                   09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC L ARM    SKIN DISCOLOR-ARM, LEFT                     09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC L BRS    SKIN DISCOLOR-LEFT BREAST                   01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC L BUT    SKIN DISCOLOR-BUTTOCK, LEFT                 05/16/1986                                
                                 DISC L CHK    SKIN DISCOLOR-CHEEK (FACE), LEFT            09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC L EAR    SKIN DISCOLOR-EAR, LEFT                     09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC L EYE    SKIN DISCOLOR-EYEBROW, EYE AREA, LEFT       09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC L FGR    SKIN DISCOLOR-FINGER(5), LEFT HAND          09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC L FT     SKIN DISCOLOR-FOOT, LEFT                    09/16/1977                                
                                 DISC L HIP    SKIN DISCOLOR-LEFT HIP                      01/03/2001                                
                                 DISC L HND    SKIN DISCOLOR-HAND, LEFT                    09/16/1977                                
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   3
                                  SMT           DESCRIPTION                                      LCD                                 
                                  DISC L LEG    SKIN DISCOLOR-LEG, LEFT                   09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC L LIP    SKIN DISCOLOR-LIP, LOWER                  09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC L WRS    SKIN DISCOLOR-WRIST, LEFT                 09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC LEG      SKIN DISCOLOR-LEG                         01/03/2001                                 
                                  DISC LIP      SKIN DISCOLOR-LIP                         01/03/2001                                 
                                  DISC LKNEE    SKIN DISCOLOR-KNEE, LEFT                  02/28/1985                                 
                                  DISC LSHLD    SKIN DISCOLOR-SHOULDER, LEFT              02/28/1985                                 
                                  DISC LTHGH    SKIN DISCOLOR-LEFT THIGH                  01/03/2001                                 
                                  DISC NECK     SKIN DISCOLOR-NECK                        09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC NOSE     SKIN DISCOLOR-NOSE                        09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R ANK    SKIN DISCOLOR-ANKLE, RIGHT                09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R ARM    SKIN DISCOLOR-ARM, RIGHT                  09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R BRS    SKIN DISCOLOR-RIGHT BREAST                01/03/2001                                 
                                  DISC R BUT    SKIN DISCOLOR-BUTTOCK, RIGHT              05/16/1986                                 
                                  DISC R CHK    SKIN DISCOLOR-CHEEK (FACE), RIGHT         09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R EAR    SKIN DISCOLOR-EAR, RIGHT                  09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R EYE    SKIN DISCOLOR-EYEBROW, EYE AREA, RIGHT    09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R FGR    SKIN DISCOLOR-FINGER(5), RIGHT HAND       09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R FT     SKIN DISCOLOR-FOOT, RIGHT                 09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R HND    SKIN DISCOLOR-HAND, RIGHT                 09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R LEG    SKIN DISCOLOR-LEG, RIGHT                  09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC R WRS    SKIN DISCOLOR-WRIST, RIGHT                09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC RKNEE    SKIN DISCOLOR-KNEE, RIGHT                 02/28/1985                                 
                                  DISC RSHLD    SKIN DISCOLOR-SHOULDER, RIGHT             02/28/1985                                 
                                  DISC RTHGH    SKIN DISCOLOR-RIGHT THIGH                 01/03/2001                                 
                                  DISC SHLD     SKIN DISCOLOR-SHOULDER                    01/03/2001                                 
                                  DISC THGH     SKIN DISCOLOR-THIGH                       01/03/2001                                 
                                  DISC U LIP    SKIN DISCOLOR-LIP, UPPER                  09/16/1977                                 
                                  DISC WRIST    SKIN DISCOLOR-WRIST                       01/03/2001                                 
                                  DRK           DARK COMPLEXION                           01/03/2001                                 
                                  EAR TUBES     DEVICES-TUBES IN EARS, LEFT AND RIGHT     05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR BRST     DEFORMITY-EXTRA BREAST, NONSPECIFIC       05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR C NIP    DEFORMITY-EXTRA NIPPLE, CENTER            05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR CBRST    DEFORMITY-EXTRA BREAST, CENTER            05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR L FGR    DEFORMITY-EXTRA FINGER(S), LEFT HAND      05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR L NIP    DEFORMITY-EXTRA NIPPLE, LEFT              05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR L TOE    DEFORMITY-EXTRA TOE(S), LEFT              05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR LBRST    DEFORMITY-EXTRA BREAST, LEFT              05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR NIP      DEFORMITY-EXTRA NIPPLE, NONSPECIFIC       05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR R FGR    DEFORMITY-EXTRA FINGER(S), RIGHT HAND     05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR R NIP    DEFORMITY-EXTRA NIPPLE, RIGHT             05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR R TOE    DEFORMITY-EXTRA TOE(S), RIGHT             05/19/1986                                 
                                  EXTR RBRST    DEFORMITY-EXTRA BREAST, RIGHT             05/19/1986                                 
                                  FAR           FAIR COMPLEXION                           01/16/2001                                 
                                  FRC ANKL      FRACTURED ANKLE, NONSPECIFIC              05/16/1986                                 
                                  FRC ARM       FRACTURED ARM, NONSPECIFIC                05/16/1986                                 
                                  FRC BACK      FRACTURED BACK                            05/16/1986                                 
