JUVENILE  HALL/IDC  CODES                       23:54 Friday, July 29, 2022   1
                           KEY      OFFICE_DESC                                BCS     PHONENO      PRINTER                          
                          BJNJH     BJ NIDORF JUVENILE HALL                           8183642011    J4SJ                             
                          BJNMR     BJ NIDORF JUVENILE HALL MEDICAL RECORDS                         J1SJ                             
                          CJHID     EASTLAKE INTAKE DETENTION CONTROL                 2132268511    J9EL                             
                          JAIC      JAI CENTRAL                                       2139744661    JILHR1P2                         
                          JAIHQ     JAI ADMINISTRATION HEADQUARTERS                   2139474357    J2DN                             
                          SODA      IDC - SODA                                                      J3EL                             
                                                                N = 6                                                                
                                   NOTE:  THE  VALUE  OF  N  AT  THE  END  OF  THE  REPORT  IS  THE                                  
                                                     NUMBER  OF  RECORDS  LISTED