                                  FRC CLAVIC    FRACTURED CLAVICLE, NONSPECIFIC           05/16/1986                                 
                                  FRC FGR       FRACTURED FINGERS, NONSPECIFIC            05/16/1986                                 
                                  FRC FOOT      FRACTURED FOOT, NONSPECIFIC               05/16/1986                                 
                                  FRC HAND      FRACTURED HAND, NONSPECIFIC               05/16/1986                                 
                                  FRC JAW       FRACTURED JAW, NONSPECIFIC                05/16/1986                                 
                                  FRC KNEE      FRACTURED KNEE (NONSPECIFIC)              02/28/1985                                 
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   4
                                        SMT        DESCRIPTION                                LCD                                    
                                     FRC L ANKL    FRACTURED ANKLE, LEFT               05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC L FGR     FRACTURED FINGER(S), LEFT HAND      05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC L FOOT    FRACTURED FOOT, LEFT                05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC L HAND    FRACTURED HAND, LEFT                05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC L KNEE    FRACTURED KNEE, LEFT                02/28/1985                                    
                                     FRC L RIB     FRACTURED RIB(S), LEFT              05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC L SHLD    FRACTURED SHOULDER, LEFT            02/28/1985                                    
                                     FRC L TOE     FRACTURED TOE(S), LEFT FOOT         05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC L WRST    FRACTURED WRIST, LEFT               05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LCLAVI    FRACTURED CLAVICLE, LEFT            05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LEG       FRACTURED LEG, NONSPECIFIC          05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LL ARM    FRACTURED ARM, LOWER LEFT           05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LL JAW    FRACTURED JAW, LOWER LEFT           05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LL LEG    FRACTURED LEG, LOWER LEFT           05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LPELVI    FRACTURED PELVIC BONE, LEFT         05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LR ARM    FRACTURED ARM, LOWER RIGHT          05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LR JAW    FRACTURED JAW, LOWER RIGHT          05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC LR LEG    FRACTURED LEG, LOWER RIGHT          05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC NECK      FRACTURED NECK                      05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC NOSE      FRACTURED NOSE                      05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC PELVIS    FRACTURED PELVIS, NONSPECIFIC       05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC R ANKL    FRACTURED ANKLE, RIGHT              05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC R FGR     FRACTURED FINGER(S), RIGHT HAND     05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC R FOOT    FRACTURED FOOT, RIGHT               05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC R HAND    FRACTURED HAND, RIGHT               05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC R KNEE    FRACTURED KNEE, RIGHT               02/28/1985                                    
                                     FRC R RIB     FRACTURED RIB(S), RIGHT             05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC R SHLD    FRACTURED SHOULDER, RIGHT           02/28/1985                                    
                                     FRC R TOE     FRACTURED TOE(S), RIGHT FOOT        05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC R WRST    FRACTURED WRIST, RIGHT              05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC RCLAVI    FRACTURED CLAVICLE, RIGHT           05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC RIBS      FRACTURED RIB(S), NONSPECIFIC       05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC RPELVI    FRACTURED PELVIC BONE, RIGHT        05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC SHLD      FRACTURED SHOULDER (NONSPECIFIC)    02/28/1985                                    
                                     FRC SKULL     FRACTURED SKULL                     05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC SPINE     FRACTURED SPINE                     05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC STERN     FRACTURED STERNUM                   05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC TOE       FRACTURED TOES, NONSPECIFIC         05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC UL ARM    FRACTURED ARM, UPPER LEFT           05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC UL JAW    FRACTURED JAW, UPPER LEFT           05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC UL LEG    FRACTURED LEG, UPPER LEFT           05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC UR ARM    FRACTURED ARM, UPPER RIGHT          05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC UR JAW    FRACTURED JAW, UPPER RIGHT          05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC UR LEG    FRACTURED LEG, UPPER RIGHT          05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRC WRIST     FRACTURED WRIST, NONSPECIFIC        05/16/1986                                    
                                     FRECKLES      CHARACTERISTICS-FRECKLES            05/19/1986                                    
                                     GLASSES       BODY AIDS-GLASSES (PRESCRIPTION)    05/19/1986                                    
                                     GLAUCOMA      GLAUCOMA                            01/16/2001                                    
                                     GOLD TOOTH    GOLD TOOTH                          01/16/2001                                    
                                     HAIR IMPL     CHARACTERISTICS-HAIR IMPLANTS       05/19/1986                                    
                                     HARELIP       DEFORMITY-HARELIP                   05/19/1986                                    
                                     HEAR AID      BODY AIDS-HEARING AID               05/19/1986                                    
                                     HUMPBACKED    DEFORMITY-HUMPBACKED                05/19/1986                                    
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   5
                                  SMT           DESCRIPTION                                      LCD                                 
                                  INTRA ROD     DEVICES-INTRAMEDULLARY ROD                05/19/1986                                 
                                  IUD           DEVICES-INTRAUTERINE DEVICE               05/19/1986                                 
                                  LBR           LIGHT BROWN COMPLEXION                    01/16/2001                                 
                                  LGT           LIGHT COMPLEXION                          01/16/2001                                 
                                  MBR           MEDIUM BROWN COMPLEXION                   01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC ACNE       MEDICAL CONDITION ACNE                    01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC ALLERGY    MEDICAL CONDITION-ALLERGIES               01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC ALZHMRS    MEDICAL CONDITION ALZHEIMERS              01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC ARTHRTS    MEDICAL CONDITION ARTHRITIS               01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC BEHAVIO    MEDICAL COND-BEHAVIOR DISORDERS           01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC CANCER     MEDICAL CONDITION-CANCER                  01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC DIABTIC    MEDICAL CONDITION DIABETES                01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC DRUGAB     MEDICAL CONDITION-DRUG ABUSE              01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC HEART      MEDICAL COND-HEART/CIRCULATORY DISEASE    01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC KIDNEY     MEDICAL CONDITION KIDNEY                  01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC LIVER      MEDICAL COND-LIVER DISEASE                01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC NERVOUS    MEDICAL COND-NERVOUS CONDITION            01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC NRLGCAL    MEDICAL CONDITION NEUROLOGICAL            01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC OTHER      MEDICAL CONDITIONS NOT LISTED             01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC PARPLGC    MEDICAL CONDITION PARAPLEGIC              01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC PLMNARY    MEDICAL CONDITION PULMONARY               01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC PREGNAN    MEDICAL COND-PREGNANCY                    01/10/1986                                 
                                  MC QUADPLG    MEDICAL CONDITION QUADRAPLEGIC            01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC SKIN       MEDICAL CONDITION SKIN                    01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC TB         MEDICAL CONDITION TUBERCULOSIS            01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC THYROID    MEDICAL CONDITION THYROID                 01/16/2001                                 
                                  MC TOURETE    MEDICAL CONDITION TOURETTE                01/16/2001                                 
                                  MED           MEDIUM COMPLEXION                         01/16/2001                                 
                                  MISS ADND     MISSING-ADENOIDS                          05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS APPNX    MISSING-APPENDIX                          05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS BRSTS    MISSING-BREASTS                           05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS GALL     MISSING-GALLBLADDER                       05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS INTES    MISSING-INTESTINES                        05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS L ARM    MISSING-ARM, LEFT                         09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS L EAR    MISSING-EAR, LEFT                         09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS L EYE    MISSING-EYE, LEFT                         09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS L FGR    MISSING-FINGER(S), LEFT HAND              09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS L FJT    MISSING-FINGER JOINT(S), LEFT HAND        09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS L FT     MISSING-FOOT, LEFT                        09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS L HND    MISSING-HAND, LEFT                        09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS L KID    MISSING-KIDNEY, LEFT                      05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS L LEG    MISSING-LEG, LEFT                         09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS L TES    MISSING-TESTIS, LEFT                      05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS L TOE    MISSING-TOE(S), LEFT FOOT                 09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS LBRST    MISSING-BREAST, LEFT                      05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS LLARM    MISSING-ARM, LOWER LEFT                   09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS LLLEG    MISSING-LEG, LOWER LEFT                   09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS LLUNG    MISSING-LUNG, LEFT                        05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS LOVAR    MISSING-OVARY, LEFT                       05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS LRARM    MISSING-ARM, LOWER RIGHT                  09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS LRLEG    MISSING-LEG, LOWER RIGHT                  09/16/1977                                 
                                  MISS LRYNX    MISSING-LARYNX                            05/16/1986                                 
                                  MISS NOSE     MISSING-NOSE                              09/16/1977                                 
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   6
                                      SMT        DESCRIPTION                                   LCD                                   
                                   MISS OVARS    MISSING-OVARIES                        05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS PANCR    MISSING-PANCREAS                       05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS PENIS    MISSING PENIS                          01/16/2001                                   
                                   MISS PROST    MISSING PROSTRATE GLAND                02/28/1985                                   
                                   MISS R ARM    MISSING-ARM, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS R EAR    MISSING-EAR, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS R EYE    MISSING-EYE, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS R FGR    MISSING-FINGER(S), RIGHT HAND          09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS R FJT    MISSING-FINGER JOINT(S), RIGHT HAND    09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS R FT     MISSING-FOOT, RIGHT                    09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS R HND    MISSING-HAND, RIGHT                    09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS R KID    MISSING-KIDNEY, RIGHT                  05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS R LEG    MISSING-LEG, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS R TES    MISSING-TESTIS, RIGHT                  05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS R TOE    MISSING-TOE(S), RIGHT FOOT             09/16/1977                                   
                                   MISS RBRST    MISSING-BREAST, RIGHT                  05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS RLUNG    MISSING-LUNG, RIGHT                    05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS ROVAR    MISSING-OVARY, RIGHT                   05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS SPLEN    MISSING-SPLEEN                         05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS STOMA    MISSING-STOMACH                        05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS THYRD    MISSING-THYROID                        05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS TONG     MISSING TONGUE                         02/28/1985                                   
                                   MISS TONSL    MISSING-TONSILS                        05/16/1986                                   
                                   MISS UTRUS    MISSING-UTERUS                         05/16/1986                                   
                                   MOLE ABDOM    MOLE ON ABDOMEN                        01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE ANKLE    MOLE ON ANKLE                          01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE BACK     MOLE ON BACK                           01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE BRST     MOLES-BREAST, NONSPECIFIC              05/16/1986                                   
                                   MOLE BUTTK    MOLES-BUTTOCKS, NONSPECIFIC            05/16/1986                                   
                                   MOLE CHEST    MOLE ON CHEST                          01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE CHIN     MOLES-CHIN                             09/16/1977                                   
                                   MOLE CHK      MOLE CHEEK                             01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE EAR      MOLE ON EAR                            01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE FGR      MOLE FINGER                            01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE FHD      MOLES-FOREHEAD                         09/16/1977                                   
                                   MOLE FOOT     MOLE ON FOOT                           01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE GROIN    MOLE ON GROIN                          01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE HAND     MOLE ON HAND                           01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE HEAD     MOLE ON HEAD                           01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE HIP      MOLE ON HIP                            01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE KNEE     MOLE ON KNEE                           01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE L ANK    MOLE ON LEFT ANKLE                     01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE L ARM    MOLES-ARM, LEFT                        09/16/1977                                   
                                   MOLE L BUT    MOLES-BUTTOCK, LEFT                    05/16/1986                                   
                                   MOLE L CHK    MOLES-CHEEK (FACE), LEFT               09/16/1977                                   
                                   MOLE L EAR    MOLES-EAR, LEFT                        09/16/1977                                   
                                   MOLE L EYE    MOLES-EYEBROW, EYE AREA, LEFT          09/16/1977                                   
                                   MOLE L FGR    MOLES-FINGER(S), LEFT HAND             09/16/1977                                   
                                   MOLE L FT     MOLE ON LEFT FOOT                      01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE L HIP    MOLE ON LEFT HIP                       01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE L HND    MOLES-HAND, LEFT                       09/16/1977                                   
                                   MOLE L KNE    MOLE ON LEFT KNEE                      01/16/2001                                   
                                   MOLE L LEG    MOLE ON LEFT LEG                       01/16/2001                                   
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   7
                                    SMT           DESCRIPTION                                  LCD                                   
                                    MOLE L LIP    MOLES-LIP, LOWER                      09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE L SHD    MOLE ON LEFT SHOULDER                 01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE L THG    MOLE ON LEFT THIGH                    01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE L WRS    MOLES-WRIST, LEFT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE LBRST    MOLES-BREAST, LEFT                    05/16/1986                                   
                                    MOLE LEG      MOLE ON LEG                           01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE LIP      MOLE ON LIP                           01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE NECK     MOLES-NECK                            09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE NOSE     MOLES-NOSE                            09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE PENIS    MOLE ON PENIS                         01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE R ANK    MOLE ON RIGHT ANKLE                   01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE R ARM    MOLES-ARM, RIGHT                      09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE R BUT    MOLES-BUTTOCK, RIGHT                  05/16/1986                                   
                                    MOLE R CHK    MOLES-CHEEK (FACE), RIGHT             09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE R EAR    MOLES-EAR, RIGHT                      09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE R EYE    MOLES-EYEBROW, EYE AREA, RIGHT        09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE R FGR    MOLES-FINGER(S), RIGHT HAND           09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE R FT     MOLE ON RIGHT FOOT                    01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE R HIP    MOLE ON RIGHT HIP                     01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE R HND    MOLES-HAND, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE R KNE    MOLE ON RIGHT KNEE                    01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE R LEG    MOLE ON RIGHT LEG                     01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE R SHD    MOLE ON RIGHT SHOULD                  01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE R THG    MOLE ON RIGHT THIGH                   01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE R WRS    MOLES-WRIST, RIGHT                    09/16/1977                                   
                                    MOLE RBRST    MOLES-BREAST, RIGHT                   05/16/1986                                   
                                    MOLE SHLD     MOLE ON SHOULDER                      01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE THGH     MOLE ON THIGH                         01/16/2001                                   
                                    MOLE U LIP    MOLES-LIP, UPPER                      09/16/1977                                   
                                    MUTE          DEFORMITY-MUTE ONLY, BUT NOT DEAF     05/19/1986                                   
                                    NM L ARM      NEEDLE MARKS-ARM, LEFT                09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM L BUTTK    NEEDLEMARKS-BUTTOCK, LEFT             05/16/1986                                   
                                    NM L FGR      NEEDLE MARKS-FINGER(S), LEFT HAND     09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM L FOOT     NEEDLEMARKS-FOOT, LEFT                05/16/1986                                   
                                    NM L HND      NEEDLE MARKS-HAND, LEFT               09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM L LEG      NEEDLE MARKS-LEG, LEFT                09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM L THIGH    NEEDLEMARKS-THIGH, LEFT               05/16/1986                                   
                                    NM L WRIST    NEEDLE MARKS-WRIST, LEFT              09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM R ARM      NEEDLE MARKS-ARM, RIGHT               09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM R BUTTK    NEEDLEMARKS-BUTTOCK, RIGHT            05/16/1986                                   
                                    NM R FGR      NEEDLE MARKS-FINGER(S), RIGHT HAND    09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM R FOOT     NEEDLEMARKS-FOOT, RIGHT               05/16/1986                                   
                                    NM R HND      NEEDLE MARKS-HAND, RIGHT              09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM R LEG      NEEDLE MARKS-LEG, RIGHT               09/16/1977                                   
                                    NM R THIGH    NEEDLEMARKS-THIGH, RIGHT              05/16/1986                                   
                                    NM R WRIST    NEEDLE MARKS-WRIST, RIGHT             09/16/1977                                   
                                    OLV           OLIVE COMPLEXION                      01/16/2001                                   
                                    ORTH NAIL     DEVICES-ORTHOPEDIC NAIL OR PIN        05/19/1986                                   
                                    ORTH PLATE    DEVICES-ORTHOPEDIC PLATE              05/19/1986                                   
                                    ORTH SCREW    DEVICES-ORTHOPEDIC SCREW              05/19/1986                                   
                                    POCKMARKS     SCARS-POCKMARKS                       09/16/1977                                   
                                    PRCD ABDMN    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED ABDOMEN       01/16/2001                                   
                                    PRCD BACK     CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED BACK          01/16/2001                                   
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   8
                                  SMT           DESCRIPTION                                     LCD                                  
                                  PRCD BELBT    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED BELLYBUTTON      11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD BNECK    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED BACK OF NECK     11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD EAR      CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED EAR, ONE         05/19/1986                                  
                                  PRCD EARS     CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED EARS             05/19/1986                                  
                                  PRCD FNECK    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED FRONT OF NECK    11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD GEN      CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED GENITALIA        11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD L EAR    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED LEFT EAR         05/19/1986                                  
                                  PRCD L EYE    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED LEFT EYEBROW     11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD L LIP    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED LOWER LIP        11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD L NIP    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED LEFT NIPPLE      11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD LIP      CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED LIP              11/09/1999                                  
                                  PRCD LNOSE    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED LEFT NOSTRIL     11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD NIPPL    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED NIPPLE           01/16/2001                                  
                                  PRCD NOSE     CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED NOSE             05/19/1986                                  
                                  PRCD R EAR    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED RIGHT EAR        05/19/1986                                  
                                  PRCD R EYE    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED RIGHT EYEBROW    11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD R NIP    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED RIGHT NIPPLE     11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD RNOSE    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED RIGHT NOSTRIL    11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD TONG     CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED TONGUE           11/17/2000                                  
                                  PRCD U LIP    CHARACTERISTICS-PIERCED UPPER LIP        11/17/2000                                  
                                  PROT L JAW    DEFORMITY-PROTRUDING LOWER JAW           05/19/1986                                  
                                  PROT U JAW    DEFORMITY-PROTRUDING UPPER JAW           05/19/1986                                  
                                  RUD           RUDDY                                    01/16/2001                                  
                                  SAL           SALLOW                                   01/16/2001                                  
                                  SC ABDOM      SCARS-ABDOMEN                            09/16/1977                                  
                                  SC ANKL       SCARS-ANKLE, NONSPECIFIC                 05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC ARM        SCARS-ARM, NONSPECIFIC                   05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC BACK       SCARS-BACK                               09/16/1977                                  
                                  SC BREAST     SCARS-BREAST, NONSPECIFIC                05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC BUTTK      SCARS-BUTTOCKS, NONSPECIFIC              05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC CALF       SCARS-CALF, NONSPECIFIC                  05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC CHEST      SCARS-CHEST                              09/16/1977                                  
                                  SC CHIN       SCARS-CHIN                               09/16/1977                                  
                                  SC CHK        SCARS-CHEEK, NONSPECIFIC                 02/28/1985                                  
                                  SC EAR        SCARS-EAR, NONSPECIFIC                   05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC ELBOW      SCARS-ELBOW, NONSPECIFIC                 05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC EYE        SCARS-EYEBROW, NONSPECIFIC               05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC F ARM      SCARS-FOREARM, NONSPECIFIC               05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC FACE       SCARS-FACE, NONSPECIFIC                  05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC FGR        SCARS-FINGER, NONSPECIFIC                05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC FHD        SCARS-FOREHEAD                           09/16/1977                                  
                                  SC FOOT       SCARS-FOOT, NONSPECIFIC                  05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC GROIN      SCARS-GROIN                              01/16/2001                                  
                                  SC HAND       SCARS-HAND, NONSPECIFIC                  05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC HEAD       SCARS-HEAD, NONSPECIFIC                  05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC HIP        SCARS-HIP                                01/16/2001                                  
                                  SC KNEE       SCARS-KNEE, NONSPECIFIC                  05/16/1986                                  
                                  SC L ANKL     SCARS-ANKLE, LEFT                        05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC L ARM      SCARS-ARM, LEFT, NONSPECIFIC             05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC L BRST     SCARS-BREAST, LEFT                       05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC L BUTTK    SCARS-BUTTOCK, LEFT                      05/19/1986                                  
                                  SC L CALF     SCARS-CALF, LEFT                         09/16/1977                                  
                                  SC L CHK      SCARS-CHEEK (FACE), LEFT                 09/16/1977                                  
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023   9
                                   SMT           DESCRIPTION                                   LCD                                   
                                   SC L EAR      SCARS-EAR, LEFT                        09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC L ELB      SCARS-ELBOW, LEFT                      05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC L EYE      SCARS-EYEBROW, LEFT/LEFT EYE AREA      05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC L FGR      SCARS-FINGER(S), LEFT HAND             09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC L FT       SCARS-FOOT, LEFT                       09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC L HIP      SCARS-HIP, LEFT                        01/16/2001                                   
                                   SC L HND      SCARS-HAND, LEFT                       09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC L KNEE     SCARS-KNEE, LEFT                       09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC L LEG      SCARS-LEG, LEFT, NONSPECIFIC           05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC L SHLD     SCARS-SHOULDER, LEFT                   09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC L THGH     SCARS-THIGH, LEFT                      09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC L WRIST    SCARS-WRIST, LEFT                      09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC LEG        SCARS-LEG, NONSPECIFIC                 05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC LF ARM     SCARS-FOREARM, LEFT                    09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC LIP        SCARS-LIP, NONSPECIFIC                 05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC LOW LIP    SCARS-LIP, LOWER                       09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC NECK       SCARS-NECK                             05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC NOSE       SCARS-NOSE                             09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC PENIS      SCARS-PENIS                            01/16/2001                                   
                                   SC R ANKL     SCARS-ANKLE, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R ARM      SCARS-ARM, RIGHT, NONSPECIFIC          05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC R BRST     SCARS-BREAST, RIGHT                    05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC R BUTTK    SCARS-BUTTOCKS, RIGHT                  05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC R CALF     SCARS-CALF, RIGHT                      09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R CHK      SCARS-CHEEK (FACE), RIGHT              09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R EAR      SCARS-EAR, RIGHT                       09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R ELB      SCARS-ELBOW, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R EYE      SCARS-EYEBROW, RIGHT/RIGHT EYE AREA    05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC R FGR      SCARS-FINGER(S), RIGHT HAND            09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R FT       SCARS-FOOT, RIGHT                      09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R HIP      SCARS-HIP, RIGHT                       01/16/2001                                   
                                   SC R HND      SCARS-HAND, RIGHT                      09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R KNEE     SCARS-KNEE, RIGHT                      09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R LEG      SCARS-LEG, RIGHT, NONSPECIFIC          05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC R SHLD     SCARS-SHOULDER, RIGHT                  09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R THGH     SCARS-THIGH, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC R WRIST    SCARS-WRIST, RIGHT                     09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC RF ARM     SCARS-FOREARM, RIGHT                   09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC SHLD       SCARS-SHOULDER, NONSPECIFIC            05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC THGH       SCARS-THIGH, NONSPECIFIC               05/19/1986                                   
                                   SC UL ARM     SCARS-ARM, LEFT UPPER                  09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC UP LIP     SCARS-LIP, UPPER                       09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC UR ARM     SCARS-ARM, RIGHT UPPER                 09/16/1977                                   
                                   SC WRIST      SCARS-WRIST, NONSPECIFIC               05/19/1986                                   
                                   SHRT L LEG    DEFORMITY-SHORTER LEFT LEG             05/19/1986                                   
                                   SHRT R LEG    DEFORMITY-SHORTER RIGHT LEG            05/19/1986                                   
                                   SHUNT ART     DEVICES-SHUNT, ARTERIAL VASCULAR       05/19/1986                                   
                                   SHUNT CERB    DEVICES-SHUNT, CEREBRAL VENTRICLE      05/19/1986                                   
                                   SKL PLATE     DEVICES-SKULL PLATE                    05/19/1986                                   
                                   SLVR TOOTH    SILVER TOOTH                           01/16/2001                                   
                                   STAPLES       DEVICES-STAPLES                        05/19/1986                                   
                                   STUTTERS      STUTTERS                               01/16/2001                                   
                                   TAT ABDOM     TATTOOS-ABDOMEN                        09/16/1977                                   
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023  10
                                        SMT        DESCRIPTION                               LCD                                     
                                     TAT ANKL      TATTOOS-ANKLE                      01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT ARM       TATTOOS-ARM                        01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT BACK      TATTOOS-BACK                       09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT BREAST    TATTOOS-BREAST                     09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT BUTTK     TATTOOS-BUTTOCKS                   09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT CALF      TATTOOS-CALF                       01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT CHEEK     TATTOOS-CHEEK                      01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT CHEST     TATTOOS-CHEST                      09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT CHIN      TATTOOS-CHIN                       09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT EAR       TATTOOS-EAR                        01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT FACE      TATTOOS-FACE, NONSPECIFIC          05/19/1986                                     
                                     TAT FARM      TATTOOS-FOREARM                    01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT FHD       TATTOOS-FOREHEAD                   09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT FNGR      TATTOOS-FINGER                     01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT FOOT      TATTOOS-FOOT                       01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT GROIN     TATTOOS-GROIN                      03/06/1985                                     
                                     TAT HAND      TATTOOS-HAND                       01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT HEAD      TATTOOS-HEAD, NONSPECIFIC          05/19/1986                                     
                                     TAT HIP       TATTOOS-HIP                        01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT KNEE      TATTOOS-KNEE                       01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT L ANKL    TATTOOS-ANKLE, LEFT                09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L ARM     TATTOOS-ARM, LEFT, NONSPECIFIC     05/19/1986                                     
                                     TAT L BRST    TATTOOS-BREAST, LEFT               05/16/1986                                     
                                     TAT L BUTK    TATTOOS-BUTTOCK, LEFT              05/16/1986                                     
                                     TAT L CALF    TATTOOS-CALF, LEFT                 09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L CHK     TATTOOS-CHEEK(FACE), LEFT          09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L EAR     TATTOOS-EAR, LEFT                  09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L FGR     TATTOOS-FINGER(S), LEFT HAND       09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L FOOT    TATTOOS-FOOT, LEFT                 01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT L HIP     TATTOOS-HIP, LEFT                  01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT L HND     TATTOOS-HAND, LEFT                 09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L KNEE    TATTOOS-KNEE, LEFT                 09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L LEG     TATTOOS-LEG, LEFT, NONSPECIFIC     05/19/1986                                     
                                     TAT L SHLD    TATTOOS-SHOULDER, LEFT             09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L THGH    TATTOOS-THIGH, LEFT                09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT L WRS     TATTOOS-WRIST, LEFT                09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT LEG       TATTOOS-LEG                        01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT LF ARM    TATTOOS-FOREARM, LEFT              09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT LIP       TATTOOS-LIP                        01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT LW LIP    TATTOOS-LIP, LOWER                 01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT NECK      TATTOOS-NECK                       09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT NOSE      TATTOOS-NOSE                       09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT PENIS     TATTOOS-PENIS                      01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT R ANKL    TATTOOS-ANKLE, RIGHT               09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT R ARM     TATTOOS-ARM, RIGHT, NONSPECIFIC    05/19/1986                                     
                                     TAT R BRST    TATTOOS-BREAST, RIGHT              05/16/1986                                     
                                     TAT R BUTK    TATTOOS-BUTTOCK, RIGHT             05/16/1986                                     
                                     TAT R CALF    TATTOOS-CALF, RIGHT                09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT R CHK     TATTOOS-CHEEK(FACE), RIGHT         09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT R EAR     TATTOOS-EAR, RIGHT                 09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT R FGR     TATTOOS-FINGER(S),RIGHT HAND       09/16/1977                                     
                                     TAT R FOOT    TATTOOS-FOOT, RIGHT                01/16/2001                                     
                                     TAT R HIP     TATTOOS-HIP, RIGHT                 01/16/2001                                     
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED                                                     

                                                      SCAR  MARK  TATTOO  CODES                   11:29 Wednesday, March 29, 2023  11
                                     SMT           DESCRIPTION                                LCD                                    
                                     TAT R HND     TATTOOS-HAND, RIGHT                 09/16/1977                                    
                                     TAT R KNEE    TATTOOS-KNEE, RIGHT                 09/16/1977                                    
                                     TAT R LEG     TATTOOS-LEG, RIGHT, NONSPECIFIC     05/19/1986                                    
                                     TAT R SHLD    TATTOOS-SHOULDER, RIGHT             09/16/1977                                    
                                     TAT R THGH    TATTOOS-THIGH, RIGHT                09/16/1977                                    
                                     TAT R WRS     TATTOOS-WRIST, RIGHT                09/16/1977                                    
                                     TAT RF ARM    TATTOOS-FOREARM, RIGHT              09/16/1977                                    
                                     TAT SHLD      TATTOOS-SHOULDER                    01/16/2001                                    
                                     TAT THGH      TATTOOS-THIGH                       01/16/2001                                    
                                     TAT UL ARM    TATTOOS-ARM, LEFT UPPER             09/16/1977                                    
                                     TAT UP LIP    TATTOOS-LIP, UPPER                  01/16/2001                                    
                                     TAT UR ARM    TATTOOS-ARM, RIGHT UPPER            09/16/1977                                    
                                     TAT WRS       TATTOOS-WRIST                       01/16/2001                                    
                                     TD ACONVUL    THERAPEUTIC DRUG-ANTICONVULSANTS    01/10/1986                                    
                                     TD ADEPRES    THERAPEUTIC DRUG-ANTIDEPRESSANTS    01/10/1986                                    
                                     TD ANALGES    THERAPEUTIC DRUG - ANALGESICS       01/10/1986                                    
                                     TD CARDIAC    THERAPEUTIC DRUG-CARDIAC (HEART)    01/10/1986                                    
                                     TD HYPNOTI    THERAPEUTIC DRUG-HYPNOTICS          01/10/1986                                    
                                     TD INSULIN    THERAPEUTIC DRUG-INSULIN            01/16/2001                                    
                                     TD OTHER      THERAPEUTIC DRUGS NOT LISTED        01/10/1986                                    
                                     TD TRANQUI    THERAPEUTIC DRUG-TRANQUILIZERS      01/10/1986                                    
                                     TUBE L EAR    DEVICES-TUBE IN LEFT EAR            05/19/1986                                    
                                     TUBE R EAR    DEVICES-TUBE IN RIGHT EAR           05/19/1986                                    
                                     VASC PROTH    DEVICES-VASCULAR PROSTHESIS         05/19/1986                                    
                                     WHEELCHAIR    WHEELCHAIR                          01/16/2001                                    
                                     WIRE SUTUR    DEVICES-WIRE SUTURES                05/19/1986                                    
                                     YELLOW        YELLOW                              01/16/2001                                    
                                                                N = 557                                                              
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED