PAGE     1                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  AHMC         AGOURA HILLS MUNICIPAL CODE               M                                                                           
  ALMC         ALHAMBRA MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  APPEAL       APPEAL                                    O                                                                           
  APT490.2PC   ATTEMPTED PETTY THEFT                     M                                                                           
  ARMC         ARCADIA MUNICIPAL CODE                    M                                                                           
  ATMC         ARTESIA MUNICIPAL CODE                    M                                                                           
  AVMC         AVALON MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  AZMC         AZUSA MUNICIPAL CODE                      M                                                                           
  A10851(A)VC  ATTEMPT TAKE VEH W/O OWNER CONSENT        F                                                                           
  A10851(B)VC  ATTEMPT TAKE VEH W/O OWNER'S CONSENT      F                                                                           
  A10851VC     ATTEMPT TAKE VEH W/O OWNERS CONSENT       F                                                                           
  A10852VC     ATTEMPT - TAMPERING WITH VEHICLE          B                                                                           
  A10980(G)WI  ATTEMPT TO USE UNAUTHORIZED FOOD STA      M                                                                           
  A11173(A)HS  ATTEMPT-OBT CNTL SUBS BY FRAUD/DECEI      B                                                                           
  A113PC       ATTEMPT MFG/ETC FALSE CITIZENSHIP DO      F                                                                           
  A11350(A)HS  ATTEMPT - POSS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE       F                                                                           
  A11351.5HS   ATTEMPT POSS/PURCHASE COCAINE BASE 4      F                                                                           
  A11351HS     ATTEMPT - POSS NARCOTIC CNTL SUB FOR      F                                                                           
  A11352.1BHS  ATTEMPT DISPENSE DRUGS W/O LICENSE        M                                                                           
  A11352(A)HS  ATTEMPT TRANSPORT/SELL NARCOTIC           F                                                                           
  A11352(B)HS  ATTEMPT TRANSPORT CONTROLLED SUBSTAN      F                                                                           
  A11352HS     ATTEMPT TRANSPORT/SELL/CNTRLD SUBSTA      F                                                                           
  A11353(A)HS  ATTEMPT SOLICIT MINOR 4 SALE OF NARC      F                                                                           
  A11355HS     ATTEMPT - SELL SUBSE IN LIEU OF CNTL      F                                                                           
  A11357(A)HS  ATTEMPT -POSSESSION CONCENTRATED CAN      B                                                                           
  A11357(B)HS  ATTEMPT TO POSS < 28.5 GRAMS OF MARI      M                                                                           
  A11358HS     ATTEMPT PLANT/CULTIVATE MARIJUANA         F                                                                           
  A11359HS     ATTEMPT POSS MARIJUANA FOR SALE           F                                                                           
  A11360(A)HS  ATTEMPT - SELL/FURNISH/ETC MARIJUANA      F                                                                           
  A11360(B)HS  ATTEMP - GIVE/TRANSP MARIJ/HASH UNDER 1   M                                                                           
  A11364HS     ATTEMPTED POSS OF CNTL SUBS PARAPHER      M                                                                           
  A11366HS     ATTEMPT MAINTAIN PLACE SELL CNTRL SU      B                                                                           
  A11368HS     ATTEMPT - FORGE/ALTER NARCOTIC PRESC      B                                                                           
  A11377(A)HS  ATTEMPT FELONY POSS CONTROLLED SUBST      F                                                                           
  A11377(B)HS  ATTEMPT POSSESSION CONTROLLED SUBSTA      M                                                                           
  A11377HS     ATTEMPT POSSESS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE      B                                                                           
  A11378HS     ATTEMPT - POSSESSION CNTL SUBS FOR S      F                                                                           
  A11379.6AHS  ATTEMPTED MANUFACTURE OF PCP              B                                                                           
  A11379.6BHS  ATTEMPT OFFER 2 MANUFCR CNTRLD SUBST      F                                                                           
  A11379(A)HS  ATTEMPT TRANSPORT/SELL CNTL SUBS          F                                                                           
  A11379(B)HS  ATTEMPT TRANSPORT CNTLD SUBSTANCE 4       F                                                                           
  A11379HS     ATTEMPT TRANSPORT/SELL CNTLD SUBSTAN      F                                                                           

  PAGE     2                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A11382HS     ATTEMPT - SELL SUBS IN LIEU OF CNTL       F                                                                           
  A11383(A)HS  ATTEMPT POSS W/INTENT MFG METHAMPHET      F                                                                           
  A11383C2HS   ATTEMPT POSS INTENT 2 MFG METH/ANALO      F                                                                           
  A114PC       ATTEMPT USE FALSE DOCU CONCEAL CITIZ      B                                                                           
  A11418.1PC   ATTEMPT FALSE/FASCIM WEAPON OF MASS DEST  M                                                                           
  A115(A)PC    ATTEMPT FILE FORGE PUBLIC RECORD          F                                                                           
  A11550(A)HS  ATTEMPT USE/UNDER INFLUENCE OF CNTL       M                                                                           
  A118PC       ATTEMPT PERJURY UNDER OATH                F                                                                           
  A12020(A)PC  ATTEMPT POSSESS DEADLY WEAPON             B                                                                           
  A12021(A)PC  ATT-POSS F/ARM BY CONVICT FELON/ADDI      F                                                                           
  A12021(G)PC  ATTEMPT PURCHASE FIREARM W/RESTRAIN       F                                                                           
  A12021A1PC   ATTEMPT POSS FIREARM CONVICTD FELON/      F                                                                           
  A12025(A)PC  ATT-CARRY CONCEAL WEAPN IN VEH W/O L      B                                                                           
  A12031A1PC   ATTEMPT CARRYING LOADED FIREARM IN P      B                                                                           
  A12072A3APC  ATTEMPT TO SELL FIREARM TO MINOR          F                                                                           
  A12072C1PC   ATTEMPT DELIVERY FIREARM W/IN 15 DAY      M                                                                           
  A12220(A)PC  ATTEMPT TO POSSESS/TRANSPORT MACHINE      F                                                                           
  A12280(B)PC  ATTEMPT TO POSSESS ASSAULT WEAPON         B                                                                           
  A12303PC     ATTEMPT TO POSSESS DESTRUCTIVE DEVIC      B                                                                           
  A12305HS     ATTEMPT ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF EXPLOS      B                                                                           
  A12316B1PC   ATTEMPTED ILLEGAL POSS. OF AMMUNITIO      B                                                                           
  A12403.7GPC  ATTEMPT TO USE TEAR GAS/WEAPON            F                                                                           
  A12520PC     ATTEMPT TO POSSESS FIREARM SILENCER       F                                                                           
  A127PC       ATTEMPT SUBORDINATION OF PERJURY          F                                                                           
  A134PC       ATTEMPT PREPARE FALSE DOCUMENTARY EV      B                                                                           
  A135PC       ATTEMPT -DESTROY/CONCEAL DOCUMENTARY      M                                                                           
  A136.1A1PC   ATTEMPT TO DISSUADE WITNESS               B                                                                           
  A136.1A2PC   ATTEMPTING TO DISSUADE A WITNESS          M                                                                           
  A136.1B2PC   ATTEMPT DISSUADE WIT/VICT FROM PROSE      B                                                                           
  A136.1C1PC   ATTEMPT-DISSUADE WITNESS/VICTIM BY FORCE  F                                                                           
  A136PC       ATTEMPT TO PREVENT/DISSUADE WITNESS       B                                                                           
  A137(A)PC    ATTEMPT BRIBE/INFLUENCE LAW ENFORCE       B                                                                           
  A14026(B)PC  ATTEMPT MISUSE OF MEDICAL CARD/LABEL      M                                                                           
  A14107WI     ATTEMPT FRAUDULENT/FALSE INFO TO OBT      F                                                                           
  A146(A)PC    ATTEMPT ARREST PERSON AGAINST WILL        M                                                                           
  A146A(B)PC   ATTEMPT TO IMPERSONATE OFFICER            B                                                                           
  A14601.1AVC  ATTEMPT DRIVING W/LIC SUSPENDED/REVO      M                                                                           
  A148.1(D)PC  ATTEMPT GIVE/MAIL/SEND A FALSE BOMB       B                                                                           
  A148.5(A)PC  ATTEMPT FALSE REPORT TO PEACE OFFICE      M                                                                           
  A148.5(B)PC  ATTEMPT FALSE REPORT TO PEACE OFFICE      M                                                                           
  A148.9(A)PC  ATTEMPT - FALSE ID TO PEACE OFFICER       M                                                                           
  A148(A)PC    ATTEMPT TO RESIST ARREST POLICE OFFI      B                                                                           

  PAGE     3                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A148(B)PC    ATTEMPT REMOVE WEAPON FROM POLICE OF      B                                                                           
  A148(C)PC    ATTEMPT REMOVE/TAKE FIREARM FROM P.O      F                                                                           
  A148(D)PC    ATTEMPT REMOVE FIREARM FROM PEACE OF      B                                                                           
  A153.1PC     ATTEMPT COMPOUND/CONCEAL CAPITAL OFF      B                                                                           
  A153.2PC     ATTEMPT-COMPOUND/CONCEAL FEL,N/CAPIT      B                                                                           
  A166(C)1PC   ATTEMPT VIOLATE DOMESTIC STAY AWAY O      M                                                                           
  A181PC       ATT INFRINGE PERSONAL LIBERTIES/SLAV      F                                                                           
  A18560(C)EL  ATT TO/IMPERSONATE VOTERS                 B                                                                           
  A187(A)PC    ATTEMPTED MURDER                          F                                                                           
  A1871.1IC    ATTEMPTED INSURANCE FRAUD                 B                                                                           
  A189PC       ATTEMPTED MURDER                          F                                                                           
  A192(A)PC    ATTEMPT MANSLAUGHTER/VOLUNTARY            F                                                                           
  A20VC        ATTEMPT MAKE FALSE STATEMENT              M                                                                           
  A2000FG      ATTEMPT UNLAWFUL TAKING BIRD/MAMMAL/      M                                                                           
  A20001(A)VC  ATTEMPT HIT AND RUN CAUSING INJURY/D      B                                                                           
  A20002(A)VC  ATTEMPT - HIT AND RUN PROPERTY DAMAG      M                                                                           
  A203PC       ATTEMPT - MAYHEM                          F                                                                           
  A205PC       ATTEMPT - AGGRAVATED MAYHEM               F                                                                           
  A206PC       ATTEMPTED TORTURE                         F                                                                           
  A207(A)PC    ATTEMPT KIDNAPPING                        F                                                                           
  A207(B)PC    KIDNAP CHILD LESS 14YRS/COMMIT LEWD ACT   F                                                                           
  A207PC       ATTEMPT KIDNAPPING                        F                                                                           
  A208(B)PC    SPEC ALLEGATION ATTEMPT KIDNAP, VICT      F                                                                           
  A208(D)PC    ATMPT KIDNAP W/INT COMMIT RAPE/SODOM      F                                                                           
  A209.5(A)PC  ATTEMPT KIDNAPPING FOR CARJACKING         F                                                                           
  A209(A)PC    ATTEMPT KIDNAPPING FOR RANSOM             F                                                                           
  A209(B)PC    ATTEMPT KIDNAPPING TO COMMIT ROBBERY      F                                                                           
  A209(B)1PC   ATTEMPT KIDNAPPING TO COMMIT RAPE/ETC     F                                                                           
  A210.5PC     ATTEMPTED TAKING OF HOSTAGES              F                                                                           
  A211PC       ATTEMPTED 1ST DEGREE ROBBERY              F                                                                           
  A212.5(A)PC  ATTEMPTED ROBBERY:FIRST DEGREE            F                                                                           
  A212.5(B)PC  ATTEMPTED ROBBERY:SECOND DEGREE           F                                                                           
  A212.5(C)PC  ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: SECOND DEGREE          F                                                                           
  A213.5PC     ATTEMPT - ROBBERY OF INHABITED HSE/T      B                                                                           
  A213(A)1APC  ATTEMPT ROBBERY W/2 OR MORE               F                                                                           
  A215(A)PC    ATTEMPTED CARJACKING                      F                                                                           
  A220PC       ATTEMPT -ASSAULT W/INT TO COMMIT SPE      B                                                                           
  A23152(A)VC  ATTEMPT DRUNK DRIVING                     M                                                                           
  A23152(B)VC  ATTEMPT - DRUNK DRIVING .10 ABOVE         M                                                                           
  A23152(F)VC  ATTEMPT DRIVING UNDR INFLUENCE OF A DRUG  M                                                                           
  A23153(B)VC  ATTEMPT DRIVE W/10%+ ALCOHOL CAUSING      M                                                                           
  A23300BP     ATTEMPT - SELL ALCOHOL W/O LICENSE        M                                                                           

  PAGE     4                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A236PC       ATTEMPT - FALSE IMPRISONMENT              B                                                                           
  A23900PC     ATTEMPT CHG/ALTER/REMOVE/OBLITERATE ID M  B                                                                           
  A240PC       ATTEMPTED ASSAULT                         B                                                                           
  A241.2PC     ATTEMPT ASSAULT PERSON ON SCH PROBPERTY   M                                                                           
  A242-243EPC  ATTEMPTED BATTERY OF FORMER SPOUSE        M                                                                           
  A242PC       ATTEMPT - BATTERY                         B                                                                           
  A243.4(A)PC  ATTEMPT SEXUAL BATTERY BY RESTRAINT       F                                                                           
  A243.4(B)PC  ATTEMPTED SEXUAL BATTERY ON INSTIT P      F                                                                           
  A243.4(C)PC  ATTEMPT SEX BATTERY FORCE VICT MASTU      B                                                                           
  A243.4(D)PC  ATT TOUCHING INTIMATE PARTS OF ANOTHER    M                                                                           
  A243.4D1PC   ATTEMPTED SEXUAL BATTERY                  M                                                                           
  A243.4E1PC   ATTEMPTED MISD. SEXUAL BATTERY            M                                                                           
  A243.4PC     ATTEMPTED SEXUAL BATTERY                  B                                                                           
  A243.9(A)PC  ATTEMPTED GASSING                         B                                                                           
  A243(B)PC    ATTEMPT BATTERY ON PEACE OFFICER          M                                                                           
  A243(C)PC    ATTEMPT BATTERY ON PO/EMERG PERSN W/      B                                                                           
  A243(C)2PC   ATTEMPT BATTERY ON PEACE OFFICER          B                                                                           
  A243(D)PC    ATTEMPT TO INFLICT BODILY INJURY          B                                                                           
  A243(E)1PC   ATTEMPT BATTERY ON SPOUSE                 M                                                                           
  A244PC       ATTEMPTED ASSAULT W/CAUSTIC CHEMICAL      F                                                                           
  A245(A)PC    ATTEMPTED ADW NO FIRARMS/GBI              F                                                                           
  A245(A)1PC   ATTEMPT ADW NO FIREARMS/GBI               F                                                                           
  A245(A)2PC   ATTEMPT ADW WITH FIREARM ON PERSON        F                                                                           
  A245(A)4PC   ATTEMPT ASSAULT LIKELY TO PRODUCE GBI     B                                                                           
  A245(B)PC    ATTEMPT ADW PO/FIREMAN NO GBI/FIREARM     F                                                                           
  A245(C)PC    ATTEMPT ADW ON PO/FIREMAN W/O/FIREAR      B                                                                           
  A245(D)1PC   ATTEMPT ADW PO/FIREMAN W/FIREARM          F                                                                           
  A246.3PC     ATTEMPT TO DISCHARGE FIREARM IN PUBL      B                                                                           
  A246PC       ATTEMPT SHOOT/INHAB DWELLING/VEHICLE/ETC  F                                                                           
  A247PC       ATTEMPT SHOOTING AT AIRCRAFT              F                                                                           
  A25189.5BHS  ATTEMPT ILLEGALLY DISPOSE OF HAZRD W      F                                                                           
  A25189.5CHS  ATTEMPT-TRANSP HAZ WAST TO SITE W/O       M                                                                           
  A25658       ATTEMPT TO SELL ALCOHOL TO MINOR          M                                                                           
  A25658(A)BP  ATTEMPT TO SELL ALCOHOL TO MINOR          M                                                                           
  A261.5(B)PC  ATTEMPT UNLAWFULL SEX W/MINOR             M                                                                           
  A261.5(C)PC  ATT UNLAWFUL SEXUAL INTERCOURSE W/MINOR   B                                                                           
  A261.5(D)PC  ATTEMPT SEX W/MINOR UNDER 16 PERSON       B                                                                           
  A261.5PC     ATT UNLAWFL SEX INTERCOURSE W/MI FEMALE   B                                                                           
  A261(A)1PC   ATTEMPT RAPE VICTIM INCAPABLE OF CON      F                                                                           
  A261(A)2PC   ATTEMPT-RAPE BY FORCE/FEAR                F                                                                           
  A261(A)3PC   ATTEMPT RAPE BY USE OF DRUGS/INTOXICANTS  F                                                                           
  A261(A)4PC   ATTEMPTED RAPE OF UNCONSIOUS PERSON       F                                                                           

  PAGE     5                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A261(A)5PC   ATT RAPE VICT BELIEVES PERSN IS SPOU      F                                                                           
  A261(A)7PC   ATTEMPT RAPE THREAT/PUBLIC OFFICER        M                                                                           
  A261(1)PC    ATTEMPT RAPE VICTIM INCAPABLE OF CON      B                                                                           
  A261(2)PC    ATTEMPT RAPE BY FORCE/FEAR                F                                                                           
  A261(3)PC    ATTEMPT RAPE BY USE OF DRUGS/INTOXIC      F                                                                           
  A261(5)PC    ATT RAPE VICT BELIEVES PERSN IS SPOU      F                                                                           
  A261PC       ATTEMPTED RAPE                            F                                                                           
  A262(A)PC    ATTEMPT SPOUSAL RAPE W/FORCE/FEAR/TH      B                                                                           
  A262(A)1PC   ATTEMPT SPOUSAL RAPE,FORCE/VIOL/FEAR      F                                                                           
  A262(A)2PC   ATTEMPT SPOUSAL RAPE,USE DRUGS/INTOX      F                                                                           
  A262(A)3PC   ATTEMPT SPOUSAL RAPE - VICT UNCONSCI      F                                                                           
  A262(A)4PC   ATTEMPT SPOUSAL RAPE,THREAT RETALIAT      F                                                                           
  A262(A)5PC   ATTEMPT SPOUSAL RAPE,THREAT ARREST/D      F                                                                           
  A264.1PC     ATTEMPT RAPE IN CONCERT W/FORCE/VIOL      F                                                                           
  A265PC       ATTEMPT TO ABDUCT FEMALE FOR MARRIAG      F                                                                           
  A266HPC      ATTEMPT PIMPING                           F                                                                           
  A266I(A)2PC  ATTEMPTED PANDERING BY ENCOURAGING        F                                                                           
  A266IPC      ATTEMPT PANDERING                         F                                                                           
  A266JPC      ATTEMP PROCURE CHILD UNDER 14 4 LEWD      F                                                                           
  A2661(A)PC   ATTEMPT PROCURE PERSON FOR PROSTITUT      F                                                                           
  A2661PC      ATTEMPT TO ENCOURAGE TO BE A PROSTIT      F                                                                           
  A269(A)1PC   ATTEMPTED AGGRAVATED ASSAULT OF CHIL      F                                                                           
  A269(A)3PC   ATTEMPTED AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSULT ON CH  F                                                                           
  A271PC       ATTEMPT CHILD DESERTION UNDER 14 YRS      B                                                                           
  A273.5(A)PC  ATT INFLICT CORP INJ SPOUSE/COHABITA      B                                                                           
  A273.6(A)PC  ATTEMPT 2 DISOBEY DOMESTIC COURT ORD      M                                                                           
  A273A(A)PC   ATTEMPTED CRUELTY TO A CHILD              B                                                                           
  A273A(A)1PC  ATTEMPT CRUELTY TO CHILD                  F                                                                           
  A273A(B)PC   ATTEMPT WILLFUL CRUELTY TO CHILD          M                                                                           
  A273A(1)PC   ATTEMPT CRUEL CHILD LIKELY PROD GBI/      B                                                                           
  A273A(2)PC   ATTEMPT CRUELTY TO CHILD                  M                                                                           
  A273D(A)PC   ATTEMPT INFLICT INJURY ON CHILD           B                                                                           
  A273DPC      ATTEMPT CORPORAL INJURY ON CHILD          B                                                                           
  A277PC       ATTEMPT DEPRIVE CUSTODY VISIT W/O CR      F                                                                           
  A278.5(A)PC  ATTEMPT DPRIVE CUSTODY VISIT VIOL CR      B                                                                           
  A278PC       ATTEMPT CHILD STEALING                    F                                                                           
  A285PC       ATTEMPT INCEST                            F                                                                           
  A286(A)PC    ATTEMPTED SODOMY                          F                                                                           
  A286(B)1PC   ATTEMPT SODOMY W/PERSON UNDER 18 YEARS    F                                                                           
  A286(C)PC    ATTEMPT SODOMY PERSON UNDER 14/OR FORCE   F                                                                           
  A286(C)2PC   ATTEMPTED SODOMY BY USE OF FORCE          F                                                                           
  A286(D)PC    ATTEMPT SODOMY IN CONCERT/FORCE           F                                                                           

  PAGE     6                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A286(E)PC    ATTEMPT SODOMY CONFINED IN PRISON/JAIL    F                                                                           
  A286(F)PC    ATTEMPT SODOMY WHILE CONFINED IN PRI      F                                                                           
  A286(F)2PC   ATTEMPT SODOMY OF UNCON VICTIM LACK AWAR  F                                                                           
  A286(G)PC    ATTEMPT - SODOMY -VICTIM INCAP OF CO      F                                                                           
  A286C(2)APC  ATTEMPTED SODOMY BY USE OF FORCE          F                                                                           
  A286C(2)BPC  ATTEMPT SODOMY BY USE OF FORCE VICT < 14  F                                                                           
  A286PC       ATTEMPT SODOMY                            F                                                                           
  A287(C)2APC  FORCIBLE ORAL COPULATION                  F                                                                           
  A288.2(A)PC  ATTEMPT TO SEND HARMFUL MATTER TO MI      B                                                                           
  A288.2(B)PC  ATTEMPT DISTRIBUTE HARMFUL MATTER 2       F                                                                           
  A288(A)PC    ATTEMPT LEWD ACTS WITH CHILD UNDER 14YRS  F                                                                           
  A288(A)1PC   ATTEMPT GENITAL/ANAL PENETRATION          F                                                                           
  A288(B)PC    ATTEMPT LEWD ACTS W/CHILD UND 14 W/FORCE  F                                                                           
  A288(B)1PC   ATTEMPT LEWD/LASCIVIOUS ACTS              F                                                                           
  A288(C)1PC   ATTEMPTED LEWED ACT ON CHILD 14 OR 1      F                                                                           
  A288(C)2PC   ATTEMPT CARETAKER COMMIT LEWD ACT         F                                                                           
  A288A(B)1PC  ATTEMPT ORAL COPULATION                   F                                                                           
  A288A(B)2PC  ATTEMPT ORAL COPULATION OF MINOR < 1      F                                                                           
  A288A(C)PC   ATTEMPT ORAL COP WITH PERSON UNDER 14     F                                                                           
  A288A(C)2PC  ATTEMPT FORCIBLE ORAL COPULATION          F                                                                           
  A288A(D)PC   ATMPT ORAL COPULATION IN CONCERT W/FORCE  F                                                                           
  A288A(E)PC   ATTEMPT - ORAL COPULATION,CONFINE IN      F                                                                           
  A288A(F)PC   ATTEMPT ORAL COP: W/VICT UNCONSC OF       F                                                                           
  A288A(G)PC   ATTEMPT ORAL COPULATION                   F                                                                           
  A288A(I)PC   ATTEMPT ORAL COPULATION INTOX/ANST        F                                                                           
  A288A(K)PC   ATT ORAL COPULATION,THREAT ARREST/DE      F                                                                           
  A288AC2APC   ATTEMPT COMMIT ORAL COPULATION W/FORCE    F                                                                           
  A288AC2BPC   ATMPD FORCIBLE ORAL COPUL VICT UNDER 14   F                                                                           
  A288APC      ATTEMPT - ORAL COPULATION - DEFINED       F                                                                           
  A288PC       ATTEMPT LEWD/LASCIVIOUS ACT W/CHILD       F                                                                           
  A289(A)1PC   ATTEMPT TO CASUE PENETRATION              F                                                                           
  A289(B)PC    ATTEMPT SEX PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OB      F                                                                           
  A289(E)PC    ATTEMPT PENETRATION BY ANESTHESIA         F                                                                           
  A289(G)PC    ATTEMPT PENETRATION UNDER THREAT 2 A      F                                                                           
  A289(H)PC    ATTEMPT PENETRATION W/VICTIM UNDER 1      B                                                                           
  A289(J)PC    ATTEMPT PENETRATION OF VICT UNDER 14      F                                                                           
  A289A(1)APC  ATTEMPTED CAUSE PENETRATION W/OBJECT      F                                                                           
  A289A(1)CPC  ATTEMPT CAUSE PEN W/FOREIGN OBJ VICT +14  F                                                                           
  A29815(A)PC  POSS/OWN F/ARM IN VIOL OF PROB CONDITION  B                                                                           
  A3007FG      ATTEMPT TO TAKE MAMMAL W/O PERMIT         M                                                                           
  A301HN       ATTEMPT TO DAMAGE VESSEL OVER 10 TON      M                                                                           
  A308(A)PC    ATTEMPTED SALE OF TOBACCO TO MINOR        M                                                                           

  PAGE     7                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A311.11APC   ATT POSS OF OBSCENE MATTER DEPICT MI      M                                                                           
  A311.2(D)PC  ATTEMPT ILEGAL DISTRBTN OBSCENE MATR      F                                                                           
  A311.4(A)PC  ATTEMPT HIRE/EMPLOY MINR DISTRBT OBS      B                                                                           
  A311.4(B)PC  ATTEMPT USE MINOR ASSIST MAKE FILM M      F                                                                           
  A311.4(C)PC  ATTEMPT USE MINOR ASSIST MAKE FILM        F                                                                           
  A313.1(A)PC  ATTEMPT DIST/EXHIBT HARMFUL MATR 2 M      B                                                                           
  A314.1PC     ATTEMPT INDECENT EXPOSURE                 B                                                                           
  A316PC       ATTEMPT TO KEEP DISORDERLY HOUSE          B                                                                           
  A330PC       ATTEMPTED GAMING                          M                                                                           
  A332(A)PC    ATTEMPT TO OBTAIN MONEY BY FRAUD/TRI      M                                                                           
  A332PC       ATTEMPT OBTAIN $400 BY FRAUD/TRICK        B                                                                           
  A337.7PC     ATTEMPT USE/POSS FRAUDULNT RACING LI      F                                                                           
  A337(A)2PC   ATTEMPT MAINT/OCCUPY A BOOKMAKING PL      F                                                                           
  A346PC       ATTEMPTED TICKET SCALPING                 M                                                                           
  A347(A)PC    ATTEMPT WILLFUL POISONING/ETC OF FOO      F                                                                           
  A350(A)PC    ATT MFG/SELL COUNTERFEIT MARK(TRADEM      B                                                                           
  A350(A)2PC   ATTEMPT CONTERFEIT REG TRADEMARK          F                                                                           
  A368(A)PC    ATTEMPT INFLICT BOD HARM/DEATH ADLT       B                                                                           
  A368(C)PC    ATT THEFT FR ELDER/DEPENDENT ADULT $      B                                                                           
  A368(D)PC    ATTEMPT THEFT ELDER/DEPENDENT ADULT       B                                                                           
  A368(E)PC    ATTEMPTED EMBEZZLEMENT BY CARETAKER       F                                                                           
  A374.8(B)PC  ATTEMPT DEPOSIT OF HAZARDOUS WASTE        B                                                                           
  A399.5(A)PC  ATTEMPT OWN DOG TRAIN TO FIGHT/ATTAC      M                                                                           
  A405APC      ATTEMPT LYNCHING                          F                                                                           
  A4059(A)BP   ATTEMPED FURNISH DRUG W/O PERSCRIPTION    M                                                                           
  A4131.5PC    ATT BATTERY OF NON-INMATE BY JAIL IN      B                                                                           
  A4141BP      ATTEMPT FURNISH/SYRINGE/NEEDLE W/O P      M                                                                           
  A415(1)PC    ATTEMPTED DISTURBING TH E PEACE BY FIGHT  M                                                                           
  A417(A)1PC   ATTEMPT EXHIBIT DEADLY WEAPON NOT F/      M                                                                           
  A417(A)2PC   ATTEMPT EXHIBIT/DRAW FIREARM              M                                                                           
  A417(B)PC    ATT EXHIBIT/DRAW FIREARM PRESENCE OF      B                                                                           
  A417(C)PC    ATTEMPT EXHIBIT F/ARM IN PRESENCE OF      F                                                                           
  A418PC       ATTEMPT FORCIBLE ENTRY/DETAINER           M                                                                           
  A419PC       ATTEMPT TO RETURN TAKE POSSESSION OF      M                                                                           
  A422.1PC     ATTEMPTED EMBEZZLEMENT                    F                                                                           
  A422(A)PC    TERRORIZE CAUSING FEAR                    B                                                                           
  A422PC       ATTEMPT TERRORIST THREATS                 B                                                                           
  A4230BP      ATTEMPT POSS DANGEROUS DRUG W/O PRES      M                                                                           
  A424.7PC     ATTEMPT PUBLIC OFFCR REFUSE PAYMENT       F                                                                           
  A4324(A)BP   ATTEMPTED FORGING OF PRESCRIPTION         B                                                                           
  A4324(B)BP   ATTEMP POSS DRUGS W/FORGED PRESCRIPT      B                                                                           
  A4390(A)BP   ATTEMPT PRESC FORGERY/POSS FORGED PR      B                                                                           

  PAGE     8                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A4390BP      ATTEMPT POSS FORGED PRESCRIPTION          B                                                                           
  A4463(A)VC   ATTEMPT POSS OF FALSE REGISTRATION        B                                                                           
  A447APC      ATTEMPT - ARSON                           F                                                                           
  A449PC       ATTEMPT - ARSON                           F                                                                           
  A4502PC      ATT POSS OF DEADLY WEAPON BY PRISONE      F                                                                           
  A451.5(A)PC  ATTEMPTED AGGRAVATED ARSON                F                                                                           
  A451(B)PC    ATTEMPT ARSON INHABITED STRUCTURE/PROPTY  B                                                                           
  A451(C)PC    ATTEMPT ARSON:STRUCTURE/FOREST LAND       F                                                                           
  A451(D)PC    ATTEMPT ARSON OF PROPERTY                 F                                                                           
  A452(B)PC    ATTEMPT ARSON OF INHABIT DWELLG/STRU      B                                                                           
  A452(C)PC    ATTEMPT TO CAUSE FIRE TO STRUCTURE/LAND   F                                                                           
  A452(D)PC    ATTEMPT TO CAUSE FIRE TO PROPERTY         M                                                                           
  A452PC       ATTEMPTED ARSON OF PROPERTY               F                                                                           
  A4530(A)PC   ATTEMPT ESCAPE PRISON BY FORCE/VIOLE      F                                                                           
  A4530(B)PC   ATTEMPT/ESCAPE PRISON W/O FORCE/VIOLENCE  F                                                                           
  A4532(A)PC   ATTEMPT ESCAPE JAIL WHILE MISD PENDI      B                                                                           
  A4532(A)1PC  ATTEMPT ESCAPE CHARGE W/MISDEMEANOR       F                                                                           
  A4532(B)PC   ATTEMPT - ESCAPE JAIL WHILE FEL PEND      B                                                                           
  A4532(B)2PC  ESCAPE OR ATTEMPT BY FORCE OR VIOLENCE    F                                                                           
  A4573.5PC    ATT- BRING DRUGS/DRUG PARAPHERNALIA       F                                                                           
  A4573.6PC    ATT-POSS NARC/DRG/ALCOHOL/DRG PARAPH      F                                                                           
  A4574(A)PC   ATTEMPT TO BRING FIREARM INTO PRISON      F                                                                           
  A459PC       ATTEMPTED BURGLARY                        F                                                                           
  A459PCAUTO   ATTEMPT BURGLARY FROM VEHICLE             F                                                                           
  A459PCCOM    ATTEMPT COMMERCIAL BURGLARY               F                                                                           
  A459PCGAR    ATTEMPT GARAGE BURGLARY                   F                                                                           
  A459PCRES    ATTEMPT RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY              F                                                                           
  A460.1PC     ATTEMPTED BURGLARY:FIRST DEGREE           F                                                                           
  A460.2PC     ATTEMPTED BURGLARY:SECOND DEGREE          F                                                                           
  A460PC       ATTEMPTED BURGLARY:UNSPECIFIED            F                                                                           
  A4600PC      ATTEMPT TO DAMAGE JAIL/PRISON             M                                                                           
  A470(A)PC    ATTEMPTED FORGERY                         F                                                                           
  A470PC       ATTEMPTED FORGERY                         F                                                                           
  A472PC       ATT-FORGERY/COUNTERFEIT PUBLC/CORP S      B                                                                           
  A475APC      ATTEMPT POSS COMPL CHECK W/INT TO DE      B                                                                           
  A4758(A)FG   ATTEMPT TO SELL BEAR PARTS                M                                                                           
  A4758FG      ATTEMPT TO SELL/BUY BEAR PARTS            M                                                                           
  A476A(A)PC   ATTEMPT - NSF CHECKS                      B                                                                           
  A476A(B)PC   ATTEMPT TO MAKE/DELIVER CHECK < $950      B                                                                           
  A484(A)_PTP  PETTY W/PR & SP TEHEFT PRI                B                                                                           
  A484A_PTPC   ATTEMPTED PETTY THEFT                     M                                                                           
  A484A_P1PC   ATTEMPT PTTY THFT NOT OVER $50 IN VALUE   M                                                                           

  PAGE     9                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A484E(1)PC   ATT-PETTY THEFT:ACCESS CARD W/INT TO      M                                                                           
  A484E(3)PC   ATTEMPT ACQ ACCESS CARD W/INT TO DEF      F                                                                           
  A484F(A)PC   ATTEMPT ACCESS CARD_THEFT                 F                                                                           
  A484F(B)PC   ATTEMPT TO FORGE NAME ON ACCESS CARD      B                                                                           
  A484F(C)PC   ATTEMPT ACCESS CARD FORGERY               F                                                                           
  A484F(1)PC   ATT MAKE/FORGE/USE ACCESS CARD DEFRA      M                                                                           
  A484F(2)PC   ATTEMPT-THEFT FORGE NAME ON ACCESS CARD   B                                                                           
  A484G(A)PC   ATT THEFT/UNLAWFUL USE FORGE ACCESS CARD  F                                                                           
  A484G(B)PC   ATT THEFT PRETENDING TO BE CARD HOLDER    B                                                                           
  A484GPC      ATTEMPT THEFT FRAUD USE OF ACCESS CARD    B                                                                           
  A484PC       ATTEMPT THEFT PERSONAL PROP OV/UND $400   B                                                                           
  A485PC       ATTEMPT -THEFT: APPROPRIATE LOST PRO      B                                                                           
  A487.1PC     ATTEMPT GRAND THEFT:PROPERTY              F                                                                           
  A487.2PC     ATTEMPT GRAND THEFT FROM PERSON           F                                                                           
  A487.3(A)PC  ATTEMPT - GRAND THEFT AUTO                F                                                                           
  A487.3PC     ATTEMPTED GRAND THEFT AUTO                F                                                                           
  A487.3PCGT   ATTEMPTED GRAND THEFT                     F                                                                           
  A487.3PCGTA  ATTEMPTED GRAND THEFT:AUTO                F                                                                           
  A487(A)PC    ATT GRAND TH MONEY/PROP EXCEEDING $400    B                                                                           
  A487(B)3PC   ATT GRAND THEFT FROM EMPLOYER VALUE       B                                                                           
  A487(C)PC    ATTEMPT GRAND THEFT PERSON                M                                                                           
  A487(D)PC    ATTEMPT GRAND THEFT FIREARM/ETC           M                                                                           
  A487(D)1PC   GRAND THEFT VEHICLE/HORSE ETC             B                                                                           
  A487(D)2PC   ATTEMPTED GRAND THEFT OF FIREARM          B                                                                           
  A487(2)PC    ATTEMPT - GRAND THEFT PERSON              B                                                                           
  A487(3)PC    ATTEMPT-GRAND THEFT AUTO/FIREARM/ETC      B                                                                           
  A487A(A)PC   ATTEMPT GRAND THEFT:ANIMAL CARCASS        F                                                                           
  A487APC      ATTEMPT - GRAND THEFT ANIMAL CARCASS      F                                                                           
  A487B1APC    ATTEMPT GRAND THEFT FARM CROPS > $10      B                                                                           
  A487H(A)PC   ATTEMPT GRAND THEFT:MOTOR VEHICLE         F                                                                           
  A487H(B)PC   ATTEMPT GRAND THEFT VEHICLE/VESSEL/E      F                                                                           
  A487HPC      ATTEMPTED GRAND THEFT VEHICLE/VESSEL      B                                                                           
  A487PC       ATTEMPTED GRAND THEFT                     F                                                                           
  A488APC      ATTEMPT - GRAND THEFT                     M                                                                           
  A488PC       ATTEMPT PETTY THEFT                       M                                                                           
  A490.5(A)PC  ATT -PETTY THEFT MERCHANDISE/LIBRARY      M                                                                           
  A495PC       ATTEMPT - LARCENY                         F                                                                           
  A496.1PC     ATTEMPTED RECEIPT KNOWN STOLEN PROPERTY   F                                                                           
  A496(A)PC    ATTEMPT RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY > $950  B                                                                           
  A496A(A)PC   ATTEMPT - RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY       B                                                                           
  A497PC       ATTEMPT - BRING STOLEN PROP INTO STA      F                                                                           
  A499BPC      ATTEMPT-THEFT -TAKE VEHICLE TEMP USE      M                                                                           

  PAGE    10                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A503PC       ATTEMPT EMBEZZLEMENT                      B                                                                           
  A508PC       ATTEMPT - EMBEZZLEMENT                    B                                                                           
  A518PC       ATTEMPT - EXTORTION - DEFINED             F                                                                           
  A519PC       ATTEMPT EXTORTION                         F                                                                           
  A520PC       ATTEMPT-EXTORTION-PUNISHMENT              B                                                                           
  A524PC       ATTEMPT - EXTORTION                       B                                                                           
  A529.1PC     ATT FALSE PERSONATION TO POST BAIL/S      M                                                                           
  A530.5(E)PC  ATTEMPTED MALL THEFT                      M                                                                           
  A532A(1)PC   ATTEMPT TO MAKE FALSE FINANCIAL STAT      B                                                                           
  A532A(2)PC   ATTEMPT TO BENEFIT BY FALSE STATEMEN      M                                                                           
  A537(A)PC    ATTEMPT - FAIL PAY HOTEL ACCOMMODATI      M                                                                           
  A537(A)1PC   ATT DEFRAUDING INNKEEPER BY NON PAYMENT   M                                                                           
  A5371PU      ATTEMPT OPERATE CARRIER W/O PERMIT/C      M                                                                           
  A548PC       ATT-DEFRAUD BY INJ/DESTROY INSURED P      F                                                                           
  A550(A)3PC   ATTEMPTED FRAUD - VEHICLE COLLISSION      F                                                                           
  A556(A)IC    ATTEMPT - INSURANCE FRAUD                 B                                                                           
  A556(A)1IC   ATTEMPT - FILE FRAUDULENT INSURANCE       B                                                                           
  A570PC       ATTEMPT - UNLAWFUL SUBLEASE MOTOR VE      B                                                                           
  A591PC       ATTEMPT REMOVE/INJ PHONE/ETC POWER L      M                                                                           
  A593E(A)PC   ATTEMPT - UNAUTH CABLE TV CONNECTION      M                                                                           
  A593FPC      ATT-POSS DEV OVER-THE-AIR TRANSM DEC      M                                                                           
  A594(A)PC    ATTEMPT - VANDALISM                       F                                                                           
  A594(B)1PC   ATTEMPT VANDALISM $5000 OR MORE           M                                                                           
  A594(B)2PC   ATTEMPTED VANDALISM $1000 TO UNDER $5000  F                                                                           
  A597(A)PC    ATTEMPTED CRUELTY TO ANIMALS              B                                                                           
  A597(B)PC    ATTEMPT - CRUELTY TO ANIMALS/WORK AN      M                                                                           
  A602.1(A)PC  ATTEMPTED INT INTERFERE W/PUBIC TRAN      M                                                                           
  A602.5(B)PC  ATTEMPT UNAUTHORIZ ENTRY NON-COM DWELLIG  M                                                                           
  A602.5APC    ATTEMPT UNAUTHORIZE ENTY NON-COMM DWELLI  M                                                                           
  A602.5PC     ATT-UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY NON-COM DWELL      M                                                                           
  A602(K)PC    ATTEMPTED TRESSPASSIN LNADS UNDER CULTIV  B                                                                           
  A602(L)PC    ATTMPT ENTER/OCCUPY PROP W/O CONSENT      M                                                                           
  A603PC       ATTEMPT FORCIBLE ENTRY W/PROPERTY DA      M                                                                           
  A6200FG      ATTEMPT COURT OFFICER DESTROY PUBLIC      F                                                                           
  A626.8A3PC   ATTEMPT PATTERN UNLAWFUL DISRUPTN OF      M                                                                           
  A632(A)PC    ATTEMPT - EAVESDROPPING                   B                                                                           
  A646.9(A)PC  ATTEMPT FOLLOW/HARASS ANOTHER PERSON      M                                                                           
  A647.6PC     ATTEMPT ANNOY/MOLEST CHILD W/PR FEL       B                                                                           
  A647(A)PC    ATTEMPT - SOLICIT/ENGAGE LEWD CONDUC      M                                                                           
  A647(B)PC    ATTEMPT - DISORDERLY CONDUCT PROSTIT      M                                                                           
  A647(H)PC    ATTEMPTED PEEKING INTO INHABITED BLDG     M                                                                           
  A647(I)PC    ATT DISORDR COND LODGE,BLDG/ETC W/O       M                                                                           

  PAGE    11                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  A648PC       ATT MAKE/ISSUE/CIRCULATE UNAUTH PAPE      B                                                                           
  A650BP       ATTEMPT PAYMENT FOR PATIENT REFERRAL      M                                                                           
  A651PC       ATTEMPTED MISUSE OF FEDERAL ORDER ST      M                                                                           
  A653F(A)PC   ATTEMPT SOLICITATION FOR CRIME            F                                                                           
  A655(C)HN    ATTEMPT DUI BOAT CAUSING DEATH/GBI        B                                                                           
  A666PC       ATT PETTY THEFT W/PR PETTY/GRAND/AUT      B                                                                           
  A67.5PC      ATTEMPT BRIBERY OF PUBLIC OFFICER,>       B                                                                           
  A67PC        ATTEMPT BRIBERY OF AN EXECUTIVE OFFI      B                                                                           
  A836.6(A)PC  ATTEMPETED ESCAPE FROM PEACE OFFICER W/F  B                                                                           
  A836.6(B)PC  ATTEMPED ESCAPE FROM PEACE OFFICER W/INJ  M                                                                           
  A871(B)WI    ATTEMPT ESCAPE BY FROCE AND VIOLENCE      F                                                                           
  BFMC         BELLFLOWER MUNICIPAL CODE                 M                                                                           
  BGMC         BELL GARDENS MUNICIPAL CODE               M                                                                           
  BHMC         BEVERLY HILLS MUNICIPAL CODE              M                                                                           
  BLMC         BELL MUNICIPAL CODE                       M                                                                           
  BPC          601WIC-BEYOND PARENTAL CONTROL            S                                                                           
  BPMC         BALDWIN PARK MUNICIPAL CODE               M                                                                           
  BRMC         BRADBURY MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  BUMC         BURBANK MUNICIPAL CODE                    M                                                                           
  C(A)(1)PC    CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT ANY CRIME            F                                                                           
  C(A)(2)PC    CONSPIRACY TO FALSELY CHARGE/ARREST       B                                                                           
  C(A)(3)PC    CONSPIRACY:FALSE BRING SUIT/ACTN/PRO      F                                                                           
  C(A)(4)PC    CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD/CHEAT               F                                                                           
  C(A)(5)PC    CONSP:COMMIT ACT INJ PUB/OBSTRUCT JU      F                                                                           
  C(A)(6)PC    CONSPIRACY:CRIME AGAINST HIGH OFFICI      F                                                                           
  CAC          MISC CALIFORNIA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE       M                                                                           
  CAMC         CARSON MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  CA134PC      CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT A CRIME              F                                                                           
  CCMC         CULVER CITY MUNICIPAL CODE                M                                                                           
  CEMC         CERRITOS MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  CITE         CITATION TO JUVENILE COURT                                                                                            
  CIT13        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 13                                                                                
  CIT15        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDIION OF PROB 15                                                                                 
  CIT15A       ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 15A                                                                               
  CIT16        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 16                                                                                
  CIT19        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 19                                                                                
  CIT21        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 21                                                                                
  CIT21A       ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 21A                                                                               
  CIT22        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 22                                                                                
  CIT25        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 25                                                                                
  CIT29        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 29                                                                                
  CIT30        ALLEGED VIOLATION CONDITION OF PROB 30                                                                                

  PAGE    12                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  CLMC         CLAREMONT MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  CMMC         COMMERCE MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  CO           MISCELLANEOUS COUNTY ORDINANCE            I                                                                           
  CO RET       COURT ORDERED RETURNEE                    O                                                                           
  CO RET SVP   CRT ORD SEXUALLY VIOLENT PREDATOR         O                                                                           
  CODEUS       FEDERAL CHARGE                            O                                                                           
  COMC         COMPTON MUNICIPAL CODE                    M                                                                           
  COOR         LOS ANGELES COUNTY ORDINANCES             I                                                                           
  CRC          MISCELLANEOUS CALIFORNIA REGULATORY CODE  M                                                                           
  CUMC         CUDAHY MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  CURFEW       601WIC-CURFEW                             S                                                                           
  CVMC         COVINA MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  CYAHOLD      CALIFORNIA YOUTH AUTHORITY HOLDING ORDER                                                                              
  CYAWARR      CALIFORNIA YOUTH AUTHORITY WARRANT                                                                                    
  C11351PC     CONSPIRACY TO PURCHASE SUBST              F                                                                           
  C11352(A)HS  CONSPIRACY SELL CONTROLLED SUBST          F                                                                           
  C11352HS     CONSPIRE SELL/TRANSPRT CONT SUBS          F                                                                           
  C11379.6HS   CONSPIRE TO MEG CONTROLLED SUBS           F                                                                           
  C186.10(APC  CONSPIRE TO LAUNDER MONEY                 B                                                                           
  C187(A)PC    CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER               F                                                                           
  C1871.1IC    CONSPIRACY COMMIT INSURANCE FRAUD         B                                                                           
  C207(A)PC    CONSPIRE TO COMMIT KIDNAPPING             F                                                                           
  C245(A)2PC   CONSPIRE TO ASSAULT WITH FIREARM          B                                                                           
  C261(A)3PC   CONSPIRE RAPE BY USE OF DRUGS             F                                                                           
  C266H(A)PC   CONSPIRACY: PIMPING                       F                                                                           
  C266I(A)PC   CONSPIRACY: PROCURE FOR PROSTITUTION      B                                                                           
  C350(A)2PC   CONSP TO MNFCTR >1000 REG/STATE           B                                                                           
  C415(2)PC    CONSPIRE TO CAUSE LOUD NOISE              B                                                                           
  C484(A)PC    CONSPIRACY - THEFT OF PROPERTY            B                                                                           
  C484F(A)PC   CONSPIRE TO DEFRAUD CREDIT CARD           B                                                                           
  C487(A)PC    CONSPIRE TO COMMIT GRAND THEFT            B                                                                           
  C487(D)PC    CONSPIRE TO COMMIT GRAND THEFT AUTO       B                                                                           
  C532(A)PC    CONSPIRE DEFRAUD - GRAND THEFT            B                                                                           
  C550(A)3PC   CONSPIRE TO COMMIT FRAUD VEH COLLSN       B                                                                           
  C593E(A)PC   CONSPIRE TO MAINT UNAUTH CONNECT          M                                                                           
  C594(A)PC    UNLAWFUL CONSPIRE TO COMMIT VANDALIS      B                                                                           
  DBMC         DIAMOND BAR MUNICIPAL CODE                B                                                                           
  DOMC         DOWNEY MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  DUMC         DUARTE MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  EC           MISCELLANEOUS EDUCATION CODE              S                                                                           
  EL           MISCELLANEOUS ELECTION CODE               M                                                                           
  EMMC         EL MONTE MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           

  PAGE    13                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  ENROUTE      OVERNIGHT STAY; ENROUTE                   O                                                                           
  ESMC         EL SEGUNDO MUNICIPAL CODE                 M                                                                           
  FA           MISCELLANEOUS AGRICULTURAL CODE           M                                                                           
  FGC          MISCELLANEOUS FISH AND GAME CODE          M                                                                           
  FUGITIVE     FUGITIVE                                  O                                                                           
  GAMC         GARDENA MUNICIPAL CODE                    M                                                                           
  GDMC         GLENDORA MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  GLMC         GLENDALE MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  HAMC         HAWTHORNE MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  HBMC         HERMOSA BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE              M                                                                           
  HGMC         HAWAIIAN GARDENS MUNICIPAL CODE           M                                                                           
  HHMC         HIDDEN HILLS MUNICIPAL CODE               M                                                                           
  HN           MISCELLANEOUS WATERCRAFT VIOLATIONS       M                                                                           
  HPMC         HUNTINGTON PARK MUNICIPAL CODE            M                                                                           
  IDMC         INDUSTRY MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  INMC         INGLEWOOD MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  IRMC         IRWINDALE MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  LAAC         LOS ANGELES ADMINISTRATIVE CODE           M                                                                           
  LACC         LOS ANGELES COUNTY CODE                   B                                                                           
  LAMC         LOS ANGELES MUNICIPAL CODE                M                                                                           
  LBMC         LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE                 M                                                                           
  LC           MISCELLANEOUS LABOR CODE                  M                                                                           
  LFMC         LA CANADA/FLINTRIDGE MUNI CODE            M                                                                           
  LHMC         LA HABRA MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  LKMC         LAKEWOOD MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  LMMC         LA MIRADA MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  LNMC         LAWNDALE MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  LOMC         LOMITA MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  LPMC         LA PUENTE MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  LSMC         LANCASTER MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  LVMC         LA VERNE MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  LYMC         LYNWOOD MUNICIPAL CODE                    M                                                                           
  MAMC         MALIBU MUNICIPAL CODE                     B                                                                           
  MBMC         MANHATTAN BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE            M                                                                           
  MEDICAL      MEDICAL                                   O                                                                           
  MNMC         MONTEBELLO MUNICIPAL CODE                 M                                                                           
  MOMC         MONROVIA MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  MPMC         MONTEREY PARK MUNICIPAL CODE              M                                                                           
  MYMC         MAYWOOD MUNICIPAL CODE                    M                                                                           
  NOMC         NORWALK MUNICIPAL CODE                    M                                                                           
  OCMC         OTHER COUNTY MUNICIPAL CODE               M                                                                           
  OTHER        601WIC-OTHER/TRANSIENT                    S                                                                           

  PAGE    14                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  PAMC         PARAMOUNT MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  PC27325      WEAR A NAME TAG INICATING 1ST/LAST NAME   M                                                                           
  PDMC         PALMDALE MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  POMC         POMONA MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  PRMC         PICO RIVERA MUNICIPAL CODE                M                                                                           
  PSMC         PASADENA MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  PT490.2PC    PETTY THEFT                               M                                                                           
  PUC          MISCELLANEOUS PUBLIC UTILITIES CODE       M                                                                           
  PVMC         PALOS VERDES ESTATES MUNI CODE            M                                                                           
  RBMC         REDONDO BEACH MUNICIPAL CODE              M                                                                           
  REMC         ROLLING HILLS ESTATES MUNI CODE           M                                                                           
  REMOVAL      REMOVAL                                                                                                               
  RHMC         ROLLING HILLS MUNICIPAL CODE              M                                                                           
  RMMC         ROSEMEAD MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  ROMERO       TRACK 2ND & 3RD STRIKE INMATES            F                                                                           
  RPMC         RANCHO PALOS VERDES MUNI CODE             M                                                                           
  RUNAWAY      601WIC-RUNAWAY                            S                                                                           
  SCMC         SANTA CLARITA MUNICIPAL CODE              M                                                                           
  SDMC         SAN DIMAS MUNICIPAL CODE                  M                                                                           
  SEMC         SOUTH EL MONTE MUNICIPAL CODE             M                                                                           
  SFMC         SAN FERNANDO MUNICIPAL CODE               M                                                                           
  SGMC         SOUTH GATE MUNICIPAL CODE                 M                                                                           
  SHMC         SIGNAL HILL MUNICIPAL CODE                M                                                                           
  SLMC         SAN GABRIEL MUNICIPAL CODE                M                                                                           
  SMMC         SANTA MONICA MUNICIPAL CODE               M                                                                           
  SOMC         SAN MARINO MUNICIPAL CODE                 M                                                                           
  SPMC         SOUTH PASADENA MUNICIPAL CODE             M                                                                           
  SRMC         SIERRA MADRE MUNICIPAL CODE               M                                                                           
  SSMC         SANTA FE SPRINGS MUNICIPAL CODE           M                                                                           
  TCMC         TEMPLE CITY MUNICIPAL CODE                M                                                                           
  TOMC         TORRANCE MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  TRUANT       601WIC-TRUANCY                            S                                                                           
  UCMJ         COURT MARSHALL/ARMY NATIONAL GUARD        F                                                                           
  UCMJ86       COURT MARSHALL/ARMY NATIONAL GUARD        F                                                                           
  UFC          MISCELLANEOUS UNIFORM FIRE CODE           M                                                                           
  USC          MISCELLANEOUS UNITED STATES CODE          B                                                                           
  USC10-886    ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE                      F                                                                           
  USC111(A)1   TITLE 18, UNITED STATES CODE SECTION 111  F                                                                           
  USC18-1325   ILLEGAL ENTRY                             F                                                                           
  USC18-1708   THEFT OF U.S. MAIL                        F                                                                           
  USC18-472    PASSING COUNTERFEIT BILLS                 F                                                                           
  USC8-1324    SMUGGLING ALIENS                          F                                                                           

  PAGE    15                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  USC8-1325    ILLEGAL ENTRY                             M                                                                           
  VC           MISCELLANEOUS VEHICLE CODE                I                                                                           
  VEMC         VERNON MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  WAMC         WALNUT MUNICIPAL CODE                     M                                                                           
  WCMC         WEST COVINA MUNICIPAL CODE                M                                                                           
  WDMC         WEST HOLLYWOOD MUNICIPAL CODE             M                                                                           
  WHMC         WHITTIER MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  WITNESS      WITNESS                                   O                                                                           
  WLMC         WESTLAKE MUNICIPAL CODE                   M                                                                           
  WRIT         WRIT                                      O                                                                           
  1AM          MINOR IN POSSESSION OF CERTAIN WEAPONS    M                                                                           
  1001.5(A)WI  BRING DRUGS/WEAPONS/ALCOHOL INTO CYA      B                                                                           
  1001.5WI     BRING DRUGS/WEAPONS IN YOUTH INSTITUTE    F                                                                           
  1001.7WI     FELON ENTER YOUTH AUTH INSTITUTE @ NIGHT  M                                                                           
  10130BP      UNLAWFULLY ACT AS BROKER W/O LICENSE      M                                                                           
  10139BP      ACT AS REAL ESTATE BROKER W/O LICENS      M                                                                           
  10153.1BP    MAKE FALSE APPLICATION                    M                                                                           
  10167.10ABP  FAIL PROV FULL REF TO PRS TNT             M                                                                           
  10167.10BBP  FAIL TO MAKE REFUND OVER $25.00           M                                                                           
  10167.11ABP  FALSE ADV/ETC:RENTAL LIST                 M                                                                           
  10167.11BBP  REFER FALSE/ETC RENTALS                   M                                                                           
  10167.2BP    RENTAL BUSINES:NO LICENSE                 M                                                                           
  10167.9ABP   FORM NOT FILE CA DEPT REAL ESTATE         M                                                                           
  10167.9CBP   FAIL TO FILE PROPER FORM W/DPT OF RE      M                                                                           
  102PC        RETAKE GOODS FROM OFFICER                 M                                                                           
  10238.3BP    REAL PROPERTY FRAUD                       F                                                                           
  10238.6ABP   REAL ESTATE: REAL PROPERTY FRAUD          B                                                                           
  10238.6BP    REAL PROPERTY FRAUD                       F                                                                           
  10238.6CBP   VIOLATE/ETC REAL ESTATE REGULATIONS       F                                                                           
  10250.52BP   SEL SUBDIVISION NO PERMIT                 F                                                                           
  10250HS      FAIL NOTIFY CORONR OF DEATH/SPECIFIC      M                                                                           
  1026.4(A)PC  ESCAPE: MENTAL FACILITY                   F                                                                           
  1026(A)PC    COMMITTED INSANE                          O                                                                           
  103780HS     ALT/ETC BRTH/ETC CERT/ETC                 M                                                                           
  103800HS     FILE/ETC FALSE BIRTH REC                  F                                                                           
  104559(A)HS  NICOTINE PRODS PROHIBITED ON SCH GRNDS    M                                                                           
  10500(C)FG   CATCH/ETC FISH/ETC:REFUG                  M                                                                           
  10500(F)FG   POS/ETC MARINE LIFE:RFUGE                 M                                                                           
  10501(A)VC   FALSE RPT OF VEH THEFT W/INTENT TO D      M                                                                           
  10501(B)VC   FALSE/FRAUDULENT RPT OF VEH THEFT W/      M                                                                           
  10501VC      FALSE RPT VEH THEFT W/INTENT TO DECEIVE   M                                                                           
  1052(A)FG    TRANSFER OF LICENSE                       M                                                                           

  PAGE    16                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  1052(B)FG    LICENSE TAG OBTAINED BY FRAUD             M                                                                           
  1052(E)FG    ALTER/DEFACE LICENSE                      M                                                                           
  1053(A)FG    POSSESSION OF DUPLICATE LICENSE - EX      M                                                                           
  1054.2FG     HUNTING W/O PROOF OF LICENSE              M                                                                           
  1054FG       ACQUIRE HUNTING LICENSE W/FALSE ID        M                                                                           
  10552VC      FALSE RPT VESSEL THEFT W/INTENT DECEIVE   I                                                                           
  1063PU       FAIL TO DISPLAY COMMERCIAL CARRIER C      M                                                                           
  10655VC      FAIL MAKE REPORT/KEEP RECORD              I                                                                           
  10675HS      FAIL TO FURNISH/FURNISH FALSE INFORM      M                                                                           
  10676HS      ALTER/FALSIFY CERTIFICATE OR RECORD       M                                                                           
  10690HS      FILE/ETC FALSE CERTIFICATE/ETC -BIRT      F                                                                           
  106965(A)HS  USE DIAG/THERAPEUTIC X-RAY W/O CERT       M                                                                           
  107PC        ESCAPE DETENTION                          F                                                                           
  1074PU       REQUIRED SURETY BOND NOT ON FILE          M                                                                           
  10750(A)VC   ALTER/CHANGE VEHICLE I.D. NUMBER          M                                                                           
  10750VC      ALTER/CHANGE VEHICLE I.D. NUMBER          M                                                                           
  10751(A)VC   BUY/SELL/POSS VEHICLE W/ALTERED NUMBER    M                                                                           
  10751VC      BUY/SELL/POSS VEHICLE W/ALTERED NUMBER    M                                                                           
  10752(A)VC   POSS MFG'S ID NUMBER W/INTENT DEFRAUD     F                                                                           
  10752(B)VC   SELL GOVTL ISS ID NBR W/INTENT DEFRAUD    F                                                                           
  10752VC      POSSESS MFG'S ID NUMBER W/INTENT DEFRAUD  F                                                                           
  10801VC      OWN/OPERATE CHOP SHOP                     F                                                                           
  10802VC      ALTER VEHICLE ID NUMBER FOR SALE/ETC      F                                                                           
  10803(A)VC   BUY VEH FOR RESELL W/KNOWLEDG OF FRA      B                                                                           
  10803(B)VC   POSS VEH FOR SALE W/KNOWLEDG OF ALTE      B                                                                           
  10850(E)WI   THEFT OF SOCIAL SERVICE FILE              M                                                                           
  10851.5VC    THEFT OF BINDER CHAINS                    M                                                                           
  10851(A)VC   TAKE VEHICLE W/O OWNERS CONSENT           B                                                                           
  10851(B)VC   TAKE VEH W/O OWNER'S CONSENT/W/PRIOR      F                                                                           
  10851(B)1VC  TAKE VEH W/O CNSNT:SPEC PR                F                                                                           
  10851(B)2VC  LE/FIRE VECHILE THEFT                     F                                                                           
  10851(B)3VC  DRIVE/TAKE DISABLED PERSON VECH W/O CONC  F                                                                           
  10851(C)VC   TAKE ON-CALL EMERGENCY VEHICLE            F                                                                           
  10851(E)VC   TAKE VEH:NO CNSNT:SPEC PR                 F                                                                           
  10851BVC     TAKE EMERGENCY VEHICLE WHILE ON CALL      F                                                                           
  10851BVCEMR  TAKE EMERGENCY VEHICLE WHILE ON CALL      F                                                                           
  10851BVCTFT  VEHICLE THEFT WITH PRIOR                  F                                                                           
  10852VC      TAMPER WITH VEHICLE                       M                                                                           
  10853VC      MALICIOUS MISCHIEF TO VEHICLE             M                                                                           
  10854VC      BAILEE TAMPER WITH VEHICLE                M                                                                           
  10855VC      EMBEZZLE LEASED/RENTED VEHICLE            M                                                                           
  109PC        AID ESCAPE FROM PUBLIC TRNG SCHOOL        F                                                                           

  PAGE    17                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  1090GC       CONTRACT SALES CONFLICT OF INTEREST       F                                                                           
  109300HS     UNLAW SELL/ETC CANCR CURE                 F                                                                           
  109365HS     FRAUD:ARREST/CURE CANCER                  F                                                                           
  109575HS     MFG/DIS/POSS ETC IMITATION CONTROL SUBST  M                                                                           
  109580HS     GIVE FAKE CNTL SUB :MINOR                 M                                                                           
  10980(A)WI   FRAUD TO OBTAIN AID                       M                                                                           
  10980(B)WI   CLAIM AID W/MULTIPLE/FALSE APPLICATIONS   F                                                                           
  10980(C)WI   FALSE APPLICATION FOR AID                 B                                                                           
  10980(C)1WI  FRAUD TO OBTAIN AID                       M                                                                           
  10980(C)2WI  FRAUD TO OBTAIN AID                       F                                                                           
  10980(D)WI   FOOD STAMP PROGRAM VIOLATION              F                                                                           
  10980(E)WI   USE/ETC ALTERED/ETC FOOD STAMP/ETC        B                                                                           
  10980(F)WI   MISAPPROPRIATION OF FOOD STAMPS           F                                                                           
  10980(G)WI   UNAUTH USE/POSSESSION/ETC OF FOOD STAMPS  B                                                                           
  10980(G)1WI  FOOD STAMP PROGRAM VIOLATION              M                                                                           
  10980(G)2WI  FOOD STAMP PROGRAM VIOLATION              F                                                                           
  10980WI      FRAUD/FORGE W/INTENT TO OBTAIN AID        B                                                                           
  110PC        FURNISH INMATE W/ESCAPE EQUIPMENT         F                                                                           
  11010(A)BP   REAL PROPERTY FRAUD                       F                                                                           
  11010BP      REAL PROPERTY FRAUD                       F                                                                           
  11018.2BP    SELL/LEASE W/O PUBLIC REPORT              F                                                                           
  11019(A)BP   REAL ESTATE SALES/ETC VIOLATION           F                                                                           
  11019BP      REAL PROPERTY FRAUD                       F                                                                           
  1102.5(B)LC  RETALIATE AGAINST EMPLOYEE DISCLOSE       M                                                                           
  11022(A)BP   FALSE/ETC ADVERTISING FOR REAL ESTAT      F                                                                           
  11022BP      MISLEADING ADVERTISING                    F                                                                           
  11023BP      MISLEADING ADVERTISING                    F                                                                           
  110385HS     UNLAW DIST FOOD/DRUG/ETC W/O PROP LA      M                                                                           
  110390HS     FALSE/MISLEAD ADV:PRODUCT                 M                                                                           
  110395HS     MFG/ETC FALSELY ADV PRODS                 M                                                                           
  110398HS     ADV ADULTERATED/ETC PRODS                 M                                                                           
  11054WI      FALSE ELIGIBILITY STATEMENT               F                                                                           
  11055(E)HS   MANUFACTURE/SALE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE     F                                                                           
  11055HS      POSSESSION CONTROL SUBSTANCE/PCP          F                                                                           
  110560HS     ADULTERATED FOOD                          M                                                                           
  110585(C)HS  CONCEALED DAMAGE/ETC:FOOD                 M                                                                           
  110600HS     ADULTERATED FOOD                          M                                                                           
  110620HS     MFG/SELL/ETC ADLTRTD FOOD                 M                                                                           
  110625HS     ADULTERATION OF FOOD                      M                                                                           
  110630HS     REC/ETC ADULTERATED FOOD                  M                                                                           
  110675HS     PACKAGE FOOD W/O PROPER LABEL             M                                                                           
  110690HS     MISLEADING FOOD CONTAINER                 M                                                                           

  PAGE    18                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  110760HS     MFG/SEL/ETC MISBRAND FOOD                 M                                                                           
  11100.1AHS   MFG/ETC FAIL TO RPT CNTL SUBS TRANS       B                                                                           
  11100(A)VC   OPERATE DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOL W/O L      M                                                                           
  11100(C)1HS  MFG/ETC FAIL TO REQ PROPR ID FOR SPE      M                                                                           
  11100(D)HS   MFG/ETC FAIL TO RPT CNTL SUBS TRANS       B                                                                           
  11100(G)(1)  SELL/ETC SPPECIFIED SUBSTANCE TO MINOR    M                                                                           
  11100(G)(2)  PERSON U/18 POSSESS SPECIFIED SUBSTANCE   M                                                                           
  11100(G)1HS  MFG/ETC FURNISH RPTABLE CNTL SUB TO       M                                                                           
  11100(G)2HS  MINOR POSS REPORTABLE CONTROLLED SUB      M                                                                           
  11100(G)3HS  SELL EPHEDRINE/ETC                        M                                                                           
  11104.5HS    POSS DRUG APPARATUS/ETC VALUED AT $1      M                                                                           
  11104(A)HS   FURNISH REPORTABLE CNTL SUBS FOR MFG      F                                                                           
  11104(A)4VC  FAIL TO HOLD INSTRUCTOR'S DRIVER LIC      M                                                                           
  11104(B)HS   FURN LAB GLASSWARE/ETC FOR MFG CNTL       M                                                                           
  11104(C)HS   REC LAB EQUIP W/INTENT TO AVOID RPTG      M                                                                           
  11104HS      FURNISH 11100(A)HS SUBSTANCE FOR MFG      F                                                                           
  11105(A)HS   MAKE FALSE STATEMENT/REPORTABLE CNTL      B                                                                           
  11106(B)PC   ILLEGAL RETENTION OF RECORDS              M                                                                           
  11106(B)1PC  ILLEGAL RETENTION OF RECORDS              M                                                                           
  11106(B)2PC  ILLEGAL RETENTION OF RECORDS              M                                                                           
  11106(F)HS   SELL/TRANSFER RPTABLE CNTL SUB W/O P      B                                                                           
  11106(J)HS   SELL/TRANSPORT/FURN CNTL SUBS W/O PE      B                                                                           
  11107.1A1HS  MFG/ETC FAIL TO REQ PROPER PURCHASER      M                                                                           
  11107.1A2HS  MFG/ETC FAIL TO RETAIN BILL OF SALE       M                                                                           
  11107.1A3HS  MFG/ETC FAIL TO RETAIN BILL OF SALE       M                                                                           
  11107.1B2HS  FAIL TO RETAIN RECORD OF PURCHASE         M                                                                           
  11107.1C1HS  UNLAWFUL SALE OF IODINE                   M                                                                           
  11107.1C2HS  UNLAWFUL SALE OF RED PHOSPHOROUS          M                                                                           
  11107(A)1HS  MFG/ETC FAIL TO REQ PROPER PURCHASER      M                                                                           
  11107(A)2HS  MFG/ETC FAIL TO RETAIN BILL OF SALE       M                                                                           
  11110(A)HS   SELL DEXTROMETHORPHAN TO MINOR            I                                                                           
  111295HS     MFG/SELL/ETC ADULTERATED DRUG/DEVICE      M                                                                           
  11140HS      POSSESS/SELL PIPERIDINE WITH/W/O PRIOR    B                                                                           
  11142PC      FURNISH RECORDED INFO TO UNAUTH PERS      M                                                                           
  11143PC      UNLAWFUL BUY/REC/POSS STATE CRIM HIS      M                                                                           
  11149.3PC    FURN INFO FROM A RECORD TO UNAUTH PE      M                                                                           
  11150HS      WRITE UNAUTHORIZED PRESCRIPTION           M                                                                           
  11151HS      PRESC BY UNLIC PERSON:NO HOSP PHARMA      M                                                                           
  11152HS      PRESCRIPTIONS MUST CONFORM TO LAW         F                                                                           
  11153.5AHS   MFG/ETC FURN CNTL SUB FOR NON-MED PU      B                                                                           
  11153(A)HS   ISSUE/FILL ILLEGAL CNTRLD SUBS PRESCRIPT  F                                                                           
  11153A1HS    ISSUE ILLEGAL CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE P      F                                                                           

  PAGE    19                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11154(A)HS   ILL PRESC/ADMIN/DISPENSE/FURN CNTL S      B                                                                           
  11154(B)HS   SOLICIT/ETC TO ILL PRES/ADMIN CNTL S      B                                                                           
  11154HS      PRESCRIBE/ADMIN CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE      F                                                                           
  11155HS      PRESCRIBE CONTROL SUBSTANCE ILLEGALLY     F                                                                           
  11156HS      ADMINISTER CONTROLLED SUBS TO ADDICT      F                                                                           
  11157HS      ISSUE FALSE PRESCRIPTION                  M                                                                           
  11158(A)HS   DISPENS SCHII,III,IV,V CNTL SUB W/O       M                                                                           
  11159HS      PATIENT CHART-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES       M                                                                           
  11160(B)1PC  HEALTH PRACTITNR FAIL PHONE RPT:WOUN      M                                                                           
  11160(B)2PC  HEALTH PRACTITNR FAIL WRITE RPT:WOUN      M                                                                           
  11161(A)HS   UNAUTH POSSESSION OF PRESCRIPTION BL      M                                                                           
  11161HS      UNAUTH POSSESSION/PRESCRIPTION BLANK      M                                                                           
  11161PC      FAIL RPT INJ/DEADLY WEAPON/CRIMINAL ACT   M                                                                           
  111615HS     MFG DRUG/DEVICE W/O LICENSE               M                                                                           
  11162.5AHS   COUNTERFEIT/POSS 3+COUNTRFEIT PRESC       B                                                                           
  11162.5BHS   POSSESS < 3 COUNTERFEIT PRESCRIPTN B      M                                                                           
  11166(A)PC   FAIL OF MED PRACT/ETC TO RPT CHILD A      M                                                                           
  11166HS      FILL OUTDATED/FORGED CNTRLD SUBS PRESCRI  F                                                                           
  11167.5APC   VIOLATION OF CONFIDENTIALITY              M                                                                           
  11170HS      PRESCRIBE CNTRLD SUBSTANCE FOR OWN USE    M                                                                           
  11171HS      PRESCRIBE/ADMIN ETC CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE  M                                                                           
  11172(E)PC   FAILURE TO REPORT CHILD ABUSE             M                                                                           
  11172HS      ALTER PRESCRIPTION DATE                   M                                                                           
  11173(A)HS   OBTAIN CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE BY FRAUD      M                                                                           
  11173(B)HS   FALSE STATEMENT IN PRESCRIPTION/ETC       F                                                                           
  11173(C)HS   REPRESENT AS DOC TO OBTAIN CONTRLD SUBS   F                                                                           
  11173(D)HS   AFFIX FALSE LABEL TO CNTRLD SUBSTANCE     F                                                                           
  11173HS      OBTAIN CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE BY FRAUD      F                                                                           
  11174HS      OBTAIN CONTROL SUBSTANCE W/FALSE NAME     F                                                                           
  11175HS      POSS/ETC PRESCRIP/CNTRL SUBS              M                                                                           
  11175HSCON   OBT CNTL SUBS BY NONCONFORMING PRESC      M                                                                           
  11175HSPOS   POSSESS/ETC NONCONFORMING PRESCRIPTI      M                                                                           
  11175HSPPC   POSS ILLEGAL CNTL SUB PRESC:OBT CNTL      M                                                                           
  11177.1PC    EXTRADITION OF PAROLE VIOLATOR            O                                                                           
  11177HS      ALTERED PRESCRIPTION                      M                                                                           
  11180HS      POSS/ETC CNTL SUB OBT BY NONCONFORM       M                                                                           
  111865HS     REM/SELL/ETC EMBARG FD/DRUG/COSMET I      M                                                                           
  11190(B)HS   PRACTR FAIL TO DATE SCH II CNTL SUB       M                                                                           
  11190(C)HS   PRACTR FAIL TO SHOW QTY SCH II CNTL       M                                                                           
  11190HS      PRACTR FAIL MAINT RECORD OF SCH II C      M                                                                           
  111960HS     IMPROP LIGHTING/PLUMBING/ETC              M                                                                           
  111965HS     UNCLEAN/ETC FOOD PROC EST                 M                                                                           

  PAGE    20                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  112(A)PC     MFG/SELL FALSE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS       M                                                                           
  11200(A)HS   ILLEGALLY DISPENSE/REFILL CNTL SUBS       M                                                                           
  11200(B)HS   CNTL SUBS PRESCRIPTION REFILL VIOLAT      M                                                                           
  11200(C)HS   ILLEGAL CNTL SUBS PRESCRIPTION REFIL      M                                                                           
  11200HS      DISPENSE/REFILL C/SUBS 6 MOS AFTER D      M                                                                           
  11200PC      MAINTAIN UNLICENSED CLUB ROOM             M                                                                           
  11207HS      UNLAWFUL PREPARATION OF CNTL SUBS PR      M                                                                           
  11209(A)HS   DELIVER SCH II,III,IV C/SUBS W/O REC      M                                                                           
  11209(B)HS   FAIL TO MAINT DELIVERY RECEIPT FOR 3      M                                                                           
  11212(A)VC   FAIL TO KEEP TRAFFIC SCHOOL RECORDS       M                                                                           
  11216HS      NONDOCTOR/NURSE GIVE ADDICT NARCOTIC      M                                                                           
  11217HS      UNAUTHORIZED NARCOTIC TREATMENT PLACE     M                                                                           
  11265(A)WI   GIVE FALSE INFO:ANNUAL AIDE REDETERM      M                                                                           
  11265WI      ANNUAL REDETERMINATION AID/FALSE INFO     M                                                                           
  113(A)PC     MANU/SELL FALSE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS      M                                                                           
  113PC        MANU/DISTRIBUTE/SELL FALSE DOCUMENTS      F                                                                           
  11300PC      SOLICIT VISIT TO GAMBLING SHIP            M                                                                           
  11320BP      APRAISE FED REALTY:NO LIC                 B                                                                           
  11350(A)HS   POSSESS NARCOTIC CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE     F                                                                           
  11350(A)1HS  POSS SPECIF NARC CONT SUBS W/O PRESC      F                                                                           
  11350(A)2HS  POSSESS NARCOTIC CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE     F                                                                           
  11350(B)HS   POSSESS METHAQUALONE/ETC                  F                                                                           
  11350HS      POSSESSIING A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE        B                                                                           
  11351.5HS    POSSESS/PURCHASE COCAINE BASE FOR SALE    F                                                                           
  11351(A)HS   POSSESS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES FOR SALE    F                                                                           
  11351HS      POSS/PURCH FOR SALE NARC/CNTRLLD SUBS     F                                                                           
  11352.1BHS   DISP/ETC DANG DRUG/DEVICE                 M                                                                           
  11352(A)HS   TRANSPORT/SELL NARC CONTROLD SUBSTANCE    F                                                                           
  11352(A)2HS  TRAN/SELL CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE            F                                                                           
  11352(B)HS   TRANS/SELL NAR CONTRL SUB BETW COUNTIES   F                                                                           
  11353.5HS    PREPARE/SELL/GIVE C/SUBS TO MINOR/SC      F                                                                           
  11353.6GHS   SALE OF ROCK COCAINE NEAR SCHOOL GROUNDS  F                                                                           
  11353.7HS    PREPARE/SELL/GIVE C/SUB TO MINOR/PUB      F                                                                           
  11353(A)HS   ADULT SOLICIT/ETC MI:VIOL CNTL SUB/N      F                                                                           
  11353(B)HS   ADULT HIRE MI TO SELL/ETC CNTL SUB/N      F                                                                           
  11353(C)HS   ADULT SELL/ETC CNTL SUB/NARCOTIC TO       F                                                                           
  11353(1)HS   FURN MINOR SPEC CNTL SUBS FOR USE/TR      F                                                                           
  11353(2)HS   FURN MINOR SCH III,IV,V C/SUBS USE/T      F                                                                           
  11353HS      ADLT GIVE/ETC MINOR NARC CNTRLLD SUBS     F                                                                           
  11354(A)HS   MINOR GIVE/ETC MINOR NARC CNTRLLD SUBS    F                                                                           
  11355HS      SELL/ETC IN LIEU OF CONTROLLED SUBS       M                                                                           
  11357.5AHS   SELL/ETC SYNTH CANABINOID                 M                                                                           

  PAGE    21                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11357.5BHS   USE OR POSSESS SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA        I                                                                           
  11357(A)HS   POSSESS CONCENTRATED CANNABIS             M                                                                           
  11357(A)2HS  POSS ,28.5 MARI/CC<4 18-20                I                                                                           
  11357(B)HS   POSS MARIJUANA 28.5 GRMS OR LESS MARIJUA  M                                                                           
  11357(B)2HS  POSS OF MARI OR CON CANNA                 M                                                                           
  11357(C)HS   POSSESS MARIJUANA LESS 28.5 GRAMS         I                                                                           
  11357(C)1HS  POSS MARI GON CAN SCH GRD                 M                                                                           
  11357(E)HS   MINOR POSS MARIJUANA ON GRNDS/DURING SCH  M                                                                           
  11357A1AHS   POSS <28.5G, MARI <4G OF  CANN  UNDR 18   I                                                                           
  11357A1BHS   POSS <28.5 MARI UNDER 18 W/PR             I                                                                           
  11357B1AHS   POSS>28.5G MARI OR>4G CON CAN UNDER 18    I                                                                           
  11357HS      POSSESS CONCENTRATED CANNABIS             F                                                                           
  11358HS      PLANT/CULTIVATE MARIJUANA/HASHISH         F                                                                           
  11359(C)3HS  POSS FOR SALE CANNABIS TO A MINOR         F                                                                           
  11359HS      POSSESS MARIJUANA/HASHISH FOR SALE        F                                                                           
  11360(A)(1)  SALE/OFFER TO SELL/TRANS ARIJUANA <18 YR  I                                                                           
  11360(A)HS   GIVE/TRANSP/ETC MARIJ OVER 28.5 GRAMS     F                                                                           
  11360(A)1HS  SALE/OFFER TO SELL/TRANSPORT CANABIS <18  I                                                                           
  11360(A)2HS  SALE/OFFER TO SELL/TRANSPORT OF CANNABIS  M                                                                           
  11360(B)HS   GIVE/TRANSP MARIJ/HASH UNDER 1 OZ         M                                                                           
  11360A3CHS   SALE/TRANSPORTATIO OF MARIJUANA TO MINOR  F                                                                           
  11360A3DHS   SALE/TRANS OF >28.5G CANNA  OR > 4G CC    F                                                                           
  11360HS      TRANSPORT/ETC MARIJUANA                   F                                                                           
  11361(A)HS   USE/INDUCE/SELL MINOR MARIJUANA           F                                                                           
  11361(B)HS   FURNISH/ETC MINOR WITH MARIJUANA          F                                                                           
  11362.3A1HS  SMOKE OR INGEST CANN IN PUBLIC UNDER 18   I                                                                           
  11362.3A4HS  POSS OPN CON/PK OF MARI DR/PAS IN VEH 18  I                                                                           
  11362.3A5HS  POSS MARI ON SCH/DAY/YTH                  M                                                                           
  11363(A)HS   PLANT/GROW/PROCESS PEYOTE                 F                                                                           
  11363HS      PLANT/GROW/PROCESS PEYOTE                 F                                                                           
  11364.1A1HS  POSSESS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE PARAPHERNAL  M                                                                           
  11364.1HS    POSSESSION OF SMOKING DEVICE              M                                                                           
  11364.5AHS   MAINTAIN DRUG PARAPHERNALIA/MINOR         M                                                                           
  11364.5BHS   ALLOW MINOR IN DRUG PARAPHERNALIA AREA    M                                                                           
  11364.5CHS   MINOR IN DRUG PARAPHERNALIA AREA          M                                                                           
  11364.5DHS   DRUG PARAPHERNALIA/HYPE SYRINGE MNR       M                                                                           
  11364.5HS    ALLOW MINOR NEAR DRUG PARAPHERNALIA       M                                                                           
  11364.7(B)H  DELIVER DRG PARAP/MINOR/LEAST 3YRS YNGR   M                                                                           
  11364.7AHS   DELIVER/ETC DRUG PARAPHERNALIA            M                                                                           
  11364.7BHS   MFG DRG PARA W/INT TO DEL/ETC TO GROW/ET  M                                                                           
  11364.7CHS   TRANSP/DELIVR/ETC DRUG PARAPH TO MIN      M                                                                           
  11364.7CPC   DEL/ETC DRG PARA TO MIN(AT LST 3 YR JR)   M                                                                           

  PAGE    22                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11364.7HS    DELIVER/ETC DRUG PARAPHERNALIA            M                                                                           
  11364(A)HS   POSSESS OPIM PIPE OR ANY DEVICE           M                                                                           
  11364(1)HS   POSS SPECIF CONT SUBS PARAPHERNALIA       M                                                                           
  11364HS      POSSESS CONTROLLED SUBST PARAPHERNALIA    M                                                                           
  11365(A)HS   VISIT WHERE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE USED     M                                                                           
  11365HS      VISIT WHERE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE USED     M                                                                           
  11366.5(B)H  KNOW RENT/ETC FORTIFIED RM:SPEC CIRC      F                                                                           
  11366.5AHS   RENT/ETC FOR STORAGE/SALE/ETC CNTRLD SUB  F                                                                           
  11366.5BHS   OWN/RENT FORTIFIED ROOM FOR SALE C/S      F                                                                           
  11366.5HS    RENT/ETC FOR STORAGE/DISTR CNTRLD SUBST   F                                                                           
  11366.6HS    USE FORTIFIED RM TO SELL CNTRLD SUBST     F                                                                           
  11366.7BHS   SELL CHEMICALS/EQUIP FOR MAKING CNTL      B                                                                           
  11366.7HS    RETAILER SELL DRUG/ETC FOR UNLAWFUL MFG   F                                                                           
  11366.8AHS   CONCEAL CONTROL SUBSTANCE                 F                                                                           
  11366.8BHS   BUILD FALSE COMPARTMT IN VEH:STORE C      F                                                                           
  11366HS      KEEP PLACE TO SELL/ETC CNTRLD SUBSTANCE   F                                                                           
  11368HS      FORGE/ALTER NARCOTIC PRESCRIPTION         F                                                                           
  11370.1AHS   POSS CNTL SUB WH ARMED W/LOAD/ETC FIREAR  F                                                                           
  11370.1HS    FIREARM WITH NARCOTICS                    F                                                                           
  11370.6AHS   POSSESS CNTL SUBS PROCEEDS OF $100,0      B                                                                           
  11370.6HS    POSSESS MONEY FROM SALE OF CONTRLLD SUBS  F                                                                           
  11370.9AHS   REC/ETC/CNCL/ETC$+:C/SUB                  F                                                                           
  11370.9BHS   CONCEAL/ETC PROFIT/ETC:CONTROLLED SU      F                                                                           
  11370.9CHS   TRANS/ETC/CONCEAL/ETC GAINS FROM CNT      F                                                                           
  11371.1HS    OBT/USE MINOR:FRAUD OBT CNTRLLD SUBS      F                                                                           
  11371HS      PRESCRIPTION VIOLATION:INDUCE MINOR       F                                                                           
  11374.5(A)H  DISPOSAL OF HAZARDOUS CNTRLD SUBS/WASTE   F                                                                           
  11374.5AHS   ILLEGAL DISPOSAL OF HAZ CNTL SUBS/WA      B                                                                           
  11374.5HS    DISPOSE HAZARDOUS SUBS/CONT NATURE        F                                                                           
  11375.5AHS   POSS FOR SALE/SELL ANY SYNTHETIC STIMULA  M                                                                           
  11375(A)HS   POSSESS FOR SALE/SELL CONTROLLED SUBST    F                                                                           
  11375(B)HS   POSSESS FOR SALE/SELL CONTROLLED SUBST    F                                                                           
  11375(B)1HS  POSS CONT SUBS FOR SALE                   F                                                                           
  11375(B)2HS  POSS CONTORLLED SUBSTANCE W/O PRESCRIPTI  B                                                                           
  11375HS      POSSESS FOR SALE/SELL CONTROLLED SUBST    F                                                                           
  11377(A)HS   POSSESS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE              B                                                                           
  11377(B)HS   POSSESS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE              M                                                                           
  11377(B)1HS  POSS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE                 M                                                                           
  11377(B)2HS  POSSESSION OF KETAMINE                    M                                                                           
  11377HS      POSSESSING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE           B                                                                           
  11378.5HS    POSSESSION PHENCYCLIDINE FOR SALE         F                                                                           
  11378HS      POSSESS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE FOR SALE     F                                                                           

  PAGE    23                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11379.2HS    POSS/POSS FOR SALE SPECIFIED CNTL SU      B                                                                           
  11379.5(A)H  TRANSPORT/SELL/ETC PHENCYCLIDINE          F                                                                           
  11379.5(B)H  TRNS FOR SALE/ETC PHENCYCLIDINE/ETC BETW  F                                                                           
  11379.5AHS   TRANSPORT/SELL/ETC PHENCYCLIDINE          F                                                                           
  11379.5BHS   TRANSPORT PCP FOR SALE BETWEEN COUNT      F                                                                           
  11379.5HS    TRANSPORT/SELL/ETC PHENCYCLIDINE          F                                                                           
  11379.6(B)H  OFFERS TO MANUFACTURE/ETC CTRLLD SUBST    F                                                                           
  11379.6AHS   MANUFACTURE/ETC CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE      F                                                                           
  11379.6BHS   OFFER TO MANUFACTURE/ETC CNTL SUBS        F                                                                           
  11379(A)HS   TRANSPORT/SELL CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE       F                                                                           
  11379(B)HS   TRANS FOR SALE CONTR SUB BETW COUNTIES    F                                                                           
  11379HS      TRANSPORT/SELL CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE       F                                                                           
  11380.5(A)H  FURNISH MINOR W/SPECIFIC CNTRLD SUBST     F                                                                           
  11380.5AHS   FURNISH/ETC MINOR W/SPECIFIC CNTRL SUBST  F                                                                           
  11380.5HS    FURNISH MINOR W/SPECIFIC CNTRLD SUBST     F                                                                           
  11380(A)2HS  USE MINOR TO VIOLATE CONT SUBS ACT        F                                                                           
  11380(B)HS   BARBITURATES, AMPHETAMINES, L.S.D.        F                                                                           
  11382HS      SELL/ETC IN LIEU OF CONTROLLED SUBS       F                                                                           
  11383(A)HS   POSS SUBSTANCES TO MFG CTRLLD SUBS        F                                                                           
  11383(B)HS   POSS SUBSTANCES TO MFG CTRLLD SUBS        F                                                                           
  11383(B)1HS  POSS PIPER/CYCLOH W/INTENT MFG PCP/A      F                                                                           
  11383(C)HS   POSS SUBSTANCES TO MFG CTRLLD SUBS        F                                                                           
  11383(C)1HS  POSS SUBS W/INTENT TO MFG METH./ANGALOGS  F                                                                           
  11383(C)2HS  POSS HYDRIODIC ACID/ETC MFG METHAMPH      F                                                                           
  11383(C)3HS  POSSESS SUBS TO MFG CONTROLLED SUBST      F                                                                           
  11383(C)4HS  POSSESS SUBS TO MFG CONTROLLED SUBST      F                                                                           
  11383C1HSCN  POSS SUBS TO MFG CNTL SUB                 F                                                                           
  11383C2HSMT  POSS SPEC PRCRSR:MFG METH                 F                                                                           
  11390HS      CNTRLD SUBST MUSHROOM/SPORES VIOLATION    F                                                                           
  11391HS      CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE MUSHROOM/SPORES VIO  F                                                                           
  113915HS     FAIL TO SUBMIT BLD/MOD PLANS FOOD FA      M                                                                           
  113920(A)HS  OPR FOOD FACIL W/O PERMIT                 M                                                                           
  113920(D)HS  IMPROPER POSTING OF PERMIT                M                                                                           
  113923HS     FOOD VENDING W/O PERMIT                   M                                                                           
  113950HS     REF TO CLOSE FD FAC AFTER PERM SUS/R      M                                                                           
  113960(A)HS  CREATE PUBLIC HAZARD                      M                                                                           
  113980HS     IMPROP MFG/SERVE/ETC FOOD                 M                                                                           
  113995(A)HS  FAIL TO PROPERLY REFRIG FOOD              M                                                                           
  113995B1DHS  MILK CONTAINER IN TEMP>45 DEGREES         M                                                                           
  113995B1HS   FAIL TO MAIN HAZ FD AT PROP TEMP          M                                                                           
  114PC        FALSE DOCU TO CONCEAL TRUE_CITIZENSHIP    F                                                                           
  11400PC      CRIMINAL SYNDICALISM                      F                                                                           

  PAGE    24                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11400VC      ILLEGAL ACT AS LIC REGISTRATION SERV      M                                                                           
  114003E1HS   UNLABLED SHELLFISH                        M                                                                           
  11401.1PC    AID/ABET CRIMINAL SYNDICALISM             F                                                                           
  11401.2PC    JUSTIFY CRIMINAL SYNDICALISM              F                                                                           
  11401.3PC    PUBLISH/ETC CRIMINAL SYNDICALISM          F                                                                           
  11401.4PC    ORGANIZE/ETC CRIMINAL SYNDICALISM         F                                                                           
  11401.5PC    PRACTICE CRIMINAL SYNDICALISM             F                                                                           
  114010HS     IMPROP PROTECT PROTECT FOOD:CONTM         M                                                                           
  114015A2HS   HOME PREP FOOD SERVED IN FD FACILITY      M                                                                           
  114020(A)HS  UNSANITARY PRACTICES BY EMPLOYEES         M                                                                           
  114020(D)HS  USE TOBACCO IN FOOD AREA                  M                                                                           
  114025(C)HS  UNLAWFUL STORAGE OF POISONOUS SUBSTA      M                                                                           
  114030HS     FAIL TO PREVENT ENT OF VERMIN/ANIMAL      M                                                                           
  114035HS     FOOD WASTE DISP.ETC VIOL                  M                                                                           
  114040HS     FOOD FAC:SANITATION VIOL                  M                                                                           
  114050HS     FAIL TO PROPERLY MAINT UTENSILS/EQUI      M                                                                           
  11406(A)2VC  FAIL TO KEEP PROPER BUSINESS RECORDS      M                                                                           
  11406(D)VC   FAIL TO DISPLAY SIGN                      M                                                                           
  114065HS     FAIL TO MEET NATL SANI STNDRDS W/NEW      M                                                                           
  114070HS     UNLAW ADD SULTITES TO POTENTIAL HAZ       M                                                                           
  114080(A)HS  FAIL TO MAINTN FOOD STORAGE SPACE         M                                                                           
  114080(B)HS  FAIL TO PROPERLY DISPLY UNPACK FOOD       M                                                                           
  114080B2AHS  FAIL TO SHIELD FOOD                       M                                                                           
  114085B2HS   FAIL TO PROPERLY THAW FOOD                M                                                                           
  114090(A)HS  FAIL TO PROP CLN/SANI UTENSILS/EQUIP      M                                                                           
  114090(B)HS  FAIL TO MAINT PROPER DRAINAGE SPACE       M                                                                           
  114090(G)HS  FAIL TO PROV/MAINT PROP UTENSILS/EQU      M                                                                           
  114090(H)HS  FAIL TO PROP HANDLE UTENSILS/EQUIPMT      M                                                                           
  114095HS     FAILURE TO PROVIDE HOT WATER              M                                                                           
  114100HS     LIQ WASTE DISPOSAL VIOL                   M                                                                           
  114105HS     FOOD FACILITY TOILET VIOL                 M                                                                           
  11411(A)PC   TERRORIZE:PLACE/ETC SYMBOL ON PRIV P      M                                                                           
  11411(B)PC   TERRORIZE:PLACE SYMBOL ON PRIV PROP       B                                                                           
  11411(C)PC   TERRORIZE:BURN RELIGIOUS SYMBOL:PRIV      B                                                                           
  11411PC      BURN/ETC RELIG SYM/PLC MATL ON PROP/TERR  M                                                                           
  11412PC      THREATS OBSTRUCTING EXCERISE RELIGION     F                                                                           
  11413(A)PC   USE EXPLOS/DESTRUCT/DEVICE/ARSON/TERROR   F                                                                           
  114135HS     FAIL TO PROV AREA FOR EMP PERS ITEMS      M                                                                           
  11414(A)PC   HARASS CHILD ABOUT GUARDIANS EMPLOYM      M                                                                           
  114140HS     FAIL TO PROV ADEQUATE VENTILATION         M                                                                           
  114145(A)HS  FAIL TO PROV FULL BLDG ENCLOSURE          M                                                                           
  11415PC      WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION               F                                                                           

  PAGE    25                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  114150(A)HS  FLOOR SURF NOT MADE OF EASY CLNED MA      M                                                                           
  114155(A)HS  FAIL TO MAINT CLEAN WALLS/CEILINGS        M                                                                           
  11416PC      WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION               F                                                                           
  11417PC      WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION               F                                                                           
  114170HS     FAIL TO PROV ADEQ OR SHATRPRF LGHT F      M                                                                           
  114175HS     FAIL TO MAINT SEP LIVING QUARTERS         M                                                                           
  11418.1PC    FAULES/FACSIMILE OF WEAPON OF MASS DESTR  M                                                                           
  11418.5(A)P  THREAT/ETC W/WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION   M                                                                           
  11418.5APC   THREAT/ETC W/WEAPON OF MASS DEST          B                                                                           
  11418(A)PC   POSS OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION       F                                                                           
  11418(B)(1)  USE WEAPON OF MASS DEST: INJURY/ETC       F                                                                           
  11418(B)1PC  USE WEAPON OF MASS DEST:INJURY/ETC        F                                                                           
  11418(B)2PC  USE WEAPON OF MASS DEST: WATER/ETC        F                                                                           
  11418(B)3PC  USE WEAPON OF MASS DEST: ANIMAL/CROP      F                                                                           
  11418(C)PC   USE WEAPON OF MASS DEST: NATURAL RESOURC  F                                                                           
  11418(D)PC   CREATE NEW/ETC: WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCT   M                                                                           
  11418PC      WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION               F                                                                           
  11419(A)PC   POSS OF RESTRICTED BIOLOGICAL AGENTS      F                                                                           
  11419PC      WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION               F                                                                           
  114255HS     FAIL TO PROV REQ INFO ON VEH              M                                                                           
  114260(B)HS  DISP/SELL FOOD FROM UNAUTH FACILITY       M                                                                           
  114260(C)HS  DISP/SERV/ETC FD FROM OTHR THAN VEH       M                                                                           
  114260(D)HS  FAIL TO PROT FD CONDIMNTS FROM CONTA      M                                                                           
  114260(E)HS  FAIL TO PROT FD DURING TRANSP             M                                                                           
  114265(A)HS  UNLAWFL SELL OF UNPCKGED FOOD             M                                                                           
  114265(C)HS  IMPROPER FOOD COMPARTMENTS                M                                                                           
  114265(E)HS  FAIL TO PROT FOOD FROM CONTAMINATION      M                                                                           
  114265(F)HS  IMPROPERLY OBTAINED FOOD                  M                                                                           
  114265(G)HS  IMPROPR PROT OF FOOD CONDIMENTS           M                                                                           
  114265(I)HS  IMPROPR OPER OF MOBILE FOOD FAC           M                                                                           
  114265(J)HS  IMPROPR FOOD TEMPERATURE                  M                                                                           
  114265(O)HS  IMPROPR FOOD STORAGE                      M                                                                           
  114265(S)HS  UNPCKGED HAZARDOUS FOOD                   M                                                                           
  114265P1HS   MOBILE FD FAC FAIL TO PROV WATER          M                                                                           
  114270(A)HS  FAIL TO PREPKGE POTENTIAL HAZ FOOD        M                                                                           
  114275(A)HS  EQUIPPED W/IMPROP FOOD COMPRTMENT         M                                                                           
  114290HS     IMPROPR EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE              M                                                                           
  114292(B)HS  MOBILE FOOD UNIT VIOL                     M                                                                           
  114293(E)HS  INADEQUATE FOOD STORAGE                   M                                                                           
  114381(A)HS  OPERATE FOOD FACILITY W/O PROPER PERMIT   M                                                                           
  11450PC      PUBLIC HUMAN ENDURANCE CONTEST            M                                                                           
  11460(A)PC   ILL ASSEMBLY AS PARAMILITARY ORG:WEA      M                                                                           

  PAGE    26                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11460PC      UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY/PARAMILITARY ORGANIZAT  M                                                                           
  11473.5HS    OFCL NOT DSTROY C/SUB/ETC                 M                                                                           
  11480WI      MISUSE/ETC CHILD SUPPORT AID              M                                                                           
  11482.5WI    CLAIM AID:FALSE ID/MULTIPLE ENTITLEMENTS  F                                                                           
  11482WI      FALSE STATEMENT TO OBTAIN AID             M                                                                           
  11483.5WI    OBTAIN AID:FALSE ID FOR MULTIPLE ENTITLE  F                                                                           
  11483(2)WI   OBTAIN AID BY FRAUD                       F                                                                           
  11483WI      OBTAIN AID BY FRAUD                       M                                                                           
  115.1(B)PC   PUBLISH CAMPAIGN AD W/UNAUTH SIGNATU      B                                                                           
  115.3PC      ALTER CERTIFIED COPY OF OFFICIAL REC      M                                                                           
  115.5(A)PC   FILE FALSE DOCUMENT/COUNTY RECORD         B                                                                           
  115.5(B)PC   FALSE STATEMENT TO NOTARY                 F                                                                           
  115(A)PC     OFFER FALSE/FORGED INSTRUMENT TO BE FILE  F                                                                           
  115PC        OFFER FALSE/FORGED INSTRUMENT TO FILE     F                                                                           
  11500VC      DISMANTLE VEHICLE W/O PERMIT              M                                                                           
  11501HS      TRANSPORTATION OR SALE OF NARCOTICS       F                                                                           
  11503HS      FAIL TO KEEP RECORDS OF FINES/FORFEI      M                                                                           
  11509(A)1VC  ILLEGAL USE OF AUTO DISMANTLING LICE      M                                                                           
  11514(A)VC   DISMANTLING SITE SIGN REQUIRED            M                                                                           
  11516(C)VC   FAIL TO MAINT REGISTRATION W/SPEC PL      M                                                                           
  1152(A)WI    AID ESCAPE FROM YOUTH AUTH INSTITUTI      M                                                                           
  1152(B)WI    AID ESCAPE:Y. A.  W/FORCE OR VIOLENC      F                                                                           
  1152WI       AID ESCAPE:YOUTH AUTHORITY INSTITUTION    M                                                                           
  11520(A)VC   DISMANTL VEH W/O NOTE:DMV                 M                                                                           
  11520(A)2VC  DISMANTLER FAIL TO NOTIFY DOJ             M                                                                           
  11520(A)3VC  DISMANTLE BEFORE 10 DAYS AFTER NOTIF      M                                                                           
  11520(A)4VC  FAIL TO SURRENDER LICENSE PLATE           M                                                                           
  11520(A)5VC  FAIL TO MAINTAIN BUSINESS RECORDS         M                                                                           
  11520(C)VC   DISMANTLE VECHICLE WITHOUT PERMIT         M                                                                           
  11520VC      DISMANTLE VEHICLE W/O NOTIFYING DMV       M                                                                           
  115215B1HS   DISPOSE OF RADIO MAT W/DNGR TO PUB H      F                                                                           
  11530.5HS    POSSESSION MARIJUANA FOR SALE             F                                                                           
  11531HS      MARIJUANA FOR SALE                        F                                                                           
  11532(A)HS   LOITER FOR DRUG ACTIVITY                  M                                                                           
  11532(B)1HS  ACTING AS A LOOK-OUT                      M                                                                           
  11532(B)1PC  ACTING AS A LOOK-OUT                      M                                                                           
  11532HS      POSSESSION MARIJUANA BY ADULT             F                                                                           
  11540HS      CULTIVATE PEYOTE                          F                                                                           
  11550(A)HS   USE/UNDER INFLUENCE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE  M                                                                           
  11550(A)1HS  USE/UNDR INFLU OF SPECIF CONTR SUBST      M                                                                           
  11550(B)HS   USE/UNDER INFLUENCE CONTRLD SUBSTANCE KJ  M                                                                           
  11550(C)HS   USE/UNDER INFL CONT SUB W/LOADED FIREARM  F                                                                           

  PAGE    27                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11550(E)HS   POSS FIREARM UNDER INFLUENCE OF CONT SUB  F                                                                           
  11550HS      USE/UNDER INFLUENCE OF CONTROLLED SUBST   M                                                                           
  11550HS-C    USE CONTROLLED SUBS/COCAINE               M                                                                           
  11550HS-M    USE CONTROLLED SUBS/METHAMPHETAMINES      M                                                                           
  11550HS-O    USE CONTROLLED SUBS/OPIUM DERIVATIVE      M                                                                           
  11550HS-P    USE CONTROLLED SUBS/PHENCYCLIDINE         M                                                                           
  11561HS      ADULT 90 DAY CONTRLD SUBST COMM           O                                                                           
  11580HS      CONTEMPT CRT-VIOL INJUNCTION/ORD ABA      M                                                                           
  11590(A)HS   NOT REGISTER W/POLICE AFTER PRISON        B                                                                           
  11590(B)HS   FAIL TO REGISTER                          M                                                                           
  11590HS      REGISTRATION CONTRLD SUBSTANCE OFFENDER   M                                                                           
  11594HS      FAIL REGISTER AS CNTRLD SUBST OFFENDER    M                                                                           
  116.5(A)PC   JURY TAMPERING                            M                                                                           
  116.5(A)1PC  OFFER PAYMT/ETC TO JUROR 4 CRIM CASE      M                                                                           
  116.5(A)2PC  ACCEPT PAYMT/ETC ON BEHALF JUROR FOR      M                                                                           
  116.5(A)3PC  JUROR ACCEPT PAYMT/ETC FOR CRIM CASE      M                                                                           
  116PC        TAMPER WITH JURY LIST                     F                                                                           
  116040HS     FAIL TO MAINT SANIT PUBLIC SWIM POOL      M                                                                           
  11615(A)VC   DELIVER VEHICLE NOT MEETING EQUIPMEN      M                                                                           
  11680HS      POSS/MFG/ETC IMIT CTRLLD SUBS             M                                                                           
  11681HS      GIVE IMIT. CNTRLD SUBST TO UNDERAGE PERS  M                                                                           
  117PC        FALSIFY JURY LISTS                        F                                                                           
  11700VC      ACT AS DEALER/MFG/ETC W/O LICENSE         M                                                                           
  11701AG      ENGAGE IN PEST CONTROL W/O LICENSE        M                                                                           
  11701FA      ENGAGED IN PEST CONTROL W/O A LICENS      M                                                                           
  11704(A)AG   NO BUSINESS LICENSE                       M                                                                           
  11704(A)FA   NO BUSINESS LICENSE                       M                                                                           
  11705(A)1VC  FALSE STATEMENT ON DEALER APPLICATIO      M                                                                           
  11709.1VC    FAIL POST NOTICE OF 3RD PARTY INSPEC      M                                                                           
  11709.2VC    FAILURE TO POST NOTICE                    M                                                                           
  11709(A)VC   NO SIGN FOR ESTABLISHED BUSINESS          M                                                                           
  11712(A)VC   UNLAWFUL CHANGE OF LOCATION               M                                                                           
  11713.1AVC   ADVERTISE VEH FOR SALE W/O ID/LIC NU      M                                                                           
  11713.1BVC   ADVERTISE TOTAL PRICE W/O TOTAL COST      M                                                                           
  11713.1CVC   FAIL TO ADVERTISE VEHICLE SALES TAX       M                                                                           
  11713.1EVC   DEALER FAIL TO SELL AT ADVERTISED PR      M                                                                           
  11713.1MVC   MISREPRESENT AUTHORITY OF SALESPERSO      M                                                                           
  11713.1TVC   FAIL TO POST BUYER'S GUIDE ON USED V      M                                                                           
  11713.1VC    FALSE ADV/BUS PRACTIC:DLR                 M                                                                           
  11713.2VC    ILL SALES PRACTICES BY MANUFACT/DIST      M                                                                           
  11713.4VC    DEALER FAILING TO REFUND EXCESS FEES      M                                                                           
  11713.5CVC   FALSE REPRESENTATION OF VEHICLE YR M      M                                                                           

  PAGE    28                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11713.5VC    FALSE REPRESENTATION VEHICLE YEAR MO      M                                                                           
  11713.9VC    DEALER OFFER TO SELL VEH/NOT LABELLED     M                                                                           
  11713(A)VC   UNLAWFUL ACTS BY DLR/MFGR/TRANSPRTR/ETC.  M                                                                           
  11713(B)VC   DEALER ADVERTIS VEH WHICH NOT FOR SALE    M                                                                           
  11713(C)VC   DLR FAIL TO WITHDRAW AD WITHIN 48 HRS     M                                                                           
  11713(D)VC   DEALER REPRESENT USED VEH AS NEW          M                                                                           
  11713(E)VC   DEALER OPERATING W/O VALID BOND           M                                                                           
  11713(F)VC   DEALER FAIL MAINT PLACE OF BUSINESS       M                                                                           
  11713(G)VC   DEALER FALSE ADD FEE TO SALE PRICE        M                                                                           
  11713(H)VC   DEALER EMPLOY UNLICENSED SALESMAN         M                                                                           
  11713(I)VC   DEALER DELIVER NEW VEH ILL EQUIPPED       M                                                                           
  11713(J)VC   DEALER UNLAWFUL USE SPECIAL PLATES        M                                                                           
  11713(K)VC   DEALER ADV NO DOWN WHEN DOWN REQUIRED     M                                                                           
  11713(L)VC   DEALER SELL PRIVATE VEH W/O PAY TAX       M                                                                           
  11713(M)VC   DEALER PERMIT MISUSE OF LIC/BOOKS         M                                                                           
  11713(N)VC   DEALER DISCONNECT/RESET ODOMETERS         M                                                                           
  11713(O)VC   FAIL HONOR WARRANTY                       M                                                                           
  11713(P)VC   FAIL TO ESTABLISH ESCROW/MOBILEHOME       M                                                                           
  11713(R)VC   UNLAWFUL LOCATION FOR SALE OF VEHICL      M                                                                           
  11713VC      UNLAWFUL ACTS BY DEALER/MFG/TRANSPORTER   M                                                                           
  11714(B)VC   DEALER SELL LOCATION NOT POSTED           M                                                                           
  11714(C)VC   IMPROPER CAR SALES                        M                                                                           
  11715(A)VC   OPERATE VEH ON HIGHWAY W/O REGISTRAT      M                                                                           
  11715(F)VC   OPERATE MOTOR VEHICLE W/O DEALER PLA      M                                                                           
  11732AG      USE OF PEST CONTROL W/O REGIST            M                                                                           
  11732FA      USE OF PEST CONTROL W/O REGISTRATION      M                                                                           
  117480HS     DUMP/ETC GARB:NAVIG WATER                 M                                                                           
  117485HS     LOAD VES/DUMP GARB:WATERS                 M                                                                           
  1175(D)LC    FAIL TO KEEP REQUIRED RECORDS             M                                                                           
  1175LC       FAIL TO KEEP/FURNISH EMPLOYMENT RECO      M                                                                           
  117555HS     DUMP/ETC WASTE/GARB/ETC                   M                                                                           
  11760(A)IC   OBT WORKER COMPENSATION INS AT LOWER      B                                                                           
  117920.3GHS  FAIL TO PROVIDE WEATHER PROTECT           M                                                                           
  118.1PC      PEACE OFFICER FILING FALSE REPORT         B                                                                           
  118(A)PC     PERJURY                                   F                                                                           
  118APC       FALSE AFFIDAVIT AS PERJURY                F                                                                           
  118PC        PERJURY                                   F                                                                           
  11800VC      ACT AS VEHICLE SALESMAN W/O LICENSE       M                                                                           
  11812(A)VC   FAIL TO POST SALESMAN LICENSE             M                                                                           
  11819(E)VC   DUPLICATE LICENSE OF CAR SALESMAN         M                                                                           
  118340(A)HS  ILLEGAL DISPOSAL OF MEDICAL WASTE         F                                                                           
  118340(D)HS  ILLEGAL DISPOSAL OF MEDICAL WASTE         M                                                                           

  PAGE    29                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  11880(A)IC   FRAUD TO OBT INSURANCE AT A REDUCED       B                                                                           
  119(A)(1)BP  DISPLY CANC/REVOK/SUSP/ETC REAL EST       M                                                                           
  119(A)(2)BP  DISPLAY FICTITIOUS REAL ESTATE LICEN      M                                                                           
  119(A)BP     DISPLAY/ETC REVOKED/ETC LICENSE           M                                                                           
  119(B)BP     BORROWING OF CONTRACT LICENSE             M                                                                           
  119(C)BP     DISPLAY/ETC ANOTHER'S LICENSE             M                                                                           
  119(D)BP     FAIL SURRENDR REVOKE/SUSPEND REAL ES      M                                                                           
  119(E)BP     UNLAWFUL USE OF REAL ESTATE LICENSE       M                                                                           
  119(F)BP     UNAUTHORIZED POSS/REPRODUCTION LICENSE    M                                                                           
  1191(B)LC    PAY WAGE LESS THAN MINIMUM BY ORDER       M                                                                           
  11910HS      UNLAWFUL POSSESSION RESTRICTED DRUGS      F                                                                           
  11911HS      UNLAWFUL POSSESS RESTRICT DRUGS FOR       F                                                                           
  11912HS      UNLAWFUL SALES OF RESTRICTED DRUGS/L      F                                                                           
  11917HS      SUBSTITUTE BARBITUATES                    F                                                                           
  1192.7C7PC   SERIOUS FELONY DEFINED                    F                                                                           
  1195PC       FAILURE TO APPEAR AFTER RELEASE ON BAIL   M                                                                           
  1199(A)LC    REQUEST EMPLOYEE TO WORK LONG HOURS       M                                                                           
  1199(B)LC    FAIL TO PAY EMPLOYEE MINIMUM WAGE         M                                                                           
  1199(C)LC    EMPLOYER VIOL WAGE/HOUR/WKG CONDITIO      M                                                                           
  12001.5PC    POSSESS/ETC SHORT-BARRLD SHOTGUN/RIFLE    F                                                                           
  12001FG      HUNT IN VIOLATION OF 12150FG              F                                                                           
  12001FGC     HUNT IN VIOLATION OF 12150FG              F                                                                           
  12002.1FG    TAKE BIRD/FISH W/O LICENSE/TAG/STAMP      M                                                                           
  12012(A)FG   TAKE WILDLIFE FOR COMMERICAL PURPOSE      M                                                                           
  12015(B)FG   CONTAMINATE WATER                         M                                                                           
  12016BP      HINDER/OBSTRUCT PERFORM OF WGTS/MEAS      M                                                                           
  12018BP      REFUSE TO PERMIT WGTS/MEASURES INSPE      M                                                                           
  12020.1PC    MFG HARD PLASTIC KNUCKLES                 M                                                                           
  12020.5PC    ADVERTISE ILLEGAL WEAPON                  M                                                                           
  12020(A)PC   POSSESS/MFG/SELL DANGEROUS WEAPON         M                                                                           
  12020(A)1PC  POSSESS/SELL/MFG/DANGEROUS WEAPONS        F                                                                           
  12020(A)2PC  MANUFACTURE/SELL ETC: MAGAZINE            F                                                                           
  12020(A)3PC  CARRY CONCEALED EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCE       F                                                                           
  12020(A)4PC  CARRY CONCEALED DIRK OR DAGGER            F                                                                           
  12020(B)PC   POSSESS/SELL SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN            F                                                                           
  12020(C)PC   MANUFACTURE/SELL WEAPON W/O HANDLE        F                                                                           
  12020(D)1PC  POSSESS/MFG/SELL SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN        F                                                                           
  12020(D)6PC  POSSESS/MFG/SELL METAL KNUCKLES           F                                                                           
  12020FG      VIOLATE WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR         M                                                                           
  12020FGC     VIOLATE WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR         M                                                                           
  12020PC      POSSESS/MFG/SELL DANGEROUS WEAPON         F                                                                           
  12021.1(A)P  ILLEGAL POSS/ETC OF FIREARM               F                                                                           

  PAGE    30                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  12021.1APC   POSS CONCEALABLE FIREARM-SPECIFIC PRIORS  F                                                                           
  12021.1CPC   JUVENILE FELON POSS FIREARM-SPECIFIC PRI  F                                                                           
  12021.1PC    ILLEGAL POSSESSION/CONCEALABLE FIREARM    F                                                                           
  12021.3PC    OWN/ETC F/ARM W/I 10 YRS OF 76PC CON      B                                                                           
  12021.5APC   MI POSS CONCEALABLE FIREARM W/O CONSENT   M                                                                           
  12021.5BPC   MI POSS LIVE AMMUNITION W/O CONSENT       M                                                                           
  12021.5PC    MI POSS CONCEALABLE FIREARM/AMMO W/O OK   M                                                                           
  12021(A)PC   FELON/ADDICT/ETC POSSESS FIREARM          F                                                                           
  12021(A)1PC  POSS FIREARM BY CONVICTED FELON/ADDICT    F                                                                           
  12021(A)2PC  POSS FIREARM FELON/ETC W/PR SPEC CON      F                                                                           
  12021(B)PC   FELON POSSESS/ETC FIREARM                 F                                                                           
  12021(C)PC   POSS FIREARM W/PRIOR SPECIFIC MISC CONV   B                                                                           
  12021(C)1PC  POSS FIREARM W/PRIOR SPEC MISD CONVI      B                                                                           
  12021(D)PC   CONV PERS POSS/ETC FIREARM:PROB RESTRCTN  F                                                                           
  12021(D)1PC  OWN/POSS FIREARM IN VIOL OF PROB COND     F                                                                           
  12021(E)PC   CONV PERS POSS/ETC FIREARM:PROB RESTRCTN  F                                                                           
  12021(G)PC   PURCH FIREARM WHILE SUBJECT RESTRAIN      B                                                                           
  12021(G)1PC  PROHIBIT BUY/ETC/FIREARM                  F                                                                           
  12021(G)2PC  KNOWINGLY POSSESS UNLAWFUL FIREARM        M                                                                           
  12021PC      FELON/ADDICT/ETC POSSESS FIREARM          F                                                                           
  12022.2PC    POSS OF FIREARM W/ARMOR PIERCING AMMO     F                                                                           
  12022.3APC   USE FIREARM COMM OF FELONY/SEX OFFENSE    F                                                                           
  12022.3BPC   USE DEADLY WEAPON/SEX OFFENSE             F                                                                           
  12022.5CPC   ENHANCEMT:PERSONAL USE FIREARM,COMMI      F                                                                           
  12022.5PC    USE FIREARM IN COMMISSION OF FELONY       F                                                                           
  12022.55PC   ENHANCEMT:USE FIREARM FROM VEH,COMMI      F                                                                           
  12022.9PC    ENHANCEMT:INTENTIONAL INJURY ON PREG      F                                                                           
  12022(A)PC   COMMISSION OF CRIME WHILE ARMED           F                                                                           
  12022(A)1PC  ARMED W/FIREARM IN COMMISSION OF FELONY   F                                                                           
  12022(A)2PC  ENHANCMT:USE ASSAULT WPN/MACH GUN,CO      F                                                                           
  12022(B)PC   COMMISSION OF CRIME WHILE ARMED           F                                                                           
  12022(B)2PC  ENHANCEMENT TO CAR-JACKING ADD TERM       F                                                                           
  12022(C)PC   ENHANCEMENT:ARMED W/FIREARM/COMM OF FEL   F                                                                           
  12022(D)PC   ENHNCMNT:NOT ARM/W FIREARM/CODEF ARM W/F  F                                                                           
  12022PC      COMMIT FELONY WHILE ARMED/ADD PUNISH      F                                                                           
  12023(A)PC   CARRY LOADED F/ARM WITH INT TO COMMI      B                                                                           
  12023BP      SELL AT FALSE WEIGHT                      M                                                                           
  12023PC      CARRY LOADED FIREARM-VEHICLE              M                                                                           
  12024.1BP    MISREPRESENATION OF CHARGE                M                                                                           
  12024.2ABP   OVERCHARGE - VALUE $1 OR MORE             M                                                                           
  12024.2BBP   OVERCHARGE VALUE LESS THAN $1             I                                                                           
  12024.3A2BP  OVERCHARGE PREPACKAG ON PREMISE VALU      M                                                                           

  PAGE    31                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  12024.3A3BP  OVERCHARGE PREPACKAG ON PREMISE VALU      M                                                                           
  12024.3BBP   OVERCHARGE VALUE LESS THAN $2             I                                                                           
  12024.6BP    FALSE ADVERTISING                         M                                                                           
  12024BP      PACKAGING AND SALE FRAUD                  M                                                                           
  12024PC      POSSESS DEADLY WEAPON TO ASSAULT ANOTHER  M                                                                           
  12025.5BP    UNLAWFUL REMOVE ID FR COMMODITY,CONT      M                                                                           
  12025(A)PC   CARRY CONCEALED WEAPON IN VEHICLE         F                                                                           
  12025(A)1PC  CARRY CONCEALED WEAPON IN VEH             B                                                                           
  12025(A)2PC  CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPON UPON PERSON     B                                                                           
  12025(A)3PC  OCCUPANT W/CONCEALED FIREARM IN VEHICLE   F                                                                           
  12025(B)PC   CARRY CONCEALED WEAPON ON PERSON          M                                                                           
  12025(B)1PC  CCW IN VEH W/PR FEL CONV                  F                                                                           
  12025(B)2PC  CARRY CONCEALD STOLEN WPN                 F                                                                           
  12025(B)3PC  CCW:CRIM ST GANG:ACTIVE                   F                                                                           
  12025(B)4PC  CCW:PROHIB/UNLAWFUL POSS                  F                                                                           
  12025(B)5PC  CARRY FIREARM W/NARCOTICS                 B                                                                           
  12025(B)6PC  CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON               M                                                                           
  12025(B)7PC  NOT REGISTERED OWNER OF CONCEALED WE      M                                                                           
  12025(D)PC   MANDATORY SENTENCE                        M                                                                           
  12025A3PC    CAUSE CARRYING OF CONCEALED WEAPON I      F                                                                           
  12025B6APC   CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON               B                                                                           
  12025B6BPC   NOT REGISTERED OWNER OF WEAPON            B                                                                           
  12025PC      CARRY CONCEALED WEAPON ON PERSON/VEHICLE  M                                                                           
  12026.1A1PC  UNLAWFUL TRANSPORT OF FIREARMS            M                                                                           
  12026BP      VIOLATION OF DIVISION - PUNISHMENT        M                                                                           
  120275HS     VIOLATE QUARANTINE/ETC                    M                                                                           
  120280HS     VIOL ISOLATION/ETC ORD:TB                 M                                                                           
  120290HS     WILFUL EXPOSR:DISEASE/ETC                 M                                                                           
  120291(A)HS  KNOWINGLY EXPOSE ANOTHER TO HIV           F                                                                           
  1203.016(C)  REAREST:ELEC MONITOR PROB                 O                                                                           
  1203.03PC    DAIGNOSTIC COMMITMENT UP TO 90 DAYS       O                                                                           
  1203.066APC  BREACH POSITION SEXUAL TRUST              F                                                                           
  1203.09APC   CRIME AGAINST PERSON/60 YRS               F                                                                           
  1203.09BPC   CRIME AGAINST PERSON/60 YRS               F                                                                           
  1203.09CPC   CRIME AGAINST PERSON/60 YRS               F                                                                           
  1203.09DPC   CRIME AGAINST PERSON/60 YRS               F                                                                           
  1203.09EPC   CRIME AGAINST PRISON/60 YRS               F                                                                           
  1203.09PC    CRIME AGAINST AGED OR HANDICAPPED         F                                                                           
  1203.1PC     REARREST/REVOKE PROBATION/ETC             O                                                                           
  1203.2(A)PC  REARREST/REVOKE PROBATION/ETC             X                                                                           
  1203.2PC     PROBATION VIOLATION                       X                                                                           
  1203.3PC     PROBATION, MODIFICATION                   X                                                                           

  PAGE    32                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  1203.9(A)PC  TRANSFER PROB SUPV/COURT JURISDICTIO      O                                                                           
  120305HS     POSS LIQUOR:TB HOSP/ETC                   M                                                                           
  12031.5(A)P  CARRY LOAD FIREARM ON PERS/ETC W/PRIOR    B                                                                           
  12031.5APC   CARRY LOAD FIREARM W/PR PC12031 CONV      B                                                                           
  12031.5BPC   CARRY LOAD FIREARM TO/FROM SPORT/ETC      M                                                                           
  12031(A)PC   CARRY LOADED FIREARM IN PUBLIC PLACE      M                                                                           
  12031(A)1PC  CARRY LOADED FIREARM IN PUBLIC PLACE      F                                                                           
  12031(B)PC   POSSESS LOADED WEAPON/PUBLIC              B                                                                           
  12031(C)PC   CARRY LOADED FIREARM IN PUBLIC PLACE      M                                                                           
  12031A2APC   CARRY LOAD F/ARM:PR FEL                   F                                                                           
  12031A2BPC   CARRY STOLEN LOADED F/ARM                 F                                                                           
  12031A2CPC   GANG MEMB:CLF/ARM:PUB/ETC                 F                                                                           
  12031A2DPC   CARRY LOAD FIREARM/NOT LAW POSS           F                                                                           
  12031A2EPC   CARRY LOAD FIREARM/NARCOTICS              B                                                                           
  12031A2FPC   CARRYING LOADED FIREARM                   B                                                                           
  12031PC      CARRY LOADED FIREARM IN PUBLIC PLACE      F                                                                           
  12034(A)PC   CARRY/BRING FIREARM IN VEHICLE            M                                                                           
  12034(B)PC   DRV/OWN OF VEH DISCHG FIREARM FROM VEH    F                                                                           
  12034(C)PC   DISCHARGE FIREARM FROM VEHICLE AT PERSON  F                                                                           
  12034(D)PC   DISCHARGE FIREARM FROM VEHICLE            F                                                                           
  12034PC      CARRY/DISCHARGE FIREARM FROM A VEHICLE    F                                                                           
  12035(B)1PC  STORAGE OF FIREARMS ACCESSIBLE TO CHILD   F                                                                           
  12035(B)2PC  CRIM STORE F/ARMS ACCESS TO CHILD:2N      M                                                                           
  12035PC      IMPROPER STORAGE OF HANDGUN               F                                                                           
  12036(B)PC   MAINTAIN FIREARM ACCESSIBLE BY CHILD      M                                                                           
  12040(A)PC   MASKED CRIMINAL POSSESS F/ARM IN PUB      B                                                                           
  1205HS       OPERATE CLINIC W/O LICENSE                M                                                                           
  1205PC       JUDGEMENT IMPOSING FINE                   O                                                                           
  120600HS     REFUSE INFO/EXPOSE/ETC:VD                 M                                                                           
  12070(A)PC   SELL/ETC F/ARMS WITHOUT A LICENSE         M                                                                           
  12070PC      UNLICENSED BUSINESS SELL CONCEAL FIREARM  M                                                                           
  12071B3APC   LOCAL LICENSE - FIREARMS                  M                                                                           
  12072(A)1PC  SUPPLY FIREARMS TO CONVICTED FELON        B                                                                           
  12072(A)2PC  GIVE/ETC FIREARM TO PERS /PROHIBITD       B                                                                           
  12072(A)4PC  SELL/LOAN/TRANSFER FIREARM SPECIFIC       F                                                                           
  12072(A)5PC  SELL/ETC FIREARM:-AGE/ETC                 B                                                                           
  12072(B)PC   DELIVER CONCEALABLE F/ARM TO PERSN <      B                                                                           
  12072(C)1PC  DELIVERY OF FIREARM WITHIN 15 DAYS        M                                                                           
  12072(D)PC   UNLIC SEL/TRANS/ETC CF/ARM                B                                                                           
  12072(D)1PC  FAIL TO SELL FIREARM THROUGH DEALER       B                                                                           
  12072(F)1PC  UNLAWFUL TRANSFER OF FIREARM              M                                                                           
  12072A3APC   SELL/ETC FIREARM TO MINOR                 B                                                                           

  PAGE    33                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  12072F1PC    UNLAWFUL TRANSFER OF FIREARM              M                                                                           
  12072PC      UNLAWFUL TRANSFER CONCEALABLE FIREARM     M                                                                           
  12073(A)PC   FAILURE TO KEEP REGISTER OF SALE          M                                                                           
  12076(A)PC   REGISTER FIREARM W/FALSE IDENTIFICAT      M                                                                           
  12076(B)PC   FAIL TO NOTIFY DOJ OF FIREARM SALE        M                                                                           
  12076(B)1PC  GIVE FALSE DATA:F/ARM REG                 M                                                                           
  12076PC      BUY CONCEALABLE FIREARM W/FALSE ID        M                                                                           
  12082(A)PC   ILLEGAL TRANSFER/ETC OF FIREARM           M                                                                           
  12082PC      DEALER VIOLATE SALE/ETC REQ FOR FIRE      M                                                                           
  12084HS      FIRE GUN NEAR EXPLOSIVE PLANT             M                                                                           
  12085HS      UNLAWFULLY POSS/MFG/TRANSPORT EXPLOSIVES  M                                                                           
  12086HS      FAIL TO REPORT EXPLOSIVES LOSS            M                                                                           
  12087HS      ABANDON EXPLOSIVES                        M                                                                           
  1209.5CCP    CIVIL CONTEMPT/CHILD CUSTODY              O                                                                           
  1209.5CP     CONTEMPT OF COURT - CHILD SUPPORT/ET      M                                                                           
  1209(A)2CP   BOISTEROUS CONDUCT/VIOLENT DISTURB I      M                                                                           
  1209(A)3CP   VIOL OF DUTY BY APPOINTD/ELECTED OFF      M                                                                           
  1209(A)5CP   CONTEMPT OF COURT:DISOBEY COURT ORDE      M                                                                           
  1209(A)9CP   CONTEMPT - DISOBEY SUBPOENA               M                                                                           
  1209A10CP    JUROR DISOBEY ORDER                       M                                                                           
  1209CCP      CIVIL CONTEMPT                            O                                                                           
  1209CP       CIVIL CONTEMPT                            M                                                                           
  12090PC      TAMPER W/ID MARKS ON FIREARMS             F                                                                           
  12091PC      POSSESS FIREARM W/ALTERED IDENTIFICATION  F                                                                           
  12094(A)PC   POSSESS/SELL/ETC UNMARKED FIREARM         M                                                                           
  12094PC      BUY/ETC HANDGUN W/O IDENTIFICATION MARK   M                                                                           
  12100(A)PC   SELL CONCEALBL FIREARM TO MINOR W/PRIOR   F                                                                           
  12100(B)PC   TRN/ETC CNCL FIREARM TO MIN W/O CON W/PR  M                                                                           
  12101(A)HS   EXPLOSIVES W/O PERMIT                     M                                                                           
  12101(A)PC   MINOR POS CONCBL FIREARM W/O CONSNT W/PR  F                                                                           
  12101(A)1HS  MANUFACTURE EXPLOSIVE W/O PERMIT          M                                                                           
  12101(A)1PC  MI IN POSSESS OF CONCEALABLE FIREARM/ETC  B                                                                           
  12101(A)2HS  SELL/ETC EXPLOSIVE W/O PERMIT             M                                                                           
  12101(A)3HS  HAVE/ETC EXPLOSIVE W/O PERMIT             M                                                                           
  12101(A)4HS  TRANSPORT EXPLOSIVE W/O PERMIT            M                                                                           
  12101(A)5HS  USE EXPLOSIVE W/O PERMIT                  M                                                                           
  12101(A)6HS  EXPLOSIVE DEPOT W/O PERMIT                M                                                                           
  12101(A)7HS  PARK/LEAVE EXPLOSIVE VEHICLE/UNSAFE SPOT  M                                                                           
  12101(B)PC   POSSESS LIVE AMMO W/O PARENTAL PERMISSIO  M                                                                           
  12101(B)1PC  MINOR IN POSSESSION OF LIVE AMMUNITION    B                                                                           
  12101FA      ACT/ETC AS PESTICIDE DEALER W/O A LI      M                                                                           
  12107BP      VIOL COMMERCIAL WEIGHT/MEASUREMENT STDS   M                                                                           

  PAGE    34                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  12120HS      GIVE/ETC EXPLOSIVE TO PERSON W/O PERMIT   M                                                                           
  12120VC      UNLAWFUL SALE OF VEHICLE BY DEALER        M                                                                           
  12122VC      REPORTING FALSE SALES PRICE               M                                                                           
  1215PC       PAROLE VIOLATION                          O                                                                           
  12150.5HS    IMPROP STORAGE OF BLASTING CAPS           M                                                                           
  121690(A)HS  NO DOG LICENSE: RABIES                    I                                                                           
  121705HS     HIDE INFO:RABIES EXPOSURE                 M                                                                           
  121710HS     VIO RABIES QUARANTINE/ETC                 M                                                                           
  1220D2ABP    FAIL TO MAINTAIN PATIENT TEST MGNT S      M                                                                           
  1220D2BBP    FAIL TO MAINTAIN QUALITY CONTROL PRO      M                                                                           
  1222GC       OMMISSION TO PERFORM DUTY                 M                                                                           
  12220(A)PC   POSSESS/TRANSPORT MACHINEGUN              F                                                                           
  12220(B)PC   SELL/OFFER FOR SALE/MFG MACHINEGUN        F                                                                           
  12220PC      POSSESS/ETC MACHINE GUN                   F                                                                           
  12250WI      OBTAIN BENEFITS UNLAWFULLY                M                                                                           
  12280(A)1PC  MANF/DIST/TRANS/ETC ANY ASSAULT WEAPON    F                                                                           
  12280(A)2PC  ENHCEMT:TRANS/SELL/GIVE ASSAULT WPN       F                                                                           
  12280(B)PC   POSSESS ANY ASSAULT WEAPON                F                                                                           
  12301PC      DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE                        F                                                                           
  12303.1PC    CARRY/PLACE EXP/DEST DEV/COMMON CARRIER   F                                                                           
  12303.2PC    POSS DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE/ETC/PUB PLACE     F                                                                           
  12303.3PC    USE/ETC EXPLOSIVE/DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE      F                                                                           
  12303.6PC    SELL/ETC DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE               F                                                                           
  12303PC      POSSESS DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE                F                                                                           
  12304PC      SELL/ETC AMMUNITION OVER .60 CALIBER      F                                                                           
  12305HS      POSSESS EXPLOSIVE ILLEGALLY               F                                                                           
  12306PC      PERMIT REQ REGARDING DESTRUCTIVE DEV      F                                                                           
  12308PC      USE DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE W/INTENT MURDER    F                                                                           
  12309PC      USE DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE CAUSING GBI        F                                                                           
  12310(A)PC   DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE CAUSING DEATH          F                                                                           
  12310(B)PC   DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE-CAUSING MAYHEM/GBI     F                                                                           
  12310PC      DSTRCTV DEVICE CAUSING MAYHEM/GBI/DEATH   F                                                                           
  12312PC      MAKE DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE W/O PERMIT        F                                                                           
  12316(A)PC   SALE OF AMMUNITION TO MINOR               M                                                                           
  12316(A)1PC  ILLEGAL SALE OF AMMUNITION                M                                                                           
  12316(B)1PC  PROHIBITED PERSON OWN/ETC AMMUNITION      B                                                                           
  12316(B)4PC  AMMUNITION POSS BY ENJOINED GANG MEMBER   M                                                                           
  12316(C)PC   ILLEGAL POSS OF AMMUN BY SCH PERSONNEL    M                                                                           
  12316A1APC   PERSON SELL AMMUNITION < 18 YEARS OL      M                                                                           
  12316A1BPC   ILLEGAL SALE OF AMMUNITION                M                                                                           
  12316B1PC    ILLEGAL SALE OF AMMUNITION                M                                                                           
  12320PC      POSS ARMOR/METAL PENETRATING HNDGUN AMMO  F                                                                           

  PAGE    35                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  12321PC      MFG/SELL ARMOR PENETRATING AMMUNITION     F                                                                           
  12350PC      FAIL TO KEEP PISTOL REGISTER              M                                                                           
  12351PC      FAIL TO KEEP PISTOL REGISTER              M                                                                           
  12355(A)PC   ASSEMBLE/MAINTAIN/PLACE BOOBYTRAP DE      B                                                                           
  12355(B)PC   POSS DEVICE W/INTENT TO USE AS BOOBY      B                                                                           
  12370(A)PC   PURCHASES, OWNS, OR POSSESSES BODY A      F                                                                           
  12403.7(A)P  ILLEGAL POSSESS TEAR GAS/ETC              M                                                                           
  12403.7APC   ILLEGAL POSSESS TEAR GAS/ETC              M                                                                           
  12403.7A4PC  MINOR TEAR GAS WEAPON VIOLATION           M                                                                           
  12403.7A5PC  POSSESS TEAR GAS WEAPON                   M                                                                           
  12403.7A6AP  TEAR GAS WEAPON VIOLATION                 M                                                                           
  12403.7A6PC  TEAR GAS WEAPON VIOLATION                 M                                                                           
  12403.7A7PC  PURCHASE/POSSESS TEAR GAS                 M                                                                           
  12403.7A8PC  ILLEGAL USE OF TEAR GAS/TEAR GAS WEAPON   F                                                                           
  12403.7BPC   ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF TEAR GAS/TEAR       B                                                                           
  12403.7CPC   FURNISH TEAR GAS WEAPON TO MINOR          M                                                                           
  12403.7DPC   MINOR IN POSS OF TEAR GAS WEAPON          M                                                                           
  12403.7E1PC  POSS ILLEGAL TEAR GAS/TEAR GAS WEAPO      B                                                                           
  12403.7GPC   ILLEGAL USE OF TEAR GAS/TEAR GAS WEAPON   B                                                                           
  12403.7PC    POSS TEAR GAS/TEAR GAS WEAPON W/O PERMIT  F                                                                           
  12403.7PCGS  ILLEGAL USE/ETC TEAR GAS/ETC              F                                                                           
  12403.7PCPO  ILL USE/ETC TEAR GAS/ETC ON PO            F                                                                           
  12403.8(A)P  MI 16+ POSS TEAR GAS/T.G. WEAP W/O CONCE  M                                                                           
  12403.8(B)P  SELL/ETC TEAR GAS/T.G.WEAP TO MI 16+ W/O  M                                                                           
  12403.8APC   MI POSS TEAR GAS/T.G. WEAPON W/O CONSENT  M                                                                           
  12403.8BPC   SELL TEAR GAS/T.G.WEAPON TO MI W/O O.K.   M                                                                           
  12420PC      SELL/ETC TEAR GAS/TEAR GAS WEAPON         M                                                                           
  12422PC      DESTROY TEAR GAS WEAPON ID MARK           F                                                                           
  12450PC      POSS UNACCEPTABEL TEAR GAS/T.G. WEAPON    M                                                                           
  125(A)BP     ASSISTING PERSON NOT LICENSED             M                                                                           
  125(B)BP     ACT AS AGENT FOR UNLICENSED PERSON        M                                                                           
  125BP        BUS/PROF CONSPIRE W/UNLIC                 M                                                                           
  12500.5BP    USE OF WEIGHT DEVICE W/O PERMISSION       M                                                                           
  12500(A)VC   DRIVE WITHOUT LICENSE                     M                                                                           
  12500(B)VC   LICENSED DRIVER OUT OF CLASSIFICATION     I                                                                           
  12500(C)VC   DRIVING VEHICLE FOR WHICH NOT LICENSED    I                                                                           
  12500AVC     DRIVE WITHOUT LICENSE                     M                                                                           
  12500VC      DRIVE W/O LICENSE                         M                                                                           
  12502(B)VC   NONRES:DRIVE W/O MED CERT                 I                                                                           
  12502BP      TEST/SEAL INSTRUMENT BEFORE USE           M                                                                           
  12507BP      FAIL REPAIR WGHT/MEASURE INST W/IN 3      M                                                                           
  12508BP      REMOVE TAG FROM WGHING/MEASURING INS      M                                                                           

  PAGE    36                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  12510(A)1BP  USE INCORECT WGHT/MEASURE INST COMRC      M                                                                           
  12510(A)5BP  SELL WGHT/MEASURE INST W/FALSE CALCU      M                                                                           
  12510(A)8BP  USE MEASRE DEVICE W/INACURTE PRICE I      M                                                                           
  12511VC      POSS MORE THAN 1 VALID CA DRIVER LIC      I                                                                           
  12512BP      PURCHASER REPRESENTING GREATER WEIGHT     M                                                                           
  12515(B)VC   PERSN < 21 EMPLOYED/TRANSP HAZ WASTE      M                                                                           
  12517(A)VC   OPERATE SCHOOL BUS W/O VALID LICENSE      M                                                                           
  12517(B)VC   UNCERTIFIED SCHOOL BUS DRIVER             M                                                                           
  12520(A)VC   TOW TRUCK DRIVER DRIVING W/O LICENSE      M                                                                           
  12520PC      POSSESS FIREARM SILENCER                  F                                                                           
  12550PC      SELL FIREARM/MINOR W/O PARENTAL CONSENT   M                                                                           
  12551PC      SELL MINOR ANY FIREARM                    M                                                                           
  12552(A)PC   FURNISH MINOR WITH BB DEVICE              M                                                                           
  12552PC      FURNISH MINOR WITH WEAPON                 M                                                                           
  12553(A)1PC  ALTER/ETC FIREARM MARKINGS                M                                                                           
  12556(A)PC   OPENLY DISPLAY/EXPOSE IMITATION FIREARM   I                                                                           
  12560PC      FELON POSSESS FIREARM                     F                                                                           
  12562(B)PC   POSSESS STUN GUN WITH NO SERIAL NUMB      M                                                                           
  1257WI       ESCAPE YOUTH TRAINING SCHOOL              B                                                                           
  12582PC      KNOWINGLY MFG/SELL/POSSESS BLOWGUN        M                                                                           
  12590(A)1PC  PROHIBITED ACTS: FIREARM                  M                                                                           
  12590(A)2PC  PROHIBITED ACTS: FIREARM                  M                                                                           
  12590(A)3PC  CARRY DEAD WPN:PICKET/ETC                 M                                                                           
  126PC        PERJURY (PUNISHMENT)                      F                                                                           
  12603(A)BP   FAILURE TO LABEL PACKAGED COMMODITIE      M                                                                           
  12603(B)BP   LABELING NET QUANTITY ON COMMODITY        M                                                                           
  12605BP      PACKAGED COMMODITY W/O WRITTEN REQ C      M                                                                           
  12611BP      PACK/SHIP/SALE COMMOD/NONCONFORM CON      M                                                                           
  12640(A)HS   MANUFACTURE OR EXPORT FIREWORKS           M                                                                           
  12651(A)PC   FELON BUY/POSSESS/USE STUN GUN            M                                                                           
  12651(B)PC   NARCOTIC ADDICT BUY/POSSESS/USE STUN GUN  M                                                                           
  12651(C)PC   SELL STUN GUN TO MI W/O WRITTEN CONSENT   M                                                                           
  12651(D)PC   MI UND 16 POSS STUN GUN W/O WRITTN CONSE  M                                                                           
  12652(A)PC   POSSESS STUN GUN W/O MFG'S NUMBER         M                                                                           
  12652(B)PC   POSSESS STUN GUN W/O SERIAL NUMBER        M                                                                           
  12652PC      REMOVE MFG SER#:STUN GUN                  M                                                                           
  12670HS      AD SALES OF FIREWORKS W/O SALES LIC       M                                                                           
  12671HS      SALE/USE/ETC UNCLASSIFIED FIREWORKS       M                                                                           
  12672HS      SELL FIREWORKS OUTSIDE SPECIFIC PERI      M                                                                           
  12673HS      UNLAWFUL STORING OF FIREWORKS W/O PE      M                                                                           
  12676HS      GIVE FIREWORKS TO UNLICENSED PERSON       M                                                                           
  12677HS      POSSESS FIREWORKS W/O PERMIT              M                                                                           

  PAGE    37                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  12678HS      UNLAWFUL DISCHARGE OF F/WORKS W/O PE      M                                                                           
  12679HS      STORE/ETC FIREWORKS NEAR FLAMMABLE LIQ    M                                                                           
  12680(A)HS   DISCHARGE/ETC FIREWORKS:LIKLEY TO INJURE  B                                                                           
  12680HS      DISCHARGE/ETC FIREWORKS:LIKELY TO INJURE  M                                                                           
  12681HS      ILLEGAL SALE OF FIREWORKS                 M                                                                           
  12682HS      RUBBISH NEAR FIREWORKS                    M                                                                           
  12685HS      PUBLIC DISPL OF F/WORKS W/O VALID PE      M                                                                           
  12688HS      ADVERTISE TO SELL FIREWORKS WITHOUT       M                                                                           
  12689(A)HS   SELL/ETC DANG FIREWORKS TO MINOR <18      M                                                                           
  12689(B)HS   SELL/ETC SAFE/FIREWORKS TO MINOR <16 YRS  M                                                                           
  12689(C)HS   RETAILER FURN SPEC F/WORKS TO MINOR       M                                                                           
  12689AHSFWK  SELL/ETC DANGER FIREWORK TO MINOR UN      M                                                                           
  12689AHSPR   SELL/ETC DANGR F/WORK TO MINR UND 18      M                                                                           
  1269(D)2BP   UNLICENSED LAB PERS PERFORM LAB TEST      M                                                                           
  12691HS      UNLAWFUL VIOL STATE FIRE MARSHAL REG      M                                                                           
  127PC        SUBORNATION OF PERJURY                    F                                                                           
  12700(A)HS   POSSESS DANGEROUS FIREWORKS               M                                                                           
  12700(B)1HS  POSSES UNALTERED DANGEROUS FIREWORKS      M                                                                           
  12700(B)2HS  POSSES DANGEROUS FIREWORKS                M                                                                           
  12700HS      UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF FIREWORKS          M                                                                           
  12702(A)HS   SELL DANG FIREWORKS/MINOR WITH OR W/OPR   M                                                                           
  12702(B)HS   SELL/ETC DANG FIREWORKS:MINOR <18 W/PRIO  M                                                                           
  12702(C)HS   SELL/ETC 7500+ GR DANG FIREWRKS TO <18    M                                                                           
  12703BP      WEIGHTS/MEASURES:REQUIRED WEIGHMASTE      M                                                                           
  12713(B)BP   INFORMATION REQUIRED BY BUS/PROFESSI      M                                                                           
  12715(A)BP   DATE WEIGHT/MEASURE DETERMINED            M                                                                           
  12715(C)BP   FAIL TO OBTAIN SIGNATURE OF WEIGHMAS      M                                                                           
  12715(D)BP   INFORMATION TO ID COMMODITY REQUIRED      M                                                                           
  12715(F)BP   NAME OWNER/AGENT REQUIRED ON CERTIFI      M                                                                           
  12715(G)3BP  FAIL TO INDICATE GROSS/TARE/NET WEIG      M                                                                           
  12715(G)4BP  FAIL TO INDICATE TRUE NET WEIGHT          M                                                                           
  12717BP      FAIL TO TEST/SEAL REQ'D WGHT/COUNT I      M                                                                           
  12718(D)BP   GIVE FALSE PAYMENT                        M                                                                           
  12718(E)BP   WEIGHMASTER CERTIFICATE GIVE FALSE W      M                                                                           
  12718(G)BP   POSSESS WEIGHMASTER FORMS                 M                                                                           
  12721BP      FAIL TO MEASURE CERTIFIED WEIGHT          M                                                                           
  12722(A)BP   EXCEED PREDETERMINED TARE WEIGHT          M                                                                           
  12722(B)BP   FAIL TO MAINTAIN ACTUAL TARE              M                                                                           
  12724BP      ILLEGAL DETERMINATION OF GROSS WEIGH      M                                                                           
  12725(C)BP   SPEC PAYMENT REQ'D GROSS WT>80,000        M                                                                           
  12729(A)BP   CERTIFY MEASURABLE WEIGHT                 M                                                                           
  12729(B)BP   ALTERED WEIGHT FIGURES                    M                                                                           

  PAGE    38                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  12732(C)BP   WGHT/MEASURE: NO SELLER ADDRSS ON CE      M                                                                           
  12733BP      UNLAWFUL PURCHASE - SCRAPMETAL            M                                                                           
  12761HS      USE POSES FLAMETHROWING DEVICE W/O PERMI  B                                                                           
  128BP        UNALWFUL SALE EQUIP/SUPPLIES/SERVICE      M                                                                           
  128PC        PERJURY:INNOCENT PERSON EXECUTED          F                                                                           
  1280BP       OPERATING CLINICAL LAB W/O LICENSE        M                                                                           
  12809(D)VC   FALSE INFORMATION TO OBTAIN DRIVER'S      M                                                                           
  12814.6B1BV  PROVISIONAL LICENSE-TRANS PAX UNDER 20    I                                                                           
  12814.6B1VC  PROVISIONAL LICENSE; PERSON UNDER AGE 18  I                                                                           
  12815VC      DRIVERS LICENSE LOST OR MUTILATED         I                                                                           
  1282BP       CLINICAL LAB EXAMINE/TEST W/O LICENS      M                                                                           
  12859FA      NO PESTICIDE LABEL                        M                                                                           
  129PC        FALSE STATEMENT UNDER OATH                F                                                                           
  1290HS       HEALTHCARE FACILITY VIOLATION             M                                                                           
  12951(A)VC   DRIVERS LICENSE NOT IN POSSESSION         I                                                                           
  12951(B)VC   REFUSE PRESENT DRIV LIC TO OFFICER        M                                                                           
  12951VC      NO DRIVER'S LICENSE IN POSSESSION         I                                                                           
  12973FA      UNLAWFUL USE OF PESTICIDE                 M                                                                           
  1299LC       EMPLOY MINOR W/O PERMIT                   M                                                                           
  12991(E)FA   UNLAWFUL DISPOSAL OF POISON CONTAINE      M                                                                           
  12991FA      USE OF POISON NOT WITHIN RULES            M                                                                           
  12996FA      ILLEGAL USE OF PESTICIDES                 M                                                                           
  1300(A)PC    BOND SURRENDER                            O                                                                           
  13000HS      FAILURE TO PREVENT FIRE FROM SPREADING    M                                                                           
  13001HS      THROW BURNING MATERIAL                    M                                                                           
  13002(A)HS   THROW FLAMING SUBSTANCE FROM VEHICLE      M                                                                           
  13002HS      THROW FLAMING SUBSTANCE FROM VEHICLE      M                                                                           
  13004.1AVC   MFG/SELL/ETC ID CARDS                     M                                                                           
  13004(A)VC   UNLAWFUL USE/ETC OF IDENTIFICATION CARD   M                                                                           
  13004(B)VC   UNLAWFUL USE/ETC OF I.D. CARD/LEND        M                                                                           
  13004(C)VC   UNLAWFUL USE/ETC OF I.D./DISPLY ANOTHERS  M                                                                           
  13004(D)VC   UNLAWFUL USE/ETC OF I.D. CARD/PERMIT USE  M                                                                           
  13004(E)VC   UNLAWFUL USE/ETC OF IDENTIFICATION C      M                                                                           
  13004(F)VC   UNLAWFUL USE/ETC I.D. CARD/REPRODUCE      M                                                                           
  13004(G)VC   UNLAWFUL USE/ETC I.D. CARD/ALTERATION     M                                                                           
  13007VC      ID HOLDER NOTIFY DMV/CHNG W/IN 10 DA      I                                                                           
  1301PC       BAIL/ETC FAIL DELIVR DEFENDANT TO CR      M                                                                           
  13020UIC     WITHHOLD STATE EMPLOYMT TAX               M                                                                           
  1303LC       EMPLOY MINOR W/O PERMIT                   M                                                                           
  1308.3(A)LC  FAIL TO REGISTER W/LABOR COMMISS          M                                                                           
  1308(A)(3)L  EMPLOY MINOR FOR OBSCENE PURPOSE          M                                                                           
  1308(A)LC    UNLAWFUL EMPLOYMENT OF A MINOR            M                                                                           

  PAGE    39                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  1308(A)4LC   USE MINOR - WANDERING BUSINESS            M                                                                           
  13090UIC     FAILURE TO FILE RETURN                    M                                                                           
  13094(A)UIC  WILLFULLY FILE FALSE RETURN               M                                                                           
  13095UIC     FALSE/FRAUD/UNFILED TAX RETURN            B                                                                           
  13097UIC     FAIL ACCT, PAYOVER W/HOLD TAX             F                                                                           
  13098UIC     FAILURE TO W/HOLD UNEMPLOYMENT            M                                                                           
  131HN        OBSTRUCT NAVIGATN OF ANY NAVIGABLE W      M                                                                           
  13112HS      FAIL TO MAINTAIN FIRE SYSTEM              M                                                                           
  13113.7(A)(  FAIL TO INSTALL SMOKE ALARM               M                                                                           
  13113.7HS    FAIL TO PROVIDE SMOKE DETECTOR-           M                                                                           
  13114(B)HS   SELL UNAPPROVED FILE ALARM SYS/DEV        M                                                                           
  13163HS      SERVICING FIRE EXT W/O LICENSE            M                                                                           
  1317(A)HS    FAIL PROVIDE EMERGENCY SERVICE            M                                                                           
  13175HS      SERVICE/TEST FIRE EXTINGSHR W/O CERT      M                                                                           
  13183HS      IMPROPER FIRE EXTINGSHR TAG               M                                                                           
  1319.4PC     OWN RECOGNIZANCE FTA                      F                                                                           
  1319.6PC     OWN RECOGNIZANCE FTA/MISDO                M                                                                           
  13190.3HS    FIRE EXTINGSHR MAINT VIOLATION            M                                                                           
  13190.4HS    VIOL OF FIRE EXTINGSHR PROVISIONS         M                                                                           
  13199HS      VIOLATE CHAPTER PROVISIONS                M                                                                           
  132.5(B)PC   WITNESS ACCEPTING PAYMENT/ETC FOR IN      M                                                                           
  132PC        OFFER FALSE EVIDENCE                      F                                                                           
  1320.5PC     FAILURE TO APPEAR ON FELONY CHARGE        F                                                                           
  1320(A)PC    FAILURE TO APPEAR ON MISDEMEANOR CHARGE   M                                                                           
  1320(B)PC    FAILURE TO APPEAR ON FELONY CHARGE        M                                                                           
  1320PC       FAILURE TO APPEAR                         M                                                                           
  13215HS      FAIL CONSTRUCT/MAINT HIGH RISE STRUC      M                                                                           
  1324A1AIIUS  KNOWING ALIEN ENTERED,OR REMAINS IN US    F                                                                           
  1324A1AUSC   TRANSPORTATION OF ILLEGAL ALIENS          F                                                                           
  1324A1AVUSC  ADING AND ABETTING                        F                                                                           
  133HN        DISCHARGE OIL ON NAVIGABLE WATER          M                                                                           
  133PC        DECEIVE WITNESS                           M                                                                           
  13304PC      BUY/RECEIVE/POSS LOCAL CRIM HIST INF      M                                                                           
  1331.5PC     WITNESS FAILING TO APPEAR                 M                                                                           
  1331PC       FAILURE TO APPEAR AS WITNESS              M                                                                           
  1332(A)PC    MATERIAL WITNESS/WRITTEN AGREEMENT        F                                                                           
  1332(B)PC    MATERIAL WITNESS/REFUSAL                  F                                                                           
  1332(C)PC    MATERIAL WITNESS/REVIEW WITHIN 2 DAY      F                                                                           
  1332(D)PC    MATERIAL WITNESS/REVIEW WITHIN 10 DA      F                                                                           
  1332(E)PC    MATERIAL WITNESS/FAILURE TO APPEAR        F                                                                           
  1332PC       MATERIAL WITNESS                          F                                                                           
  1337.2(F)HS  MISREPRESENT SELF AS NURSE ASSISTANT      M                                                                           

  PAGE    40                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  1337.2(F)PC  MISREPRESENT SELF AS NURSE ASSISTANT      M                                                                           
  1337.2(H)HS  FALSE REPRESENTATION AS CERT NURSE ASST   M                                                                           
  13376WC      NONRPT/ETC WASTE:NAV WATER                M                                                                           
  134PC        PREPARE FALSE EVIDENCE                    F                                                                           
  13413(A)BP   MAKE FALSE MISLEAD STMT RE COM            M                                                                           
  13413(B)BP   MISLEADING STATEMENT/SALE OF GAS          M                                                                           
  13413(C)BP   UNLAW PETROLEUM ADVERTISING               M                                                                           
  13413(D)BP   FALSE ADVERTISEMENT OF PETROLEUM PRO      M                                                                           
  13413(E)BP   MISLEADING ADVERTISING                    M                                                                           
  13413(F)BP   MISLEADING ADVERTISING;GIVE CASH REF      M                                                                           
  13413BP      MISLEADING PETRO PROD STATEMT             M                                                                           
  13441BP      FUEL NOT CONF TO SPECS                    M                                                                           
  13451BP      SALE SUBSTNDARD DIESEL/KEROS/FUEL OI      M                                                                           
  13470.5BP    GAL/LITER CONVERSION-GAS REQUIRED         M                                                                           
  13470BP      FAIL TO DISPLAY DISCOUNT                  M                                                                           
  13476BP      MISLEADING ADVERTISING                    M                                                                           
  13480(A)BP   IMPROPER PETROLEUM LABELING               M                                                                           
  13480(D)BP   FAIL TO DISPLAY PROPER CONTENT LABEL      M                                                                           
  135.5PC      FIX EVID:HARM SAFETY OFCR                 M                                                                           
  135PC        DESTROY EVIDENCE                          M                                                                           
  13506.3VC    EXCESS OIL ON POWER UNIT                  I                                                                           
  13510.2(A)P  PRESENT P.O. CERT OF ANOTHER AS OWNE      M                                                                           
  13530(A)BP   NUMERICAL VALUE NOT GAL VALUE             M                                                                           
  13531(A)BP   GAS LABELS NOT VISIBLE                    M                                                                           
  13532(A)BP   UNLAWFUL DISPLAY OF ADVERTISING           M                                                                           
  13532(A)2BP  ADVERTISE PETRO PROD W/IMPRO TRDMRK       M                                                                           
  13532(B)3BP  FAIL TO POST DISCOUNT GALLON/LITER        M                                                                           
  13532(C)BP   FAIL TO COMPLY W/FUEL ADVERTISNG REG      M                                                                           
  13532B1BBP   FAIL TO ADVERTISE PRICE IN CENTS          M                                                                           
  13534BP      DISPLAY SIGN NOT CORRESP TO PROD          M                                                                           
  13544BP      MISLEADING SALE OF GAS                    M                                                                           
  1357FG       FISH IN POSTED 'NO FISHING' AREA          M                                                                           
  13570BP      FAILURE TO DOCUMNT ALCH % IN PETRO        M                                                                           
  1359(A)FA    FAIL TO MARK IDENTITY ON DISPLAY          M                                                                           
  13593BP      REFUSE PRMT AUTH PRSNL TAKE SMP           I                                                                           
  136 1/2PC    BRIBE TO DISSUADE WITNESS                 F                                                                           
  136.1(A)PC   PREVENT/DISSUADE WITNESS/VICTIM           M                                                                           
  136.1(A)1PC  KNOW/MALIC PREVENT WIT/VIC FR TESTIMONY   M                                                                           
  136.1(A)2PC  ATTEMPT TO PREVENT/DISSUADE VICTIM/WITNE  B                                                                           
  136.1(B)PC   PREVENT/DISSUADE WITNESS/VICTIM           B                                                                           
  136.1(B)1PC  PREVNT/DISSUADE WITNESS/VICTIM FRM RPTNG  B                                                                           
  136.1(B)2PC  PREVNT/DISSUADE WIT/VICT FRM PROSECUTING  M                                                                           

  PAGE    41                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  136.1(B)3PC  PREVNT/DISSUADE WIT/VICT FRM SEKNG AREST  M                                                                           
  136.1(C)PC   PREVNT/DISSUADE WIT/VICT W/FORCE/ETC      F                                                                           
  136.1(C)1PC  PREVNT/DISSUADE WIT/VICT BY FORCE/THREAT  F                                                                           
  136.1(C)2PC  PREVNT/DISSUADE WIT/VICT:CONSPIRACY       F                                                                           
  136.1(C)3PC  PREVNT/DISSUADE WIT/VICT:WITH PRIOR       F                                                                           
  136.1(C)4PC  PREVENT/DISSUADE WITNESS/VICTIM FOR GAIN  F                                                                           
  136.1PC      PREVENT/DISSUADE WITNESS/VICTIM           F                                                                           
  136.5PC      POSSESS DEADLY WEAPON W/INTENT TO INTIMI  F                                                                           
  136.7PC      SEX OFFNDR REVEAL NAME/ETC OF WIT/VIC TO  F                                                                           
  13600BP      UNAUTH BREAK PETRO PROD SEAL              M                                                                           
  13604AHS     FAIL MAINTAIN PERISHABLE FOOD             M                                                                           
  13604BHS     PERISHABLE FOOD                           M                                                                           
  137(A)PC     INFLUENCE TESTIMONY BY BRIBE              F                                                                           
  137(B)PC     INDUCE FALSE TESTIMONY BY FORCE/THREAT    F                                                                           
  137(C)PC     INDUCE FALSE TESTIMONY                    M                                                                           
  1370.5(A)PC  ESCAPE - STATE MENTAL HEALTH FACILIT      B                                                                           
  1370(A)1PC   COMM/MENTAL INSANE TO STAND TRIAL         O                                                                           
  1370(A1)PC   COMMITTED/MENTALLY INCOMP TO STAND TRIAL  O                                                                           
  13711(A)6BP  FAIL TO LABEL COOLANT                     M                                                                           
  13740BP      SELL/DIST ADULTERATED/MISLABEL AUTO       M                                                                           
  138(A)PC     OFFERING BRIBE TO WITNESS                 F                                                                           
  138(B)PC     WITNESS RECEIVE/ETC BRIBE                 F                                                                           
  138PC        WITNESS RECEIVE/ETC BRIBE                 F                                                                           
  139(A)PC     FELON THREATEN WITNESS/VICTIM             F                                                                           
  139PC        THREATEN FORCE/VIOLENCE UPON WITNESS      B                                                                           
  1391(A)(1)L  EMPLOY MINOR EXCESSIVE HOURS              M                                                                           
  1391(A)(2)L  EMPLOY MINOR EXCESSIVE HOURS              M                                                                           
  1391(B)LC    MINOR EMPLOYED MORE THAN AUTH HRS         M                                                                           
  1398HS       REFUSE GIVE INFO/COMMUNICABLE DISEAS      M                                                                           
  14 190CA     CA REG:FISH ACTIVITY VIOL                 M                                                                           
  14 257.5CA   CR:TAKE GAMEBIRD/MAM:BAIT                 M                                                                           
  14 27.60CA   CA REG:OVER LIMIT OF FISH                 M                                                                           
  14 4302CA    USE OF STATE PARKS WITHOUT FEE PAYME      M                                                                           
  14 464(C)CA  ILLEGAL METHOD OF TAKING RACCOON          M                                                                           
  14 700CA     HUNT OR FISH WITHOUT LICENSE              M                                                                           
  14.100B1ACA  FURNSH FALSE INFO ABOLNE RECPT            M                                                                           
  14.120.3GCA  UNLWFL USE TRWLNET/MESH >3 INCHES         M                                                                           
  14.27.65BCA  BARRED SAND BASS FILETS                   M                                                                           
  14.29.05BCA  POSSESSION OF SEASTARS                    B                                                                           
  14.671A1CCA  UNLW POSS PROTECTED WILDLIFE              M                                                                           
  14.671C2QCA  POSS OF DEER WITHOUT PERMIT               M                                                                           
  14.671C5ICA  IMPORT/EXPORT/TRANSP CHANNIDAE            M                                                                           

  PAGE    42                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  140(A)PC     THREATEN WITNESS/VICTIM OF CRIME          F                                                                           
  140(B)PC     THREATEN WITNESS/VICTIM OF CRIME          F                                                                           
  140PC        THREATEN WITNESS/VICTIM OF CRIME          F                                                                           
  1400WI       INTER-STATE COMPACT                       O                                                                           
  1400WIC      INTER-STATE COMPACT                       O                                                                           
  14006.5FA    USE OF PESTICIDE W/O PERMIT               M                                                                           
  14010FA      SELL/ETC RESTRICTED MATERIAL TP PERSON W  M                                                                           
  14014(A)WI   FALS ELIGIBLTY:HEALTH AID                 B                                                                           
  14014WI      FALSE ELIGIBILITY DECLARATION             M                                                                           
  14023(A)WI   FAIL GIVE NOTICE OF OTHER HEALTH CARE SE  M                                                                           
  14023(B)WI   MED ASSIS: FAIL NOTIFY OTH BENEFITS RECD  M                                                                           
  14023WI      FAIL/DISCLOSE OTH HEALTH CARE COVERAGE    M                                                                           
  14025(A)WI   BUY MEDI-CAL CARD                         B                                                                           
  14026(A)WI   FURN/GIVE/LEND MEDI-CAL CARD/UNAUTH PERS  M                                                                           
  14026(B)WI   MISREPRESENT AS MEDI-CAL BENFICIARY       M                                                                           
  141(A)PC     INTENTIONALLY ALTER PHYSICAL EVIDENC      M                                                                           
  141(B)PC     PEACE OFFCR INTENTIONALLY ALTR PHYS       F                                                                           
  14100.2HWI   REL/POSS CONFID INFO RE PERSN APPLY       M                                                                           
  14107.2(A)W  SOLICIT/RECEIVE KICKBACK/BRIBE/ETC        F                                                                           
  14107.2AWI   SOLICIT ILLEGAL REMUNERATION (KICKBA      F                                                                           
  14107.2BWI   PAY KICKBACK, BRIBE, REBATE               F                                                                           
  14107WI      PRESENT FALSE/FRAUDULENT INFO FOR AID     F                                                                           
  14166(A)PC   ILLEGAL MONETARY TRANSACTION              F                                                                           
  14166(B)1PC  ILLEGAL MONETARY TRANSACTION              B                                                                           
  14166(C)PC   VIOL OF MONETARY TRANSACTION REGULAT      B                                                                           
  142(A)PC     PEACE OFFICER REFUSE TO ARREST            B                                                                           
  14206(B)WI   MISUSE OF MEDI-CAL CARD                   M                                                                           
  1430.14FA    FAIL TO COMPLY W/MARKING REQ              M                                                                           
  14403BP      POSSESS TRADE NAME ITEM W/INTENT DEFRAUD  M                                                                           
  145PC        DELAY TAKING BEFORE JUDGE                 M                                                                           
  14572D1BPR   VALUE TO BE PAID ON ALUM CONTAINER        M                                                                           
  14591B1FPR   UNLAWFUL RECYCLING                        F                                                                           
  146(A)BPC    IMPERSONATE PUBLIC OFFICER/INVEST/INSPEC  F                                                                           
  146(A)PC     ARREST/DETAIN WITHOUT AUTHORITY           M                                                                           
  146(B)PC     SEIZE PROP/MAKE LEVIES ON PROP W/O A      M                                                                           
  146(C)PC     DISPOSS PERSN OF LANDS/TENEMENTS W/O      M                                                                           
  146A(A)PC    IMPERSONATE A DEPUTY/CLERK IN STATE DEPT  M                                                                           
  146A(B)PC    IMPERSONATE PO/ETC:ARREST/ETC             B                                                                           
  146APC       IMPERSONATE PUBLIC OFFICER/ETC            M                                                                           
  146BPC       REQUEST INFO IN GUISE OF PUBLIC AGENCY    M                                                                           
  146CPC       ILLEGAL USE "PEACE OFFICER" NAME          M                                                                           
  146DPC       SELL/GIVE BADGE/CARD FOR FAVORED TRTMNT   M                                                                           

  PAGE    43                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  146E(A)PC    DISCLOSE PO ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER INF      M                                                                           
  146E(B)PC    DISCLOSE PO ADDR INFO RESULTING IN I      F                                                                           
  146EPC       DISCLOSE PO/FAMILY ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER   M                                                                           
  146PC        MAKE ARREST WITHOUT AUTHORITY             M                                                                           
  1460(B)ST    CHANGE/RENEW AN ENCROACHMENT              M                                                                           
  1460(C)ST    POST SIGNS ON HIGHWAY W/O PERMIT          M                                                                           
  14600(A)VC   NOTIFY DMV/CHG OF ADDRESS 10 DAYS         I                                                                           
  14600(B)VC   FAIL TO PRESENT NEW ADDRESS DOCUMENT      I                                                                           
  14601.1AVC   DRIVE WHILE LICENSE SUSPENDED             M                                                                           
  14601.2AVC   DRIVE WHILE LICENSE SUSP/DRUNK DRIVING    M                                                                           
  14601.2BVC   DRIVE WHILE LIC RESTRICTED/DRUNK DRIVING  M                                                                           
  14601.2VC    DRIVE WHILE LICENSE SUSP/DRUNK DRIVING    M                                                                           
  14601.3AVC   LIC SUSPENDED/HABITUAL TRAFFIC OFFEN      M                                                                           
  14601.3A2VC  DRIVING CAR W/SUSPENDED LIC W/ 3 PRI      M                                                                           
  14601.3VC    HABITUAL TRAFFIC OFFENDER                 M                                                                           
  14601.4AVC   DRIVE W/SUSP/REV LIC W/INJURY COLLIS      M                                                                           
  14601.5AVC   DRIVE W/SUSP/REV LICENSE                  M                                                                           
  14601.5BVC   DRIVING W/KNOWLEDGE OF LIC RESTRICTI      M                                                                           
  14601.5VC    DRIVING WITH KNOWLEDGE OF SUSPENDED       M                                                                           
  14601(A)VC   DRIVE WHILE LIC SUSP/RECKLESS DRIVING     M                                                                           
  14601VC      DRIVE WHILE LIC SUSP/RECKLESS DRIVING     M                                                                           
  14603VC      DISOBEYING RESTRICTED LICENSE             I                                                                           
  14604(A)VC   OWN LET UNLICENSD OPR VEH                 M                                                                           
  14606(A)VC   EMPLOY PERSON TO DRIVE VEH OUT OF CL      M                                                                           
  14607VC      ALLOW UNLIC MNR TO DRIVE                  I                                                                           
  14610.1AVC   MFG/SELL ID SIMILAR TO DRIVER'S LICE      M                                                                           
  14610.5A1VC  SELL/DISTRIBUTE/ETC SHEET/DEVICE 4 E      M                                                                           
  14610.5A2VC  IMPERSONATE FOR CDL/ETC                   M                                                                           
  14610.7VC    KNOWINGLY ASSIST IN OBTAINING DRIVER      M                                                                           
  14610(A)VC   UNLAWFUL USE/ETC OF DRIVER'S LICENSE      M                                                                           
  14610(A)1VC  UNLAWFUL DISPLAY OF DRIVER'S LICENSE      M                                                                           
  14610(A)2VC  UNLAWFULLY LEND DRIVER'S LIC TO ANOT      M                                                                           
  14610(A)3VC  PRESENT LICENSE ISSUED TO ANOTHER         M                                                                           
  14610(A)4VC  REFUSAL TO SURRENDER LICENSE              M                                                                           
  14610(A)6VC  UNLAWFUL USE OF LICENSE                   M                                                                           
  14610(A)7VC  ILLEGAL PHOTOCOPY OF OPERATOR'S LICE      M                                                                           
  14610(A)8VC  UNAUTHORIZED ALTERATION OF DRIVER'S       M                                                                           
  14610(B)VC   LEND DRVRS LICENSE/PERMIT USE BY ANOTHER  M                                                                           
  14610(C)VC   DISPLAYING ANOTHERS LICENSE               M                                                                           
  14610(D)VC   FAIL/REFUSE TO SURRENDER DRIVER'S LI      M                                                                           
  14610(E)VC   PERMIT UNLAWFUL USE OF DRIVER'S LICE      M                                                                           
  14610(F)VC   LAMINATE DRIVER'S LICENSE                 M                                                                           

  PAGE    44                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  14610(G)VC   PHOTOGRAPH/DUPLICATE DRIVER'S LICENS      M                                                                           
  14610(H)VC   UNAUTHORIZED ALTERATION OF LICENSE        M                                                                           
  14610(I)VC   POSSESSION ALTERED LICENSE                M                                                                           
  14610VC      UNLAWFUL USE/ETC OF DRIVER'S LICENSE      M                                                                           
  14611VC      HAUL RADIOACTIVE MATTER/PRSN UNCERTIF     I                                                                           
  147PC        INHUMANITY TO PRISONERS                   M                                                                           
  14754FC      INTENTIONAL OVERDRAFT CREDIT UNION A      B                                                                           
  14755FC      POSS CREDIT UNION PROPRTY W/INTENT D      F                                                                           
  14759FC      FALSE STATEMENTS W/INTENT DECEIVE AG      F                                                                           
  148.1(A)PC   FALSE BOMB/ETC REPORT TO PO/MEDIA/ETC     M                                                                           
  148.1(B)PC   FALSE BOMB/ETC REPORT TO ON DUTY PO       F                                                                           
  148.1(C)PC   FALSE BOMB/ETC REPORT TO ANY PERSON       F                                                                           
  148.1(D)PC   GIVE/PLACE/ETC FALSE BOMB                 F                                                                           
  148.1PC      FALSE BOMB REPORT                         F                                                                           
  148.10(A)PC  RESISTS PEACE OFFCR RESLTS IN DEATH/SBI   F                                                                           
  148.2.1PC    INTERFERE WITH FIREMAN/RESCUER            M                                                                           
  148.2.2PC    DISOBEY ORDER OF FIREMAN/PUBLIC OFFICER   M                                                                           
  148.2.3PC    DELAY/PREVENT EXTINGUISHING FIRE          M                                                                           
  148.2.4PC    PREVENT ASSISTANCE TO EXTINGUISH FIRE     M                                                                           
  148.2PC      INTERFERE WITH FIREMAN                    M                                                                           
  148.3(A)PC   FALSE REPORT OF EMERGENCY                 M                                                                           
  148.3(B)PC   FALSE REPORT OF EMERGENCY WITH GBI/DEATH  F                                                                           
  148.3PC      FALSE REPORT OF EMERGENCY                 M                                                                           
  148.4(A)PC   TAMPER/ETC WITH FIRE ALARM/EQUIPMENT      M                                                                           
  148.4(A)1PC  TAMPR/MOLEST FIRE PROTECT EQUIP/ALAR      M                                                                           
  148.4(A)2PC  FALSE FIRE ALARM                          M                                                                           
  148.4(B)PC   FALSE FIRE ALARM RESULTING IN GBI/DEATH   F                                                                           
  148.4(B)1PC  FALSE FIRE ALARM RESULTING IN GBI         B                                                                           
  148.4(B)2PC  FALSE FIRE ALARM RESULTING IN DEATH       B                                                                           
  148.5(A)PC   FALSE REPORT OF CRIME                     M                                                                           
  148.5(B)PC   FALSE REPORT OF CRIME                     M                                                                           
  148.5(C)PC   FALSE REPORT OF CRIME                     M                                                                           
  148.5(D)PC   FALSE REPORT OF CRIME TO GRAND JURY       M                                                                           
  148.6(A)PC   FILE FALSE REPORT AGAINST PEACE OFFICER   M                                                                           
  148.6(A)1PC  FALSE ALEGE:PO MISCONDUCT                 M                                                                           
  148.6(B)PC   FALSE CLAIM/LEIN AGNST PO                 M                                                                           
  148.7PC      IMPERSONATE TO SERVE ANOTHER'S SENTENCE   M                                                                           
  148.9(A)PC   FALSE IDENTIFICATION TO PEACE OFFICER     M                                                                           
  148.9(B)PC   FALSE IDENTIFICATION TO PEACE OFFICER     M                                                                           
  148(A)(1)PC  RESISTING OFFICER                         M                                                                           
  148(A)(2)PC  INTERFERE W/POLICE RADIO COMMUNICATI      M                                                                           
  148(A)PC     OBSTRUCTS/RESISTS PUBLIC OFFICER          M                                                                           

  PAGE    45                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  148(A)1PC    RESISTING OFFICER                         M                                                                           
  148(B)PC     REMOV/TAKE WEAPON NOT FIREARM FROM P/O    M                                                                           
  148(C)PC     REMOVE/TAKE FIREARM FROM PEACE OFFICER    F                                                                           
  148(D)PC     ATT REMV/TAKE FIREARM FROM PEACE OFFICER  F                                                                           
  148(1)PC     RESISTING OFFICER                         M                                                                           
  14800HS      USE OPEN OUTDOOR FIRE FOR DISPOSAL        M                                                                           
  149PC        ASSAULT BY PUBLIC OFFICER                 F                                                                           
  150PC        REFUSE TO AID OFFICER IN ARREST           M                                                                           
  15005(B)FG   FAIL MAINT AQUACULTURE PRODUCT DOCUM      M                                                                           
  15006IC      FAIL TO OBTAIN LICENSE                    M                                                                           
  1508HS       OPERATE/ETC COMMUN CARE FACILITY W/O LIC  M                                                                           
  151(A)(1)PC  ADVOCATE KILL/INJURE PO NO INJURY         M                                                                           
  151(A)(2)PC  ADVOCATE KILL/INJURE PO W/INJURY          F                                                                           
  1524.1(H)PC  FALSE RPT:SEX ASSAULT:OBT AIDS TEST       M                                                                           
  15250(A)VC   DRIVE W/O COMMERCIAL DL                   I                                                                           
  15278(A)3VC  ILLEGAL OPERATION OF TANK VEHICLE         M                                                                           
  15278(A)4VC  ILLEGALLY CARRY HAZARDOUS MATERIALS       M                                                                           
  153.1PC      COMPOUND/CONCEAL CRIME                    F                                                                           
  153.2PC      COMPOUND/CONCEAL CRIME                    F                                                                           
  153.3PC      COMPOUND/CONCEAL CRIME                    M                                                                           
  153PC        COMPOUND/CONCEAL CRIME                    F                                                                           
  154(A)PC     DEBTOR REMOVE/SELL/CONCEAL PROPERTY       M                                                                           
  154(B)PC     DEBTR REMOV/SELL STOCK/TRADE PROP >$      F                                                                           
  154PC        DEBTOR SELL/CONCEAL PROPERTY(OV/UN $100)  M                                                                           
  1540(A)HS    VIOLATION OF CHAPT OR REGULATION          M                                                                           
  155.5(B)PC   SELL/ETC PROP:AVOID RESTI                 F                                                                           
  155(A)PC     CONCEAL PROPERTY FRAUDULENTLY             M                                                                           
  155(B)PC     CONCEAL 'STOCK IN TRADE' PROP $100+       F                                                                           
  155PC        CONCEAL PROPERTY FRAUDULENTLY:OV/UN $100  F                                                                           
  1550.3PC     PRISONER CONFINEMENT/OVERNIGHT STAY       O                                                                           
  1551.1PC     FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE:WARRANTLESS ARREST  F                                                                           
  1551(A)PC    FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE:WARRANT ARREST      F                                                                           
  156PC        MISREPRESENT CHILD TO INHERIT             F                                                                           
  15656(A)WI   ALLW ELDR/DEPEND ADULT ABUS:GB/HARM/      F                                                                           
  1569.10HS    OPERATE ELDERLY RESIDENTIAL FAC W/O       M                                                                           
  1569.40HS    OPERATE ELDERLY RESID FAC W/O LICENS      M                                                                           
  157PC        SUBSTITUTE ONE CHILD FOR ANOTHER          F                                                                           
  158PC        COMMON BARRATRY                           M                                                                           
  1583FG       TRESPAS ECOLOGICAL RESERV                 M                                                                           
  1596.80HS    OPERATE DAYCARE W/O LICENSE               M                                                                           
  1596.805HS   FAIL TO OBTAIN PERMIT                     M                                                                           
  1597.63HS    FALSELY OPERATE A DAYCARE                 M                                                                           

  PAGE    46                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  16020(A)VC   VIOL OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY LAW      I                                                                           
  16025(A)VC   FAIL TO EXCHANGE INFO FOLLOWING_ACCIDENT  I                                                                           
  16028(A)VC   FAIL PROVIDE EVID FINANCIAL RESPONSILITY  M                                                                           
  16028(C)VC   FAIL FURNISH PROOF OF FINANCIAL RESP      M                                                                           
  16029(A)VC   FALSE FINANCIAL INFO TO POLICE            M                                                                           
  16029VC      PROV FALSE EVID/FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  M                                                                           
  1603(A)FG    CHANG/ETC RIVR/ETC:UNAUTH                 M                                                                           
  1603FG       DIVERT/OBSTRUCT FLOW OF LAKE              M                                                                           
  16030(A)VC   PROVIDE FAKE EVID:INS/ETC                 M                                                                           
  16050.5VC    FAIL PROVIDE INS. INFO TO PERMITTED       M                                                                           
  1610PC       CONFINED PENDING OUTPATIENT REVOKE R      N                                                                           
  1611(A)PC    OUTPATIENT OFENDR LEAV STATE W/O CRT      M                                                                           
  1621.5(A)HS  DONATE BLOOD W/KNOWLEDGE OF AIDS          F                                                                           
  1627BP       PRACTICE DENTESTRY WIITHOUT LIC/PERM      M                                                                           
  1633IC       ACT/ETC AS INSURANCE AGENT/ETC W/O L      M                                                                           
  165PC        BRIBE LOCAL OFFICIAL                      F                                                                           
  16560VC      ILLEGAL OPER INTERSTATE HIGHWAY CARR      M                                                                           
  166.1PC      COMTEMPT OF COURT                         M                                                                           
  166.2PC      CONTEMPT OF CRT IN PRESENCE REFEREE/      M                                                                           
  166.3PC      CONTEMPT OF COURT - BREACH OF PEACE       M                                                                           
  166.4PC      COMTEMPT OF COURT-DISOBEY COURT ORDER     M                                                                           
  166.5PC      COMTEMPT COURTRESIST CRT ORDER/PROCESS    M                                                                           
  166.6PC      CONTEMPT OF COURT - REFUSE TO BE SWO      M                                                                           
  166.7PC      CONTEMPT CRT-PUBLISH FALSE RPT/CRT P      M                                                                           
  166.8PC      CONTEMPT OF COURT - INFLUENCE SENTEN      M                                                                           
  166(A)(1)PC  CONTEMPT OF COURT                         M                                                                           
  166(A)(2)PC  CONTEMPT OF CRT IN PRESENCE REFEREE/JURY  M                                                                           
  166(A)(3)PC  CONTEMPT OF COURT - BREACH OF PEACE       M                                                                           
  166(A)(4)PC  CONTEMPT OF COURT - DISOBEY COURT ORDER   M                                                                           
  166(A)(5)PC  CONTEMPT OF COURT - RESISTING COURT ORD   M                                                                           
  166(A)(6)PC  CONTEMPT OF COURT - REFUSE TO BE SWORN    M                                                                           
  166(A)(7)PC  CONTEMPT CRT - PUB FALSE RPT/CRT PROCED   M                                                                           
  166(A)(8)PC  CONTEMPT OF COURT - INFLUENCE SENTENCE    M                                                                           
  166(A)(9)PC  DISOBEYING GANG INJUNCTION                M                                                                           
  166(A)10PC   CONTEMPT OF COURT - DISOBEY GANG INJUCNT  M                                                                           
  166(B)(1)PC  DISOBEY COURT WITH PRIOR                  M                                                                           
  166(C)(1)PC  VIOLATE DOMESTIC VIOL PROTECT/STAY AWAY   M                                                                           
  166(C)(4)PC  VIO PROT ORD:DOMSTIC W/PR                 B                                                                           
  166(1)PC     CONTEMPT OF COURT                         M                                                                           
  166(2)PC     CONTEMPT IN PRESENCE OF REFEREE           M                                                                           
  166(3)PC     CONTEMPT OF COURT:BREACH OF PEACE         M                                                                           
  166(4)PC     CONTEMPT OF COURT - DISOBEY COURT ORDER   M                                                                           

  PAGE    47                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  166(5)PC     CONTEMPT COURT:RESIST CRT ORDER/PROCESS   M                                                                           
  166(6)PC     CONTEMPT COURT:REFUSE TO BE SWORN/ANSWER  M                                                                           
  166(7)PC     CONTEMPT COURT:PUBLISH FALSE CRT REPORT   M                                                                           
  166(8)PC     CONTEMPT COURT:TRY TO INFLUENCE SENTENCE  M                                                                           
  166PC        CRIMINAL CONTEMPT                         M                                                                           
  167PC        RECORD JURY DELIBERATION                  M                                                                           
  16702FA      ALLOW BULL TO RUN ON PUBLIC ROAD          M                                                                           
  16755BP      CONSPIRACY AGAINST TRADE                  M                                                                           
  168(A)PC     REVEAL WARR INFO PR ISS SEARCH/ARR W      B                                                                           
  168PC        REVEAL INFORMATION BEFORE ARREST          F                                                                           
  1680(N)BP    VIOLATION OF CHAPTER PROVISIONS           M                                                                           
  169PC        PICKET COURTHOUSE TO IMPEDE JUSTICE       M                                                                           
  16901(A)FA   LEAD ANIMALS ALONG RAILROAD TRACKS        M                                                                           
  16902FA      ALLOW LIVESTOCK ON HIGHWAY                M                                                                           
  1695.6(A)CI  FAIL TO PROVIDE/COMPLETE EQUITY CONT      B                                                                           
  1695.6B1CI   EARLY ACCEPT INSTRUMENT OF CONVEYANC      B                                                                           
  1695.6B2CI   EARLY RECORDING OF DOCUMENTS              B                                                                           
  1695.8CI     ENGAGE IN PRACTICE TO DECEIVE SELLER      F                                                                           
  170PC        OBTAIN SEARCH/ARREST WARRANT W/O CAUSE    M                                                                           
  1700.5LC     ARTIST MANUFACTURE LICENSE REQUIRED       M                                                                           
  1701(F)BP    UNLICENSED DENTIST W/PRIOR                B                                                                           
  17044BP      UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE                     M                                                                           
  1706HS       PROVIDE CANCER TREATMENT W/O A LICEN      B                                                                           
  1707.1HS     UNLAWFUL SALE/ETC OF CANCER CURE          F                                                                           
  171.5(B)PC   POSSESS A KNIFE/FIREARM ETC: IN AIRP      M                                                                           
  171.5(C)2PC  UNLAWFULLY POSSESS KNIFE IN AIRPORT       M                                                                           
  171.5C12PC   UNLAWFULLY POSSESS AMMUNITION IN AIR      M                                                                           
  171B(A)PC    BRING/POSSESS FIREARM IN COURT BUILDING   F                                                                           
  171B(A)1PC   BRING/POSS F/ARM IN CRTRM/CRTHSE/CRT      B                                                                           
  171B(A)2PC   POSS/ETC DEADLY WEAPON IN PUBLIC BLD      B                                                                           
  171B(A)3PC   BRING/POSS KNIFE IN CRTRM/CRTHSE/CRT      B                                                                           
  171B(A)4PC   BRING/POSS TEAR GAS WPN IN COURTROOM      B                                                                           
  171B(A)5PC   BRING/POSS TASER/STUN GUN IN CRTROOM      B                                                                           
  171B(A)6PC   BRING/ETC METL PROJECTIL INSTRU CRTR      B                                                                           
  171B(C)PC    POSS./BRING KNIFE INTO COURTROOM/CRT      B                                                                           
  171BPC       BRING/POSSESS WEAPON IN COURTHOUSE        F                                                                           
  171CPC       LOADED FIREARM IN STATE CAPITOL/ETC       F                                                                           
  171D.1PC     LOADED GUN IN STATE OFFICERS RESIDENCE    F                                                                           
  171D.2PC     LOADED GUN/STATE OFFICER RESIDENCE GRNDS  F                                                                           
  171DPC       LOADED GUN IN STATE OFFICERS RESIDENCE    F                                                                           
  171F.1PC     REMAIN IN LEGISLATIVE CHAMBER             M                                                                           
  171F.2PC     DISRUPT STATE CAPITOL BUSINESS            M                                                                           

  PAGE    48                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  171F.3PC     UNAUTH ENTRANCE/CONDUCT AT STATE CAPITOL  M                                                                           
  171FPC       UNAUTHORIZED CONDUCT/ETC STATE CAPITOL    M                                                                           
  171PC        COMMUNICATE WITH REFORMATORY INMATE       M                                                                           
  17121FA      LAWFUL FENCE PREVENT EGRS/EGRSS           M                                                                           
  1712320LACC  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES PROHIBITED            M                                                                           
  1712320MAMC  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES PROHIBITED            M                                                                           
  1712360LACC  NUDITY AND DISROBING                      M                                                                           
  1712360MAMC  NUDITY AND DISROBING                      M                                                                           
  1712390LACC  GLASS & OTHER SHARP OBJECTS               M                                                                           
  1712390MAMC  GLASS & OTHER SHARP OBJECTS               M                                                                           
  1714HS       FRAUDULENT REPRESENTATION:CANCER CURE     F                                                                           
  1716CI       SOLICIT MONEY FOR SERVICES/GOODS NOT      M                                                                           
  172APC       SELL LIQUOR NEAR UNIVERSITY               M                                                                           
  172B.1PC     SELL LIQUOR NEAR UCLA                     M                                                                           
  172D.1PC     SELL LIQ NEAR UC RIVERSDE                 M                                                                           
  172G.1PC     SELL LIQUOR NEAR CERTAIN COLLEGE/UNIVERS  M                                                                           
  172KPC       SELL LIQUOR PROHIB PLACE                  M                                                                           
  172LPC       SELL LIQUOR NEAR CLAREMONT COLLEGES       M                                                                           
  17200BP      PRACTICE UNFAIR COMPETITION               M                                                                           
  17200FC      ENGAGE IN BUSINESS W/O LICENSE            M                                                                           
  17206(A)BP   ENGAGE IN UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES          M                                                                           
  173PC        IMPORT FOREIGN CONVICTS                   M                                                                           
  1733IC       THEFT OF FUNDS BY BROKER/AGENT            F                                                                           
  17410WI      FRAUDULENTLY BUY/ETC WELFARE VOUCHER      F                                                                           
  17414(A)FC   UNAUTHORIZED DISBURSEMENT OF ESCROW       F                                                                           
  17414(A)1FC  DISBURSE/ETC ESCROW FUNDS VIOLATION       M                                                                           
  17414(A)2FC  AGENT/ETC WITHHOLD FACT PERTAIN TO E      M                                                                           
  17414(B)FC   AGENT/ETC MISAPPROPRIATE ESCROW FUND      F                                                                           
  17414(C)FC   REFUSE INSPECTION OF BOOKS                B                                                                           
  1748.7(A)CI  OBTAIN PAYMENT W/O PROVIDING SERVICE      M                                                                           
  17500.3(A)B  ADVERTISING REGULATIONS VIOLATION         M                                                                           
  17500.3ABP   ADVERTISING REGULATIONS VIOLATION         M                                                                           
  17500.3BBP   FALSE PRETENSES:MAKE SALE/ETC             M                                                                           
  17500BP      FALSE ADVERTISING                         M                                                                           
  17500PC      POSS DEADY WEAPON W/INT ASSAULT ANOTHER   M                                                                           
  17505PC      UNLAWFUL ADVERTISEMT FOR SALE OF FIREARM  M                                                                           
  17510.4BP    PHONE SOLICITATION                        M                                                                           
  17510(A)1PC  CARRY CONCEALED FIREARM WHILE PICKETING   M                                                                           
  17510(A)2PC  CARRY LOADED FIREARM WHILE PICKETING      M                                                                           
  17510(A)3PC  CARRYING DEADLY WEAPON WHILE PICKETING    M                                                                           
  17511.12ABP  TELEPHONIC SELLER FAIL TO MAINTAIN B      F                                                                           
  17511.3ABP   FAILURE TO REGISTER TELEPHONE SALES       B                                                                           

  PAGE    49                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  17511.5ABP   UNLAWFUL TELEPHONE SALES PRACTICES        B                                                                           
  17511.8BP    UNREGISTERED TELEPHONE SOLICITATION       M                                                                           
  17511.9BP    FRAUDULENT TELEPHONE OFFERS/SALES         B                                                                           
  17530.5ABP   UNLAWFUL DISCLOSURE OF TAX INFORMATI      M                                                                           
  17540.10ABP  FAIL TO DEPOSIT MONEY                     M                                                                           
  17540.10BBP  FAIL TO MAINTAIN TRUST                    M                                                                           
  17540.10CBP  NO BOND - TRAVEL AGENT                    M                                                                           
  17540.11BBP  FAIL TO DELIVER TICKET TO PASSENGER       M                                                                           
  17540.15ABP  FAILURE TO REGISTER AS TRAVEL PROMOT      M                                                                           
  17540.8BP    TRAVEL PRMTR RECV MONEY W/O FURNISHI      M                                                                           
  17540.9ABP   TRAVEL PROMOTER FAILING TO RETURN MO      M                                                                           
  17550.13BBP  FAIL TO PROVIDE BALANCE STATEMENT         M                                                                           
  17550.14ABP  TRAVEL SERVICE FAIL REIMBURSE NO SER      F                                                                           
  17550.15BBP  FAILURE TO ESTABLISH A TRUST ACCOUNT      B                                                                           
  17550.19CBP  USE OF FALSE TRAVELER REGISTRATION N      F                                                                           
  17550.20ABP  REGISTRATION VIOLATION                    M                                                                           
  17551(A)FA   MARK/ETC STOLEN BOVINE/ETC                F                                                                           
  17551(B)FA   ALTER/ETC BRAND/ETC:STOLEN BOVINE/ET      F                                                                           
  17551FA      INTENT STEAL BOVINE/EQUINE ANIMAL         F                                                                           
  1764BP       FALSE USE OF DENTAL ASSISTANT/ETC LI      M                                                                           
  1767.3(A)WI  WIC - PAROLE HOLD, JUVENILE               O                                                                           
  1767.3(B)WI  Y.A. REVOCATION OF PAROLE                 O                                                                           
  1767.3(C)WI  Y.A. REVOCATION OF PAROLE                 O                                                                           
  1767.3(D)WI  Y.A. REVOCATION OF PAROLE                 O                                                                           
  1768.7(A)WI  ATMPT ESCAPE/ESCAPE FRM CYA W/FORCE/VIOL  F                                                                           
  1768.7BWI    ATTEMPT/ESCAPE/ETC FROM CYA W/ FORCE      F                                                                           
  1768.7BWIFR  ATTEMPT/ESCAPE/ETC FROM CYA W/ FORCE      F                                                                           
  1768.7BWIWO  ATTEMPT/ESCAPE/ETC CYA W/O FORCE/ETC      F                                                                           
  1768.7WI     ESCAPE YOUTH AUTHORITY                    M                                                                           
  1768.8(A)WI  ASSAULT/BATTERY BY ANY PERSON CONFINED    F                                                                           
  1768.8(B)WI  ASSAULT NON-PRISONER WITH GBI             F                                                                           
  1768.8BWI-S  ASSAULT/BATT NON-PRISONER:GBI: SERIO      F                                                                           
  1768.8WI     ASSAULT/BATTERY ON PERSONS NOT CONFINED   F                                                                           
  17700FC      WILLFUL VIOLATION OF FINANCIAL CODE       B                                                                           
  1778LC       RCPT PORTION OF WAGES OF WORKMEN          F                                                                           
  1789.13ACI   CHARGE/RECEIVE MONEY PRIOR TO SERVIC      M                                                                           
  1789.13BCI   CHARGE/RECEIVE MONEY FOR REFERRAL         M                                                                           
  1789.13CCI   ADVISE BUYER TO MAKE UNTRUE STATEMEN      M                                                                           
  1789.13DCI   MAKE/USE MISLEADING REPRESENTATIONS       M                                                                           
  1789.13ICI   ADVERTISING W/O REGISTERING WITH DOJ      M                                                                           
  1789.14CI    FAIL TO PROVIDE BUYER W/COPY OF STAT      M                                                                           
  1789.16A1CI  FAIL PROVIDE BUYER W/STATEMENT OF RI      M                                                                           

  PAGE    50                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  1789.18CI    CONDUCT BUSINESS W/O SURETY BOND          M                                                                           
  1789.25ACI   FAIL TO FILE REGISTRATION APPLICATIO      M                                                                           
  1789.37G2CI  CHECK CASH BUS NO PERM:PR                 M                                                                           
  17920.3AHS   UNLAW MAINTAIN PROPERTY                   M                                                                           
  17920.3BHS   STRUCTURAL HAZ-DEFECTVE FLOORING          M                                                                           
  17920.3EHS   SUBSTANDARD PLUMBING                      M                                                                           
  17920.3FHS   FAIL TO MAINT BLDG/STRUCTURE              M                                                                           
  17920.3HS    MAINTAIN SUBSTND BLDG                     M                                                                           
  17920.3JHS   SUBSTANDARD BUILDING                      M                                                                           
  17920.3KHS   INADEQUATE BLDG/STRUCT MAINT              M                                                                           
  1794.41A2CI  FAILURE TO PROVIDE CONTRACT TO BUYER      M                                                                           
  1797.177HS   NOT CERTIFIED AS AN EMT/PARAMEDIC         M                                                                           
  18 1001US    U S AGENCY/ETC FALSIFY/ETC DOCUMENTS      N                                                                           
  18 1028A5US  FRAUD:PROD/ETC IMPLEMT:FALSE USA ID/      N                                                                           
  18 1029A2US  FRAUD:ACC DEV:GOODS $1K+                  F                                                                           
  18 115US     INFLU/ETC FED OFCL:FAMILY                 F                                                                           
  18 1201US    KIDNAP:RANSOM/ETC-SPECIAL CIRCUMSTAN      N                                                                           
  18 1361US    WILLFULLY INJURE/DAMAGE/ETC U.S. PRO      N                                                                           
  18 1382US    TRESPAS MILITARY ETC/PROP                 B                                                                           
  18 1542US    FALSE STATEMENT:PASSPORT                  F                                                                           
  18 1705US    VANDALISM TO MAILBOX OR MAIL              F                                                                           
  18 1708US    MAIL/ETC THEFT/ETC                        N                                                                           
  18 201US     PUBLIC OFFICIAL/WITNESS GIVE/ACCEPT       N                                                                           
  18 2113AUS   BANK/ETC ROBBERY                          F                                                                           
  18 2261A1US  DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/STALKING                F                                                                           
  18 2312US    INTRSTATE TRANSP STLN VEH                 F                                                                           
  18 371US     CONSPIRE TO DEFRAUD/ETC U.S. AGENCY       N                                                                           
  18 471US     FORGE/ETC U.S. SECURITY/ETC               F                                                                           
  18 472US     ILLEGAL POSS/ETC FALSE U.S. DOCUMENT      N                                                                           
  18 473US     POSS/ETC COUNTERFIT $/ETC                 F                                                                           
  18 545US     SMUGGLE/ETC GOODS IN U S                  F                                                                           
  18 641US     STEAL/REC/ETC U.S. $ PROPERTY             F                                                                           
  18 656US     THEFT/ETC BY FED RESERVE BANK EMPLOY      N                                                                           
  18 659US     UNLAW SHIPMENTS:SHIPS/ETC                 F                                                                           
  18 701US     POSS/MFG/SELL UNAUTH US IDENTIFICATN      N                                                                           
  18 875(A)US  TRANSMIT INTERSTATE/ETC:RANSOM            F                                                                           
  18 875(C)US  TRANSMIT KIDNAP THREAT:INTERSTATE         F                                                                           
  18 911US     FALSE PRESENTATION AS U S CITIZEN         N                                                                           
  18 922(A)US  ILL IMPORT/ETC F/ARM AMMO                 F                                                                           
  18 922(G)US  FEL/ETC REC/ETC F/ARM/AMO                 F                                                                           
  18 930US     ATEMPT/MURDER:FED FACILTY                 F                                                                           
  1800.7IC     FURN BAIL BOND FOR PAID/ETC CONSIDER      B                                                                           

  PAGE    51                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  1800.75IC    ADVERTISE AS BAIL BOND BUSINESS W/O       B                                                                           
  1800(A)IC    OPERATE W/O BAIL LICENSE                  F                                                                           
  1800WI       Y.A. HOLD - PHYSICALLY DANGEROUS          O                                                                           
  18021.5AHS   SELL MOBILE HOME W/O A LICENSE            M                                                                           
  18035(A)HS   NOT DEPOSIT MONEY IN ESCROW ACCOUNT       M                                                                           
  18045HS      ACT AS MOBILE HOME MFG LIC W/O A LIC      M                                                                           
  1808.1(A)VC  FAIL TO OBTAIN EMPLOYEE DMV RECORD        M                                                                           
  1808.1(B)VC  FAIL PARTICIPATE DMV PULL NOTICE/EMP      M                                                                           
  1808.1(C)VC  FAIL OBT/REVIEW TOURBUS OPERATR DRIV      M                                                                           
  1808.1(F)VC  FAIL TO ENROLL EMPLOYEE IN PROGRAM        M                                                                           
  1808.22C3VC  UNLAWFUL USE OF RESIDENT ADDRESS          M                                                                           
  1808.4(D)VC  DISCLOS DMV REC:PO/ETC HOME ADDR:BOD      F                                                                           
  1808.45VC    UNLAWFUL DISCL OF INFO FROM DMV RECO      M                                                                           
  181PC        INFRINGEMENT OF PERSONAL LIBERTY          F                                                                           
  1810EL       VOTER FRAUD - REGISTER FICTITOUS PER      B                                                                           
  18100(A)EL   FALSE VOTER REGISTRATION                  B                                                                           
  1812.203CI   FAIL TO FILE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT         B                                                                           
  1812.204DCI  FAIL TO SUBSTANTIATE INCOME CLAIM         M                                                                           
  1812.206CI   FAIL TO PROVIDE INFORMATION SHEET TO      M                                                                           
  1812.209ACI  FAIL TO MEET MANDATORY CONTRACT PROV      F                                                                           
  1812.209CI   FAIL TO PROVIDE MARKETING PLAN            M                                                                           
  1812.210BCI  SELLER RECEIVING EXCESS DOWNPAYMENT       M                                                                           
  1812.217CI   UNLAWFUL SALE/LEASE/ETC MARKETING PL      B                                                                           
  1812.503ACI  FAIL TO MAINTAIN BOND                     M                                                                           
  1812.504ACI  FAIL TO PROVIDE WRITTEN CONTRACT          M                                                                           
  1812.505CCI  ILLEGALY ACCEPT REGISTRATION FEE          M                                                                           
  1812.506ACI  FAIL TO RETURN DEPOSIT                    M                                                                           
  1812.508ACI  FALSE ADVERTISING                         M                                                                           
  1812.510ACI  FAIL TO MAINTAIN BOND REQUIREMENT         M                                                                           
  1812.522ACI  FAIL TO MAKE RECORDS AVAILABLE FOR I      M                                                                           
  1812.53ACI   EXCESS CHARGES FOR DANCE LESSONS          M                                                                           
  182.1PC      CONSPIRACY:COMMIT CRIME                   F                                                                           
  182.2PC      CONSPIRACY:FALSE INDICTMENT OF ANOTHER    F                                                                           
  182.3PC      CONSPIRACY:FALSELY MAINTAIN SUIT          F                                                                           
  182.4PC      CONSPIRACY:DEFRAUD PERSON                 F                                                                           
  182.5PC      CRIMINAL STREET GANG CONSPIRACY           F                                                                           
  182.6PC      CONSPIRACY:CRIME AGAINST EXEC. OFFICER    F                                                                           
  182(A)(1)PC  CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT ANY CRIME            B                                                                           
  182(A)(2)PC  CONSPIRACY TO FALSELY CHARGE/ARREST       B                                                                           
  182(A)(3)PC  CONSPIRACY:FALSE BRING SUIT/ACTN/PRO      B                                                                           
  182(A)(4)PC  CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD/CHEAT               B                                                                           
  182(A)(5)PC  CONSPRCY COMMIT ACT INJUR PUB/OBST JUSTC  F                                                                           

  PAGE    52                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  182(A)(6)PC  CONSPIRACY:CRIME AGAINST HIGH OFFICI      F                                                                           
  182(A)PC     CONSPIRACY                                F                                                                           
  182A1/211PC  CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT ROBBERY              F                                                                           
  182PC        CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT A MISDEMEANOR        F                                                                           
  18203EL      FALSIFY DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY          B                                                                           
  1823FC       UNLAWFUL TRANSMISSION OF MONEY ABROA      B                                                                           
  18401(A)RT   FILE IF SINGLE AND OVER $6000             M                                                                           
  18401(B)RT   FILE IF MARRIED AND OVER $12000           M                                                                           
  18401(C)RT   FILE SINGLE/$8000 OR MARRIED/$16000       M                                                                           
  18471US      FORGE/ETC US SECURITY/ETC                 F                                                                           
  185PC        WEAR MASK FOR UNLAWFUL PURPOSES           M                                                                           
  18560(A)EL   FRAUDULENTLY VOTE ATTEMPT TO VOTE         B                                                                           
  18560(B)EL   VOTE, ATTEMPT TO VOTE MORE THAN ONCE      B                                                                           
  18560(C)EL   IMPERSONATE VOTER                         F                                                                           
  186.10(A)PC  MONEY LAUNDERING                          F                                                                           
  186.10A1PC   MONEY LAUNDER W/INTENT PROM CRIM ACTIVTY  B                                                                           
  186.10A2PC   MONEY LAUNDER/PROCEED DERIV FR/CRIM ACTV  B                                                                           
  186.10PC     MONEY LAUNDERING                          F                                                                           
  186.22(A)PC  PARTICIPATE IN CRIMINAL STREET GANG       B                                                                           
  186.22(B)PC  MISD FR GNG BENEFIT PUNISHABLE AS F OR M  F                                                                           
  186.22(C)PC  COMMIT PUBLIC OFFENSE PROMOTE CRIM ACT    B                                                                           
  186.22(D)PC  PROMOTE CRIMINAL STREET GANG              F                                                                           
  186.22B1PC   ST GANG/COMMIT MISD PROMOTE CRIM ACTIVTY  B                                                                           
  186.22B4PC   LIFE SENTENCE FOR DESIGNATED GANG FELONY  F                                                                           
  186.26(A)PC  ADULT FORCING MINOR TO PART. IN ST GANG   F                                                                           
  186.26(B)PC  ADULT THREATEN MINOR TO PART. IN ST GANG  F                                                                           
  186.26(C)PC  MINOR THREATEN/COERCE GANG PARTICIPATION  F                                                                           
  186.26(D)PC  RECRUITING MINOR FOR CRIMINAL ST GANG     F                                                                           
  186.26PC     FORCE JUVENILE INTO STREET GANG           F                                                                           
  186.28(A)PC  SUPPLY/SELL/ETC F/ARM TO STREET GANG      B                                                                           
  186.33(A)PC  FAILURE TO REGISTER BY CONVICTED ST GANG  M                                                                           
  186.33B1PC   FAIL TO REGISTER CONV OF GANG CRIM        F                                                                           
  18641US      STEAL/REC/ETC US $ PROPERTY               F                                                                           
  187(A)PC     MURDER                                    F                                                                           
  187(A)PCMFD  MURDER-FIRST DEGREE                       F                                                                           
  187(A)PCMSD  MURDER-SECOND DEGREE                      F                                                                           
  187(A)PCPOS  MURDER-SECOND DEGREE ON PEACE OFFICE      F                                                                           
  187(A)PCSFV  MURDER-FIRST DEGREE                       F                                                                           
  187PC        MURDER                                    F                                                                           
  1871.1(A)IC  FALSE/FRAUD INS CLAIM                     F                                                                           
  1871.1A1IC   PRESENT FLS CLAIM FOR PAY                 F                                                                           
  1871.1A2IC   INSURANCE FRAUD                           M                                                                           

  PAGE    53                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  1871.1A3IC   CAUSE VEH COLL:FALSE CLM                  F                                                                           
  1871.1A5IC   UNLAWFULLY SUPPORT FALSE INSURANCE C      B                                                                           
  1871.1A6AIC  KNOWINGLY PRESENT FALSE CLAIM             F                                                                           
  1871.1A6DIC  UNLAWFULLY ASSIST OR PREPARE FALSE C      F                                                                           
  1871.1A6IC   ASSIST W/FALSE CLAIMS:CON                 F                                                                           
  1871.1IC     INSURANCE FRAUD                           F                                                                           
  1871.4A1IC   MAKE/CAUSE FALSE/FRAUDULENT STATEMEN      B                                                                           
  1871.4A2IC   PRESENT FALSE/FRAUD WRITTEN/ORAL STA      B                                                                           
  1871.4A3IC   ASSIST/SOLICIT/ETC INSURANCE FRAUD        B                                                                           
  1871.4A4IC   FALSE/FRAUD STATEMT TO DISCOURAGE CL      B                                                                           
  18710(A)PC   POSSESSION DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE             B                                                                           
  18715(A)1PC  POSS DESTRUCT DEVICE NEAR CERTAIN PLACES  F                                                                           
  18715(A)2PC  DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE NEAR CERTAIN PLACES    F                                                                           
  18715(A)3PC  DESTRUCTVE DEVICE NEAR PRIVATE HABITATIO  F                                                                           
  18715(A)4PC  DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE NEAR ANY PUBLIC PLACE  F                                                                           
  18715(A)5PC  DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE NEAR ANY PUBLIC PLACE  F                                                                           
  18715(B)PC   CARRY/PLACE EXPLOS BAGGAGE/HIRED TRANSP   F                                                                           
  18720PC      MAKE DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE WITHOUT PERMIT    F                                                                           
  18725(A)PC   CARRY EXPLOS/DESTRUCT DEVIC/HIRE TRANSP   F                                                                           
  18725(B)PC   CARRY/PLACE EXPLOS BAGGAGE/HIRED TRANSP   F                                                                           
  18725(C)PC   PLACE EXPLOSIVE/DESTRUCT DEVICE IN BAGGA  F                                                                           
  18730PC      SALE/ETC/TRANSPORT EXPLOSIVE/ETC DEVICE   F                                                                           
  18735(A)PC   POSSESS/SELL/ETC AMMO > .60 CALIBER W/PR  B                                                                           
  18740PC      USE/POSSESS EXPLOSIVE/DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE  F                                                                           
  18745PC      USE DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE W/INTEN TO MURDER  F                                                                           
  18750PC      USE DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE CAUSING GBI        F                                                                           
  18755(A)PC   USE DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE CAUSING DEATH      F                                                                           
  18755(B)PC   USE DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE CAUSING MAYHEM/GB  F                                                                           
  18814(B)FA   LIVESTOCK CURED RETAIL STORE              M                                                                           
  18841FA      SLAUGHTER LIVESTOCK FOR FOOD USE          M                                                                           
  18842FA      TRANSP LIVESTOCK W/O INSPECTION STIC      M                                                                           
  18848FA      SELL UNINSPECT LIVESTOCK/PLTRY W/INTENT   F                                                                           
  18875(A)US   TRANSMIT INTERSTATE/ETC: RANSOM           F                                                                           
  18875(C)US   TRANSMIT KIDNAP THREAT: INTERSTATE        F                                                                           
  189PC        MURDER:FIRST DEGREE                       F                                                                           
  18910WI      VIOLATION FOOD STAMP ACT                  M                                                                           
  190.2(A)1PC  MURDER FOR FINANCIAL GAIN                 F                                                                           
  190.2(A)2PC  MURDER W/PRIOR MURDER CONVICTION          F                                                                           
  190.2(A)3PC  MULTIPLE MURDER                           F                                                                           
  190.2(A)4PC  MURDER BY EXPLOSION                       F                                                                           
  190.2(A)5PC  MURDER TO AVOID ARREST/ESCAPE             F                                                                           
  190.2(A)6PC  MURDER BY MAIL BOMB                       F                                                                           

  PAGE    54                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  190.2(A)7PC  MURDER OF PEACE OFFICER                   F                                                                           
  190.2(A)8PC  MURDER OF FEDERAL OFFICER                 F                                                                           
  190.2(A)9PC  MURDER OF FIREMAN                         F                                                                           
  190.2A10PC   MURDER INVOLVING TESTIMONY                F                                                                           
  190.2A11PC   MURDER OF A PROSECUTOR                    F                                                                           
  190.2A12PC   MURDER OF A JUDGE                         F                                                                           
  190.2A13PC   MURDER OF A PUBLIC OFFICIAL               F                                                                           
  190.2A15PC   MURDER LYING IN WAIT                      F                                                                           
  190.2A16PC   MURDER VICTIM BECAUSE OF RACE/RELIGI      F                                                                           
  190.2A17PC   MURDER COMMITTED DURING SPECIFIC FEL      F                                                                           
  190.2A18PC   MURDER W/TORTURE                          F                                                                           
  190.2A19PC   MURDER BY POISONING                       F                                                                           
  190.2A22PC   MURDER COMMIT FOR CRIMINAL ST GANG_PURPO  F                                                                           
  190(A)PC     MURDER:  SECOND DEGREE                    F                                                                           
  190(B)PC     MURDER:  SECOND DEGREE ON PEACE OFFICER   F                                                                           
  190PC        PUNISHMENT FOR MURDER/NOT OFFENSE         F                                                                           
  19010(A)FA   OPERATE MEAT PACKING PLANT W/O LICEN      M                                                                           
  19010(B)FA   FAIL TO PAY FEE FOR MEAT PACKING LIC      M                                                                           
  19017(A)FA   OPERATE ESTABLISHMENT W/O DIR'S LICE      M                                                                           
  19049BP      CONDUCT HOME FURNISHINGS BUSNSS W/O       M                                                                           
  19051BP      SELL FURNITURE W/O RETAILER'S LICENS      M                                                                           
  19054BP      FAIL TO HOLD MANUFACTURING LICENSE        M                                                                           
  19055BP      SELL BEDDING W/O RETAIL BEDDING LICE      M                                                                           
  19080BP      SELL UPHLSTRD FURNITURE/BEDING W/O L      M                                                                           
  19093BP      FAIL TO USE OWNER ORIGINAL LABEL          M                                                                           
  191.5(A)PC   GROSS VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER WHILE INTOX  F                                                                           
  191.5(B)PC   GROSS VEH MANSLGHTR W/VESSEL/INTOXICATED  F                                                                           
  19100PC      CARRY CONCEALED ON PERSON EXPLOSIVE/AMMO  B                                                                           
  19121BP      UNSANITIZED BEDDING SELLS                 M                                                                           
  19123.4BP    UNSANITIZED BEDDING SELLS                 M                                                                           
  19123.5BP    VIOLATION OF BEDDING SANITATION REGU      M                                                                           
  19124.5BP    FAIL TO AFFIX SANITATION LABEL            M                                                                           
  19127.5BP    ILLEGAL POSESSION OF SANITATION LABE      M                                                                           
  19127.6BP    VIOLATION SANITIZER REGULATIONS           M                                                                           
  19129BP      FAIL TO STERILIZE SECONDHAND BEDDING      M                                                                           
  19132BP      FAIL PROPERLY SANITIZE ARTICLES BEDD      M                                                                           
  1916.3B      LOAN SHARKING                             F                                                                           
  1916-3(B)CI  MAKE/NEGOTIATE LOANS WITHOUT A LICEN      B                                                                           
  19160BP      VIOL CLEANLINESS BY HOME FURNISHING       M                                                                           
  19161BP      SELL FURNISHINGS NOT FIRE RETARDANT       M                                                                           
  192.1PC      VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER                    F                                                                           
  192.2PC      INVOL MANSLAUGHTER BY AN UNLAWFUL AC      F                                                                           

  PAGE    55                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  192.3(C)PC   VEH MANSL:ALCOHOL/DRGS/GR NEG/ILL MA      F                                                                           
  192.3(D)PC   VEH MANSL:ALCH/DRGS/W/O GR NEG/ILL A      B                                                                           
  192.5(A)PC   VEH MANSLAUGHTER W/VESSEL W/GROSS NEG     F                                                                           
  192.5(B)PC   VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER WITH VESSEL W/O G  M                                                                           
  192.5(C)PC   VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER WITH VESSEL W/O G  F                                                                           
  192.5(D)PC   MANSLUGHTER DURING OPERATION OF VESSEL    M                                                                           
  192(A)PC     VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER                    F                                                                           
  192(B)PC     INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER                  F                                                                           
  192(C)(1)PC  VEH MANSLAUGHTER W/GROSS NEGLIGENCE       F                                                                           
  192(C)(2)PC  VEH MANSLAUGHTER W/O GROSS NEGLIGENCE     M                                                                           
  192(C)(3)PC  DUI:VEH MANSLAUGHTER W/O GROSS NEGLGENCE  F                                                                           
  192(C)(4)PC  VEH MNSL:CAUSE:ACC:GAIN                   F                                                                           
  192PC        MANSLAUGHTER                              F                                                                           
  1920(A)HS    FAIL TO SECURE DOG LICENSE                M                                                                           
  1920(B)HS    DOG OWNER FAILING TO OBTAIN RABIES V      M                                                                           
  19200(A)PC   MFG/POSS ETC HANDGRENADE/METAL REPLICA    B                                                                           
  19205BP      FAIL TO PRODUCE CONDEMNED ARTICLE         M                                                                           
  1923HS       CONCEAL INFORMATION ABOUT ANIMAL W/R      M                                                                           
  1924HS       VIOL RABIES QUARANT ORDR OF HEALTH D      M                                                                           
  193.5PC      MANSLAUGHTER DURING OPERATION OF VES      B                                                                           
  193.8(A)PC   ADULT ALLOW MINOR TO DRIVE VEH,INTOX      M                                                                           
  193(A)PC     VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER (PUNISHMENT)       F                                                                           
  193(B)PC     INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER (PUNISHMENT)     F                                                                           
  193(C)(1)PC  VEH MANSLAUGHTER W/GROSS NEG (PUNISHMNT)  F                                                                           
  193PC        MANSLAUGHTER (PUNISHMENT)                 F                                                                           
  19401(A)RT   UNLAWFUL FAILURE TO FILE INCOME TAX       M                                                                           
  19401(C)RT   FAIL TO PAY REQUIRED TAX ESTIMATE         M                                                                           
  19401RT      FAKE/FRAUDULENT/UNFILED TAX RETURN        M                                                                           
  19405(A)1RT  FILE FALSE TAX RETURN                     B                                                                           
  19405(A)2RT  AID IN FILING FALSE TAX RETURN            B                                                                           
  19405A1RTC   FILE FALSE TAX RETURN                     F                                                                           
  19405A2RTC   AIDS IN FILING FALSE TAX RETURN           F                                                                           
  19405PC      SELL LESS LETHAL WEAPON TO MINOR          M                                                                           
  19405RT      SUBMIT FALSE RETURN/ETC                   F                                                                           
  19406RT      FALSE/FRAUD/UNFILED TAX RTN W/INTNT EVAD  F                                                                           
  19406RTC     FRAUD/FAIL FILE TAX RETURN INT FRAUD      B                                                                           
  19409RT      FAIL TO WITHHOLD OR PAY OVER TAX WIT      M                                                                           
  19409RTC     FAIL WITHOLD OR PAY OVER TAX WITHELD      M                                                                           
  19411RT      FAIL TO PROVIDE FALSE TAX INFO TO EM      M                                                                           
  19574BP      ENTER HORSE RACE INCLOSURE AFT EXCLUSION  M                                                                           
  19660BP      CONDUCT HORSE RACING BUSINESS W/O LI      M                                                                           
  19701(A)RT   FALSE/ETC STATE TAX/ETC                   M                                                                           

  PAGE    56                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  19705(A)RT   FILE FALSE TAX RETURN                     F                                                                           
  19705(A)1RT  MAKE FALSE RETURN/ETC PERJURY DECLAR      F                                                                           
  19705(A)2RT  AID IN FILING FALSE TAX RETURN            B                                                                           
  19706(A)1RT  FILE FALSE TAX RETURN                     M                                                                           
  19706RT      FAIL TO FILE TAX W/INTENT TO DEFRAUD      B                                                                           
  19817BP      GAMING CLUBS: OPERATE W/O REGISTRATI      M                                                                           
  199.21(C)HS  UNLAWFULLY DISCLOSE RESULTS OF HIV T      M                                                                           
  199.99(E)HS  DISCLOSURE OF PERSONL DATA REG AIDS       M                                                                           
  1991CP       WITNESS FAILURE TO APPEAR                 M                                                                           
  19910PC      SELL FIREARM TO MINOR                     M                                                                           
  19911        FAIL TO RETURN SCHOOL PROPERTY            M                                                                           
  19915(A)PC   FURNISH MINOR BB GUN W/O PARENTAL CONSEN  M                                                                           
  2.05T14CR    UNLAWFUL USE OF FISHING EQUIPMENT         M                                                                           
  20VC         USE FALSE INFO ON DOCUMENTS TO DMV/CHP    M                                                                           
  200FG        FISHING W/O VALID FISHING LICENSE         M                                                                           
  2000FG       UNLAWFULLY TAKE BIRD/MAMMAL/FISH/ETC      M                                                                           
  20001(A)VC   HIT AND RUN CAUSING INJURY/DEATH          F                                                                           
  20001(B)1VC  HIT AND RUN RESULTING IN INJURY           B                                                                           
  20001(B)2VC  HIT AND RUN RESULT IN PERMANENT INJ/      F                                                                           
  20001VC      HIT AND RUN RESULTING IN DEATH OR INJURY  F                                                                           
  20002(A)VC   HIT AND RUN RESULTING IN PROPERTY DAMAGE  M                                                                           
  20002(A)1VC  FAIL TO PRESENT DL/FINANCIAL INFORMATION  M                                                                           
  20002(A)2VC  HIT & RUN PROPERTY DAMAG:NOTIFY OWNE      M                                                                           
  20002(A)3VC  FAIL LEAVE REQRD INFO AT SCENE OF AC      M                                                                           
  20002(B)VC   HIT & RUN BY RUNAWAY VEHICLE/PROP DAMAGE  M                                                                           
  20002VC      HIT AND RUN                               M                                                                           
  20003(A)VC   FAIL TO ASSIST/PROVIDE INFO FOLLOW A      M                                                                           
  20008(A)VC   FAIL TO REPORT TRAFFIC ACCIDENT           I                                                                           
  2001FG       BIRDS/MAMMALS POSSESS OPEN SEAS           M                                                                           
  20010PC      KNOWINGLY MFG/SEL/POSS BLOWGUN & BG AMMO  M                                                                           
  2002FG       UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF CREATURE           M                                                                           
  2002FGC      POSSESS CREATURE UNLAWFULLY TAKEN         M                                                                           
  2005(A)FG    USE ARTIFICIAL LIGHT TO HUNT              M                                                                           
  2005FG       USE ARTIFICIAL LIGHT TO HUNT W/WEAPO      M                                                                           
  2005FGC      USE ARTIFICAL LIGHT/ETC WHILE HUNTING     M                                                                           
  2006FG       POSSESS LOADED WEAPON IN VEHICLE          M                                                                           
  2006FGC      POSSESS LOADED RIFLE/SHOTGUN IN ANY VEH   M                                                                           
  2010FG       USE/POSSESS UNLAWFUL SHOTGUN              M                                                                           
  20110(A)PC   ASSEMBLE/MAINTAIN/PLACE BOOBYTRAP DEVICE  F                                                                           
  20110(B)PC   POSS DEVICE W/INTENT TO USE AS BOOBYTRAP  B                                                                           
  2012FG       FAIL TO EXHIBIT FISH ON DEMAND OF WA      M                                                                           
  20150(A)PC   ALTER/ETC FIREARM MARKINGS                M                                                                           

  PAGE    57                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  20155PC      MFGR/IMPORTER/ETC FAIL TO COMPLY W/REGLT  M                                                                           
  2016FG       HUNTER TRESPASSING                        M                                                                           
  2016FGC      HUNT/SHOOT POSTED LAND W/O PERMISSION     M                                                                           
  20170(A)PC   OPENLY DISPLAY/EXPOSE IMITATION FIREARM   M                                                                           
  203(D)FG     PRESCRIBED MANNER OF TAKING               M                                                                           
  203PC        MAYHEM                                    F                                                                           
  20310PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSES AIR GAUGE KNIF  B                                                                           
  204LC        FAIL TO PAY WAGES                         M                                                                           
  204PC        MAYHEM: PUNISHMENT                        F                                                                           
  20410PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSES BELT BUKL KNIF  B                                                                           
  2042PC       ESCAPE:CALIF VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE         F                                                                           
  205FG        FISHING W/TWO POLES                       M                                                                           
  205PC        AGGRAVATED MAYHEM                         F                                                                           
  20510PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSESS CANE SWORD     B                                                                           
  2052BP       PRACTICE/ETC MEDICINE W/O CERTIFICATE     M                                                                           
  2053BP       PRACT MEDICINE W/O CERT RISKING GBI/DTH   F                                                                           
  2054BP       USE TERM DR/M.D. INITIALS W/O CERTIF      M                                                                           
  206PC        TORTURE                                   F                                                                           
  20610PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/POSS ETC LIPSTICK CASE KNI  B                                                                           
  2068BP       FAILURE TO DISPLAY NOTICE                 M                                                                           
  207(A)PC     KIDNAPPING                                F                                                                           
  207(B)PC     KIDNAP CHILD LESS 14YR TO COMIT LEWD ACT  F                                                                           
  207(C)PC     KIDNAPPING: SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES        F                                                                           
  207(D)PC     KIDNAP BY FORCE/FRAUD:BRING/ETC W/STATE   F                                                                           
  207A/208BPC  KIDNAPPING SOMEONE UNDER 14 YRS OF AGE    F                                                                           
  207A/208DPC  KIDNAPPING FOR SEXUAL PURPOSES            F                                                                           
  207PC        KIDNAPPING                                F                                                                           
  20710PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSESS ANY SHOBI-ZUE  B                                                                           
  208(B)PC     KIDNAPPING VICTIM UNDER 14 YRS OF AGE     F                                                                           
  208(D)PC     KIDNAP W/INTENT COMMIT RAPE/SODOMY/ETC    F                                                                           
  208PC        KIDNAPPING (PUNISHMENT)                   F                                                                           
  2080FG       TAKE BROWN PELICAN                        M                                                                           
  20810(A)PC   MFG/DISTRIBUTE/SELL/UNDETECTABLE KNIFE    M                                                                           
  209.5(A)PC   KIDNAPPING DURING COMMISSION OF CARJACK   F                                                                           
  209(A)PC     KIDNAPPING FOR RANSOM                     F                                                                           
  209(B)(1)PC  KIDNAP TO COMMIT ROBBERY/RAPE/SODOMY ETC  F                                                                           
  209(B)PC     KIDNAPPING TO COMMIT ROBBERY              F                                                                           
  209PC        KIDNAPPING FOR RANSOM                     F                                                                           
  20910PC      MFG/SELL/POSS ETC ANY WRITTING PEN KNIFE  B                                                                           
  20911(A)BP   SALE W/FALSE REPRESENTATION OF BRAND      M                                                                           
  21 841A1US   MANUFACTURE/DISTRIBUTE/ETC CNTL SUBS      N                                                                           
  21 843A6US   POSS EQUIP/ETC:MFG C/SUBS                 F                                                                           

  PAGE    58                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  21 844(A)US  POS C/SUB W/O PRESCRP/ETC                 M                                                                           
  21 952US     IMPORT CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE               N                                                                           
  210.5PC      TAKE HOSTAGE                              F                                                                           
  210PC        POSE AS KIDNAPPER TO EXTORT               F                                                                           
  2101(A)UI    FALSE STATEMENT/ETC REGARDING BENEFITS    F                                                                           
  2101(A)UIC   FALSE STATEMENT REGARDING AID             M                                                                           
  2101(A)1UI   FALSE STATEMENTS REGARDING AID            B                                                                           
  2101(A)1UIC  FALSE STATEMENTS REGARDING AID            B                                                                           
  2101UI       FALSE STATEMENT/ETC REGARDING BENEFITS    F                                                                           
  2101UIC      FALSE STATEMENT/ETC REGARDING AID         F                                                                           
  2102(A)UI    UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE FRAUD              F                                                                           
  2102(A)UIC   UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE FRAUD              B                                                                           
  2102UI       UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE FRAUD              F                                                                           
  2105UI       FAIL REQUIRED RECORDS FOR INSPECTION      M                                                                           
  2105UIC      FAIL REQUIRED RECORDS FOR INSPECTION      M                                                                           
  21052FA      TRANSPORT/SELL/ETC CATTLE W/O INSPEC      M                                                                           
  2106UI       FAILURE TO FURNISH REQUIRED REPORT        B                                                                           
  2106UIC      FAILURE TO FURNISH REQUIRED REPORT        B                                                                           
  2107UI       WITHHOLD INFORMATION TO OBTAIN BENEFITS   F                                                                           
  2107UIC      WITHHOLD INFO TO OBTAIN AID               F                                                                           
  2108UI       NON-PAYMENT OF CONTRIBUTIONS              B                                                                           
  2108UIC      NON-PAYMENT OF CONTRIBUTIONS              B                                                                           
  2109UI       FAIL TO REGISTER EMPLOYING UNIT           B                                                                           
  2109UIC      FAIL TO REGISTER EMPLOYING UNIT           B                                                                           
  211PC        ROBBERY                                   F                                                                           
  211PCRFD     ROBBERY:FIRST DEGREE                      F                                                                           
  211PCRSD     ROBBERY:SECOND DEGREE                     F                                                                           
  2110.5UI     FAIL TO WITHHOLD DEDUCTIONS               F                                                                           
  2110.5UIC    FAIL TO WITHHOLD DEDUCTIONS               B                                                                           
  2110PU       VIOLATE ORDER PUBLIC UTILITIES CODE       M                                                                           
  2110UI       FAIL TO PAY DEDUCTIONS WITHHELD           F                                                                           
  2110UIC      FAIL TO PAY DEDUCTIONS WITHHELD           B                                                                           
  21100.3VC    FAIL OBEY TRAFIC REGULTR                  I                                                                           
  21101(A)UIC  FALSE STATEMENTS REGARDING AID            F                                                                           
  21106(B)VC   CROS IN XWALK:PROHIB SIGN                 I                                                                           
  21110PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSES BALLISTIC KNIF  B                                                                           
  21113(A)VC   VEH TRESPASS ON SCHOOL/PUBLIC GROUND      I                                                                           
  21116(A)VC   DRIVE ON LEVEE ROADWAY W/O PERMISSIO      I                                                                           
  2114UI       REPORT/ETC FICTICIOUS EMPLOYER/ETC        B                                                                           
  2114UIC      REPORT/ETC FICTICIOUS EMPLOYER/ETC        B                                                                           
  2116(A)UI    FALSE CERTIFICATN OF MED COND FOR BE      F                                                                           
  2116(A)UIC   FALSE CERT OF MEDICAL COND FOR BENEF      F                                                                           

  PAGE    59                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  2116UI       FALSE CERTIFICATION/MED COND/W/INTENT     F                                                                           
  2116UIC      FALSE CERTIFICATION OF MEDICAL CONDI      B                                                                           
  2117.5UI     FALSE/FRAUDULENT/UNFILED TAX RETURN       F                                                                           
  2117.5UIC    FAIL TO FILE TAX RETURN                   B                                                                           
  2117UI       FAIL TO FILE INFORMATION ON EMPLOYEE      M                                                                           
  2117UIC      FAIL TO FILE INFORMATION ON EMPLOYEE      M                                                                           
  2118.5UI     FAILURE TO COLLECT/PAY TAX                F                                                                           
  2118.5UIC    COLLECT TAXES FR EMPL W/O PAYING GOV      F                                                                           
  2118(A)FG    UNLAWFUL TRANSPORT OF WILD ANIMAL         M                                                                           
  2118(B)FG    POSSESS WOLF W/O PERMIT                   M                                                                           
  2118(B)1FG   TRANSPORT/POSSESS FERRETS                 M                                                                           
  2118(E)FG    IMPORT LIVE WILD ANIMAL                   M                                                                           
  2118(F)FG    IMPORT/TRANSPORT ALLIGATOR - REL IN       M                                                                           
  2118(I)FG    IMPORT UNDESIRABLE ANIMAL                 M                                                                           
  2118FG       IMPORT/ETC SPECIFIED WILD ANIMALS         M                                                                           
  2118FGC      IMPORT/POSS SPECIFIED WILD ANIMALS        M                                                                           
  2118UI       FAILURE TO WITHHOLD/PAY OVER TAX          M                                                                           
  2118UIC      FAIL TO WITHHOLD CALIF INCOME TAX         M                                                                           
  2119UI       FURNISH FALSE STATEMENT                   B                                                                           
  2119UIC      FURNISH FALSE STATEMENT                   B                                                                           
  212.5(A)PC   ROBBERY: FIRST DEGREE                     F                                                                           
  212.5(B)PC   ROBBERY: FIRST DEGREE (AUTOMATED TELLER)  F                                                                           
  212.5(C)PC   ROBBERY: SECOND DEGREE                    F                                                                           
  212.5BPCRSD  ROBBERY - 2ND DEGREE                      F                                                                           
  212.5PC      ROBBERY OF THE FIRST DEGREE               F                                                                           
  212(A)LC     NONNEGOTIABLE PAYMENT OF WAGES            M                                                                           
  21200.5VC    RIDING BICYCLE UNDER INFLU ALCOH/DRUGS    M                                                                           
  21200(A)FC   RECEIVE COMP GREATER THAN 2 1/2 PERC      M                                                                           
  21200VC      RIDE BICYCLE ON HWY WHILE INTOXICATED     I                                                                           
  21201(B)VC   BIKE HANDLEBAR ABOVE SHOULDERS            I                                                                           
  21201(D)VC   HEADLIGHT REQUIRED ON BIKE AT NIGHT       I                                                                           
  21201(D)1VC  OPERATE BICYCLE AT NIGHT W/O LIGHTS       I                                                                           
  21201(D)2VC  OPER BICYCLE AT NIGHT W/O REAR REFLE      I                                                                           
  21201(D)3VC  OPER BICYCLE AT NIGHT W/O PEDAL REFL      I                                                                           
  21201FC      FAIL TO PROVIDE WRITTEN CONTRACT          M                                                                           
  21201VC      OPR BIKE W/O BRAKES                       I                                                                           
  21202(A)VC   RIDING BIKE TOO FAR FR RIGHT EDGE OF      I                                                                           
  21202(B)VC   RIDE BIKE TOO FAR FR RT/LF EDGE,ONEW      I                                                                           
  21202VC      BICYCLIST USE RIGHT EDGE OF ROADWAY       I                                                                           
  21203VC      BICYCLIST HITCHHIKING RIDE ON VEH         I                                                                           
  21204(B)VC   BICYCLIST ALLOW RIDER OTHR THAN SEAT      I                                                                           
  21208(A)VC   FAIL TO RIDE IN BICYCLE LANE              I                                                                           

  PAGE    60                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  21208FC      FAIL TO REPORT PROPERTY RECEIVED          M                                                                           
  21209VC      MOTOR VEH IN BICYCLE LANE                 I                                                                           
  2121UI       PREPARE/PRESENT FALSE DOCUMENT            B                                                                           
  2121UIC      PREPARE/PRESENT FALSE DOCUMENT            B                                                                           
  21210VC      BIKE PARKING/ETC                          I                                                                           
  21212(A)VC   MINOR SHALL NOT RIDE BICYCLE W/O HELMET   I                                                                           
  2122UI       UNREPORTED EARNINGS TO DEPT OF UNEMP      M                                                                           
  2122UIC      UNREPORTED EARNINGS TO DEPT OF UNEMP      M                                                                           
  21221.5VC    DUI MOTOR SCOOTER                         M                                                                           
  21228(A)VC   OPERATE MOTORIZED SCOOTER ON HIGHWAY      I                                                                           
  21235(G)VC   OPERATE MOTORIZED SCOOTER ON SIDEWALK     I                                                                           
  213(A)1APC   ROB 1:INHAB DWELL:CONCERT                 F                                                                           
  213(B)PC     ATTEMPTED ROBBERY                         F                                                                           
  213PC        ROBBERY (PUNISHMENT)                      F                                                                           
  213WI        CONTEMPT OF COURT:JUV/ETC                 M                                                                           
  21301.1FC    PAWNBROKER FAILING TO DISPLAY LICENS      M                                                                           
  21310PC      CARRY CONCEALED ON PERSON DIRK OR DAGGER  B                                                                           
  2132(B)PC    ATTEMPTED ROBBERY                         F                                                                           
  21367(B)VC   FAIL TO OBEY TRAFFIC CONTROLLER           I                                                                           
  21367(C)VC   FAIL OBEY WARN DEVICES AT CONSTRUCTN      M                                                                           
  214PC        TRAIN ROBBERY                             F                                                                           
  21403(A)PU   FLY AIRCRAFT TOO LOW                      M                                                                           
  21403(B)PU   LAND/TAKEOFF/TAXI AIRCRAFT ON PUBLIC      M                                                                           
  21407.1APU   OPER AIRCRAFT WHILE UNDER THE INFLUE      B                                                                           
  21407.1BPU   OPERATE AIRCRAFT W/.04 BLOOD ALCOHOL      B                                                                           
  21407.1PU    OPERATE AIRCRAFT/PARACHUTE UNDER INFLUEN  M                                                                           
  21407PU      VIOLATION FAA REGULATIONS                 O                                                                           
  21407PUC     VIOLATION FAA REGULATIONS                 O                                                                           
  21409PU      FLYING W/O CERTIFICATE                    M                                                                           
  2141BP       PRACTICE MEDICINE/ETC W/O CERTIFICAT      M                                                                           
  21410PU      OPERATING AIRCRAFT W/O PILOT CERTIFI      M                                                                           
  21451(A)VC   GREEN LIGHT/PROCEED-YIELD TO TRAFFIC      I                                                                           
  21451(B)VC   GREEN ARROW/PROCEED AS INDICATED          I                                                                           
  21451(C)VC   PEDESTRIANS YIELD TO TRAFFIC ON GREEN     I                                                                           
  21451(D)VC   PEDESTRIANS NOT ENTER ROADWAY/GRN ARROW   I                                                                           
  21453(A)VC   VEHICLE STOP AT LIMIT LINE                I                                                                           
  21453(B)VC   RIGHT TURN AFTER STOP/YIELD TO TRAFFIC    I                                                                           
  21453(C)VC   FAIL TO MAKE PROPER STOP AT INTERSEC      I                                                                           
  21453(D)VC   PEDESTRIAN NOT ENTER HWY/RED LIGHT        I                                                                           
  21454VC      FAILURE TO OBEY GREEN ARROW               I                                                                           
  21455VC      FAIL TO MAKE PROPER STOP AT INTERSEC      I                                                                           
  21456(A)VC   PED FAIL TO YIELD RIGHT OF WAY TO VE      I                                                                           

  PAGE    61                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  21456(B)VC   PEDESTRIAN ENTER HWY-WAIT/DON'T WAIT      I                                                                           
  21457(A)VC   FAILURE TO STOP FOR FLASHING RED LIGHT    I                                                                           
  21457(B)VC   FLASH YELLOW LIGHT/PROCEED THRU           I                                                                           
  21460.5CVC   DRIVE WITHIN 2 WAY LEFT TURN LANE         I                                                                           
  21460(A)VC   DRIVING LEFT OF DOUBLE SOLID LINES        I                                                                           
  21460(B)VC   DRIVE LEFT OF RIGHT SOLID-BROKEN LINE     I                                                                           
  21461.5VC    PEDESTRIAN FAIL TO OBEY SIGN/SIGNAL       I                                                                           
  21461(A)VC   FAIL TO OBEY TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNALS      I                                                                           
  21461VC      FAIL TO OBEY TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGN         I                                                                           
  21462VC      TRAFFIC TO OBEY TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNALS   I                                                                           
  21463VC      ILLEGAL OPERATION OF TRAFFIC SIGNALS      I                                                                           
  21464(A)VC   DAMAGE/REMOVE SIGN,SIGNALS,MARKERS        I                                                                           
  21464(B)VC   VEH EQUIPPED W/SIGNAL CHANGING DEVICE     I                                                                           
  21464(C)VC   INTERFERE W/TRAFFIC DEV RESULT DEATH/INJ  F                                                                           
  21465VC      UNAUTHORIZE PLACE OF TRAFFIC DEV          I                                                                           
  21466.5VC    PLACE VISION IMPAIRING LIGHT ON HIGH      I                                                                           
  21466VC      UNLAW PLACE LIGHT/DRIVERS EYES            I                                                                           
  21468VC      MOTORIZED SKATEBOARD PROHIBIT             I                                                                           
  215(A)PC     CARJACKING                                F                                                                           
  215PC        CARJACKING                                F                                                                           
  2150(A)FG    PERMIT FOR WILD ANIMAL                    M                                                                           
  2150(B)FG    REVOKE PERMIT                             M                                                                           
  21510(A)PC   POSSESS SWITCHBLADE KNIFE VEH/PUB PLACE   M                                                                           
  21510(B)PC   CARRY SWITCHBLADE KNIFE UPON PERSON       M                                                                           
  21510(C)PC   SELL/LOAN/TRANS SWITCHBLADE KNIFE ANOTHE  M                                                                           
  216(A)LC     REFUSE TO PAY WAGES DUE                   M                                                                           
  216(B)LC     EMPLOYER FAIL PAYMENT OF SUFF PAY         M                                                                           
  216LC        EMPLOYER REFUSING PAYMENT OF WAGES        M                                                                           
  21605BP      FAIL TO KEEP SALES RECORD                 M                                                                           
  21606(A)BP   JUNK DEALR/RECYCLER FAIL MAINT PROPE      M                                                                           
  21606(A)2BP  JUNK DEALR/RECYCLER FAIL RECORD ID/V      M                                                                           
  21606(C)BP   JUNK DEALR FAIL KEEP REC SECONDHAND       M                                                                           
  21608(A)BP   JUNK DEALER/ETC FAIL TO KEEP/ETC REC      M                                                                           
  21608BP      FAIL TO KEEP JUNK RECORDS                 M                                                                           
  21628(A)BP   SECONDHAND DEALER REPORT NAME OF SEL      M                                                                           
  21628(B)BP   SECONDHAND DEALER FAIL COMPLETE REQ       M                                                                           
  21628(C)BP   FAIL TO REPORT SERL SECONDHAND PROPE      M                                                                           
  21628(D)BP   DESCRIPTION NON-SERIALIZED OBJECT         M                                                                           
  21628(G)BP   LEGIBLE FINGERPRINT OF SELLER             M                                                                           
  21628BP      DLR FAIL RPT PROP:PD/SO                   M                                                                           
  21636(A)BP   SECONDHAND DEALER/ETC ILL DISPOSAL/P      M                                                                           
  21636BP      SECONDHAND DEALER VIOL                    M                                                                           

  PAGE    62                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  21640BP      DEALING IN SECONDHAND GOODS W/O LICE      M                                                                           
  21642(A)BP   SECONDHAND DEALER/LICENSE VIOLATION       M                                                                           
  21650.1VC    OPR BIKE:RD/ETC:WRONG WAY                 I                                                                           
  21650VC      FAIL TO DRIVE ON RT HALF OF ROADWAY       I                                                                           
  21651(A)(2)  MAKE LT TURN OVER CENTER DIVIDER          I                                                                           
  21651(A)1VC  DRIVING ON CENTER DIVIDER                 I                                                                           
  21651(A)2VC  MAKE LEFT/U-TURN OVER CENTER DIVIDER      I                                                                           
  21651(B)VC   DRIVE THE WRONG WAY ON DIVIDED HIGHWAY    M                                                                           
  21651(C)VC   DRIV WRONG WAY ON FREEWAY CAUSE INJ/      B                                                                           
  21651VC      DRIVING TO LEFT OF DIVIDED HIGHWAY        I                                                                           
  21652BP      JUNK DEALER/ETC BUY FROM UNAUTH PERS      M                                                                           
  21652VC      SERV ROAD ENTR ADJ HWY OTHR OPENING       I                                                                           
  21653BP      JUNK DEALER ILLEGALLY RESELLING PROP      B                                                                           
  21654(A)VC   SLOWER VEHICLE IN LEFT LANE(S)            I                                                                           
  21655.5(B)V  FAIL TO OBEY SIGN-EXCLUSV LANES           I                                                                           
  21655.5VC    ILLEGAL USE OF CARPOOL LANE               I                                                                           
  21655.8AVC   CROSSING OVER DOUBLE LINES                I                                                                           
  21655.8VC    CROSSING OVER PRINTED DIVIDER             I                                                                           
  21655(B)VC   DESIGNATED LANES FOR SLOWER TRAFFIC       I                                                                           
  21656VC      SLOW VEH/FAIL USE SIGN TURNOUT            I                                                                           
  21657VC      DRIVING AGAINST TRAFFIC/ONE-WAY STREET    I                                                                           
  21658(A)VC   CHANGE LANED ROADWAY WHEN SAFE            I                                                                           
  21658(B)VC   DESIGNATE LANE/FAIL TO OBEY SIGN          I                                                                           
  21659VC      VIOLATION OF 3-LANE HIGHWAY REGULATI      I                                                                           
  21660VC      VIOLATION OF PASS/YIELD REGULATIONS       I                                                                           
  21661VC      DESCEND NARROW GRADE/YIELD VEH            I                                                                           
  21662(B)VC   USE HORN FOR WRNING BLND CURVE            I                                                                           
  21663(B)BP   REPORT OF PROPERTY OFFERED                M                                                                           
  21663VC      DRIVING ON SIDEWALK                       I                                                                           
  21664VC      ON-RAMP/DRIVING WRONG WAY                 I                                                                           
  21665(A)BP   SWAP MEET OPERATOR FAIL TO RETAIN RE      M                                                                           
  21665(B)BP   SWAP MEET VENDOR FAIL HAVE REPORT AV      M                                                                           
  21669(A)1BP  OPER SWAP MEET ON GOVT PROP W/O VALI      M                                                                           
  21672(B)BP   SELL CUT/ETC SPORTS TRADING CARD          M                                                                           
  217.1(A)PC   ASSAULT PUBLIC OFFICIAL                   F                                                                           
  217.1(B)PC   ATTEMPT MURDER ON PUBLIC OFFICIAL         F                                                                           
  21700VC      DRIVE WHILE VIEW OBSTRUCTED               I                                                                           
  21701VC      INTERFERING WITH DRIVERS CONTROL          I                                                                           
  21702(A)VC   DRIVER NOT TO EXCEED 10 HRS DRIV TIME     I                                                                           
  21702(B)VC   DRIVING HOURS EXCEED 12 HRS               M                                                                           
  21703VC      FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY                     I                                                                           
  21704(A)VC   DISTANCE BTWN TRUCKS 300'2-LANE HWY       I                                                                           

  PAGE    63                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  21705VC      CARAVAN MAIN 100' DISTANCE VEH            I                                                                           
  21706VC      FOLLOW WITHIN 300FT OF EMERG VEHICLE      I                                                                           
  21707VC      FIRE AREA/OPRTE VEH W/IN 300'             I                                                                           
  21708VC      FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY                     I                                                                           
  21709VC      SAFETY ZONE/DRIVING THROUGH               I                                                                           
  21710PC      MFG/IMPORT/SELL COMPOSITE/WOODEN KNUCKLE  M                                                                           
  21710VC      COAST IN NEUTRAL ON DOWNGRADE             I                                                                           
  21711VC      TOWED VEH/WHIP/SWERV/FAIL TRACK           I                                                                           
  21712(A)VC   PERMIT PERSON TO RIDE WHERE UNLAWFUL      I                                                                           
  21712(B)VC   RIDE IN VEH PORTION NOT FOR PASSENGERS    I                                                                           
  21712(D)VC   RIDING IN TRAILER UNLAWFULLY              I                                                                           
  21712(E)VC   UNLAW TOW OF BICYCLE/SKIS/SLED            I                                                                           
  21713VC      PRIVATE OWNED ARMOR CAR W/O CHP LICE      M                                                                           
  21715(A)VC   PASSENGER VEH TOW MORE THAN 1 VEH         I                                                                           
  21715(B)VC   MTR VEH UND 4000LB TOW 6000LB             I                                                                           
  21716VC      OPERATE GOLF CART IN ZONE ABOVE 25MPH     I                                                                           
  21717VC      MTR VEH TURN ACROSS BIKE LANE             I                                                                           
  21718(A)VC   STOP/PARK ON FREEWAY                      I                                                                           
  21750VC      FAIL TO SAFELY PASS TO LEFT               I                                                                           
  21751VC      OVERTAKE VEH/PASS W/O SUFF CLEARANCE      I                                                                           
  21752(A)VC   DRIVE ON LEFT SIDE OF ROADWAY             I                                                                           
  21752VC      DRIVE LEFT SIDE VIOLATION                 I                                                                           
  21753VC      OVERTAKE VEH/NOT MOVE TO RIGHT            I                                                                           
  21754VC      UNLAWFULLY PASSING ON RIGHT               I                                                                           
  21755VC      PASSING ON RIGHT WHEN SAFE                I                                                                           
  21756(A)VC   PASS STRTCR/RECVE/DISCHARG PASG           I                                                                           
  21756(B)VC   PASS STREETCAR AT UNSAFE SPEED            I                                                                           
  21756(C)VC   PASS TROLLEY COACH/UNSAFE SPEED           I                                                                           
  21757VC      PASS STREET CAR ON LEFT SIDE              I                                                                           
  21758VC      PASSING TOO SLOWLY ON GRADE               I                                                                           
  21759VC      PASS ANIMALS/STOP/REDUCE SPEED            I                                                                           
  218.1PC      OBSTRUCTING RR TRACK                      B                                                                           
  218PC        ATTEMPT TRAIN WRECKING                    F                                                                           
  21800(A)VC   YIELD TO FIRST VEH UNCONTROLLED INTRSCTN  I                                                                           
  21800(B)(1)  FAIL TO YIELD RIGHT-OF-WAY                I                                                                           
  21800(B)VC   UNCNTRL INTRSC/YIELD VEH RIGHT            I                                                                           
  21800(C)VC   FAIL TO YIELD RIGHT-OF-WAY                I                                                                           
  21801(A)VC   LEFT TURN RIGHT OF WAY                    I                                                                           
  21801(B)VC   FAIL TO YIELD TO TURNING VEHICLE          I                                                                           
  21802(A)VC   YIELD TO THROUGH TRAFFIC                  I                                                                           
  21802(B)VC   FAIL TO YIELD/VEH NOT A HAZARD            I                                                                           
  21803(A)VC   YIELD SIGNS/YIELD WHEN SAFE               I                                                                           

  PAGE    64                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  21803(B)VC   FAIL TO YIELD/VEH NOT A HAZARD            I                                                                           
  21804(A)VC   FAIL TO YIELD                             I                                                                           
  21804(B)VC   FAILURE TO YIELD                          I                                                                           
  21804VC      ENTER HWY/YIELD RIGHT OF WAY TO TRAFFIC   I                                                                           
  21805(B)VC   EQUSTRN CROSSING/FAIL YIELD DRIV          I                                                                           
  21805(C)VC   HRSBCK RIDR PROCD IN PATH VEH             I                                                                           
  21806(A)VC   FAIL TO YIELD TO EMERGENCY VEH BY VEH     I                                                                           
  21806(B)VC   EMERG VEH/MTRMAN FAIL TO YIELD            I                                                                           
  21806(C)VC   EMERG VEH/PEDEST FAIL TO YIELD            I                                                                           
  21810PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSESS METAL KNUCKLE  B                                                                           
  219.1PC      THROW OBJECT AT COMMON CARRIER VEHICLE    F                                                                           
  219.2PC      THROW OBJECT AT PASSENGER VEHICLE         F                                                                           
  219.3PC      THROW OBJECT FROM TOLL BRIDGE             M                                                                           
  219PC        TRAIN WRECKING                            F                                                                           
  2190FG       KEEP WILD ANIMAL W/O PERMIT               M                                                                           
  21950(A)VC   FAIL TO YIELD/PEDESTRIAN IN CROSSWALK     I                                                                           
  21950(B)VC   PED RUN IN FRONT OF VEHICLE               I                                                                           
  21951VC      PASSING VEH STOPPED FOR PEDESTRIAN        I                                                                           
  21952VC      SIDWLK/FAIL TO YIELD TO PEDEST            I                                                                           
  21953VC      PEDEST YIELD PRTECT CROSS AVLB            I                                                                           
  21954(A)VC   PEDESTRIAN YIELD RT OF WAY TO TRAFFIC     I                                                                           
  21955VC      JAYWALKING                                I                                                                           
  21956VC      PEDESTRAIN WALKING ON WRONG SIDE OF ROAD  I                                                                           
  21957VC      HITCHHIKING IN ROADWAY                    I                                                                           
  21959VC      SKIING OR TOBGGANING                      I                                                                           
  21960VC      PEDESTRIAN ON FREEWAY                     M                                                                           
  21963VC      FAIL YIELD RIGHT-OF-WAY TO BLIND PED      M                                                                           
  21964VC      PERSN N/BLIND CARRY WHITE CANE            I                                                                           
  21970(A)VC   STOPPING/BLOCKING CROSSWALK               I                                                                           
  220(A)(1)PC  ASSAULT WITH INTENT TO COMMIT A FELONY    F                                                                           
  220(A)(2)PC  ASSULT W/INTENT - VICTIM UNDER 18         F                                                                           
  220(A)PC     ASSAULT W/INTENT                          F                                                                           
  220(B)PC     ASSAULT W/INTENT DURING BURGLARY          F                                                                           
  220PC        ASSAULT TO COMMIT RAPE                    F                                                                           
  220PC203     ASSAULT TO COMMIT MAYHEM                  F                                                                           
  220PC211     ASSAULT, COMMIT ROBBERY                   F                                                                           
  220PC261     ASSAULT TO COMMIT RAPE                    F                                                                           
  220PC264.1   ASSAULT TO RAPE IN CONCERT W/FORCE/VIOL   F                                                                           
  220PC286     ASSAULT TO COMMIT SODOMY                  F                                                                           
  220PC288     ASSAULT/COMMIT LEWD/LACIVIOUS ACT/CHILD   F                                                                           
  220PC288A    ASSAULT TO COMMIT ORAL COPULATION         F                                                                           
  220PC289     ASSAULT TO PENETRATE W/FOREIGN OBJECT     F                                                                           

  PAGE    65                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  22010PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSESS ANY NUNCHAKU   B                                                                           
  221PC        ASSAULT TO COMMIT OTHER FELONY            F                                                                           
  22100.5VC    WRONG LANE UTURN VIOL                     I                                                                           
  22100(A)VC   RIGHT TURN ONTO HIGHWAY                   I                                                                           
  22100(B)VC   LEFT TURN ONTO HIGHWAY                    I                                                                           
  22101(D)VC   DISOBEY TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE            I                                                                           
  22102VC      ILLEGAL U-TURN IN BUSINESS DISTRICT       I                                                                           
  22103VC      ILLEGAL U-TURN IN RESIDENTIAL DIST        I                                                                           
  22104VC      ILLEGAL TURN NEAR FIRE STATION            I                                                                           
  22105VC      UNSAFE U-TURN                             I                                                                           
  22106VC      UNSAFE STARTING/BACKING                   I                                                                           
  22107VC      UNSAFE TURN/NO SIGNAL                     I                                                                           
  22108VC      INSUFFICIENT SIGNAL DURATION              I                                                                           
  22109VC      FAILURE TO SIGNAL A STOP                  I                                                                           
  22110(A)VC   FAIL TO USE SIGNAL LAMPS                  I                                                                           
  22110(B)VC   FAIL TO USE PROPER HAND SIGNALS           I                                                                           
  22111(A)VC   LEFT TURN HAND SIGNAL IMPROPER            I                                                                           
  22111(B)VC   RIGHT TURN HAND SIGNAL IMPROPER           I                                                                           
  22111(C)VC   STOP HAND SIGNAL IMPROPER GIVE            I                                                                           
  22112(A)VC   SCHOOL BUS DRIVER FAIL TO SIGNAL PRO      I                                                                           
  22112(B)VC   SCHOOL BUS DRIVER FAIL TO SIGNAL PRO      I                                                                           
  22112(C)VC   SCHOOL BUS DRIVER FAIL TO SIGNAL PRO      I                                                                           
  22112(D)VC   SCHOOL BUS DRIVER FAIL TO SIGNAL PRO      I                                                                           
  22179BP      NONCONFORMING MARK GOLD/ETC TOLERANC      M                                                                           
  22180BP      NONCONFORMING TRADEMARK:GOLD/ETC          M                                                                           
  22181BP      NONCONFORMING MARK                        M                                                                           
  222PC        GIVE DRUGS TO AID IN FELONY               F                                                                           
  22210PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSES LEADED CANE/ET  B                                                                           
  22256(A)BP   TAX PREPARER VIOLATION                    M                                                                           
  223LC        FAIL TO ABIDE BY WAGE SCALE               M                                                                           
  2234(E)BP    PHYSICIAN/SURGEON DISHONEST/CORRUPT       M                                                                           
  22348(A)VC   EXCEED MAXIMUM 55 MPH SPEED LIMIT         I                                                                           
  22348(B)VC   DRIVE IN EXCESS OF 100 MPH                I                                                                           
  22348(C)VC   ILLEGAL USE OF BUS/SCHOOL/ETC LANE        I                                                                           
  22349(A)VC   MAXIUM SPEED LIMIT 65 MPH                 I                                                                           
  22349(B)VC   MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT 55MPH                 I                                                                           
  22349VC      MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT - 65 MPH              M                                                                           
  22350VC      UNSAFE SPEED FOR PREVAILING CONDITIONS    I                                                                           
  22356(B)VC   EXCEED MAXIMUM POSTED SPEED LIMIT         I                                                                           
  22356VC      MAXIMUM SPEED 70 MPH WHEN POSTED          I                                                                           
  224P(A)CI    ADVERTISE ADOPTION PLACEMENT W/O A L      M                                                                           
  224P(B)CI    ADOPTION PLACEMENT W/O A LICENSE          M                                                                           

  PAGE    66                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  22400(A)VC   IMPEDING NORMAL TRAFFIC                   I                                                                           
  22400(B)VC   MINIMUM SPEEDBELOW SIGN LIMIT             I                                                                           
  22405(A)VC   SPEEDING ON BRIDGE/TUNNEL                 M                                                                           
  22406.1VC    COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SPEEDING               M                                                                           
  22406.5VC    DRIVE TANK/TRNSPRT 500 GAL FLAM           I                                                                           
  22406(A)VC   TRUCK/TRACTOR SPEED LIMIT 55 MPH          I                                                                           
  22406(B)VC   CAR/BUS TOWING ANY VEH., 55 MPH           I                                                                           
  22406(D)VC   VIOLATE 55 MPH SPEED LIMIT                I                                                                           
  22407VC      EXCEED MAX POSTED SPEED LIMIT             I                                                                           
  2241BP       FURNISH/ETC DRUGS/ETC TO ADDICT           M                                                                           
  22410PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSESS ANY SHURIKEN   B                                                                           
  22410VC      METAL TIRE VEH EXCEED 6 MPH               I                                                                           
  2242(A)BP    PRESCRIBE DRUGS W/O GOOD FAITH            M                                                                           
  22430BP      UNLAWFUL SALE OF DECEPTIVE ID             B                                                                           
  22435.1BP    TAKE MARKED CART FR RETAIL ESTABLISH      M                                                                           
  22435.11(B)  FAIL PROVIDE SHOP CART RETRVAL RECRD      M                                                                           
  22435.11ABP  UNAUTHORIZED RETRIEVAL OF SHOPPING C      M                                                                           
  22435.11BP   RETRIEVE SHOPPING CART W/O PROPER AUTH    M                                                                           
  22435.12BP   USE UNIDENTIFIED VEH/RETRIEVE SHOP CART   M                                                                           
  22435.2ABP   REMOVE SHOPPING/LAUNDRY CART              M                                                                           
  22435.2BBP   UNAUTH POSS OF SHOPPING/LAUNDRY CART      M                                                                           
  22435.2BP    STEAL/POSSESS SHOPPING CART               M                                                                           
  22435.2CBP   POSS CART/ETC W/NUMBERS REMOVED/ALTE      M                                                                           
  22435.2DBP   LEAVE ABANDON CART                        M                                                                           
  22435.2EBP   ALTER/ETC SHOPPING/LAUNDRY CART           M                                                                           
  22435.2FBP   POSSESS SHOPPING CART                     M                                                                           
  22435BP      POSSESSION OF SHOPPING CART               M                                                                           
  22440BP      ILL ENGAGE IN BUS OF IMMIGRATION CON      M                                                                           
  22442.2ABP   FAIL DISPLAY IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT       M                                                                           
  22442.2BBP   FAIL PROVIDE IMMIGRTN CONSULTNT DISC      M                                                                           
  22442(A)BP   FAIL TO PROVIDE CLIENT W/CONTRACT         M                                                                           
  22442(B)BP   CONTRACT STATING NOT ATTORNEY             M                                                                           
  22442(E)BP   NOT ADVISE RIGHT TO RESCIND               M                                                                           
  22443.1ABP   IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT W/O OBTAIN BO      M                                                                           
  22443BP      KEEP CLIENT'S ORIGINAL DOCUMENT           M                                                                           
  22444(A)BP   MAKE FALSE STATEMENT TO CLIENT            M                                                                           
  22444(B)BP   MAKE GUARANTEE/PROMISE TO CLIENT          M                                                                           
  22444(C)BP   MAKE STATEMENT IMMIGRATION/FAVOR          M                                                                           
  22450(A)VC   UNSAFE SPEED/BRIDGE, STRUCTURE, TUNNEL    I                                                                           
  22450VC      FAIL TO STOP AT LIMIT LINE                I                                                                           
  22451(A)VC   FAIL TO STOP AT RAILROAD CROSS SIGNAL     I                                                                           
  22451(B)VC   DRIVE THRU CLOSED R/R CROSSING GATE       I                                                                           

  PAGE    67                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  22452(B)VC   RR CROSSING/CERTAIN VAH MUST STOP         I                                                                           
  22454(A)VC   PAS/ETC SCH BUS FLASH RED                 I                                                                           
  22454VC      FAIL TO OBEY RED SCHOOL BUS LIGHTS        I                                                                           
  22455(A)VC   FAIL TO STOP BEFORE SELLING               I                                                                           
  22456(D)VC   ICE CREAM TRUCK OBSTRUCT VIEW             I                                                                           
  225.5(A)ST   VENDING AT VISTA POINT                    M                                                                           
  225PC        DUEL                                      F                                                                           
  22500(A)VC   ILLEGAL PARK - INTERSECTION               I                                                                           
  22500(B)VC   PARK UNLAWFULLY ON CROSSWALK              I                                                                           
  22500(C)VC   PARK UNLAWFULLY ADJACENT SAFE ZONE        I                                                                           
  22500(D)VC   PARK UNLAW 15' FIRE STAT DRIVEWAY         I                                                                           
  22500(E)VC   PARK UNLAW BLOCKING A DRIVEWAY            I                                                                           
  22500(F)VC   ILLEGAL PARK - ON SIDEWALK                I                                                                           
  22500(G)VC   PARK UNLAW BLOCKING EXCAVATION            I                                                                           
  22500(H)VC   ILLEGAL PARK - DOUBLE PARKING             I                                                                           
  22502(A)VC   PARKED PARALLEL, MORE THAN 18 INCHES      I                                                                           
  22505(B)VC   ILLEGAL PARKING                           I                                                                           
  22507.8AVC   PARK IN SPACE FOR DISABLE                 I                                                                           
  22507.8C1VC  FAIL TO PARK W/IN BOUNDARIES              I                                                                           
  22513(B)VC   TOW TRUCK OWNR/OPR SOLICIT TOW VEH N      M                                                                           
  22513(C)VC   TOW TRUCK OWNR MOVE VEH FR PUB RD NO      M                                                                           
  22514VC      PARK/ETC BY FIRE HYDRANT                  I                                                                           
  22515(A)VC   CAR UNATTENDED W/ENGINE RUNNING           I                                                                           
  22515(B)VC   FAIL TO SET BRAKE ON UNATTENDED VEHI      I                                                                           
  22516VC      LOCK VEH W/PERSON CANNOT ESCAPE           I                                                                           
  22520.5AVC   VENDING--FREEWAY RIGHTOF WAY              B                                                                           
  22520.5A1VC  VENDING ON FWY RIGHT OF WAY               B                                                                           
  22520.5A2VC  VENDING W/I 500FT. FWY RAMP               B                                                                           
  22520.5A3VC  PED SOLICT W/IN 500FT OF FWY              B                                                                           
  22520.6AVC   VEND/ETC:HWY RESTSTOP/ETC                 I                                                                           
  22523(A)VC   ABANDON VEHICLE ON HIGHWAY                I                                                                           
  22523VC      ABANDON VEHICLE ON HIWAY                  I                                                                           
  22526(A)VC   INTERSECT/ETC:NO CLEARANCE                I                                                                           
  22526(B)VC   BLOCK INTERSECT/CROSSWALK DURING TUR      I                                                                           
  22526(C)VC   BLOCKING RAIL TRANSIT CROSSING            I                                                                           
  2254CC       FALSE STATEMENT ABOUT CORPORATION         F                                                                           
  2255(A)CC    OMMISSION OF MAT'L ENTRY W/INT TO DE      B                                                                           
  2255(B)CC    FALSIFICATION OF CORPORATION DOCUMEN      B                                                                           
  226.6LC      FAIL TO PROVIDE STATEMENT OF WAGES        M                                                                           
  226(A)LC     FAIL TO FURN WAGE/ETC STATEMT TO EMP      M                                                                           
  226(B)(1)FG  IMPORT AQUATIC ANIMAL W/O PERMIT          M                                                                           
  226PC        DUEL WHEN DEATH ENSUES (PUNISHMENT)       F                                                                           

  PAGE    68                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  2261VC       IMPERSONATE CHP OFFICER                   I                                                                           
  22610(A)PC   POSS/PURCHASE STUN GUN BY CONVICTED FELO  B                                                                           
  22610(B)PC   PURCHASE/POSS/USE STUN GUN BY DRUG ADDIC  M                                                                           
  22610(C)1PC  SELL/FURN ST/GUN TO MINOR W/O PRNT CONSN  M                                                                           
  22610(D)PC   MINOR IN POSSESSION STUN GUN              M                                                                           
  22615(A)PC   POSSESS STUN GUN W/O MFG'S NUMBER         M                                                                           
  22615(B)PC   POSSESS STUN GUN W/O SERIAL NUMBER        M                                                                           
  22625(A)PC   STUN GUN SOLD W/OUT INSTRUCTIONAL BOOKLE  M                                                                           
  2264BP       AID AND ABET UNLICENSED PERSON            M                                                                           
  22658(A)VC   IMPROPER VEHICLE REMOVAL                  M                                                                           
  22658(H)VC   UNLAWFUL CHARGING OF TOW FEE              M                                                                           
  227LC        FAIL TO MAKE PAYMENTS TO EMPLOYEE         M                                                                           
  227PC        DUEL (PUNISHMENT)                         F                                                                           
  2271(A)FG    IMPORT LIVE AQUATIC PLANT/ANIMAL          M                                                                           
  2271FG       IMPORT TIGER SALAMANDER                   M                                                                           
  22753(A)BP   UNAUTH POSSESSION OF GROCERY PALLET/      B                                                                           
  22753(1)BP   UNAUTH POSSESSION OF GROCERY PALLET/      B                                                                           
  22810(A)PC   ILLEGAL POSS. TEAR GAS BY SPECIFIC FELON  B                                                                           
  22810(B)PC   ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF TEAR GAS BY NARCOT  B                                                                           
  22810(D)PC   ILLEGAL POSS TEAR GAS BY MINOR            B                                                                           
  22810(G)1PC  ILLEGAL USE OF TEAR GAS/TEAR GAS WEAPON   B                                                                           
  22810(G)2PC  ILLEGAL USE OF TEAR GAS/TEAR GAS WEAPON   B                                                                           
  2285BP       FAIL TO USE LICENSE FICT BUSINESS NA      M                                                                           
  22852.5(B)V  OBTAIN VEHICLE UNDER LIEN BY FRAUD/ETC    M                                                                           
  22852.5BVC   OBTAIN VEHICLE SUBJECT OF LIEN BY FR      M                                                                           
  229PC        POSTING FOR NOT FIGHTING DUEL             M                                                                           
  22900PC      SELL/POSS/TRANS TEAR GAS/TEAR GAS WEAPON  M                                                                           
  22910(A)PC   ALTERATION OF TEAR GAS WEAPON ID MARK     B                                                                           
  230(G)(1)FG  FAIL TO RETURN FISH TO WATER ALIVE        M                                                                           
  230(G)(5)FG  FAIL TO HAVE WEIGH-INS WITHIN SIX HO      M                                                                           
  231PC        LEAVE STATE TO DUEL                       F                                                                           
  23101(A)VC   DRUNK DRIVING/DEATH OR INJURY             F                                                                           
  23101(B)VC   DRUNK DRIVING/DEATH OR INJURY             F                                                                           
  23102(A)VC   DRUNK DRIVING                             M                                                                           
  23102(B)VC   MISD DRUNK DRIVING NOT ON HWY             M                                                                           
  23103.5VC    RECKLESS DRIVING W/INDICATION OF ALCOHOL  X                                                                           
  23103(A)VC   RECKLESS DRIVING                          M                                                                           
  23103(B)VC   RECKLESS DRIVING IN PARKING LOT           M                                                                           
  23103A23104  RECKLESS DRIVING ON HWY CAUSING BODY INJ  M                                                                           
  23103A23105  RECKLESS DRIVING W/SPECIFIED  INJURY      B                                                                           
  23103VC      RECKLESS DRIVING                          M                                                                           
  23104(A)VC   RECKLESS DRIVING W/INJURY                 M                                                                           

  PAGE    69                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  23104(B)VC   RECKLESS DRIVING CAUSING GBI W/PRIOR      F                                                                           
  23105(A)VC   DRIVING UNDER INFLUENCE DRUGS             M                                                                           
  23105(C)VC   NON-NARCOTIC DRUG DRIVING                 M                                                                           
  23106VC      DUI DRUGS/DEATH                           F                                                                           
  23109.1AVC   SPEED CONTEST W/INJURY                    B                                                                           
  23109(A)VC   ILLEGAL SPEED CONTESTS                    M                                                                           
  23109(B)VC   ILLEGAL EXHIBITION OF SPEED               M                                                                           
  23109(C)VC   BLOCK ROAD FOR SPEED CONTEST              M                                                                           
  23109(D)VC   PLACING BARRICADE ON A HIGHWAY            M                                                                           
  23109BVCESC  AIDE/ABET SPEED CONTEST                   M                                                                           
  23109CVCAID  AIDE/ABET SPEED EXHIBITN                  M                                                                           
  23110(A)VC   THROW SUBSTANCE AT VEHICLE                M                                                                           
  23110(B)VC   THROW SUBSTANCE AT VEHICLE W/GBI INTENT   F                                                                           
  23111VC      THROW LITTER ON HIGHWAY                   I                                                                           
  23112.5AVC   DUMPING HAZARDOUS MATERIAL                M                                                                           
  23112.5VC    DUMPING HAZARDOUS MATERIAL                M                                                                           
  23112(A)VC   LITTERBUG-GLASS/TRASH ON HIGHWAY          I                                                                           
  23112VC      DUMPING ON HIGHWAY                        I                                                                           
  23114(A)VC   SPILL LOAD ON HIGHWAY                     M                                                                           
  23114(B)VC   ILL TRANSPORT AGGREGATE MATERIAL ON       M                                                                           
  23114(B)1VC  ILLEGAL TRANSP OF AGGREGATE MATL ON       M                                                                           
  23114(B)2VC  IMPROP EQUIP VEH,TRANSP AGGREGATE MA      M                                                                           
  23114(C)VC   TRANSPORT AGGREGATE MATERIAL W/O COV      M                                                                           
  23114(E)VC   AGGREGATE MATERIAL FAILURE TO COVER       M                                                                           
  23114(E)1VC  TRANSPORT AGGREGATE MATERIAL W/O COV      M                                                                           
  23114(E)4VC  AGGREGATE MATERIAL, FAILURE TO COVER      M                                                                           
  23114B2AVC   IMPROP FCT SEALS IN TRANSP AGGREGATE      M                                                                           
  23114B2BVC   TRANSP AGGREGAT MATL W/O PROP SPLASH      M                                                                           
  23114B2DVC   FENDERS REQUIRED                          M                                                                           
  23114B2EVC   TRANSP AGGREGAT MATL W/O COMPL ENCLO      M                                                                           
  23114B2FVC   IMPROP USE SHED BOARD,TRANSP AGGREGA      M                                                                           
  23114VC      SPILL LOAD OTHER THAN WATER/FEATHERS      I                                                                           
  23115(A)VC   FAIL COVER RUBBISH LOAD SPILL/FALL V      I                                                                           
  23116(A)VC   TRANSP MINOR IN BACK OF TRUCK             I                                                                           
  23116(B)VC   RIDING IN/ON BACK OF TRUCK ON HIGHWA      I                                                                           
  23116VC      PASSENGER IN BED OF P/U TRUCK             I                                                                           
  23121VC      DRINKING IN MOTOR VEH. ON HWY             I                                                                           
  23122VC      POSSESSION OF OPEN CONTAINER              M                                                                           
  23123.5AVC   MINOR DRIVING WITH ALCOHOL                I                                                                           
  23123.5BVC   MINOR PASSENGER POSS ALCOHOL IN VEH       I                                                                           
  23123(A)VC   DRIVE VEHICLE WHILE USING WIRELESS PHONE  I                                                                           
  23123VC      STORAGE OF OPEN CONTAINER                 I                                                                           

  PAGE    70                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  23127VC      OPERATE MOTOR VEHICLE ON BIKING TRAIL     M                                                                           
  23130(A)VC   VEH IN EXCESS OF SPECIFIED NOISE LIMITS   I                                                                           
  23136(A)VC   UNDER AGE 21 DRIV VEH W/BLD-ALHOL .01+    I                                                                           
  23136VC      DUI -21:ALC SCREENING .01                 I                                                                           
  23140(A)VC   MINOR DUI W/BLOOD ALCOHOL OF .05 OR MORE  I                                                                           
  23140VC      MINOR DUI W/BLOOD ALCOHOL OF .05 OR MORE  I                                                                           
  23152(A)VC   DUI ALCOHOL/DRUGS                         F                                                                           
  23152(B)VC   DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENT                  M                                                                           
  23152(C)VC   ADDICT DRIVE VEHICLE                      M                                                                           
  23152(D)PC   DRIVING COMMERCIAL VEH W/.04 BLOOD/A      F                                                                           
  23152(D)VC   DRIVE COMM VEHICLE W/.04 BLOOD/ALCOHOL    M                                                                           
  23152(E)VC   DUI .04 OR MORE BAC PASS FOR HIRE         B                                                                           
  23152(F)VC   DUI OF ANY DRUG                           B                                                                           
  23152(G)VC   DUI OF COMBINED DRUG & ALCOHOL INFL       M                                                                           
  23153(A)VC   DUI ALCOHOL/DRUGS CAUSING BODILY INJURY   F                                                                           
  23153(B)VC   DUI 0.08 ALCOHOL CAUSING BODILY INJURY    F                                                                           
  23153(D)VC   DUI:ALC .04 %:COMMERCIAL VEH:CAUSING      F                                                                           
  23153(E)VC   DUI OF A DRUG CAUSING INJURY              F                                                                           
  23153(F)VC   DUI OF A DRUG CAUSING INJURY              B                                                                           
  23153(G)VC   DUI                                       F                                                                           
  23153BVCAWI  DUI .10 ALCOHOL W/GBI                     F                                                                           
  23153VC      DUI ALCOHOL/DRUGS WITH OR W/O 2/LESS PRS  F                                                                           
  23159VC      FAIL TO SUBMIT TO CHEMICAL TEST           M                                                                           
  23175.5AVC   DUI WITH PRIOR CONVICTIONS                F                                                                           
  23175.5VC    DUI W/IN 10 YR:PR FEL DUI                 B                                                                           
  23175(A)VC   DUI W/PRIOR SPECIFIC CONVICTIONS          F                                                                           
  23175VC      DRUNK DRIVING W/3+ PRIORS W/IN 7 YRS      F                                                                           
  232PC        DUELING DISFRANCHISE                      F                                                                           
  23208(A)VC   DUI DRIVING OVER SPEED LIMIT              M                                                                           
  23220VC      DRINK WHILE DRIVING                       I                                                                           
  23221VC      DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE IN VEH ON HWY    I                                                                           
  23222(A)VC   POSSESS OPEN CONTAINER WHILE DRIVING      I                                                                           
  23222(B)VC   POSSESS MARIJUAN 1OZ/LESS WHILE DRIVING   M                                                                           
  23223(A)VC   DRIVER POSS OPEN CONTAINER                I                                                                           
  23223(B)VC   POSS OF OPEN CONTAINER BY PASSENGER PROH  I                                                                           
  23223VC      POSSESS OPEN CONTAINER IN MOTOR VEHICLE   I                                                                           
  23224(A)VC   TRANS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE BY MINOR         M                                                                           
  23224(B)VC   PASSENGER/MINOR POSSESS ALCOHOL IN VEH    M                                                                           
  23225(A)1VC  STORAGE OF OPENED RECEPTACLE              M                                                                           
  23225VC      STORAGE OF OPEN CONTAINER                 I                                                                           
  23226VC      OPEN CONTAINER IN PASSENGER COMPARTMENT   I                                                                           
  23247(A)VC   RENT VEH:PER W/IGNITN INTERLOCK DEV       M                                                                           

  PAGE    71                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  23247(B)VC   SOLICIT PERS BLOW INTERLOCK DEV/STAR      M                                                                           
  23247(C)VC   BLOW INTERLOCK DEV/START VEH:RESTRCT      M                                                                           
  23247(D)VC   TAMPER/ETC WITH IGNITION INTERLOCK D      M                                                                           
  23247(E)VC   DRIVE W/O INTERLOCK DEV                   M                                                                           
  23253VC      FAIL OBEY OFFCR AT TOLL HWY/VEH CROSSING  M                                                                           
  23300BP      SELL LIQUOR WITHOUT LICENSE               M                                                                           
  23301BP      SELL LIQUOR WITHOUT LICENSE               M                                                                           
  23332VC      PROHIBITED ENTRY ON NON-PUB VEH CROSSING  M                                                                           
  23336VC      VEH XING/ETC:SIGN/REG VIO                 I                                                                           
  23401BP      UNL PKG ALCOHL BEVERAGE IN PAPER CON      M                                                                           
  2353(A)FG    IMPORT/ETC WILDLIFE TO STATE W/O DEC      M                                                                           
  23550.5AVC   DUI WITH PRIOR CONVICTIONS                B                                                                           
  23550(A)VC   VC23152 CONVICTIONS WITH PRIORS           M                                                                           
  23550VC      FELONY FOR FOURTH DUI                     F                                                                           
  23582(A)VC   ADDITIONAL PENALTY FOR SPEED VIOLATI      M                                                                           
  236.1(A)PC   HUMAN TRAFFICKING                         F                                                                           
  236.1(B)PC   HUMAN TRAFFICKING - SEX                   F                                                                           
  236.1(C)PC   HUMAN TRAFFICKING - MINOR FOR SEX         F                                                                           
  236.1C1PC    HUMAN TRAFFICKING -  MINOR FOR SEX ACT    F                                                                           
  236.1C2PC    HUMAN TRAFFIC - MINOR FOR SEX FORCE/FEAR  F                                                                           
  236PC        FALSE IMPRISONMENT WITH/WITHOUT VIOLENCE  F                                                                           
  23601BP      DISORDERLY HOUSE                          M                                                                           
  237(A)PC     FALSE IMPRISON:VIOL/ETC                   B                                                                           
  237(B)PC     IMPRISON: ELD/ETC BY FORCE/FEAR ETC       F                                                                           
  237PC        FALSE IMPRISONMENT WITH/WITHOUT VIOLENCE  M                                                                           
  23790.5D1BP  SELL BEER/WINE WITHIN FIVE FEET OF D      M                                                                           
  23790.5D4BP  SELL BEER/WINE FROM ICE TUB               M                                                                           
  23900PC      CHG/ALTR/REMOV/OBLITERATE ID MARKS F/ARM  B                                                                           
  23920PC      POSSESS/SELL/ETC UNMARKED FIREARM         M                                                                           
  240-241.1PC  ASSAULT AGAINST CUSTODIAN                 M                                                                           
  240-241BPC   ASSAULT ON POLICE OFF ON DUTY             M                                                                           
  240-241PC    VIOLATION INJURY/PUNISHMENT AGAINST       M                                                                           
  240-242PC    ASSAULT AND BATTERY                       M                                                                           
  240/241BPC   ASSAULT ON POLICE OFFICER ON DUTY         M                                                                           
  240/241CPC   ASSAULT                                   M                                                                           
  240/241PC    ASSAULT ON PEACE OFFICER/ETC              M                                                                           
  240/242PC    ASSAULT AND BATTERY                       M                                                                           
  240APOPC     ASSUALT P.O.?EMERGENCY PERSONNEL/ETC      M                                                                           
  240PC        ASSAULT PO/EMERGENCY PERSONNEL            M                                                                           
  240PCAPO     ASSAULT P.O./EMERGENCY PERSONNEL/ETC      M                                                                           
  240PCAST     ASSAULT ON PERSON                         M                                                                           
  24002(A)VC   OPER VEH WITH IMMEDIATE SAFETY HAZZA      I                                                                           

  PAGE    72                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  24002(B)VC   OPERATE ILLEGALLY EQUIPPED VEHICLE        I                                                                           
  24002VC      UNSAFE CONDITION, LOAD OR EQUIP OF VEH    I                                                                           
  24003VC      UNLAWFUL LIGHTS OTHER THAN REQUIRED       I                                                                           
  24004VC      UNLAWFUL OPERATION OF VEHICLE             I                                                                           
  24005VC      SELL/ETC UNLAWF EQUIPMENT                 I                                                                           
  24008.5VC    VEHICLE FRAME LOWERED                     B                                                                           
  24008VC      MODIFIED CLEARANCE OF VEHICLE             I                                                                           
  2402.6(B)VC  VIOLATE FUEL SYSTEM CONTAINER REGULA      B                                                                           
  24046BP      FAILURE TO DISPLAY LICENSE                B                                                                           
  241.1PC      ASSAULT ON CUSTODIAL OFFICER              M                                                                           
  241.2(A)PC   ASSLT ON PERSON, SCHOOL/PARK PROPTY       M                                                                           
  241.2(A)1PC  ASSULT ON SCHOOL/PARK PROPERTY            M                                                                           
  241.2APCISP  ASLT PRSN ON SCHOOL PROP                  M                                                                           
  241.3(A)PC   ASLT PRSN:PUB TRANSP/ETC                  M                                                                           
  241.3PC      ASSAULT ON TRANSPORTATION PERSONNEL       M                                                                           
  241.4PC      ASSAULT ON SCHOOL DISTRICT PEACE OFFICER  M                                                                           
  241.6PC      ASSAULT ON SCHOOL EMPLOYEE                M                                                                           
  241.7PC      ASSAULT ON JURORS                         F                                                                           
  241(A)PC     ASSAULT ON PERSON                         M                                                                           
  241(B)PC     ASSAULT ON PEACE OFFICER/ETC              M                                                                           
  241(C)PC     ASSULT ON PEACE OFFICER/FIREFIGHTER/ETC   M                                                                           
  241/243PC    ASSAULT/BATTERY ON PEACE OFFICER/ETC      M                                                                           
  241PC        ASSAULT ON PEACE OFFICER                  B                                                                           
  24101.2HS    FAIL MAINT SANITARY PUBLIC SWIMMING       M                                                                           
  24101.3HS    FAIL MAINT SANITARY PUBLIC SWIMMING       M                                                                           
  2416(C)VC    MISUSE OF AUTH EMERGENCY VEHICLE PER      M                                                                           
  2416(D)VC    MISUSE AUTHORIZED EMERGENCY VEH PERMIT    M                                                                           
  242-243.1PC  ASSAULT PEACE OFFICER                     B                                                                           
  242-243.3PC  BATTERY ON TRANSPORTATION WORKER          M                                                                           
  242-243.6PC  BATTERY ON SCHOOL EMPLOYEE                M                                                                           
  242-243APC   BATTERY                                   M                                                                           
  242-243BPC   BATTERY ON PEACE OFFICER                  M                                                                           
  242-243CPC   BATTERY ON PEACE OFFICER ON DUTY          B                                                                           
  242-243C1PC  BATTERY ON PERSONNEL                      B                                                                           
  242-243DPC   BATTERY ON PERSON WITH INJURY             B                                                                           
  242-243EPC   VIOLENCE USED AGAINST FORMER SPOUSE       M                                                                           
  242/243(C)P  BATTERY ON A PEACE OFFICER - DUTY         M                                                                           
  242/243BPC   BATTERY ON PO/EMERGENCY PERSONNEL         M                                                                           
  242/243EPC   BATTERY PERSON W/DATING RELATION/FIANCE   M                                                                           
  242/243PC    BATTERY PO/ETC WITH/WITHOUT INJURY        B                                                                           
  242BATPC     BATTERY                                   B                                                                           
  242PC        BATTERY                                   F                                                                           

  PAGE    73                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  242PCBAT     BATTERY ON PERSON                         M                                                                           
  242PCBEP     BAT AGAINST PEACE OFFICER                 F                                                                           
  242PCBFS     BATTERY ON NONCOHABITATING FORMER SP      M                                                                           
  242PCBPO     BATTERY ON P.O./EMERGENCY PERSONEL/E      B                                                                           
  242PCBSD     BAT W/SERIOUS BODILY INJ                  M                                                                           
  242PCGBI     BATTERY WITH SERIOUS BODILY INJURY        F                                                                           
  242PCPOP     BAT:SPOUSE/EX SP/DATE/ETC                 M                                                                           
  242PCSBI     BAT EMERGENCY PERSON/ETC                  F                                                                           
  2420VC       MOTORCYCLE DLR SELL/FAIL TO FURN CERTIF   I                                                                           
  24200FC      ENGAGE IN FINANCE BUSINESS W/O LICEN      M                                                                           
  24250VC      NO LIGHTS DURING DARKNESS                 I                                                                           
  24252(A)VC   FAILURE TO MAINTAIN LIGHTING EQUIPME      I                                                                           
  24252(B)VC   LIGHTING EQUIPMENT                        I                                                                           
  243.1PC      BATTERY ON CUSTODIAL OFFICER              F                                                                           
  243.15PC     BATTERY ON NON-INMATE PERSON IN CUSTODY   B                                                                           
  243.2(A)PC   BATTERY ON PERSON ON SCHOOL PROPERTY      M                                                                           
  243.2(A)1PC  BATTERY ON SCHOOL/PARK/HOSPITAL GROU      M                                                                           
  243.2APCSCH  BATT PRSN ON SCHOOL PROP                  M                                                                           
  243.2PC      BATTERY ON PERSON ON SCHOOL PROPERTY      M                                                                           
  243.25PC     BATTERY ON ELDER/DEPENDENT ADULT          M                                                                           
  243.3PC      BATTERY:TRANSPORT PERSONEL W/WO INJURY    M                                                                           
  243.35(A)PC  BATT PRSN:PUB TRANSP/ETC                  M                                                                           
  243.4(A)PC   SEXUAL BATTERY                            F                                                                           
  243.4(B)PC   SEXUAL BATTERY:INSTITUTIONALIZED PERSON   F                                                                           
  243.4(C)PC   SEXUAL BATTERY:RESTRAINED PERSON          F                                                                           
  243.4(D)PC   SEXUAL BATTERY/PURPOSE OF SEXUAL AROUSAL  M                                                                           
  243.4(D)1PC  TOUCH PERSON INT AGAINST WILL/SEXUAL ARO  M                                                                           
  243.4(E)1PC  SEXUAL BATTERY TOUCHING INTIMATE          M                                                                           
  243.5(A)PC   ASSAULT/BATTERY: ON SCHOOL PROPERTY       M                                                                           
  243.5PC      ASSAULT OR BATTERY ON SCHOOL PROPERTY     M                                                                           
  243.6PC      BATTERY ON SCHOOL EMPLOYEE W/INJURY       B                                                                           
  243.6PCAPS   ASLT ON PROCESS SERVER                    M                                                                           
  243.7PC      BATTERY AGAINST A JUROR                   B                                                                           
  243.8(A)PC   BATTERY AGAINST SPORTS OFFICIAL           M                                                                           
  243.9(A)PC   BATTERY BY GASSING                        F                                                                           
  243.9(A)PC1  BATTERY GASSING PEACE OFC. MISD.          M                                                                           
  243.9(A)PC2  BATTERY GASSING NON-PEACE OFC. MISD       M                                                                           
  243.9(A)PC3  BATTERY GASSING PEACE OFC. FEL            F                                                                           
  243.9(A)PC4  BATTERY GASSING NON-PEACE OFC. FEL        F                                                                           
  243(A)PC     BATTERY ON PERSON                         M                                                                           
  243(B)PC     BATTERY ON PO/EMERGENCY PERSONNEL         M                                                                           
  243(C)(1)PC  BATTERY AGAINST EMERGENCY PERSON/ETC      M                                                                           

  PAGE    74                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  243(C)(2)PC  BATTERY W/INJURY ON PEACE OFFICER         F                                                                           
  243(C)PC     BATTERY ON PO/EMERGECY PERSONNEL W/INJUR  F                                                                           
  243(D)PC     BATTERY W/SERIOUS BODILY INJURY           M                                                                           
  243(E)(1)PC  BATTERY EX-SPOUSE/FIANCE/PERSON W/DATING  M                                                                           
  243(E)PC     BATTERY ON NONCOHABITG FORMER SPOUSE/ETC  M                                                                           
  243PC        BATTERY                                   M                                                                           
  24310PC      MFG/SELL/POSS ETC CAMOUFLAGE FIREARM CON  B                                                                           
  244.5(B)PC   ASSAULT WITH STUN GUN/TASER               F                                                                           
  244.5(C)PC   ASSAULT PO/FIREMAN WITH STUN GUN/TASER    F                                                                           
  244.5PC      ASSUALT WITH STUN GUN/TASER               F                                                                           
  244PC        ASSAULT WITH CAUSTIC CHEMICAL             F                                                                           
  24400(A)HS   FAIL COVER/FILL/ETC ABANDONED EXCAVA      M                                                                           
  24400(B)HS   PERMIT INACTIVE WELL/THREAT WATER QU      M                                                                           
  24400HS      ABANDONED EXCAVATION                      M                                                                           
  24400VC      2 HEADLAMPS REQUIRED AT NIGHT             I                                                                           
  24402(A)VC   AUXILIARY DRIVE LAMP VIOL                 I                                                                           
  24403VC      VIOLATION OF FOG LAMP REGULATIONS         I                                                                           
  24406VC      LIGHT DIMMER SWITCH VIOL                  I                                                                           
  24407(A)VC   HIGH BEAM PROJECT AT LEAST 350 FEET       I                                                                           
  24407(B)VC   LOWBEAM GLARE VIOLATION                   I                                                                           
  24408(A)VC   FAIL TO MAINTAIN HIGH BEAM LIGHTING       I                                                                           
  24408(B)VC   FAIL TO MAINTAIN HIGH BEAM LIGHTING       I                                                                           
  24409(A)VC   FAIL TO DIM HIGH BEAM LIGHTS              I                                                                           
  24410PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSESS CANE GUN       B                                                                           
  245.2PC      ADW ON TRANSPORTATION PERSONNEL           F                                                                           
  245.3PC      ADW W/GBI ON CUSTODIAL PERSONNEL          F                                                                           
  245.5(A)PC   ADW OTH THAN FIREARM/GBI ON SCH EMP       F                                                                           
  245.5(B)PC   ASSUALT W/FIREARM ON SCHOOL EMPLOYEE      F                                                                           
  245.5(C)PC   ASSUALT WITH STUN GUN/TASER ON SCH EMP    F                                                                           
  245.6(A)PC   HAZING                                    F                                                                           
  245.6PC      HAZING                                    B                                                                           
  245(A)(1)PC  ADW NO FIREARMS/GBI                       M                                                                           
  245(A)(2)PC  ADW WITH FIREARM ON PERSON                F                                                                           
  245(A)(3)PC  ASSAULT W/MACHINE GUN ON PERSON           F                                                                           
  245(A)(4)PC  ASSAULT LIKELY TO PRODUCE GBI             B                                                                           
  245(A)PC     ADW NO FIREARMS/GBI                       F                                                                           
  245(B)PC     ASSAULT W/SEMI-AUTO RIFLE ON PERSON       F                                                                           
  245(C)(2)PC  ADW PO/FIRE-FTR W/MACH GUN/ASLT WEAP      F                                                                           
  245(C)PC     ADW NOT FIREARM/GBI ON PEACE OFF/FIREMAN  F                                                                           
  245(C)PCGUN  ASLT PO/FIREMAN W/FIREARM                 F                                                                           
  245(D)(1)PC  ASSAULT W/FIREMAR PEACE OFF/FIREFIGHTER   F                                                                           
  245(D)(2)PC  ASSAULT W/SEMI-AUTO RIFLE PEACE OFF/FIRE  F                                                                           

  PAGE    75                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  245(D)(3)PC  ASSAULT W/MACHINE GUN/ETC PEACE OFF/FIRE  F                                                                           
  245(E)(1)PC  BATTERY EX-SPOUSE/PERSON W/DATING RELATI  M                                                                           
  245A(1)PC    ADW NO FIREARMS/GBI                       F                                                                           
  245A1PC      ADW NO FIREARMS/GBI                       F                                                                           
  245PC        ADW                                       F                                                                           
  24510PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/POSS ETC UNRECOGNIZE F/ARM  B                                                                           
  246.3(A)PC   DISCHARGE FIREARM IN PUBLIC               B                                                                           
  246.3(B)PC   DISCHARGE BB DEVICE                       M                                                                           
  246.3PC      DISCHARGE FIREARM IN NEGLIGENT MANNER     M                                                                           
  246PC        SHOOT AT INHABITED DWELLING/VEHICLE/ETC   F                                                                           
  24600(A)VC   TAIL LAMP-1 REQUIRED ALL SUCH VEHICL      I                                                                           
  24600(B)VC   TAILLAMPS - TWO REQUIRED                  I                                                                           
  24600(C)VC   TAIL LAMP-TWO ON ALL VEHICLES             I                                                                           
  24600(D)VC   TAIL LAMP WHEN 2 REQUIRED LEFT AND R      I                                                                           
  24600(E)VC   TAILLAMPS - RED, VISIBLE 500'             I                                                                           
  24600(F)VC   UNLAWFUL VEHICLE LIGHTING                 I                                                                           
  24600VC      TAILLAMP VIOLATIONS                       I                                                                           
  24601VC      LICENSE PLATE LIGHT CLEARLY VISIBLE       I                                                                           
  24602(A)VC   FOG TAIL LAMPS VIOL                       I                                                                           
  24603(A)VC   ILLEGAL STOPLAMPS                         I                                                                           
  24603(B)VC   STOPLAMP VIOLATION                        I                                                                           
  24603(E)VC   STOP LAMPS RED/AMBER VISIBLE 300 FEE      I                                                                           
  24603(G)VC   PROPER SUPPLEMENTAL LIGHT                 B                                                                           
  24603VC      STOPLAMP VIOLATIONS                       I                                                                           
  24604BP      PERMIT ALCOHOL DRINK W/O LICENSE          M                                                                           
  24604VC      PROJECTING LOAD/RED LIGHTS OR FLAG        I                                                                           
  24606(A)VC   BACKUP LAMP REQUIRED ON VEHICLE           I                                                                           
  24606(B)VC   BACKUP LAMP WHITE ONLY                    I                                                                           
  24606(C)VC   BACKUP LAMP USED OTHER THAN BACKING       I                                                                           
  24606VC      BACKUP LAMPS VIOLATION                    I                                                                           
  24607(A)VC   EVERY VEHICLE MUST HAVE REFLECTORS        I                                                                           
  24607(B)VC   EVERY VEHICLE MFG MUST HAVE REFLECTO      I                                                                           
  24607(C)VC   REFLECTORS ON MOTORTRUCK WEIGHT 5000      I                                                                           
  24607(D)PC   MOTOR TRUCKS MUST HAVE AMBER REFLECT      I                                                                           
  24610PC      MFG/SELL/POSS ETC UNDETECTABLE FIREARM    B                                                                           
  24615VC      SLOW MOVE VEH EMBLEM VIOL                 I                                                                           
  24653FC      VIOLATION CONSUMER FINANCIAL LENDER       M                                                                           
  247.5PC      DISCHARGE LASER AT AIRCRAFT               F                                                                           
  247(A)PC     SHOOT AT UNOCCUPIED AIRCRAFT              F                                                                           
  247(B)PC     SHOOT AT UNOCCUPIED VEHICLE               F                                                                           
  24710PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSESS ANY WALLET GU  B                                                                           
  248PC        LIBEL; REPEALED                           M                                                                           

  PAGE    76                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  248PCAIR     IMPAIR AIRCRAFT:LIGHT/ETC                 M                                                                           
  24800VC      DRIVE W/PARK LIGHTS ONLY                  I                                                                           
  24801HS      USE X-RAY/ETC TO VIEW FEET/FIT SHOES      M                                                                           
  24802HS      IMPLANT FOREIGN MATERIAL IN SCALP         M                                                                           
  24951(B)1VC  NO LAMP TURN SIGNAL                       M                                                                           
  24951(B)4VC  IMPROPER TURN SIGNALS ON MOTORCYCLE       I                                                                           
  24951(B1)VC  TURN SIGNALS REQUIRED ON VEHICLE          I                                                                           
  24951(B4)VC  TURN SIGNALS REQUIRED ON MOTORCYCLE       I                                                                           
  24951(C)VC   TURN SIGNAL ON VEHICLE 15" MIN HEIGH      I                                                                           
  24952VC      VIOL VISBLTY REQ:TURN SIG                 I                                                                           
  24953(A)VC   TURN SIGNAL LAMP                          I                                                                           
  25(A)VC      UNLAWFULLY ADVERTISE AS DMV OR CHP        I                                                                           
  25(B)VC      ILLEGAL USE DMV LOGOGRAM/NAME IN BUS      I                                                                           
  25VC         UNLAWFUL ADVERTISING AS DMV/CHP           I                                                                           
  25097(A)HS   ILLEGAL DISPOSAL OF MEDICAL WASTE         M                                                                           
  25097(D)HS   ILLEGALLY TREAT/DISPOSE/ETC MEDICAL       B                                                                           
  2510CC       ACT AS BROKER/DEALER WITHOUT A LICEN      M                                                                           
  25100(A)PC   CRMNL STORAGE F/ARM ACCESS CHILD 1ST DEG  B                                                                           
  25100(B)PC   CRIMNL STORAGE F/ARM ACCESS CHILD 2ND DE  M                                                                           
  25100(C)PC   CRMNL STORAGE F/ARM ACCESS CHILD 3RD DEG  B                                                                           
  25100(E)VC   VISIBILITY REQUIREMENTS                   I                                                                           
  25106(A)VC   FRONT FENDER/ETC LAMP VIOL                I                                                                           
  25110CC      OFFER/SELL UNQUALIFIED SECURITIES         F                                                                           
  25154HS      UNLAWFUL MANAGEMENT OF HAZARDOUS WAS      B                                                                           
  25155(D)HS   DISPOSAL HAZ WASTE W/O REMOV HARMFUL      M                                                                           
  25160(B)HS   FAIL TO PROVIDE HAZ WASTE MANIFEST W      B                                                                           
  25160(B)1HS  TRANSP HAZ WASTE WITHOUT MANIFEST W/      B                                                                           
  25160(D)HS   FAIL KEEP HAZ WASTE MANIFEST IN VEH       B                                                                           
  25160HS      TRANSP HAZ WASTE W/O REQ MANIFEST W/      B                                                                           
  25162(A)1HS  TRANSPORT HAZARDOUS WASTE W/O PERMIT      B                                                                           
  25162(B)HS   TRANSPORT HAZ WASTE TO UNAUTH SITE W      B                                                                           
  25163(A)1HS  TRANSPORT HAZ WASTE W/O VALID REGIST      B                                                                           
  25163(E)HS   UNLAWFUL TRANSPORT OF HAZ WASTE           B                                                                           
  25169.1BHS   TRANSP HAZ WASTE ON STREET W/O CERT       B                                                                           
  25170BP      CONTAINER OF SPIRIT W/NO LABEL            M                                                                           
  25177BP      USE OF CONTAMINATE BOTTLES FOR ALCOH      M                                                                           
  25189.5(B)H  ILLEGAL DISPOSAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTE       F                                                                           
  25189.5BHS   ILLEGALLY DISPOSE HAZARDOUS WASTE         B                                                                           
  25189.5CHS   TRANSP HAZA WASTE TO SITE HAVE NO PE      B                                                                           
  25189.5DHS   TREAT/STORE HAZ WASTE AT SITE NO/PER      B                                                                           
  25189.6AHS   RECKLESS STORE/TREATMENT/ETC OF HAZ       B                                                                           
  25189.6BHS   RECKLESS STORE/TREAT/ETC HAZ WASTE        B                                                                           

  PAGE    77                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  25189.6HS    RECKLESS STORAGE OF HAZARDOUS WASTE       B                                                                           
  25189.7BHS   BURN HAZ WASTE AT FACILITY HAVE NO/P      B                                                                           
  25189(B)HS   DISPOSE HAZARDOUS WASTE - ASBESTOS        M                                                                           
  25189(C)HS   INTENTIONAL DISPOSAL/ETC HAZS/ETC WA      M                                                                           
  25189(D)HS   NEGLIGENT DISPOSAL/ETC HAZ/ETC WASTE      M                                                                           
  25190HS      IMPROPERLY STORED HAZARDOUS WASTE         M                                                                           
  25191(A)1HS  FALSIFY HAZ WASTE RPT/ETC                 M                                                                           
  25191(A)2HS  POSS ALTERED HAZ WASTE RECORDS W/PRI      B                                                                           
  25191(A)3HS  DESTROY/ALTER/CONCEAL HAZ WASTE RECS      B                                                                           
  25191(A)4HS  WITHHOLD INFO REGARDING HAZ WASTE DA      B                                                                           
  25191(A)5HS  HAZARD WASTE TRANSP VIOL                  M                                                                           
  25191(A)6HS  KNOWINGLY RECEIVE/STORE HAZARDOUS WA      B                                                                           
  25191(A)7HS  UNLAWFULY TRANSPORT WASTE W/PRIOR         B                                                                           
  25191(B)1HS  FALSIFY HAZARDOUS WASTE REPORTS/ETC       M                                                                           
  25191(B)4HS  WITHOLD INFORMATION RE: HAZARDOUS WA      M                                                                           
  25191(B)5HS  TRANSPORT HAZARDOUS WASTE W/O MANIFE      M                                                                           
  25191(B)6HS  STORE/ETC/TRANSPORT HAZARDOUS WASTE       M                                                                           
  25191(B)7HS  UNLAWFUL TRANSPORT OF WASTE               M                                                                           
  25191(C)1HS  TRANSP/ETC HAZ WASTE VIOL                 M                                                                           
  25191(C)2HS  CARRRY HAZARD W/O MANIFEST                M                                                                           
  25191(C)3HS  TRANSPORT HAZ WASTE W/O VALID REGIST      M                                                                           
  25191(D)HS   STORE/TREAT HAZ WASTE AT SITE NO PER      B                                                                           
  25191(D)1HS  TRANSP HAZ WASTE W/O CERT OF COMPLIA      M                                                                           
  25191(D)2HS  STORE/TREAT HAZ WASTE AT SITE NO PER      M                                                                           
  25195(A)HS   INTERFERE W/ENFORCEMT OF HAZ WASTE R      M                                                                           
  25200(A)PC   FAIL TO KEEP F/ARM INACCESSIBLE TO CHILD  M                                                                           
  25200(B)PC   FAIL TO KEEP F/ARM INACCESSIBLE TO CHILD  M                                                                           
  25210(A)CC   ACT AS BROKER/DEALER WITHOUT A LICEN      B                                                                           
  25210CC      ACT AS BROKER/DEALER W/O LICENSE          M                                                                           
  25211.1AHS   REMOVE MATERIALS REQUIRING SPECIAL HANDL  M                                                                           
  25211.1BHS   IMPROPER TRANSPORT OF DISCARDED APPLIANC  M                                                                           
  25212(A)HS   IMPROPER DISPOSAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIAL   M                                                                           
  25214.8.2HS  ILLEGAL SALE OF MERCURY-ADDED THERMOSTAT  M                                                                           
  25217.1HS    DISPOSE/ETC LIQUID LATEX PAINT:LAND/      M                                                                           
  25230(A)CC   CONDUCT BUSINESS WITHOUT A LICENSE        F                                                                           
  25244.23DHS  DISCLOSURE OF CONFIDENTIAL HAZ WASTE      M                                                                           
  25250.5AHS   UNLAWFUL DISPOSAL OF USED OIL             M                                                                           
  25269VC      IMPROPER USE OF RED WARNING LIGHT         I                                                                           
  25299(D)HS   FALISFY RECORDS/UNDERGROUND HAZ SUBS      M                                                                           
  25300(A)PC   CRIMINAL POSSESSION OF F/ARM WHILE MASKE  B                                                                           
  25351BP      POSSESS BEVERAGE SUBJECT TO SEIZURE       M                                                                           
  2536(A)FG    ACT/ETC AS FISH AND GAME GUIDE W/O A      M                                                                           

  PAGE    78                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  25400(A)1PC  CARRY CONCEALED WEAPON IN VEHICLE         B                                                                           
  25400(A)2PC  CARRY CONCEALED FIREARM ON PERSON         B                                                                           
  25400(A)3PC  OCCUPANT W/CONCEALED FIREARM IN VEHICLE   B                                                                           
  25400(B)VC   DIFFUSED LIGHTS                           I                                                                           
  25400(C)1PC  CARRY CONCEAL WEAP IN VEH W/PRIOR CONVIC  F                                                                           
  25400(C)3PC  CARRYING A CONCEALED FIREARM - GANG MEM   F                                                                           
  25400(C)4PC  CARRY CONCEALED WEAPON PROHIBIT/CLS/POSS  F                                                                           
  25400CC      VIOLATION CORPORATE SECURITY LAWS         M                                                                           
  25401CC      FALSE STATEMENT TO SELL/BUY SECURITY      F                                                                           
  25507(A)HS   FAIL TO RPT RELEASE OF HAZ MATERIALS      B                                                                           
  25514.3HS    FAIL TO SUBMIT EMERGENCY PLAN             M                                                                           
  25515HS      FAIL TO NOTIFY HAZ MAT RELEASE            M                                                                           
  25540(A)CC   SALES OF SECURITIES                       B                                                                           
  25540(B)CC   USING FALSE STATEMENTS IN SALE            F                                                                           
  25540(B)HS   VIOL HAZARDOUS MATERIAL PROCEDURES        M                                                                           
  25540CC      VIOLATION OF CORPORATE SECURITIES LAW     F                                                                           
  25540CORP    VIOLATION CORPORATE SECURITY LAWS         B                                                                           
  25541CC      USE OF DEVICE/SCHEME/ETC TO DEFRAUD       F                                                                           
  2556.5BP     OPTICIAN - NO VALID CERTIFICATE           M                                                                           
  2556BP       ADVERTISING AS OPTOMETRIST                M                                                                           
  2559.1BP     CERTIFICATE NOT DISPLAYED                 M                                                                           
  25601BP      DISORDERLY HOUSE                          M                                                                           
  25602(A)BP   SELL/ETC ALCOHOLIC BEV IN INTOX PERSON    M                                                                           
  25603BP      BRING LIQUOR INTO PRISON/JAIL             F                                                                           
  25604BP      UNLICENSED CLUB ROOM                      M                                                                           
  25606BP      USE VEH/TRANSP/CONCEAL ILLEGAL LIQ/STILL  M                                                                           
  25607(A)BP   ALCOHOLIC BEV LICENSEE POSS UNAUTH L      M                                                                           
  25607BP      LICENSEE POSSESS UNAUTHORIZED LIQUOR      M                                                                           
  25608(A)BP   POSSESS ALCOHOL ON SCHOOL GROUNDS         M                                                                           
  25608BP      POSSESS/ETC LIQUOR ON SCHOOL PROPERTY     M                                                                           
  25609BP      SELL/ETC SUBSTITUTE BRAND OF LIQUOR       M                                                                           
  25612.5C3BP  ALCOHOL RETAIL LICENSE VIOLATION          M                                                                           
  25612.5C7BP  IMPROPER SIGN ADVERTISING                 M                                                                           
  25612BP      OBSTRUCTION OF STREET SIGNS               M                                                                           
  25617BP      ALCOHOL RELEATED                          M                                                                           
  25620(A)BP   DRINKING ALCOHOL                          I                                                                           
  25620BP      OPEN CONTAINER IN PUBLIC PARK             I                                                                           
  25631BP      SELL/PURCHASE ALCOHOL AFTER HOURS         M                                                                           
  25632BP      PERMIT ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION AFTER HOURS    M                                                                           
  25650VC      HEADLAMP REQUIRED ON MOTORCYCLE           I                                                                           
  25651VC      MOTORCYCLE HEADLAMP VIOL                  I                                                                           
  25655BP      MINOR INSIDE PUBLIC PREMISES              M                                                                           

  PAGE    79                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  25657(A)BP   HIRE TO PROCURE LIQUOR SALE               M                                                                           
  25657(B)BP   PERMIT BEGGING/SOLICITING ALCOHOL         M                                                                           
  25658.5BP    MINOR ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE ALCOHOLIC BEV   I                                                                           
  25658(A)BP   SELL/ETC LIQUOR TO MINOR                  M                                                                           
  25658(B)BP   MINOR PURCHASE/ETC LIQUOR IN BAR          M                                                                           
  25658(C)BP   LICENSEE LET MINOR CONSUME LIQUOR         M                                                                           
  25658BP      SELL/LET MINOR CONSUME LIQUOR             M                                                                           
  25659.5BP    BEER KEG ID TAG NOT AFFIXED               M                                                                           
  25660.5BP    FURNISH MINOR W/FALSE EVIDENCE OF AGE     M                                                                           
  25660BP      POSS OF OPEN CONTAINER OF ALCOHOL IN      M                                                                           
  25661BP      POSSESS/USE FALSE EVIDENCE OF AGE         M                                                                           
  25662(A)BP   MINOR IN POSS OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE       M                                                                           
  25662BP      MINOR POSSESS ALCOHOL                     M                                                                           
  25663(A)BP   EMPLOY/USE MI IN "ON SALE" LIQ PREMISES   M                                                                           
  25663(B)BP   EMPLOY MINOR/"ON/OFF" SALE LIQ PREMISES   M                                                                           
  25663BP      EMPLOY MINOR/"ON/OFF" SALE LIQ PREMISES   M                                                                           
  25664BP      ADVERTISING TO ENCOURAGE MINOR TO DRINK   M                                                                           
  25665BP      MI ENTER/REMAIN IN "ON SALE" LIQ PREMISE  M                                                                           
  25667BP      BARTENDER ALCHL SOLD TO MINOR             M                                                                           
  25668(B)BP   MINOR PURCHASING ALCOHOL                  M                                                                           
  25671(A)HS   USE DIAGNOSTIC/THERAPEUTIC X-RAY W/O      M                                                                           
  25671(B)HS   PERFORM MAMMOGRAPHY W/O VALID CERTIF      M                                                                           
  258PC        SLANDER                                   M                                                                           
  25800(A)PC   CARRY LOADED FIREARM W/INTENT TO COMMIT   B                                                                           
  25850(A)PC   CARRY LOADED FIREARM IN PUBLIC PLACE/ETC  B                                                                           
  25850(C)2PC  CARRYING KNOWN STOLEN LOADED FIREARM      F                                                                           
  25850(C)3PC  CARRY LOADED FIREARM                      F                                                                           
  25850(C)4PC  CARRY LOADED FIREARM                      F                                                                           
  25850(C)6PC  CARRY LOAD UNREG HANDGUN W/O BEING OWNER  B                                                                           
  25865(B)1HS  DISP RADIOACTIVE MATL W/DANG PUBL HE      B                                                                           
  25865(B)2HS  DISP RADIOACTIVE MATL CAUSING GBI/DE      B                                                                           
  25865(C)1HS  TRANSP RADIOACTIV MATL W/DANG PUBL H      B                                                                           
  25865(C)2HS  TRANSP RADIOACTIVE MATL CAUSING GBI/      B                                                                           
  25950(A)VC   FRONT LIGHT & REFLECTOR WHITE/AMBER       I                                                                           
  25950(B)VC   REAR RED LIGHTS REQUIRED                  I                                                                           
  25950(C)VC   NEED CORRECTION COLOR ON VEHICLE LAM      I                                                                           
  25950VC      VEH LAMPS/ETC COLOR VIOL                  I                                                                           
  25980HS      FAILURE TO REGISTER SENTRY DOGS           I                                                                           
  25981HS      NOTIC OF SENTRY DOG ASSIGNMT LAW ENF      I                                                                           
  25984HS      FAILURE TO PROVIDE ID TAG FOR SENTRY      I                                                                           
  25988HS      INHUMANE TREATMENT TO HORSES/EQUINE       M                                                                           
  26VC         REGIS/LIC FOR COMPENSATION W/O AUTH       I                                                                           

  PAGE    80                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  261.5(A)PC   UNLAWFUL SEX W/MINOR UNDER 18             F                                                                           
  261.5(B)PC   UNLAWFUL SEX W/MINOR LESS 3YRS AGE DIFFE  M                                                                           
  261.5(C)PC   UNLAWFUL SEX INTERCRSE W/MI 3+ YRS YNGR   M                                                                           
  261.5(D)PC   UNLAWFUL SEX INTERCRS W/MI -16 BY 21+     F                                                                           
  261.5PC      UNLAWFUL SEXUAL INTERCOURSE W/MINOR       F                                                                           
  261(A)(1)PC  RAPE OF VICTIM INCAPABLE OF CONSENT       F                                                                           
  261(A)(2)PC  RAPE BY FORCE/FEAR                        F                                                                           
  261(A)(3)PC  RAPE - USE OF DRUGS/INTOXICANTS           F                                                                           
  261(A)(4)PC  RAPE-VICTIM UNCONSCIOUS OF NATURE OF ACT  F                                                                           
  261(A)(5)PC  RAPE-VICTIM BELIEVES PERSON TO BE SPOUSE  F                                                                           
  261(A)(6)PC  RAPE-THREAT OF RETALIATION                F                                                                           
  261(A)(7)PC  RAPE - THREAT TO ARREST OR DEPORT         F                                                                           
  261(A)4APC   RAPE OF UNCONSCIOUS OR ASLEEP PERSON      F                                                                           
  261(A)4BPC   RAPE OF UNCONSCIOUS PER BY LACK OF KNOWL  F                                                                           
  261(A)4CPC   RAPE OF UNCONSCIOUS PERSON BY FRAUD       F                                                                           
  261(A)4DPC   RAPE OF UNCONSCIOUS PERSON BY FRAUD REP   F                                                                           
  261(1)PC     RAPE: VICTIM INCAPABLE OF GIVING CONSENT  F                                                                           
  261(2)PC     RAPE BY FORCE/FEAR                        F                                                                           
  261(3)PC     RAPE OF DRUGGED VICTIM                    F                                                                           
  261(4)PC     RAPE:VICT UNCONSCIOUS OF NATURE OF ACT    F                                                                           
  261(5)PC     RAPE:VICT BELIEVES PERSON IS SPOUSE       F                                                                           
  261(6)PC     RAPE BY THREAT OF RETALIATION             F                                                                           
  261(7)PC     RAPE BY THREAT AUTHORITY ARREST/DEPORT    F                                                                           
  261PC        RAPE: NOT SPECIFIED                       F                                                                           
  26100(A)PC   PERMIT ANOTHER BRING LOADED F/ARM IN VEH  M                                                                           
  26100(B)PC   PERMIT ANOTHER DISCHARGE F/ARM FROM A VE  B                                                                           
  26100(C)PC   PERSONALY DISCHRGE F/ARM AT OTHR FROM VE  F                                                                           
  26100(D)PC   PERSONALY DISCHRGE F/ARM AT OTHR FROM VE  B                                                                           
  26101VC      EQUIP MODIFY DEVICE VIOL                  I                                                                           
  26180(A)PC   FALSE STATEMENT IN FILED APPLICATION      M                                                                           
  26180(B)1PC  FALSE STMNT ON APP TO CARRY CONCE WEAPO   F                                                                           
  26180(B)2PC  FALSE STATMNT ON APP CARRY CONCEAL WEAPO  F                                                                           
  26180(B)3PC  FALSE STATMNT ON APP CARRY CONCEAL WEAPO  F                                                                           
  26180(B)4PC  FALSE STATMNT ON APP CARRY CONCEAL WEAPO  F                                                                           
  26180(B)5PC  FALSE STATMNT ON APP CARRY CONCEAL WEAPO  F                                                                           
  26180(B)6PC  FALSE STATMNT ON APP CARRY CONCEAL WEAPO  F                                                                           
  26180(B)7PC  FALSE STATMNT ON APP CARRY CONCEAL WEAPO  F                                                                           
  262(A)(1)PC  SPOUSAL RAPE/FORCE/VIOLENCE/FEAR          F                                                                           
  262(A)(2)PC  SPOUSAL RAPE/USE OF DRUGS/INTOXICANTS     F                                                                           
  262(A)(3)PC  SPOUSAL RAPE VICTIM UNCONSCIOUS           F                                                                           
  262(A)(4)PC  SPOUSAL RAPE THREAT OF RETALIATION        F                                                                           
  262(A)(5)PC  SPOUSAL RAPE THREAT/DEPORTATION           F                                                                           

  PAGE    81                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  262(A)PC     RAPE OF SPOUSE BY FORCE/FEAR/THREAT       F                                                                           
  262(A)3APC   RAPE OF UNCONSCIOUS OR ASLEEP SPOUSE      F                                                                           
  262(A)3BPC   RAPE OF UNCONSCIOUS SPOUSE BY LACK OF KN  F                                                                           
  262(A)3CPC   RAPE OF UNCONSCIOUS SPOUSE BY FRAUD       F                                                                           
  262PC        RAPE OF SPOUSE BY FORCE/FEAR/THREAT       F                                                                           
  26234HS      REFUSE ENTRY:FOOD/DRUG/COSMETICS INS      B                                                                           
  2630BP       PRACTICING PHYSICAL THERAPY W/O A LI      M                                                                           
  26307VC      NO BRAKES ON FORKLIFT TOW                 M                                                                           
  26311(A)VC   SERVICE BRAKES VIOLATION                  I                                                                           
  26350A1APC   CARRY UNLOADED H/GUN IN PUBLIC/PROH AREA  M                                                                           
  26350A1BPC   CARRY UNLOADED H/GUN IN PUBLIC/PROH AREA  M                                                                           
  26350A1CPC   CARRY UNLOADED H/GUN IN PUBLIC/PROH AREA  M                                                                           
  26350A2APC   CARRY UNLOADED H/GUN IN VEH HIS/HER POSS  M                                                                           
  26350A2BPC   CARRY UNLOADED H/GUN IN VEH HIS/HER POSS  M                                                                           
  26350A2CPC   CARRY UNLOADED H/GUN IN VEH HIS/HER POSS  M                                                                           
  264.1(A)PC   RAPE IN CONCERT                           F                                                                           
  264.1(B)2PC  RAPE IN CONCERT - VICTIM 14 OR OLDER      F                                                                           
  264.1PC      RAPE IN CONCERT WITH FORCE/VIOLENCE       F                                                                           
  264PC        RAPE (PUNISHMENT)                         F                                                                           
  26400(A)PC   CARRY UNLOADED FIREARM NOT A  HANDGUN     M                                                                           
  26400(B)1PC  CARRY UNLOADED FIREARM NOT A HANDGUN      M                                                                           
  26430HS      FAIL TO PROPERLY LABEL FOOD QUANTITY      M                                                                           
  26451(A)VC   PARK BRAKE ADEQUATE FOR LOAD              I                                                                           
  26453(A)VC   BRAKE SYS CONDITION VIOL                  I                                                                           
  26453VC      INADEQUATE BRAKE SYSTEM                   I                                                                           
  26460HS      FALSE/MISLEADING ADVERTISING              M                                                                           
  26461.5HS    ADVERTISE ADULTERATED/MISBRANDED PRODUCT  M                                                                           
  26461HS      SELL/ETC FALSELY ADVERTISED PRODUCT       M                                                                           
  26463HS      ILLEGAL ADVERTISING OF DRUG/DEVICE        B                                                                           
  26468HS      AD MISLABEL HAMBURGER/CHOPPED/GROUND      B                                                                           
  265A1B2CA    RUNNING DOGS IN PURSUIT/GAME              M                                                                           
  265A1D2CA    RUNNING DOGS PURSUIT OF GAME              M                                                                           
  265PC        ABDUCT WOMEN FOR MARRIAGE/ETC             F                                                                           
  26500(A)PC   SELL/ETC F/ARMS WITHOUT A LICENSE         M                                                                           
  2652PC       ILLEGAL PUNISHMENT OF PRISONERS           M                                                                           
  26528(C)HS   CONCEAL DAMAGE TO FOOD                    M                                                                           
  26528HS      ADULTERATION OF FOOD                      M                                                                           
  26532HS      ADULTERATED GROUND BEEF/HAMBURGER         M                                                                           
  26534HS      SELL/DELIVER/ETC ADULTERATED FOOD         M                                                                           
  26535HS      ADULTERATION OF FOOD                      M                                                                           
  26536HS      REC/ETC ADULTERATED FOOD                  M                                                                           
  26551HS      PACKAGE FOOD W/O PROPER LABEL             M                                                                           

  PAGE    82                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  26553HS      MISLEADING CONTAINER:MISBRANDING          M                                                                           
  26565HS      MANUFACTURE/SELL/ETC MISBRANDED FOOD      M                                                                           
  26566HS      UNLAWFULLY MISBRANDING FOOD               M                                                                           
  26569.9HS    MISBRANDING OF HAMBURGER/GROUND BEEF      M                                                                           
  26570HS      IMPROPERLY DISPLAY REFRIGERATED FOOD      M                                                                           
  26592.1HS    OPER WATER-VENDING MACH VIOL DESIGN       M                                                                           
  26592HS      OPER BOTTLED WATER PLANT VIOL HEALTH      M                                                                           
  26593(A)HS   OPERATE WATER FACILITY W/O A LICENSE      M                                                                           
  266(C)PC     UNLAWFUL SEXUAL INTERCOURSE               F                                                                           
  266APC       TAKE PERSON FOR PROSTITUTION W/O CONSENT  F                                                                           
  266BPC       TAKE PERSON FOR ILLICIT RELATIONS         F                                                                           
  266CPC       INDUCE INTERCORSE/SEX ACT FALSE REP/FEAR  F                                                                           
  266DPC       RECEIVE MONEY FOR COHABITATION PLACEMENT  F                                                                           
  266EPC       PAY FOR PROSTITUTION/ETC                  F                                                                           
  266FPC       SELL PERSON FOR IMMORAL PURPOSE           F                                                                           
  266GPC       PLACE WIFE IN BROTHEL                     F                                                                           
  266H(A)PC    PIMPING                                   F                                                                           
  266H(B)PC    PIMPING FOR PROSTITUTE FOR A MINOR        F                                                                           
  266H(B)1PC   PIMPING FOR MINOR OVER 16 YRS             F                                                                           
  266H(B)2PC   PIMPING FOR MINOR UNDER 16 YRS            F                                                                           
  266HBPCOVR   PIMPING:PROSTITUTE 16+                    F                                                                           
  266HBPCUND   PIMPING:PROSTITUTE -16                    F                                                                           
  266HPC       PIMPING                                   F                                                                           
  266HPCPIM    PIMPING                                   F                                                                           
  266HPCUND    PIMPING FOR PROSTITUTE UNDER 16           F                                                                           
  266I(A)PC    PANDERING                                 F                                                                           
  266I(A)1PC   PANDERING                                 F                                                                           
  266I(A)2PC   CAUSE A PERSON TO BECOME A PROSTITUTE     F                                                                           
  266I(A)3PC   PANDER IN A HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION         F                                                                           
  266I(A)4PC   PANDER W/THREAT HOUSE OF PROSTITUTIO      F                                                                           
  266I(A)5PC   PANDERING BY FRAUD OR DURESS              F                                                                           
  266I(A)6PC   PANDERING BY REC/GIVE VALUE               F                                                                           
  266I(B)PC    CAUSE PERSON TO BECOME PROSTITUTE         F                                                                           
  266I(B)2PC   PANDERING FOR A MINOR UNDER 16 YRS        F                                                                           
  266I(C)PC    PROCURES PERSON FOR PROSTITUTION          F                                                                           
  266I(D)PC    PANDER/THREAT INMATE PROSTITUTE           F                                                                           
  266I(F)PC    RECEIVE/GIVE $ PROCURE FOR PROSTITUT      F                                                                           
  266IAPCPAN   PANDERING                                 F                                                                           
  266IBPCOVR   PANDERING:OTHR PERSON 16+                 F                                                                           
  266IBPCUND   PANDERING:OTHR PERSON -16                 F                                                                           
  266IPC       PANDERING - VICTIM UNDER 16 YEARS         F                                                                           
  266IPCPAN    PANDERING                                 F                                                                           

  PAGE    83                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  266IPCUND    PANDERING FOR PROSTITUTE UNDER 16         F                                                                           
  266JPC       PROCURE CHILD UNDER 14 YRS FOR LEWD ACTS  F                                                                           
  266PC        ENTICE MINOR FEMALE FOR PROSTITUTION/ETC  F                                                                           
  26619HS      MFG/SELL/ETC ADULTERATED DRUG/DEVICE      M                                                                           
  26650HS      MFG/SELL/ETC MISBRANDED DRUG/DEVICE       B                                                                           
  26651HS      MISBRANDING OF DRUG/DEVICE                M                                                                           
  26670HS      UNLAWFULLY SELL/ETC NEW DRUG/DEVICE       M                                                                           
  26685HS      MFG DRUG/DEVICE W/O LICENSE               M                                                                           
  267PC        ABDUCT MINOR FOR PROSTITUTION             F                                                                           
  26700(A)VC   OPERATE VEHICLE W/INADEQUATE WINDSHI      I                                                                           
  26700VC      WINDSHIELD REQUIRED                       I                                                                           
  26701(B)VC   AMBER WIND DEFLECTOR                      M                                                                           
  26701(D)VC   WRONG COLOR:WINDO/ETC MAT                 I                                                                           
  26706(A)VC   WINDSHIELD WIPERS REQUIRED MOTOR VEH      I                                                                           
  26706(B)VC   WINDSHIELD WIPERS REQUIRED                I                                                                           
  26706VC      WINDSHIELD WIPER VIOL                     I                                                                           
  26708.5AVC   INSTALL TRANSP MAT IN CAR WINDOW          M                                                                           
  26708.5VC    WINDOW INSTAL/ETC MAT VIO                 I                                                                           
  26708(A)VC   OBSTRUCTED FORWARD VIEW                   I                                                                           
  26708(A)1VC  DRIVING WITH OBSTRUCTED VIEW              I                                                                           
  26708(A)2VC  DRIVING W/OBSTRUCTED VIEW                 I                                                                           
  26709(A)VC   REAR VIEW MIRRORS REQUIRED                I                                                                           
  26709(B)VC   2 SIDE VIEW MIRRORS REQUIRED              I                                                                           
  26710VC      DEFECTIVE WINDSHIELD/REAR WINDOW          I                                                                           
  2676LC       FAIL TO MAINTAIN CURRENT REGIST RECO      M                                                                           
  26831HS      REMOV/SELL/ETC EMBARGO FOOD/DRUG/COS      M                                                                           
  269(A)(1)PC  AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSLT/CHILD-PC261(      F                                                                           
  269(A)(2)PC  AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSLT/CHILD - PC26      F                                                                           
  269(A)(3)PC  AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSLT/CHILD - SODO      F                                                                           
  269(A)(4)PC  AGGRAVATED SEXL ASSLT/CHILD-ORAL COP      F                                                                           
  269(A)(5)PC  AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSLT/CHILD - PC28      F                                                                           
  27VC         IMPERSONATE CHP OFFICER                   M                                                                           
  270.5(A)PC   PARENT REFUSAL TO ACCEPT CHILD            M                                                                           
  270.6PC      VIOL COURT ORDER TO PAY SPOUSAL SUPP      M                                                                           
  270APC       FAILURE TO PROVIDE FOR SPOUSE             M                                                                           
  270CPC       FAILURE TO PROVIDE FOR PARENTS            M                                                                           
  270PC        FAILURE TO PROVIDE                        M                                                                           
  27000(B)VC   NEGLECT TO EQUIP TRUCK W/ALARM            M                                                                           
  27000VC      HORN REQUIRED                             I                                                                           
  27001(A)VC   IMPROPER USE OF VEHICLE HORN              I                                                                           
  27001VC      UNNECESSARY USE OF HORN                   I                                                                           
  27007VC      LOUD NOISE FROM AUTOMOBILE                I                                                                           

  PAGE    84                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  271APC       ABANDON/NONSUPPORT CHILD UNDER 14YRS      M                                                                           
  271PC        DESERT CHILD UNDER 14/W/INTENT ABANDON    F                                                                           
  27150.1VC    EXHAUST SYSTEM/SALE W/O CHP REGULATI      M                                                                           
  27150(A)VC   MUFFLERS - EXCESSIVE NOISE                I                                                                           
  27151VC      MODIFIED EXHAUST SYSTEM                   I                                                                           
  27153VC      EXCESSIVE SMOKE/FLAME/RESIDUE             I                                                                           
  27154VC      EXHAUST SYSTEM NOT MAINTAINED             I                                                                           
  27155VC      FUEL TANK CAPS REQUIRED                   I                                                                           
  27156(A)VC   VIOL VEHICLE REGULATIONS                  I                                                                           
  27156VC      DEFECTIVE SMOG DEVICE                     I                                                                           
  27174.2HS    CLIMB/TRESPASS ON BRIDGE/ETC              M                                                                           
  27174.2SH    CLIMB ON BRIDGE/ETC W/O PERMISSION        M                                                                           
  272(A)(1)PC  CONTRIBUTING TO DELINQUENCY OF MINOR      M                                                                           
  272(B)(1)PC  CONTRIBUTE TO DELINQUENCY OF MINOR        M                                                                           
  272PC        CONTRIBUTE DELINQUENCY MINOR              M                                                                           
  27245(A)PC   FAILURE TO COMPLY BY A GUN SHOW PRODUCER  M                                                                           
  27245(B)PC   FAIL TO POST SIGNS BY A GUN SHOW PRODUCE  M                                                                           
  273.5(A)PC   INFLICT CORP INJ ON SPOUSE/COHABITANT     F                                                                           
  273.5PC      INFLICT CORPORAL INJ ON SPOUSE/COHABITNT  F                                                                           
  273.55PC     CORPORAL INJURY W/SPECIFIC PRIORS         B                                                                           
  273.6(A)PC   VIOLATE CRT ORDER PREVENT DOMESTIC VIOL   M                                                                           
  273.6(A)1PC  VIOLATE CRT ORDER PREVENT DOMESTIC VIOL   M                                                                           
  273.6(A)2PC  VIOLATE CRT ORDER PREVENT DOMESTIC VIOL   M                                                                           
  273.6(B)PC   VIOL CRT ORDER PREVENT DOMESTIC VIOL W/P  M                                                                           
  273.6(C)PC   VIOL COURT ORD TO PREV DOMESTIC VIOL      F                                                                           
  273.6(C)2PC  VIOLATE COURT ORDER RE DWELLING           M                                                                           
  273.6(C)3PC  WILLFULLY VIOLATE COURT ORDER             M                                                                           
  273.6(D)PC   DISOBEY DOMESTIC RELATIONS CRT ORDER      F                                                                           
  273.6(E)PC   DISOBEY DOMSTC RELATNS CRT ORDER W/P      B                                                                           
  273.6PC      VIOLATE CRT ORDER PREVENT DOMESTIC VIOL   M                                                                           
  273.65(A)PC  INTENTIONAL VIOL OF PROTCTVE ORDR W/      B                                                                           
  273.65(D)PC  VIOL PROTECTIVE ORDER W/PRIOR             M                                                                           
  273.7(A)PC   DISCLOSE DOMESTIC VIOL SHELTER LOCAT      M                                                                           
  273.7PC      DISCLOSURE OF DOMESTIC VIOL SHELTER       M                                                                           
  273(A)PC     PAY FOR ADOPTION                          M                                                                           
  273(B)PC     RECEIVE PAY FOR UNCOMPLETED ADOPTION      M                                                                           
  273(C)(1)PC  REC FINANCIAL BENEFIT W/O COMPL ADOP      M                                                                           
  273(C)(2)PC  REC FINANCIAL BENEFIT W/O CONSENT AD      M                                                                           
  273(C)PC     ACPT BENE:INCOMPLT ADOPTN                 M                                                                           
  273(D)(1)PC  REC BENEFIT FRM 2+ PRSNS FOR SAME AD      M                                                                           
  273(D)(2)PC  ACCEPT BENEFITS EXCEED REASON EXPENS      M                                                                           
  273A(A)PC    CRUELTY TO CHILD LIKELY TO PRODUCE GBI/D  F                                                                           

  PAGE    85                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  273A(A)1PC   WILLFUL CRUELTY CHILD PRODUCE GBI/DEATH   B                                                                           
  273A(B)PC    WILLFUL CRUELTY TO CHILD/CHILD ENDANGER   M                                                                           
  273A(1)PC    WILLFUL CRUELTY TO CHILD/W/GBI/DEATH      F                                                                           
  273A(2)PC    WILLFUL CRUELTY TO CHILD                  M                                                                           
  273AB(A)PC   ASSAULT ON A CHILD CAUSING DEATH          F                                                                           
  273ABPC      ASSAULT RESULT DEATH OF CHILD UNDER       F                                                                           
  273D(A)PC    CORPORAL INJURY ON CHILD                  F                                                                           
  273DPC       INFLICT INJURY UPON CHILD                 F                                                                           
  273EPC       SEND MINOR TO IMPROPER PLACE              M                                                                           
  273FPC       SEND MINOR TO IMMORAL PLACES              M                                                                           
  273GPC       IMMORAL ACTS BEFORE CHILD                 M                                                                           
  27305(A)PC   DISPLAY/POSS/ETC FIREARMS KNIVES WEAPONS  M                                                                           
  27305(B)PC   COMPLY W/LAWS DEALING W/POSS/TRANS F/ARM  M                                                                           
  27305(C)PC   ENGAGE IN ACTIVITY THAT INCITE HATE CRIM  M                                                                           
  27305(D)PC   TRANSFER OF F/ARMS THRU LIC F/ARMS DEALE  M                                                                           
  27305(E)PC   VERIFY ALL F/ARMS ARE UNLOADED & SECURED  M                                                                           
  27305(F)PC   CERTIFY/COMPLY W/REQUIREMENTS OF 27320PC  M                                                                           
  27305(G)PC   DISPLAY/POSS/OFFER BLACK POWDER FOR SALE  M                                                                           
  27310PC      F/ARM TRANSFERS IN ACCORDANCE W/ALL LAWS  B                                                                           
  27315(D)VC   SEAT BELT VIOLATION                       I                                                                           
  27315(D)1VC  FAILURE TO USE SEATBELTS                  I                                                                           
  27315(E)VC   PASSENGER UNDER 16YRS W/O SEATBELT        I                                                                           
  27315(F)VC   NOT CONFORMING TO SEATBELT REGULATIO      I                                                                           
  27315EVC     FAILURE TO WEAR SEATBELT                  I                                                                           
  27315PC      AMMO DISPLAYED IN CLOSED BOXES/CONTAINER  M                                                                           
  27315VC      SEATBELT VIOLATION                        I                                                                           
  27320(A)PC   VENDOR PROVIDE TO PRODUCER ALL REQ. INFO  M                                                                           
  27320(B)PC   KEEP INFO AVAILABLE TO P/OFFCR            M                                                                           
  27325PC      WEAR A NAME TAG INICATING 1ST/LAST NAME   M                                                                           
  27330PC      PERSON POSS F/ARM AND AMMO AT A GUN SHOW  M                                                                           
  27335PC      MINOR ADMITTED TO GUN SHOW W/O PARENT     M                                                                           
  27340(A)PC   SIGN TAG ATTACHED TO F/ARM AT GUN SHOW    M                                                                           
  27340(B)PC   CLEAR F/ARM OF ALL AMMUNITION             M                                                                           
  27345PC      GOVT/ISSUED PHOTO ID DISPLAYED TO P/OFFC  M                                                                           
  27360.5AVC   UNBELTED TOT 4+:PARNT VEH                 I                                                                           
  27360.5BVC   TODDLER W/O SEAT BELT                     I                                                                           
  27360(A)VC   PARENT FAIL TO USE CHILD RESTRAINT S      I                                                                           
  27360(B)VC   DRIVER FAIL TO USE CHILD RESTRAINT S      I                                                                           
  27360VC      FAIL TO USE CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM        I                                                                           
  274PC        ABORTION                                  F                                                                           
  27400VC      WEAR HEADSET COVERS BOTH EARS             I                                                                           
  27443(A)GC   PO PURCHASE PROP:CONFLICT OF INTERES      F                                                                           

  PAGE    86                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  27443(B)GC   PO:PUBLIC TRANSACTN:CONFLICT OF INTE      F                                                                           
  27459VC      SNOWTIRE/CHAIN VIO:POSTED                 I                                                                           
  27465(B)VC   TREAD DEPTH OF PNEUMATIC TIRES            I                                                                           
  27465(D)VC   BALD REAR TIRE                            M                                                                           
  27465VC      WORN OUTSIDE AXLE TIRE                    M                                                                           
  27491.3CGC   REMOVE PROPERTY FROM CORPSE               M                                                                           
  27491.3GC    TAMP/ETC LOK/ETC:PROP:DED                 M                                                                           
  275PC        SOLICIT/SUBMIT TO ABORTION                F                                                                           
  27500(A)PC   SELL/SUPPLY FIREARMS TO CONVICTED FELON   F                                                                           
  27500(B)PC   UNLAWFUL TRANSFER/SELL/ETC OF FIREARMS    F                                                                           
  27501(B)VC   USE OF ILLEGAL TIRES                      I                                                                           
  27505(A)PC   UNLAWFUL SALE/ETC OF FIREARM TO MINOR     F                                                                           
  27510PC      DELIVER CONCEALABLE F/ARM TO PERSN < 21   B                                                                           
  27515(A)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  F                                                                           
  27515(B)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  F                                                                           
  27520(A)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  F                                                                           
  27520(B)1PC  VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  F                                                                           
  27520(B)2PC  VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  F                                                                           
  27530(A)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27530(B)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27535(A)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  M                                                                           
  27540(A)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27540(B)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27540(C)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27540(D)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27540(E)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27540(F)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27545PC      VIOL SPECIFIC FIREARM SALE/LEASE/ETC REG  B                                                                           
  27550(A)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  B                                                                           
  27551(A)HS   OPERATING W/O VALID PERMIT                M                                                                           
  27551HS      FAIL TO DISPLAY FOOD FACILITY PERMIT      M                                                                           
  27555(A)1PC  VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  M                                                                           
  27560(A)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  M                                                                           
  27565(B)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  M                                                                           
  27580HS      REFUS CLOSE FOOD FAC AFTER PERMT SUS      M                                                                           
  27591HS      FAIL TO COMPLY W/FOOD SANITATION REQ      M                                                                           
  276PC        SOLICIT WOMAN FOR ABORTION                F                                                                           
  27600VC      FAIL TO EQUIP VEHICLE W/FENDERS/MUDG      I                                                                           
  27601HS      FAILURE TO PROPERLY REFRIGERATE FOOD      M                                                                           
  27602VC      TV SET VISIBLE TO DRIVER OPER VEHICLE     I                                                                           
  27603HS      FAILURE TO PROTECT FOOD FROM CONTAMI      M                                                                           
  27605VC      OPERATE VEH PAINTED 2 RESEMBLE POLIC      I                                                                           

  PAGE    87                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  27608HS      UNSANITARY DISPOSAL OF FOOD WASTE         M                                                                           
  2761(A)1BP   GROSS NEGLIGENCE CARRYING OUT NURSE       M                                                                           
  2762(A)BP    NURSE ADMINISTER NARCOTIC TO SELF/AN      M                                                                           
  2762(B)BP    USE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE BY NURSE      M                                                                           
  2762(E)BP    FALSIFY/ETC NARCOTIC/DANGEROUS DRUG       M                                                                           
  27621B2AHS   REQD SHIELD FOR DISPLAYED FOOD            M                                                                           
  27621B2CHS   PROV UTENSILS FOR SALAD BAR/FOOD          M                                                                           
  27672(B)HS   DISPLAY/SELL FOOD FROM UNAUTHORIZED       M                                                                           
  27672(C)HS   DISPLAY/SERV/ETC FOOD FROM OTHER THA      M                                                                           
  277PC        DEPRIVE CUSTODY RIGHT OF ANOTHER          F                                                                           
  2772PC       INTERFERE/FURN DRUGS/WEAPONS TO PRISONER  M                                                                           
  27751HS      FAIL TO PROVIDE VALID PERMIT              M                                                                           
  27791(A)HS   FAIL TO MEET REQUIREMENTS                 M                                                                           
  27792HS      FAIL OPER MOBILE FOOD PREP UNIT           M                                                                           
  278.5(A)PC   CHILD ABDUCTION                           F                                                                           
  278.5(B)PC   CHILD ABDUCTION                           F                                                                           
  278.5PC      VIOLATION OF CUSTODY DECREE               F                                                                           
  278(A)PC     CHILD STEALING                            F                                                                           
  278PC        CHILD STEALING                            F                                                                           
  27800VC      MOTORCYCLE SEAT/FOOT REST REQUIRED        I                                                                           
  27801(B)HS   FAIL PROPERLY ENCLOSE TEMPORARY FOOD      M                                                                           
  27802(A)HS   IMPROPER OPERATION OF TEMPORARY FOOD      M                                                                           
  27803(B)VC   DRIVING MOTORCYCLE W/O WEARING A HELMET   I                                                                           
  27803(C)VC   RIDING MOTORCYCLE ON HIGHWAY W/O HEL      I                                                                           
  279PC        CHILD IN CUSTODY/RESULT OF CHILD STEALNG  O                                                                           
  2790PC       INTERFERE/FURN DRUGS/WEAPONS TO CONVICT   F                                                                           
  27900(A)VC   IDENTITY DISPLAYED ON VEHICLE FOR HI      I                                                                           
  27907VC      NOT DISPLAYING TOW ID                     M                                                                           
  27909VC      NOT DISPLAYING TOW ID                     M                                                                           
  2795(A)BP    PRACTICE NURSING W/O A LICENSE            M                                                                           
  2795(B)BP    USE NURSING TITLE,SIGN,CARD,ETC W/O       M                                                                           
  2795BP       PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE VIOLATION           M                                                                           
  2796BP       PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE VIOLATION           M                                                                           
  28VC         REPO FAIL TO NOTIFY LOCAL POLICE          I                                                                           
  280(A)PC     REMOVE CHILD SUBJECT TO ADOPTION          M                                                                           
  280(B)PC     REMOVE CHILD SUBJECT TO ADOPTION          F                                                                           
  2800.1(A)VC  EVADING ARREST                            M                                                                           
  2800.1(B)VC  SOUNDING A POLICE SIREN                   M                                                                           
  2800.1VC     EVADING PEACE OFFICER                     M                                                                           
  2800.2(A)VC  EVADING PEACE OFFICER/DRIVE RECKLESS      F                                                                           
  2800.2VC     EVADING PEACE OFFICER/RECKLESS DRIVING    F                                                                           
  2800.3(A)VC  EVADING AN OFFICER CAUSING INJURY         F                                                                           

  PAGE    88                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  2800.3(B)VC  EVADING AN OFFICER CAUSING DEATH          F                                                                           
  2800.3VC     EVADING P/O CAUSING SERIOUS INJ/DEATH     F                                                                           
  2800.4VC     EVADING PEACE OFFICER/WRONG WAY DRIVER    B                                                                           
  2800(A)VC    FAIL TO OBEY PEACE OFFICER                M                                                                           
  2800VC       FAIL TO OBEY PEACE OFFICER                M                                                                           
  28000VC      EMERG EXIT VIO:VAN ICEBOX                 I                                                                           
  2801VC       FAIL TO OBEY FIREMAN                      M                                                                           
  2803(A)VC    REFUSAL TO ADJUST LOAD/OBTAIN PERMIT      M                                                                           
  28050.5VC    DRIVE VEH KNOWING ODOMETER NOT WORKI      M                                                                           
  28050(B)PC   RETAIN POSSES F/ARM PRIVATE PARTY TRANS   M                                                                           
  28050(C)PC   DELIVER/PURCHASER FOR PRIVATE PARTY TRAN  M                                                                           
  28050(D)PC   DEALER RETURN F/ARM TO SELLER/TRANSFEROR  M                                                                           
  28050VC      SELL/INSTALL/USE ODOMETER ALTER DEVICE    M                                                                           
  28051VC      DISCONNECT/TURN BACK ODOMETER             M                                                                           
  28055(B)PC   FEE CHARGED BY DEALER IN PRVT/PARTY TRAN  M                                                                           
  28055(C)PC   CHARGE ADDITIONAL FEES IN PRVT PARTY TRA  M                                                                           
  28071VC      FAIL TO MAINTAIN BUMPER                   I                                                                           
  281(A)PC     BIGAMY                                    F                                                                           
  281PC        BIGAMY                                    F                                                                           
  28100(A)PC   VIOL F/ARM SALES/LEASE/TRANSPORT REGLTNS  M                                                                           
  2812PC       UNLAWFUL SALE PRISON MFG ITEMS            M                                                                           
  2813VC       COMMERCIAL VEHICLE INSPECTION             M                                                                           
  2815VC       FAIL TO OBEY SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD        I                                                                           
  2816VC       LOAD/UNLOAD CHILDREN ON HIGHWAY           I                                                                           
  2818VC       CROSS FLARE OR CONE PATTERN               B                                                                           
  28210(B)PC   FAILURE TO NOTIFY DOJ OF FIREARM SALE     B                                                                           
  28215(B)PC   PROVIDE FALSE INFO TO PURCHASE FIREARM    B                                                                           
  28250(A)1PC  FAILURE TO NOTIFY DOJ OF FIREARM SALE     B                                                                           
  28250(A)2PC  FIREARM REGISTRATION VIOL                 M                                                                           
  28250(B)1PC  FIREARM REGISTRATION VIOL                 B                                                                           
  28282HS      UNCLEAN FOOD ESTABLISHMENT                M                                                                           
  28296HS      FAIL TO ALLOW INSPECTION                  M                                                                           
  283PC        BIGAMY (PUNISHMENT)                       F                                                                           
  2835BP       UNLAWFULLY ADVERTISE AS NURSE PRACTI      M                                                                           
  284PC        MARRY SPOUSE OF ANOTHER                   F                                                                           
  28455PC      FURNISH FICTITIOUS/INCORRECT INFO ON DEC  M                                                                           
  28465(A)PC   VIOL FIREARM IMPORTATION REQUIREMENTS     M                                                                           
  285PC        INCEST                                    F                                                                           
  28507HS      TAKE/SELL SHELLFISH FROM UNSUITABLE       M                                                                           
  28508HS      UNLAWFUL SALE SHELLFISH FROM UNCERT       M                                                                           
  28509HS      SELL/HOLD SHELLFISH IMPROP PACKAGE/H      M                                                                           
  286.5PC      SEXUAL ASSAULT ON ANIMAL                  M                                                                           

  PAGE    89                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  286(A)PC     SODOMY                                    F                                                                           
  286(B)(1)PC  SODOMY W/PERSON UNDER 18 YEARS            F                                                                           
  286(B)(2)PC  SODOMY W/PERSON UNDER 16 YEARS            F                                                                           
  286(B)PC     SODOMY IN CORRECTIONAL FACILITY           F                                                                           
  286(C)(1)PC  PARTICIPATE IN SODOMY                     F                                                                           
  286(C)(2)PC  COMMIT SODOMY W/FORCE, VIOLENCE, ETC      F                                                                           
  286(C)(3)PC  COMMIT SODOMY W/THREAT OF RETALIATION     F                                                                           
  286(C)PC     SODOMY W/PERSON UNDER 14 YRS OR W/FORCE   F                                                                           
  286(D)(2)PC  SODOMY IN CONCERT - VICTIM UNDER 14       F                                                                           
  286(D)(3)PC  SODOMY IN CONCERT - VICTIM 14 OR OLDER    F                                                                           
  286(D)PC     SODOMY IN CONCERT W/FORCE                 F                                                                           
  286(E)PC     SODOMY WHILE CONFINED IN PRISON/JAIL      F                                                                           
  286(F)(1)PC  SODOMY OF UNCONSCIOUS/ASLEEP VICTUM       F                                                                           
  286(F)PC     SODOMY:VICTIM UNCONSCIOUS OF THE ACT      F                                                                           
  286(G)PC     SODOMY:VICTIM INCAPABLE OF CONSENT        F                                                                           
  286(H)PC     SODOMY:VICTIM INCAP CONSENT/STATE HOSP    F                                                                           
  286(I)PC     SODOMY/ANESTHESIA/CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE    F                                                                           
  286(J)PC     SODOMY/VICTIM BELIEVES PERSON IS SPOUSE   F                                                                           
  286(K)PC     SODOMY:USE AUTHORITY TO ARREST/DEPORT     F                                                                           
  286C(2)APC   SODOMY BY USE OF FORCE                    F                                                                           
  286C(2)BPC   SODOMY BY USE OF FORCE - VICTIM UNDER 14  F                                                                           
  286C(2)CPC   SODOMY BY USE OF FORCE VICTIM 14 OR >     F                                                                           
  287(B)(1)PC  ORAL COPULATION OF A PERSON UNDER 18YRS   F                                                                           
  287(B)(2)PC  ORAL COPULATION OF A PERSON UNDER 16 YRS  F                                                                           
  287(C)(1)PC  ORAL COPULATION OF A PERSON UNDER 14YRS   F                                                                           
  287(C)2APC   FORCIBLE ORAL COPULATION                  F                                                                           
  287(C)2BPC   FORCIBLE ORAL COP - VICTIM UNDER 14 YRS   F                                                                           
  287(D)(1)PC  ORAL COPULATION W/ FORCE                  F                                                                           
  287(F)(2)PC  ORAL COPULATION UNCON PERSON LACK AWARE   F                                                                           
  287C(2)BPC   ORAL COPULATION VICTIM UNDER 14YRS        F                                                                           
  287C(2)CPC   FORCIBLE ORAL COP - MINOR OVER 14         F                                                                           
  287PC        SODOMY:PENETRATION DEFINED                F                                                                           
  2878.5(A)BP  LVN FURNISH/ETC NARCOTIC/DANGEROUS DRUG   M                                                                           
  2878.5(E)BP  FALSE MED REC ENTRIES BY VOCATIONAL       M                                                                           
  2878(A)1BP   IMPROPER CONDUCT - NEGLIGENCE IN NUR      M                                                                           
  288.2(A)PC   HARMFUL MATTER SENT: SEDUCTION OF MI      B                                                                           
  288.2(B)PC   DISTRIBUTE HARMFUL MATTER TO MINOR O      B                                                                           
  288.2A1PC    HARMFUL MATTER TO MINOR                   B                                                                           
  288.2A2PC    DISTRIBUTE/SHOW PORNOGRAPHY TO A MINOR    B                                                                           
  288.3(A)PC   CONTACT MINOR FOR SEXUAL OFFENSE          F                                                                           
  288.3(A)1PC  ARRANGE MTG MINOR FOR LEWD PRUPOSE        M                                                                           
  288.3(A)2PC  ARRANGE MTG MINOR FOR LEWD PURPOSE W/PR   F                                                                           

  PAGE    90                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  288.3(B)PC   MEET MINOR FOR LEWD PURPOSE               F                                                                           
  288.5(A)PC   CONTINUOUS SEXUAL ABUSE AGAINST CHILD     F                                                                           
  288.5PC      CONTINUOUS SEXUAL ABUSE AGAINST CHILD     F                                                                           
  288.7(A)PC   INTERCOURSE OR SODOMY W/MINOR UNDER 10    F                                                                           
  288.7(B)PC   ORAL COPULATION/PENETRATION OF MI UDR 10  F                                                                           
  288(A)PC     LEWD ACTS WITH CHILD UNDER 14 YEARS       F                                                                           
  288(B)(1)PC  LEWD/LASCIVIOUS ACTS W/CHILD UNDER 14 YR  F                                                                           
  288(B)(2)PC  L & L ACT DEP ADULT W/FORCE:BY CARET      F                                                                           
  288(B)PC     LEWD ACTS BY FORCE OR VIOLENCE            F                                                                           
  288(C)(1)PC  L & L ACT WITH CHILD 14 OR 15 YEARS       B                                                                           
  288(C)(2)PC  L & L ACT W/ DEPENDENT ADULT BY CARE      B                                                                           
  288(C)PC     LEWD/LASCIVIOUS ACTS W/CHILD W/10YR DIFF  F                                                                           
  288(H)PC     ORAL COPULATION:VICT INCAP CONS/IN S.H.   F                                                                           
  288A(A)PC    ORAL COPULATION                           F                                                                           
  288A(B)(1)P  ORAL COPULATION W/PERSON UNDER 18 YRS     B                                                                           
  288A(B)1PC   ORAL COPULATION W/PERSON UNDER 18 YRS     F                                                                           
  288A(B)2PC   ORAL COPULATION W/MINOR UNDER 16 YRS      F                                                                           
  288A(C)PC    ORAL COP W/PERSON UNDER 14 OR W/FORCE     F                                                                           
  288A(C)1PC   PARTICIPATE IN ORAL COPULATION            F                                                                           
  288A(C)2APC  FORCIBLE ORAL COPULATION                  F                                                                           
  288A(C)2BPC  ORAL COPULATION W/FORCE VICTIM UNDR 14    F                                                                           
  288A(C)2CPC  ORAL COPULATION W/FORCE - VICTIM OVER 14  F                                                                           
  288A(C)2PC   COMMIT ORAL COPULATION W/FORCE, VIOLENCE  F                                                                           
  288A(C)3PC   COMMIT ORAL COP W/THREAT OF RETALIATION   F                                                                           
  288A(D)PC    ORAL COPULATION IN CONCERT W/FORCE        F                                                                           
  288A(D)1PC   ORAL COPULATN IN CONCERT W/FORCE/FEA      F                                                                           
  288A(D)2PC   ORAL COPULATION BY THREAT OF RETALIATION  F                                                                           
  288A(D)3PC   ORAL COP:IN CONCERT/VICT INCAP OF CO      F                                                                           
  288A(E)PC    ORAL COP WHILE CONFINED IN PRISON/JAIL    F                                                                           
  288A(F)PC    ORAL COP:VICT UNCON NATURE OF ACT         F                                                                           
  288A(G)PC    ORAL COP:VICT INCAP GIVING CONSENT        F                                                                           
  288A(H)PC    ORAL COPULATION:VICTIM INCAPABLE OF CONS  F                                                                           
  288A(I)PC    ORAL COPULATION:VICTIM INTOXICATED/ETC    F                                                                           
  288A(J)PC    ORAL COPULATION:VICTIM/PERSON IS SPOUSE   F                                                                           
  288A(K)PC    ORAL COPULATION UNDER THREAT/DEPORTATION  F                                                                           
  288APC       ORAL COPULATION BY FORCE/MENACE/GBI       F                                                                           
  288BPC       ACT IN CONCERT/SEX PERVERSION             F                                                                           
  288PC        CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN/L & L             F                                                                           
  28830HS      ILLEGAL EQUIP PREPARE/SELL/DISPLAY FOOD   M                                                                           
  2885BP       IMPERSONATE LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE     M                                                                           
  2887BP       UNPROF CONDUCT BY VOCATIONAL NURSE        M                                                                           
  289.5(A)PC   LEAVE STATE TO AVOID PROSECUTION AS       M                                                                           

  PAGE    91                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  289.5(B)PC   ENTER STATE TO AVOID CUSTODY FOR SEX      M                                                                           
  289.5PC      PENETRAT BY PENIS/FOREIGN OBJ:SPEC C      F                                                                           
  289.6(A)PC   SEX:PUBLC EMP/ETC W/CONF CONSENT ADU      B                                                                           
  289(A)(1)PC  CAUSE PENETRATION                         F                                                                           
  289(A)(2)PC  SEX PEN:THREAT RETALIATION                F                                                                           
  289(A)PC     SEX PENETRATION/FOREIGN OBJECT/FORCE      F                                                                           
  289(B)PC     SEX PENETRATE/FOREIGN OBJ-VICT INCOMP     F                                                                           
  289(C)PC     SEX PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OBJ/INCOM/CONF  F                                                                           
  289(D)(1)PC  SEXUAL PENETRATION OF UNCONSCIOUS PERSON  F                                                                           
  289(D)PC     SEXUAL PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OBJ:VICTIM   F                                                                           
  289(E)PC     SEXUAL PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OBJ:VICTIM   F                                                                           
  289(F)PC     PENETRATN W/VICT BELIEVEG PRSN IS SP      F                                                                           
  289(G)PC     PENETRATION UNDER THREAT TO ARREST/D      F                                                                           
  289(H)PC     SEXUAL PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OBJ:VICTIM   F                                                                           
  289(I)PC     SEXUAL PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OJB:VICTIM   F                                                                           
  289(J)PC     SEXUAL PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OBJ:VICTIM   F                                                                           
  289A(1)APC   CAUSE PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OBJECT        F                                                                           
  289A(1)BPC   CAUSE PENETRATION W/FOREIG OBJ - VIC U14  F                                                                           
  289A(1)CPC   CAUSE PENETRATION W/FOREIGN OBJ V-OV 14   F                                                                           
  290.2(H)PC   DISCLOSE DNA/GENETIC TYPING INFORMAT      M                                                                           
  290.4(C)PC   COPY/ETC SEX OFFENDR DATA                 M                                                                           
  290.4(C)1PC  USE INFO TO COMMIT FELONY                 F                                                                           
  290.4(C)2PC  USE OF INFO TO COMMIT MISD                M                                                                           
  290.4(D)PC   ILL PHOTOCOPY LIST HABITUAL SEX OFFE      M                                                                           
  290.4(E)PC   UNAUTH REMOV LIST OF HABITUAL SEX OF      M                                                                           
  290.95(B)PC  UNLAWFUL CONTACT W/MINOR BY REGISTRA      M                                                                           
  290.95(C)PC  UNLAWFUL CONTACT W/MINORS                 M                                                                           
  290.95PC     FAIL SHOW SEX REG STATUS                  M                                                                           
  290(A)PC     FAIL TO REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER          M                                                                           
  290(A)1BPC   FAILURE TO UPDATE REGISTRATION            F                                                                           
  290(A)1CPC   FAILURE TO UPDATE REGISTRATION            B                                                                           
  290(A)1DPC   FAILURE TO REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER       B                                                                           
  290(A)1PC    HOMELESS SEX OFF FAIL UPDATE              M                                                                           
  290(B)PC     FAILURE TO REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER       B                                                                           
  290(E)(2)PC  FAIL TO PROVIDE TRUE REGISTRATION IN      B                                                                           
  290(E)PC     SEX REGISTRANT FAIL NOTIFY ADDRESS C      M                                                                           
  290(F)(1)PC  FAILURE TO FILE CHANGE OF ADDRESS         B                                                                           
  290(F)PC     PERSON CONVICTED OF 288(A)PC              B                                                                           
  290(F)1APC   SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION VIOL            B                                                                           
  290(F)1BPC   SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION VIOL            B                                                                           
  290(G)(1)PC  SEX REGISTRANT FAIL TO REGISTER           M                                                                           
  290(G)(2)PC  FAIL TO REGISTER AS FELONY SEX OFFEN      B                                                                           

  PAGE    92                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  290(G)(3)PC  SEX OFFENDER FAIL TO REGISTER W/PRIO      B                                                                           
  290(G)(5)PC  FAIL VERIFY REGISTRATION AS SEX PRED      B                                                                           
  290(G)(6)PC  HOMELESS SEX REGISTRATION                 M                                                                           
  290(G)PC     SEX REGISTRANT/FAIL TO REGISTER           M                                                                           
  290A1APC     FT/REG/ETC:FEL SEX OFF/PR                 B                                                                           
  290A1BPC     HOMLESS SEX OFF FT/UPDATE                 M                                                                           
  290G2PCPRI   FAIL REG/ETC SEX OFF/PR                   F                                                                           
  290PC        FAILURE TO REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER       M                                                                           
  29003(A)VC   HITCH/ETC MOUNT VIOLATION                 I                                                                           
  29010(A)PC   MANUFACTURE FIREARMS W/O A LICENSE        M                                                                           
  29010(C)PC   FAIL TO FORWARD MFG'S RECORDS W/IN 3 DAY  M                                                                           
  2903BP       LICENSE VIOLATION:PRACTICE PSYCHOLOGY     M                                                                           
  2913BP       PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSISTANT VIOLATION         M                                                                           
  29180(C)PC   OWN HANDGUN NOT BEARING SERIAL NUMBER     M                                                                           
  29180(F)PC   A PERS,FIRM NOT ALLOW MANUFAC OF FIREARM  M                                                                           
  29200.5EL    WILLFUL REGISTRATN OF FICTITIOUS PER      F                                                                           
  29200(A)EL   ALLOW/ETC UNENTITLED VOTER REGISTRATION   F                                                                           
  29301EL      FALSELY MAKE/ETC NOMINATION PAPER         F                                                                           
  2945.3(C)CI  FAIL TO PROVIDE CANCELATION NOTICE        F                                                                           
  2945.4(A)CI  FORECLOSURE FRAUD                         B                                                                           
  2945.4(E)CI  ACQUIRE INTEREST IN RESIDENCE             M                                                                           
  2945.4(G)CI  INDUCE OWNER INTO ILLEGAL CONTRACT        M                                                                           
  29525PC      FURNISH FALSE/OMIT INFO ON APP            M                                                                           
  29536(B)CC   FALSE STATEMENTS/COMMODITY SALES          F                                                                           
  29610(A)PC   MINOR POSSESS HANDGUN                     B                                                                           
  29610EL      FRAUDULENT VOTE CASTING                   F                                                                           
  29610PC      MINOR IN POSSESS CONCEALABLE FIREARM/ETC  B                                                                           
  2962PC       MENTALLY DISORDERED PAROLEE               N                                                                           
  29650PC      MINOR POSSESS LIVE AMMO W/PR              B                                                                           
  29658EL      FRAUDULENT ABSENTEE VOTING                F                                                                           
  29751EL      TAKING PETITION CIRCULATORS               M                                                                           
  29770EL      MISUSE OF SIGNATURES ON PETITIONS/ET      M                                                                           
  298.1PC      FAIL/ETC GIVE DNA/PRINTS                  M                                                                           
  29800(A)1PC  POSS F/ARM BY CONVICTED FELON/ADDICT/ETC  B                                                                           
  29800(A)2PC  POSSESS/ETC FIREARM W/SPECIFIC PRIORS     F                                                                           
  29800(B)PC   POSS F/ARM BY JUV FELON PROSECUT AS ADLT  M                                                                           
  29805PC      VIOL FIREARM RESTRICTIONS - SPECIFIC PRI  B                                                                           
  2981.9CI     UNLAWFUL PRINT SIZE ON COND SALE CON      M                                                                           
  29815(A)PC   POSS/OWN F/ARM IN VIOL OF PROB CONDITION  B                                                                           
  2982.7(A)CI  FAIL TO REFUND AUTO SALE DOWNPAYMENT      M                                                                           
  2982.7CI     FAIL REF DOWNPAYMT FRM AUTO SALE CON      M                                                                           
  2982(A)CI    FAIL TO ITEMIZE AMT FINANCING ON CON      M                                                                           

  PAGE    93                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  29820(B)PC   UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF FIREARM W/PR JUV   B                                                                           
  29825(A)PC   PURCHASE F/ARM WHILE SUBJ TO RESTRAIN OR  B                                                                           
  29825(B)PC   OWN/POSS F/ARM WHILE SUBJECT RESTRAIN OR  M                                                                           
  29900(A)1PC  ILLEGAL POSS CONCEAL F/ARM PRIOR CONVICT  F                                                                           
  29900(B)1PC  JUVENILE FELON POSS F/ARM PRIOR CONVICTN  F                                                                           
  300(A)WI     RISK OF SERIOUS PHYSICAL HARM             D                                                                           
  300(A)WIC    LACK OF SUPERVISION                       D                                                                           
  300(B)WI     RISK OF PHYSICAL HARM DUE TO NEGLECT      D                                                                           
  300(C)WI     SERIOUS EMOTIONAL DAMAGE                  D                                                                           
  300(D)WI     SEXUAL ABUSE AS DEFINED BY 11165.1 PC     D                                                                           
  300(E)WI     SEXUAL ABUSE, MINOR UNDER AGE 5 YEARS     D                                                                           
  300(F)WI     PARENT CONVICTION/DEATH OF OTHER MINOR    D                                                                           
  300(G)WI     NO PROVISION FOR SUPPORT OF MINOR         D                                                                           
  300(I)WI     MINOR SUBJECT TO ACTS OF CRUELTY          D                                                                           
  300(J)WI     SIBLING ABUSE OR NEGLECT, 300A/B/D/E/I    D                                                                           
  300(J)WIC    SIBLING ABUSE OR NEGLECT, 300A/B/D/E/I    D                                                                           
  300A         RISK OF SERIOUS PHYSICAL HARM             D                                                                           
  300B         RISK OF PHYSICAL HARM DUE TO NEGLECT      D                                                                           
  300C         SERIOUS EMOTIONAL DAMAGE                  D                                                                           
  300D         SEXUAL ABUSE AS DEFINED BY 11165.1 PC     D                                                                           
  300E         SEVERE PHYSICAL ABUSE, MINOR UNDER 5 YRS  D                                                                           
  300F         PARENT CONVICTION/DEATH OF OTHER MINOR    D                                                                           
  300G         NO PROVISION FOR SUPPORT OF MINOR         D                                                                           
  300H         MINOR FREED FOR ADOPTION, 12 MONTHS       D                                                                           
  300HN        SINK/SET ADRIFT VESSEL LESS THAN 10 TONS  M                                                                           
  300HNC       WILLFUL VESSEL DAMAGE/UNDER 10 TONS       M                                                                           
  300I         MINOR SUBJECTED TO ACTS OF CRUELTY        D                                                                           
  300J         SIBLING ABUSE OR NEGLECT, 300A/B/D/E/I    D                                                                           
  3000FG       HUNTING:BIRD/ETC AT NIGHT                 M                                                                           
  3001FG       HUNTING WHILE INTOXICATED                 M                                                                           
  3002FG       HUNTING FROM A VEHICLE                    M                                                                           
  3002WI       ESCAPE:NARCOTIC COMMITMENT                F                                                                           
  3004FG       DISCHARGE DEADLY WEAPON/HUNT NEAR BLDG    M                                                                           
  3004FGC      HUNT/DISCHARGE FIREARM NEAR BUILDING      M                                                                           
  3005.5FG     CAPTURE/POSSESS BIRD OR MAMMAL            M                                                                           
  3005.9(A)FG  POSSESS LIVE NON-HOUSE CAT                M                                                                           
  3005.9(D)FG  ATTEMPT TO SELL LIVE NON-HOUSE CAT        M                                                                           
  3005FG       TAKE BIRDS W/CAGE                         M                                                                           
  3007FG       TAKE MAMMAL W/O PERMIT                    M                                                                           
  3009FG       KILL/INJURE WHILE HUNTING                 F                                                                           
  3009FGC      KILL/INJURE WHILE HUNTING                 F                                                                           
  301HN        DAMAGE VESSEL MORE THAN 10 TONS           M                                                                           

  PAGE    94                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  301HNC       WILLFUL VESSEL DAMAGE/OVER 10 TONS        M                                                                           
  30140RT      UNLICENSED CIGARETTE DISTRIBUTOR          M                                                                           
  30155RT      UNLICENSED CIGARETTE WHOLESALER           M                                                                           
  30181RT      DISTRIBUTOR FAIL TO PAY TAX ON CIGAR      M                                                                           
  30182RT      DISTRIBUTOR FAILING TO FILE CIGARETT      M                                                                           
  30188RT      WHOLESALER FAILING TO FILE CIGARETTE      M                                                                           
  302(A)PC     DISTURBING RELIGIOUS MEETINGS             M                                                                           
  302HN        SINK/SET ADRIFT VESSEL OVER 10 TONS       F                                                                           
  302HNC       SINK/SET ADRIFT VESSEL OVER 10 TONS       F                                                                           
  302PC        DISTURB RELIGIOUS MEETING                 M                                                                           
  30210(A)PC   MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSS AMMO/FLCHTTE/DAR  B                                                                           
  30210(B)PC   MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSS BULLET/EXPLOSIVE  B                                                                           
  303APC       BEG/SOLICIT PURCHASE OF LIQUOR            M                                                                           
  303PC        HIRE PERSON TO PROCURE LIQUOR SALES       M                                                                           
  30300(A)1PC  ILLEGAL SALE OF AMMUNITION                M                                                                           
  30300(A)2PC  ILLEGAL SALE OF AMMUNITION                M                                                                           
  30300(A)3PC  UNLAWFUL TRANSFER OF AMMUNITION           M                                                                           
  30305(A)1PC  ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF AMMUNITION          B                                                                           
  30305(B)1PC  AMMUNITION POSS BY ENJOINED GANG MEMBER   M                                                                           
  30306(A)PC   SUPPLY/DELIVER/SELL/ETC AMMO TO PERSON    M                                                                           
  30310(A)PC   ILLEGAL POSS OF AMMO BY SCHOOL PERSONNEL  M                                                                           
  30312(A)PC   DELIVER/TRANS AMMO MUST BE FACE/TO/FACE   M                                                                           
  30315PC      POSSESS ARMOR PENETRATING AMMUNITION      B                                                                           
  30320PC      MFG/SELL/TRANS ARMOR PENETRATING AMMO     B                                                                           
  30352(A)PC   SELL/TRANS OWNRSHIP HANDGUN AMMO W/O INF  M                                                                           
  30355PC      MAINTAIN HANDGUN AMMO RECORDS FOR 5 YRS   M                                                                           
  30360PC      FAIL TO OBTAIN THUMBPRINT FOR H/GUN AMMO  M                                                                           
  30362(A)PC   REFUSAL TO EXAMINE HANDGUN AMMO RECORDS   M                                                                           
  30362(B)PC   REFUSE LAW ENF EXAMINE H/GUN AMMO RECORD  M                                                                           
  3039(A)FG    UNLAW SALE CA BIRD/ETC TAKEN W/HUNT       M                                                                           
  3039FG       UNLAWFUL SALE OF BIRD/ETC                 M                                                                           
  304HN        WRECK/SINK VESSEL TO DEFRAUD              F                                                                           
  304HNC       WRECK/SINK VESSEL/TO DEFRAUD              F                                                                           
  304PC        SELL LIQUOR NEAR CAMP MEETINGS            M                                                                           
  3040BP       OPERATE AS OPTOMETRIST W/O CERTIFICA      M                                                                           
  30453RT      FAIL MAINTAIN RECORDS OF CIGARETTE S      M                                                                           
  30471RT      FILE FALSE REPORT                         M                                                                           
  30474RT      SALE OF UNSTAMPED CIGARETTES              M                                                                           
  30475(A)RT   TRANSPORT TOBACCO PRODUCTS W/O PERMI      B                                                                           
  30475(B)RT   TRANSP CIGARETTE W/O PERMIT TO EVADE      B                                                                           
  30480RT      EVADE TAXES ON CIGARETTES/ETC             B                                                                           
  305HN        WRECK/SINK VESSEL PERSON NOT IN COMM      F                                                                           

  PAGE    95                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  305HNC       WRECK/SINK VESSEL/PRSN NOT IN COMMAN      F                                                                           
  3056PC       VIOLATION PAROLE:MISD OR FELONY           F                                                                           
  3056PCPVF    VIOLATION OF PAROLE:FELONY                F                                                                           
  3056PCPVM    VIOLATION OF PAROLE:MISDEMEANOR           M                                                                           
  30600(A)PC   MFG/DISTRIBUTE/TRANSFER/ETC ASSAULT WEAP  F                                                                           
  30605(A)PC   POSSESSION OF ASSAULT WEAPON              B                                                                           
  30610(A)PC   POSSESSION OF 50 BMG RIFLE                M                                                                           
  3068.1(A)CI  ILLEGALLY IMPOSE STORAGE FEES             M                                                                           
  307HN        MOORING TO DESTROY BODY                   M                                                                           
  307HNC       MOORING TO/DESTROY BUOY                   M                                                                           
  307PC        SELL CANDY/CAKE W/ALCOHOL TO MINOR        M                                                                           
  3070(B)CI    OBT VEH/PARTS SUBJ TO LIEN BY FRAUD/      M                                                                           
  3070(C)CI    FRAUDULENTLY CLAIM A LIEN ON VEHICLE      M                                                                           
  308.1(A)PC   ILLEGAL SALE OF SPECIFIC TOBACCO PRO      M                                                                           
  308.5(A)PC   ALCOHOL/TOBACCO ADV IN VIDEO GAME FO      M                                                                           
  308(A)PC     GIVE TOBACCO/SMOKE PARAPH TO MINOR        M                                                                           
  308(B)PC     MINOR PURCHASE/RECEIVE TOBACCO/PARAPH     M                                                                           
  308B(A)PC    DISTRIBUTE UNSOLICITED TOBACCO            M                                                                           
  308HN        MOORING/DAMAGE BUOY/BEACH OF FED GOVN     M                                                                           
  308HNC       MOORING TO/DESTROY FEDERAL BUOY/BEAC      M                                                                           
  30804.7AFA   FAIL TO SPAY/NEUTER                       M                                                                           
  3081(A)FG    POSSESS DEER/ETC MEAT OUT OF SEASON       M                                                                           
  3081(B)FG    POSSESS UNMARKED DEER/ETC MEAT            M                                                                           
  3081(C)PC    VIOLATION OF PAROLE CONDITIONS            M                                                                           
  309PC        KEEP MINOR IN BROTHEL                     M                                                                           
  31 5316US    RPT:IM/EXPORT:MONEY TRANS                 F                                                                           
  31VC         GIVE FALSE INFO TO PEACE OFFICER          M                                                                           
  310.2(A)PC   FURNISH DIET PILLS/ETC TO MINOR           M                                                                           
  310.5(A)PC   ILL CONTRACT BETWEEN PARENT & PERPET      M                                                                           
  310PC        MINOR VISIT BIRD/PRIZE FIGHTS             M                                                                           
  311.1(A)PC   SEND/BRG OBSCEN MATR IN STATE 4 SALE      B                                                                           
  311.1PC      OBSCENE MATTER DEPICTING PERSON UNDER 18  F                                                                           
  311.10(A)PC  ADVERTISE OBSCENE MATTER DEPICTING MINOR  F                                                                           
  311.10PC     ADVERTISE OBSCENE MATTER DEPICTING M      F                                                                           
  311.11(A)PC  POSS MATTER DEPICTING MI IN SEX W/PRIOR   F                                                                           
  311.11(B)PC  POSSESS/ETC MATTER DEPICT PER U/14 W/PRI  F                                                                           
  311.11C1PC   POSS 601 OICS MINOR PORN                  B                                                                           
  311.11PC     POSS/ETC OBSCENE MATT:CHILD UNDER 14      M                                                                           
  311.2(A)PC   SEND/POSSESS/ETC OBSCENE MATTER           M                                                                           
  311.2(B)PC   OBSCENE MATTER DEPICTING ONE UNDER 18     F                                                                           
  311.2(C)PC   POSS/DIST OBSCENE MATTER OF UNDERAGE MI   F                                                                           
  311.2(D)PC   DISTR OBSCENE MATR W/MINR < 17 TO MI      F                                                                           

  PAGE    96                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  311.3(A)PC   DEPICT SEX CONDUCT CHILD UNDER 14 YRS     F                                                                           
  311.3(D)PC   DEV FILM/ETC W/SEX CONDUCT:PERSON <1      B                                                                           
  311.4(A)PC   USE MINORS FOR SEX ACTS W/PRIOR CONVICT   F                                                                           
  311.4(B)PC   USE UNDERAGE PERSON FOR OBSCENE MATTER    F                                                                           
  311.4(C)PC   USE UNDERAGE PERSON FOR OBSCENE MATTER    F                                                                           
  311.4PC      HIRE/EMPLOY MINOR TO PERFORM PROHBTE      B                                                                           
  311.5PC      ADVERTISE OBSCENE MATTER W/WO PRIOR       M                                                                           
  311.6PC      PARTICIPATE/OBSCENE CONDUCT/PUB PLACE     M                                                                           
  311.7PC      MAKE DEALER BUY OBSCENE MATTER            F                                                                           
  3111EL       FAIL TO MAINTAIN FIRE PROTECTORS          M                                                                           
  31110CC      UNLAWFUL OFFER SALE OF FRANCHISE          F                                                                           
  3125BP       OPTOMETRY: PRACT UNDER FALSE/ASSUMED      M                                                                           
  3126BP       FALSE DATA:OPTOMETRY CERT                 M                                                                           
  3127BP       PRACTICE OPTOMETRY W/REVOKED LICENSE      M                                                                           
  3128BP       PRACTICE AS AN OPTOMETRIST                M                                                                           
  313.1(A)PC   SELL/RENT/ETC HARMFUL MATTER TO MINOR     F                                                                           
  313.1(B)PC   MISREP AS PAR ALLOW MINOR/HARMFUL MATTER  M                                                                           
  313.1(C)PC   HARMFUL MATTER/VENDING MACHINE NR SCHOOL  F                                                                           
  313.1(C)1PC  DISPLAY VENDING MACH W/HARMFUL MATR       F                                                                           
  313.1(E)PC   VIDEO RETAILER CREATE 'ADULTS ONLY'       I                                                                           
  313.1C1PC    HARMFUL MATTER:PUBLIC VENDING MACHIN      M                                                                           
  313.1C2PC    HARM MATTR:UNSUPERVIS PUBL VEND MACH      B                                                                           
  31303(C)VC   TRANSPORT HAZ WASTE IN RESIDENTIAL A      M                                                                           
  31303(D)VC   HAZARDOUS WASTE VEHICLE UNATTENDED        M                                                                           
  31307(A)VC   DRIVING VEH IN VIOL OF VC31303/VC313      M                                                                           
  31360(A)PC   FELON PURCHASES/OWNS/POSS BODY ARMOR      F                                                                           
  314.1PC      INDECENT EXPOSURE                         F                                                                           
  314.1PCEOD   INDECENT EXPOSURE,ILL ENTRY OCCUPY D      F                                                                           
  314.1PCWPR   INDECENT EXPOSURE WITH PRIOR              M                                                                           
  314.2PC      ASSIST ACT OF INDECENT EXPOSURE           M                                                                           
  314(1)PC     INDECENT EXPOSURE                         B                                                                           
  31402FA      INJURY TO LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY            M                                                                           
  31411CC      FRAUD OF FRANCHISE                        F                                                                           
  315PC        KEEP/LIVE IN HOUSE OF ILL FAME            M                                                                           
  31500PC      MFG/SELL/POSS ETC UNCONVENTIONAL PISTOL   B                                                                           
  3151WI       VIOLATION OF OUTPATIENTS                  O                                                                           
  31520(B)VC   TRANSPORT COTTON PAPER JUTE               M                                                                           
  316PC        KEEP DISORDERLY HOUSE                     M                                                                           
  31601(B)FA   FAIL TO CONTROL VICIOUS DOG               M                                                                           
  31602(A)VC   NEED VALID LICENSE/TRANSPORT EXPLOSIVES   M                                                                           
  31602(B)VC   OPERATE EXPLOSIVES VEHICLE OUTSIDE R      M                                                                           
  31602(C)VC   STOP OTHER THAN DESIGNATED SAFE PLAC      M                                                                           

  PAGE    97                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  31607(A)VC   INSPECTION REQUIRED PRIOR TO TRANSPO      M                                                                           
  31609VC      RECORD INSPECTION/MAINT/DISPLAY ON D      M                                                                           
  31610(A)VC   REQUIRED EQUIP/MAINTENANCE IN GOOD O      M                                                                           
  31610(B)VC   REQUIRED EQUIP/MAINTENANCE IN GOOD O      M                                                                           
  31610(C)VC   REQUIRED EQUIP/MAINTENANCE IN GOOD O      M                                                                           
  31610(D)VC   REQUIRED EQUIP/MAINTENANCE IN GOOD O      M                                                                           
  31610(E)VC   REQUIRED EQUIP/MAINTENANCE IN GOOD O      M                                                                           
  31611VC      OWNER SUPPLY MAP OF ROUTES                M                                                                           
  31612VC      SHIP INSTRCT CARRY AND DISPLAY ON DE      M                                                                           
  31613VC      PROHIBITED CARGO FLAMABLE/CORROSIVE       M                                                                           
  31614(A)VC   PRESCRIBED ROUTE THROUGH CITY             M                                                                           
  31614(B)VC   AVOID CONGESTED AREAS                     M                                                                           
  31614(D)VC   LOAD CONTAINED ENTIRELY WITHIN BODY       M                                                                           
  31614(E)VC   LOAD ENCLOSED OR COVERED                  M                                                                           
  31614(F)VC   CARE IN PASSING FIRES                     M                                                                           
  31614(G)VC   VEHICLE UNATTENDED                        M                                                                           
  31614(H)VC   SMOKE/OPEN FLAME AROUND VEHICLE           M                                                                           
  31614(I)VC   EXPLOSIVES IN PASSENGER VEHICLE           M                                                                           
  31615(A)1PC  PURCHASE/RECEIVE ANY HANDGUN              M                                                                           
  31615(A)2PC  SELL/DELIVER/LOAN/TRANSFER ANY HANDGUN    M                                                                           
  31620(B)PC   ALTER/COUNTERFEIT/ETC H/GUN SAFETY CERT   M                                                                           
  31642FA      FAIL RESTRAIN/SECURE POTEN DANGEROUS      M                                                                           
  318PC        URGE VISIT FOR GAMBLING/PROSTITUTION      M                                                                           
  319PC        LOTTERY                                   M                                                                           
  3198HS       REFUSE INFO/EXPOSE PERSON TO V.D.         M                                                                           
  32PC         ACCESSORY                                 F                                                                           
  320PC        DRAWING LOTTERY                           M                                                                           
  3200FG       POSSESSION OF NON-GAME BIRD               M                                                                           
  32000.5AVC   HAZARDOUS MATERIAL IN CAB                 M                                                                           
  32000.5VC    HAZARDOUS MATERIAL LICENSE DISPLAYED      M                                                                           
  32000(A)PC   MFG/IMPORT/SALE/GIVE/LEND UNSAFE HANDGUN  M                                                                           
  32001(C)VC   HAZARDOUS MATERIALS                       M                                                                           
  32001(C)3VC  LICENSE REQUIRED TO CARRY HAZ MATERI      M                                                                           
  32002(A)VC   VIOLATION OF HAZARDOUS MATERIAL REGU      M                                                                           
  32002(B)VC   HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TRANSPORTATION L      M                                                                           
  32051EC      CONSPIRE TO ENGAGE/ETC HAZING:CAUSE       M                                                                           
  321PC        SELL LOTTERY TICKETS                      M                                                                           
  3215LC       RECEIVE/OFFER COMPENSATION FOR REFER      B                                                                           
  3219(A)1LC   UNLAWFUL DELIVERY OF REBATE               F                                                                           
  322PC        AID LOTTERIES                             M                                                                           
  32210        DISTURB PUBLIC SCHOOL ACTIVITY            M                                                                           
  32210EC      DISTURB PUBLIC SCHOOL ACTIVITY            M                                                                           

  PAGE    98                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  32211(B)EC   UNLAWFULLY REMAIN ON/RET TO SCHL GROUNDS  M                                                                           
  32211EC      THREAT DISRUPTN/INTERFERENCE WITH CL      M                                                                           
  323PC        KEEP/ADVERTISE LOTTERY OFFICE             M                                                                           
  32310(A)PC   MFG/IMPORT/SELL/GIVE/REC LARGE CAP MAG    B                                                                           
  32310PC      MFG/SELL/POSS ETC LARGE-CAPACITY MAGAZIN  B                                                                           
  32382(A)EC   SALE OF DIPLOMA                           M                                                                           
  32382(F)EC   CONSPIRE TO GIVE DIPLOMA                  M                                                                           
  324PC        INSURE LOTTERY TICKETS                    M                                                                           
  32456(B)VC   PEDESTRIAN ENTER HWY WAIT/DON'T WAIT      I                                                                           
  326.5(B)PC   RECEIVE/PAY BINGO GAME WAGE/ETC           M                                                                           
  326.5(N)PC   BINGO GAME PRIZE EXCEEDS MAXIMUM          M                                                                           
  326PC        LET BUILDING/VESSEL FOR LOTTERY           M                                                                           
  32625(A)PC   POSSESS/TRANSPORT MACHINEGUN              B                                                                           
  32625(B)PC   SELL/OFFER FOR SALE/MFG MACHINEGUN        F                                                                           
  327PC        ENDLESS CHAIN SCHEME                      F                                                                           
  3285HS       COMMUNICABLE DISEASE CONTROL              M                                                                           
  32900PC      MFG/POSS ETC MULTIBURST TRIGGER ACTIVATO  B                                                                           
  32901FA      DISTRIBUTE SUBSTANDARD PRODUCE            M                                                                           
  32906FA      SELL/DISTRIBUTE UNWHOLESOME MILK          M                                                                           
  33PC         ACCESSORY                                 B                                                                           
  330.1PC      MFG/SALE/POSSESS GAMING DEVICE            M                                                                           
  330.4PC      POSSESS/CONTROL SLOT MACHINE/ETC          M                                                                           
  330APC       POSSESS/CONTROL SLOT MACHINE/ETC          M                                                                           
  330B(1)PC    KEEP SLOT MACHINE                         M                                                                           
  330BPC       KEEP SLOT MACHINE                         M                                                                           
  330CPC       PUNCHBOARDS                               M                                                                           
  330PC        GAMBLING                                  M                                                                           
  331PC        PERMIT GAMBLING IN HOUSE                  M                                                                           
  332(A)PC     OBTAIN OVER $400 BY FRAUD/TRICK           B                                                                           
  332PC        OBTAIN MONEY BY FRAUD/TRICK(OV/UND $400)  M                                                                           
  33210PC      MFG/POSSES ETC RIFLE/SHORT-BARREL SHOTGU  B                                                                           
  33211.6APR   DUMPING                                   M                                                                           
  33211.6APRC  DUMPING                                   M                                                                           
  33211.6BPR   INJURE/DEFACE/DESTROY NATURAL FEATUR      M                                                                           
  33211.6BPRC  INJURE/DEFACE/DESTROY NATURAL FEATUR      M                                                                           
  33211.6CPR   VIOLATION OF POSTED CONDITIONS FOR U      M                                                                           
  33211.6CPRC  VIOLATION OF POSTED CONDITIONS FOR U      M                                                                           
  33211.6PR    DEFACING PROPERTY                         M                                                                           
  33215PC      MFG/POSSES ETC RIFLE/SHORT-BARREL SHOTGU  B                                                                           
  333PC        WITNESS FAIL TO APPEAR AT TRIAL           M                                                                           
  33351(B)FA   INTERFERENCE W/EXAMINATION/AUDIT REC      M                                                                           
  334(A)PC     USE HIDDEN MECH DEVICE/DEFRAUD/OV/UN$400  M                                                                           

  PAGE    99                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  334(B)PC     MFG/SELL MECHANICAL DEVICE TO DEFRAUD     M                                                                           
  334(C)PC     OWN/OPERATE RAZZLE DAZZLE GAME            M                                                                           
  33410PC      POSSESS FIREARM SILENCER                  B                                                                           
  335PC        FAILURE TO ENFORCE GAMING LAWS            M                                                                           
  3350HS       REFUSE/COMPLY W/QUARINTENE/DESINFECT ORD  M                                                                           
  3352FC       BANK EMP/ETC OMIT ACCT ENTRY W/INT D      F                                                                           
  3352PC       FRAUDULENT POSS OF BANK PROPERTY          F                                                                           
  3353HS       WILLFUL EXPOSURE TO DISEASE               M                                                                           
  336PC        PERMIT MINOR TO GAMBLE IN SALOON          M                                                                           
  33600PC      MFG/SELL/GIVE/LEND POSSESS ANY ZIP GUN    B                                                                           
  3361FC       MISAPPLICATION OF BANK ASSETS             F                                                                           
  337.1PC      TOUTING                                   M                                                                           
  337.2PC      TOUTING/ATTEMPT TOUTING (PUNISHMENT)      M                                                                           
  337.3PC      USE RACE OFFICIAL'S NAME TO TOUT          F                                                                           
  337.4PC      OBTAIN OVER $400 BY TOUTING               F                                                                           
  337.5PC      TOUT REFUSE TO LEAVE TRACK                M                                                                           
  337.7PC      USE RACING LICENSE FRAUDULENTLY           F                                                                           
  337.8PC      USE CREDENTIAL FOR TOUTING                F                                                                           
  337A.1PC     POOL SELLING/BOOKMAKING                   F                                                                           
  337A.2PC     KEEP BOOKMAKING PREMISES                  F                                                                           
  337A.3PC     HOLD GAMBLING STAKES                      F                                                                           
  337A.4PC     RECORDS BETS OR WAGERS                    F                                                                           
  337A.5PC     MAINTAIN GAMBLING PREMISES                F                                                                           
  337A.6PC     MAKE/TAKE BETS ON CONTEST                 F                                                                           
  337A(A)1PC   ENGAGE IN BOOKMAKING/POOL SELLING         B                                                                           
  337A(A)2PC   MAINTAIN/OCCUPY BOOKMAKING PLACE          B                                                                           
  337A(A)3PC   ACCEPT WAGER/HOLD BETS                    B                                                                           
  337A(A)4PC   RECORD WAGER/BET                          B                                                                           
  337A(A)5PC   PROPERTY OWNER PERMITING BOOKMAKING       B                                                                           
  337A(A)6PC   MAKING OR ACCEPTING WAGER/BET             B                                                                           
  337BPC       OFFER BRIBE TO SPORT CONTESTANT           F                                                                           
  337CPC       SPORT CONTESTANT ACCEPT BRIBE             F                                                                           
  337DPC       OFFER BRIBE TO UMPIRE/ETC                 F                                                                           
  337EPC       UMPIRE/ETC ACCEPT BRIBE                   F                                                                           
  337F(A)PC    CONSP TO STIMULATE/DEPRESS RACEHORSE      F                                                                           
  337F(B)PC    STIMULATE/DEPRESS RACEHORSE               F                                                                           
  337F(C)PC    ENTER DRUGGED HORSE IN RACE               F                                                                           
  337F(D)PC    ENTER HORSE UNDER FICTIOUS NAME           F                                                                           
  337GPC       ANAESTHETIC IN RACING INCLOSURE           M                                                                           
  337HPC       GIVE DRUG TO RACE/EXHIBIT ANIMAL          M                                                                           
  337IPC       TRANSMIT HORSE RACE RESULTS               F                                                                           
  337J(A)1PC   OPERATE/ETC GAMBLING W/O LICENSE          M                                                                           

  PAGE   100                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  337J(A)2PC   RECEIVE COMPENSATION FOR ILLEGAL GAM      M                                                                           
  337J(A)3PC   MFG EQUIPMENT FOR ILLEGAL GAMBLING        M                                                                           
  337J(B)PC    PERMIT ILLEGAL GAMBLING                   M                                                                           
  337J(C)PC    PERMIT ILLEGAL GAMBLING EQUIPMENT         M                                                                           
  337J(F)PC    ILLEGALLY COLLECT FEE FOR GAMBLING        M                                                                           
  337PC        ASK/TAKE BRIBE FROM VIOLATOR              F                                                                           
  337S(B)PC    PLAY/ETC DRAW POKER                       M                                                                           
  33771FA      UNLAWFUL USE OF MILK PROD APPARATUS       M                                                                           
  33774FA      FAIL TO PROTECT MILK PRODUCTS             M                                                                           
  339WI        WARRANT ARREST PARENT/GUARDIAN            O                                                                           
  340WI        WARRANT OF ARREST - MINOR (300WIC)        O                                                                           
  34001FA      PASTURIZE MILK W/IMPROPER EQUIPMENT       M                                                                           
  34031FA      KEEP UNSANITARY MILK PROD APPARATUS       M                                                                           
  34061FA      OPERATE MILK TANK W/O THERMOMETER         M                                                                           
  34100VC      UNREGISTERED CARGO TANK                   M                                                                           
  34101VC      NO CARGO TANK CERTIFICATION               M                                                                           
  343PC        FAIL TO SHOW GOLD BULLION RECORDS         M                                                                           
  34500(A)VC   EXCEED MAXIMUM SINGLE AXLE WEIGHT         M                                                                           
  34501.12AVC  OWNER LEASE VEH > FOUR MONTHS             M                                                                           
  34501.12CVC  FAIL TO SCHEDULE INSPECTION               M                                                                           
  34501.12DVC  OPERATE VEHICLE W/O PAYING INSPECTIO      M                                                                           
  34501.12EVC  OPERATE VEHICLE W/O INSPECTION PAPER      M                                                                           
  34501.12FVC  OPER MOTOR CARRIER W/O PAY INSPECTN       M                                                                           
  34501.12GVC  OPERATE VEHICLE W/O PROPER INSPECTIO      M                                                                           
  34501.12HVC  FAIL TO REAPPLY FOR MOTOR CARRIER IN      M                                                                           
  34501.2AVC   DRIVE IN EXCESS OF ALOTTED HOURS          M                                                                           
  34501.2VC    DRIVE IN EXCESS OF ALOTTED HOURS          M                                                                           
  34501.3A2VC  EXCEED MASIMUM HOURS OF SERVICE           M                                                                           
  34501.4VC    LOG BOOK NOT MAINTAINED                   M                                                                           
  34501(A)VC   FAIL TO MAINTAIN REQ'D EQUIP INSPECT      M                                                                           
  34505.5AVC   FAIL TO PERFORM PERIODIC MAINTENANCE      M                                                                           
  34505(A)VC   FAILURE TO INSPECT TOUR BUS               M                                                                           
  34506.3VC    FAIL TO COMPLY                            I                                                                           
  34506(A)VC   FAILURE TO COMPLY W/DRIVING HOURS         M                                                                           
  34506(B)VC   VIOL HAZARDOUS MATERIAL TRANSPORTATION    M                                                                           
  34506(C)VC   FAIL TO COMPLY W/SCHOOLBUS MAINT/OPE      M                                                                           
  34506(D)VC   FAIL MAINTAIN YOUTH BUS EQUIP/MAINT/      M                                                                           
  34506(E)VC   TOUR BUS EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE            M                                                                           
  34506(F)VC   COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT VIOLATION            M                                                                           
  34506(G)VC   FAIL TO MAINTAIN SCHOOL PUPIL ACT BU      M                                                                           
  34507.5AVC   OPERATE CARRIER W/O OBTAINING ID NUM      I                                                                           
  34507.5B1VC  CARRIER ID# DISPLAYED ON BOTH SIDES       I                                                                           

  PAGE   101                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  34507.6B1VC  CARRIER ID DISPLAY ALL TIMES              I                                                                           
  34507PU      NUMBER NOT DISPLAYED                      M                                                                           
  34507VC      P.U.C. SYMBOL NOT PROPERLY DISPLAYED      B                                                                           
  34520(A)VC   FAIL TO COMPLY W/TESTING REQUIREMENT      M                                                                           
  34561FA      RETURN BRANDED EQUIPMENT TO OWNER         M                                                                           
  34564FA      UNLAWFUL USE OF BRANDED EQUIPMENT         M                                                                           
  34567FA      ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF MILK CRATE          M                                                                           
  34568FA      POSSESS MILK CRATE W/O AUTHORITY          M                                                                           
  346PC        TICKET SCALPING                           M                                                                           
  34620(A)VC   OPERATE COMERCL VEH:NO ID/REG             M                                                                           
  34623(G)VC   OPERATE WITH SUSPENDED PERMIT             M                                                                           
  3466PR       DISCHARGE WATER BY INSINERATION           M                                                                           
  34660(A)VC   ILLEGAL OPEARTION OF MOTOR CARRIER        M                                                                           
  34661VC      OPERATE VEHICLE W/O PERMIT                M                                                                           
  347(A)PC     POISON FOOD/WATER/MEDICINE                F                                                                           
  347(B)PC     MANUFACTURE/ETC POISONOUS ALCOHOL         F                                                                           
  347BPC       MFG/SELL/ETC ALCOHOL CONTAIN POISON SUBS  M                                                                           
  347PC        POISON FOOD/WATER/MEDICINE                F                                                                           
  34801FA      FAIL TO MAINTAIN SANITARY PRODUCE CO      M                                                                           
  350(A)(1)PC  COUNTERFEITING W/PRIOR                    M                                                                           
  350(A)(2)PC  POSS/ETC 1000+ ART W/COUNTERFEIT MARK     M                                                                           
  350(A)PC     MFG/SELL CONTERFEIT REGISTERED MARK       F                                                                           
  350(B)PC     MANU/SELL COUNTERFEIT REG MARK W/PRI      B                                                                           
  350(D)(1)PC  LESS TH/100 ART W/COUNTERFEIT MARK W/PRI  F                                                                           
  350(D)(2)PC  POSS ARTICLES W/COUNTERFEIT MARK W/PRIOR  B                                                                           
  350(D)(3)PC  POSSESS 1,000+ ARTICLE W/COUNTERFEIT      B                                                                           
  35011FA      MANUFACTURE MILK PRODUCT W/O A LICEN      M                                                                           
  3503.5FG     POSSESS BIRD OF PREY OR NEST              M                                                                           
  3503BP       PHYSICIAN'S ASSISTANT PRACTICING W/O      M                                                                           
  3503FG       UNLAWFUL DESTRUCTION OF BIRD'S NEST/      M                                                                           
  3504FG       UNLAWFUL SALE OF GAME BIRD                M                                                                           
  351APC       MISREPRESENT MFG/ETC OF GOODS             M                                                                           
  351LC        COLLECT GRATUITIES FROM EMPLOYEE          M                                                                           
  35100(A)VC   EXCESS WIDTH                              I                                                                           
  3511(B)FG    ILLEGALLY TAKE BROWN PELICAN              M                                                                           
  3511(G)FG    TAKE FULLY PROTECTED BIRDS                M                                                                           
  3511(J)FG    STUFFED BALD EAGLES                       M                                                                           
  35111VC      PASSENGER VEH. W/ILLEGALLY EXTENDING      I                                                                           
  3513FG       POSSESS MIGRATORY NON-GAME BIRD           M                                                                           
  35283(B)FA   UNLICENSED MILK PLANT                     F                                                                           
  35283(C)FA   PROVIDE MILK FOR RESALE                   F                                                                           
  35411VC      VEHICLE LOAD EXCESS OF 75 INCHES          B                                                                           

  PAGE   102                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  3543PU       NUMBERS DISPLAYED ON VEHICLE              M                                                                           
  355PC        DESTROY EVIDENCE OF OWNERSHIP             M                                                                           
  3550(A)LC    REQUIRED POST COMP INSURANCE CARRIER      M                                                                           
  35550(A)VC   EXCEED 20,000 LBS ON SINGLE AXLE          M                                                                           
  35551.5AVC   EXCEED ALLOWABLE WEIGHT                   M                                                                           
  35551.5CVC   OVERWEIGHT VEHICLE                        M                                                                           
  35551.5DVC   EXCEEDING GROSS WEIGHT                    M                                                                           
  35551(A)VC   EXCEEDING ALLOWABLE WEIGHTS FOR AXLE      M                                                                           
  35551(B)VC   OVERWEIGHT TANDEM AXELS                   M                                                                           
  356PC        DESTROY OWNERS ID MARK ON LUMBER          M                                                                           
  35655(A)VC   EXCEED POSTED LOAD RESTRICTION STREE      M                                                                           
  3571PU       CONTRACT CARRIER OPERATING W/O PERMI      M                                                                           
  35753(A)VC   OVERWEIGHT VEHICLE ON BRIDGE              M                                                                           
  35783VC      POSSESSION OF PERMIT REQUIRED             M                                                                           
  35784.5AVC   OPER EXTRA LEGAL LOAD W/O SPECIAL PE      M                                                                           
  35784(A)VC   VIOLATE TERMS OF SPECIAL PERMIT           M                                                                           
  35784(C)VC   OVERSIZED LOAD W/O PERMIT                 M                                                                           
  35790(G)VC   FAIL TO OBTAIN PERMIT                     M                                                                           
  35790(H)VC   VIOLATE TERMS OF PERMIT                   M                                                                           
  3582PU       ENGAGE IN TRANSPORT W/O PERMIT            M                                                                           
  359PC        SOLEMNIZE INCESTUOUS MARRIAGE             M                                                                           
  36 2.30A1US  FEDERAL REGULATION:THEFT                  M                                                                           
  36 2.32A1US  FED REGS:INTERFERE/ETC W/ GOV'T AGEN      N                                                                           
  36 2.34A1US  FED REGS:DISORDERLY CONDUCT:FIGHTING      N                                                                           
  36 2.35CUS   FED REGS:UND INFLU ALCOHL/CNTL SUB/P      N                                                                           
  36 261.11DU  FEDERAL REGULATION:LITTER                 M                                                                           
  36 261.9GUS  FR:DIG/INJ/ETC ARCH AREA                  M                                                                           
  36 7.16CUS   FED REGS:ILL USE OF POWERLESS FLIGHT      N                                                                           
  360(A)12BCA  HUNT DEER WHILE OUT OF SEASON             M                                                                           
  360(A)12CCA  POSS OF SPIKE DEER, D-11 ZONE             M                                                                           
  360(A)16CCA  UNLAWFUL SEIZURE                          M                                                                           
  360(A)17CCA  UNLAW TAKE DEER/BAG/POSS LIMIT            M                                                                           
  360(C)WIC    ADDITIONAL DEPENDENCY FILING              O                                                                           
  360PC        PERFORM/RECORD MARRIAGE ILLEGALLY         M                                                                           
  3611PU       PERMIT REQ TO MOVE EARTH OVER HIGHWA      M                                                                           
  362PC        IGNORE WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS              M                                                                           
  363PC        JAIL AFTER RELEASE ON WRIT HABEAS CORPUS  M                                                                           
  364PC        HIDE PERSON DUE FOR WRIT HABEAS CORPUS    M                                                                           
  365.7(A)PC   FALSE REPS AS OWNER/ETC OF GUIDE/ETC      M                                                                           
  365PC        INNKEEPER/CARRIER REFUSE CUSTOMER         M                                                                           
  366PC        COUNTERFEIT QUICK SILVER STAMPS           F                                                                           
  367(A)PC     DEPENDANT ADULT (RENUMBERED 368PC)        F                                                                           

  PAGE   103                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  367A(A)PC    DEPENDENT ADULT                           F                                                                           
  367PC        SELL DEBASED/ALTERED QUICKSILVER          M                                                                           
  368(A)(1)PC  INFLICT BODILY HARM/DEATH ON ELDER ADULT  M                                                                           
  368(A)PC     WILLFUL CRUELTY DEP ADULT W/GBI/DEATH     F                                                                           
  368(B)(1)PC  GBI/DEATH OF ELDER/DEPENDENT ADULT        F                                                                           
  368(B)PC     CRUELTY TO DEPENDENT ADULT                M                                                                           
  368(C)PC     THEFT FROM DEP ADULT/OVER/UNDER $400      M                                                                           
  368(D)PC     THEFT FROM ELDER/DEP ADULT BY N/CARETAKE  M                                                                           
  368(E)PC     ELDER/ETC THEFT BY CARETAKER              B                                                                           
  368(F)PC     FALSE IMPRISNMNT OF ELDER/DEPENDT AD      F                                                                           
  3682(A)FG    UNLAWFUL HUNTING GAME BIRD                M                                                                           
  369DPC       LEAVE PRIVATE RR CROSSING GATES OPEN      M                                                                           
  369G(A)PC    DRIVE/RIDE/ETC ALONG RAILROAD TRACK       M                                                                           
  369G(B)PC    DRIVE/ETC ON RAILROAD TRACKS              M                                                                           
  369GPC       DRIVE ALONG RAILROAD TRACK                M                                                                           
  369HPC       ERECT SIGN TO MISLEAD RAILROAD EMPLOYEE   M                                                                           
  369I(A)PC    TRESPASS ON RAILROAD PROPERTY             M                                                                           
  369I(B)PC    TRESPASS ON RAILROAD PROPERTY             M                                                                           
  369IPC       TRESPASS:RAILROAD PROPERTY                M                                                                           
  37(A)PC      TREASON                                   F                                                                           
  37PC         TREASON                                   F                                                                           
  370(D)HS     NO DATE ON FOOD SERVED - LUNCH VEHIC      M                                                                           
  370FG        HUNTING DEER IN ZONE W/O TAG              M                                                                           
  370PC        PUBLIC NUISANCE                           M                                                                           
  3700.5LC     FAILURE TO SECURE PAYMNT OF COMPENSATION  M                                                                           
  3700(A)LC    EMPLOYER FAILING TO INSURE OR SELF-I      M                                                                           
  3710.2LC     FAIL TO OBSERVE ISSUED/SERVED STOP ORDER  M                                                                           
  372APC       SPIT IN PUBLIC PLACE                      M                                                                           
  372PC        MAINTAIN PUBLIC NUISANCE                  M                                                                           
  373APC       MAINTAIN NUISANCE AFTER NOTICE            M                                                                           
  374.2(A)PC   DUMP INTO PUBLIC SEWER SANITARY FAC       B                                                                           
  374.3(A)PC   DUMP WASTE MATTER                         M                                                                           
  374.3(B)PC   DUMP ROCK:PUB:COMERCL AMT                 B                                                                           
  374.3H1PC    DUMP/ETC WASTE IN COMMERCIAL QUANTIT      M                                                                           
  374.3PC      DUMP OFFENSIVE MATTER                     I                                                                           
  374.4(A)PC   LITTER PUBLIC/PRIVATE PROPERTY            I                                                                           
  374.4(B)PC   LIT:HEALTH/SAFETY/ETC HAZ                 I                                                                           
  374.4PC      LITTER PUBLIC/PRIVATE PROPERTY            I                                                                           
  374.7(A)PC   LITTER/DUMP WASTE IN WATER/ON SHORE       M                                                                           
  374.7FG      DUMP WASTE INTO WATER                     M                                                                           
  374.7PC      LITTER/DUMP WASTE IN WATER/ON SHORE       M                                                                           
  374.8(B)PC   DEPOSIT OF HAZARDOUS WASTE                B                                                                           

  PAGE   104                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  374CPC       SHOOT FIREARM FROM PUBLIC ROAD            M                                                                           
  374DPC       LEAVE DEAD ANIMAL IN OR NEAR STREET       M                                                                           
  374PC        LITTERING:WASTE MATTER                    M                                                                           
  375(A)PC     PUT OFFENSIVE/ETC MATTER IN PUBLIC PLACE  F                                                                           
  375(B)PC     POSSESS OFFENSIVE/ETC MATTER TO USE       M                                                                           
  375(D)PC     USE OF TEAR/MUSTARD GAS/ETC               F                                                                           
  3760(B)BP    UNLAWFUL PRACTICE RESPIRATORY PRACTI      M                                                                           
  3760(C)BP    UNLAWFUL PRACTICE RESPIRATORY PRACTI      M                                                                           
  3760BP       UNLAWFUL PRACT AS RESPIRATORY CARE P      M                                                                           
  3761(A)BP    REPRES RESPIRATORY CARE PRACTR W/O C      M                                                                           
  377PC        IMPERSONATE TO GET PRESCRIPTION DRUG      M                                                                           
  3775PU       HIGHWAY CARRIER OPERATE W/O PERMIT        M                                                                           
  3775PUC      HIGHWAY CARRIER OPERATE WITHOUT PERM      M                                                                           
  38PC         MISPRISON OF TREASON                      F                                                                           
  380(A)PC     FURNISH TOLUENE TO PERSON UNDER 18YRS     M                                                                           
  3800FG       TAKE PROTECTED NON-GAME BIRDS             M                                                                           
  3801.6FG     POSSESS CARCASS OF NON-GAME BIRD          M                                                                           
  3801FG       TAKE NON-GAME BIRD                        M                                                                           
  3801PU       TRANSPORT PROPERTY ON HIGHWAY W/O PE      M                                                                           
  38010(A)VC   OFF HWY ID REQUIRED                       I                                                                           
  38020VC      OFF HWY VEH ID VIOL                       I                                                                           
  381(A)PC     POSSESS/ETC TOLUENE/ETC                   M                                                                           
  381(B)PC     POSS/ETC SUBS SIMILAR TO TOLUENE          M                                                                           
  381APC       TEST DAIRY PRODUCTS INACCURATELY          M                                                                           
  381BPC       POSSESS NITROUS OXIDE                     M                                                                           
  381C(B)PC    SELL/FURNISH NITROUX OXIDE                M                                                                           
  381PC        INHALATION OF TOLUENE                     M                                                                           
  38170(A)VC   FAIL TO DISPLAY IDENTIFICATION            I                                                                           
  382.4PC      ADMINSTR SUCOSTRIN TO ANIMAL W/O LICENSE  M                                                                           
  382.5PC      SELL/PRESCRIBE DINITROPHENOL              F                                                                           
  382.6PC      SELL EYEBROW DYE CHEMICAL                 F                                                                           
  382.7PC      PRESCRIBE/FURNISH LIQUID SILICONE         M                                                                           
  382PC        ADULTERATE FOOD/DRUGS/ETC                 M                                                                           
  383APC       SELL "PROCESS" BUTTER W/O LABEL           M                                                                           
  383BPC       FRAUDULENT SALE OF KOSHER MEATS           M                                                                           
  383PC        SELL ADULTERATED FOOD/ETC                 M                                                                           
  38305VC      OFF HWY VEH EXCEED SPEED                  I                                                                           
  38310VC      VIOL 15MPH SPEED CAMP/ETC                 I                                                                           
  38316(A)VC   RECKLESS DRIVING OFF-HWY VEHICLE          M                                                                           
  38316VC      RECKLESS DRIVING OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE      M                                                                           
  38317VC      RECKLESS DRIVING OFF-HWY VEH W/INJURY     M                                                                           
  38318.5AVC   MALICIOUSLY REMOV/ALTER/ETC MARKERS       M                                                                           

  PAGE   105                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  38318.5BVC   PLACE CABLE/ETC W/GBI INTENT              F                                                                           
  38318.5B1VC  CAUSE GBI AS RESULT OF VC38318.5(A)       F                                                                           
  38318.5B2VC  ERECT/PLACE CABLE/ROPE/ETC CAUSE GBI      F                                                                           
  38318(A)VC   THROW SUBSTANCE A OFF-HWY VEHICLE         M                                                                           
  38318(B)VC   THROW SUBS AT OFF-HWY VEH W/GBI INTENT    F                                                                           
  38319VC      OPERATE VEH CAUSING DAMAGE TO ENVIRO      M                                                                           
  38320(A)VC   THROWING TRASH ON PRIVATE AREA            M                                                                           
  38320(B)VC   DUMPING W/O CONSENT OF PROPERTY OWNE      M                                                                           
  38320VC      LITTERING                                 M                                                                           
  38330VC      UNSAFE VEHICLE CONDITION                  M                                                                           
  38366(A)VC   NO SPARK ARRESTER                         M                                                                           
  384.5(A)PC   REMOVE FOREST PRODUCTS W/O PERMIT         M                                                                           
  384.5(A)1PC  REMOVE FOREST PRODUCT W/O PERMIT          M                                                                           
  384(A)PC     REFUSE TO RELINQUISH PARTY LINE IN EMERG  M                                                                           
  384(C)PC     DIST TELEPHONE DIRECTORY W/O WARNING      M                                                                           
  384APC       CUT/ETC SHRUB/ETC W/O WRITTEN PERMIT      M                                                                           
  384CPC       FALSE STATEMENT/ILL TRANSP TREES/ETC      M                                                                           
  384DPC       TRANSPORT TREE/SHRUB W/O PERMIT           M                                                                           
  384HPC       KILL/HURT ANOTHER'S ANIMAL WHILE HUNTING  M                                                                           
  385(B)PC     USE TOOLS BY HIGH VOLTAGE LINES           M                                                                           
  385(C)PC     USE TOOLS/HIGH VOLTAGE W/O WARNING SIGN   M                                                                           
  38505VC      NO SAFETY HELMET                          B                                                                           
  386(A)PC     INOP/ETC FIRE PROTECT SYS                 F                                                                           
  387(A)(1)PC  KNOWLEDGE OF SERIOUS PRODCT/FACLTY/D      B                                                                           
  387(A)PC     UNSAFE BUS PRACT:RISK GBI/DEATH           F                                                                           
  39002(A)VC   OPERATE UNLICENSED BICYCLES               I                                                                           
  3905BP       ACTING AS NURSE HOME ADMIN W/O LICEN      M                                                                           
  3910(A)PU    FAILURE TO REGISTER                       M                                                                           
  3910(A)1PU   FAIL TO REGISTER W/ICC                    M                                                                           
  395FG        POSSESS/TRAIN BIRD W/O LICENSE            M                                                                           
  395PC        MARKET PRICE FRAUDS                       M                                                                           
  396.5PC      UNLAWFUL USE/ETC OF FOOD STAMPS           M                                                                           
  396(B)PC     PRICE GOUG:CONSUMR GOOD:STATE/LOCAL       M                                                                           
  396(C)PC     PRICE GOUG:REPAIR DUR STATE/LOCAL EM      M                                                                           
  396PC        VIOLATE FOOD STAMP ACT                    B                                                                           
  397PC        FURN LIQOUR TO DRUNK/INCOMPETENT PERSON   M                                                                           
  398MV        TRESPASS:"OFF LIMIT" AREA                 M                                                                           
  399.5(A)PC   OWN DOG TRAINED TO FIGHT/ATTACK           M                                                                           
  399.5PC      DOG TRAINED TO FIGHT/ETC. CAUSE INJURY    M                                                                           
  399(B)PC     FAIL TO CONTROL MISCHIEVOUS ANIMAL        B                                                                           
  399PC        OWNER NEGLI/ANIMAL CAUSE HUMAN DEATH      F                                                                           
  400PC        EXHIBIT DEFORMITIES FOR HIRE              M                                                                           

  PAGE   106                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  4000(A)VC    UNREGISTERED VEHICLE ON HIGHWAY           I                                                                           
  4000(A)1VC   UNREGISTERED VEHICLE ON HIGHWAY           I                                                                           
  4000AVC      UNREGISTERED VEHICLE ON HIGHWAY           I                                                                           
  40001(A)VC   OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY                    I                                                                           
  40005VC      OWNER FAIL TO DISPOSE OF CITATION         M                                                                           
  4001.1G-5CA  OWN, LEASE, MAINTAIN TAXI METERS          M                                                                           
  4001.2G-4CA  FILL GAS W/INCORRECT MEAS EQMT            M                                                                           
  4004(A)VC    FOREIGN COM VEH:NO PERMIT                 I                                                                           
  4004(B)FG    USE TRAP IN LARGE OFFSET                  M                                                                           
  4004(D)FG    NO NUMBERS ON TRAPS                       M                                                                           
  4004(E)FG    FAIL TO VISIT TRAP DAILY                  M                                                                           
  401PC        AID/ABET/ETC SUICIDE                      F                                                                           
  4011.7PC     HOSPITALIZED PRISONER:ESCAPE W/VIOL/FORC  M                                                                           
  402(A)PC     GO TO/STOP AT SCENE OF DISASTER           M                                                                           
  402(B)PC     INTERFER W/LIFEGUARD DURING EMERGENCY     M                                                                           
  402APC       ADULTERATION OF CANDY                     M                                                                           
  402BPC       DISCARD APPLIANCE WITH LOCK               M                                                                           
  402CPC       SELL NEW REFRIGERATOR W/O PROPER LOCK     M                                                                           
  402D(A)PC    DELIVER UNSOLICITED RAZOR BLADES          M                                                                           
  402PC        GO TO/STOP AT SCENE OF DISASTER           M                                                                           
  4024.2(C)PC  VIOL PROMISE TO APPEAR/WORK RELEASE       M                                                                           
  4024.5UR3CA  FAIL TO DISPLAY TAXI RATES                M                                                                           
  403PC        DISTURBANCE AT ASSEMBLY                   M                                                                           
  4030(N)PC    BOD CAVITY/ETC SEARCH VIO                 M                                                                           
  40302(A)VC   FAILURE TO PRESENT IDENTIFICATION         X                                                                           
  40302(B)VC   FAIL TO GIVE WRITTEN PROMISE TO APPEAR    X                                                                           
  40302(C)VC   PERSON DEMANDS IMMED PRESENCE MAGISTRATE  M                                                                           
  4036(A)BP    ISSUANCE OF PRESC BY UNAUTHORIZED PE      M                                                                           
  4038(A)1HS   MAKE FALSE STATEMENT IN REPORT/ETC W      B                                                                           
  4038(A)2HS   POSSESS ALTERED/CONCEALED RECORDS W/      B                                                                           
  4038(A)3HS   DESTROY/ALTER/CONCEAL RECORDS W/PRIO      B                                                                           
  4038(A)4HS   WITHHOLD INFO REGARDING DANGER/SAFET      B                                                                           
  4038(A)5HS   VIOL ORDER PREVENT DANGER TO HEALTH       B                                                                           
  4038(A)6HS   OPER PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM W/O PERMIT       B                                                                           
  4039(C)HS    PREVENT/INTERFERE/ETC INSPECT/MONITO      M                                                                           
  404.6(A)PC   CAUSE/ETC RIOT:URGE DESTRUCT PROPERT      M                                                                           
  404.6PC      URGE RIOT OR DESTROY PROPERTY             M                                                                           
  404(A)PC     RIOT                                      M                                                                           
  404(B)PC     RIOT IN JAIL/PRISON/ETC                   M                                                                           
  4047.5(A)BP  PHARMACIST FAILING TO LABEL DRUG NAM      B                                                                           
  4047.5(B)BP  PHARMACIST FAILING TO LABEL DIRECTIO      B                                                                           
  4047.5(C)BP  PHARMACIST FAILING TO LABEL PATIENT       B                                                                           

  PAGE   107                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  4047.5(D)BP  PHARMACIST FAIL TO LABEL PRESCRIBER       B                                                                           
  4047.5(E)BP  PHARMACIST FAILING TO LABEL DATE OF       B                                                                           
  4047.5(F)BP  PHARMACIST FAIL TO LABEL PRESCRIPTIO      B                                                                           
  4047.5(G)BP  PHARMACIST FAIL TO LABEL DRUG STRENG      B                                                                           
  4047.5(H)BP  PHARMACIST FAIL TO LABEL DRUG QUANTI      B                                                                           
  4047.5(I)BP  PHARMACIST FAIL TO LABEL EXPIRATION       B                                                                           
  4047.5BP     PHARMACIST FAILING TO LABEL DRUG NAM      B                                                                           
  405APC       LYNCHING                                  F                                                                           
  405BPC       LYNCHING (PUNISHMENT)                     F                                                                           
  405PC        RIOT (PUNISHMENT)                         M                                                                           
  4050BP       UNLAWFUL MFG/SELL/DISPENSE PRESC DRU      M                                                                           
  40500(D)VC   ALTER COPY OF CITATION                    M                                                                           
  40504(B)VC   FALSE SIGNATURE ON CITATION               M                                                                           
  40506(B)HS   OPERATE SMOG PROD W/O PERMIT              M                                                                           
  40508(A)VC   FAIL TO APPEAR                            M                                                                           
  40508(B)VC   FAILURE TO PAY FINE/WARRANT               M                                                                           
  40508(C)VC   FAIL COMPLY COURT ORD:VEH                 M                                                                           
  40508VC      FAIL TO APPEAR                            M                                                                           
  4051BP       UNREG MFG/ETC PRESC/ETC                   M                                                                           
  40519(B)VC   FAIL TO APPEAR ON WRITTEN PLEA            M                                                                           
  40519VC      FAIL TO APPEAR                            M                                                                           
  4059(A)BP    FURNISH DRUGS W/O A PRESCRIPTION          M                                                                           
  4059BP       FURNISH DANG DRUG/DEVICE                  M                                                                           
  406PC        RIOT                                      M                                                                           
  4060BP       POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE        M                                                                           
  40614VC      SIGN FICTITIOUS NAME/NOTICE/CORRECTION    M                                                                           
  40616VC      FAIL-CORRECT/DELIVER PROOF OF CORRECTION  M                                                                           
  4063BP       UNAUTH RFIL DANG DRUG/ETC                 M                                                                           
  407LC        FRAUDULENT BUSINESS INVESTMENT            M                                                                           
  407PC        UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY                         M                                                                           
  408PC        RIOT/UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY (PUNISHMENT)       M                                                                           
  4080BP       OPERATE PHARMACY W/O LICENSE              M                                                                           
  4084BP       DRUG WHOLESALER/OUTLET OPERATING W/O      M                                                                           
  409.5(C)PC   ENTER CLOSED DISASTER AREA                M                                                                           
  409.5PC      ENTER CLOSED DISASTER AREA                M                                                                           
  409.6(C)PC   ENTER CLOSED DISASTER AREA - AVALANC      M                                                                           
  409PC        REMAIN AT SCENE OF RIOT/ETC               M                                                                           
  410PC        OFFICIAL REFUSE/ETC TO DISPERSE RIOTERS   M                                                                           
  4110(A)BP    OPERATE AS PHARMACY W/O PROPER LICEN      M                                                                           
  412PC        ILLEGAL PRIZE FIGHTING                    M                                                                           
  413PC        PRESENCE AT ILLEGAL PRIZE FIGHT           M                                                                           
  4131.5PC     BATTERY ON NONINMATE BY JAIL INMATE       F                                                                           

  PAGE   108                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  4132BP       POSSESSION HYPODERMIC/SYRINGE             M                                                                           
  414PC        LEAVE STATE TO PRIZE FIGHT                M                                                                           
  4140BP       UNAUTH POSSESSION OF SYRINGE/NEEDLE       M                                                                           
  4141BP       UNLIC SELL/ETC NEEDL/ETC                  M                                                                           
  4142BP       SELL/FURN/ETC SYRINGE/NEEDLE W/O PRE      M                                                                           
  4143(A)BP    POSSESS HYPO NEEDLE/SYRINGE               M                                                                           
  4143BP       SALE OF NEEDLE SYRINGE                    M                                                                           
  4148BP       UNLAWFUL HYPODERMIC NEEDLE/SYRINGE        M                                                                           
  4149(B)BP    POSSESSION OF HYPE KIT                    M                                                                           
  4149BP       POSSESS HYPODERMIC NEEDLE/SYRINGE         M                                                                           
  4149BPSEL    UNLIC NONRES DIST NDL/ETC                 M                                                                           
  415.5(A)PC   DISTURB THE PEACE AT UNIVERSITY/ETC       M                                                                           
  415.5(A)1PC  FIGHT/CHALLENGE FIGHT:SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY   M                                                                           
  415.5(A)2PC  DISTURBING THE PEACE AT COLLEGE/UNIV      M                                                                           
  415.5(A)3PC  OFFENSIVE WORDS:COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY        M                                                                           
  415.5PC      DISTURB THE PEACE AT UNIVERSITY/ETC       M                                                                           
  415(A)(1)PC  FIGHT/CHALLENGE FIGHT PUBLIC PLACE        M                                                                           
  415(A)(2)PC  DISTURB BY LOUD/UNREASONABLE NOISE        M                                                                           
  415(A)(3)PC  OFFENSIVE WORDS IN PUBLIC PLACE           M                                                                           
  415(1)PC     FIGHT/CHALLENGE FIGHT PUBLIC PLACE        M                                                                           
  415(2)PC     DISTURB BY LOUD UNREASONABLE NOISE        M                                                                           
  415(3)PC     OFFENSIVE WORDS IN PUBLIC PLACE           M                                                                           
  415PC        DISTURB THE PEACE                         M                                                                           
  4150BP       OBTAIN NEEDLE/SYRINGE BY FRAUD            M                                                                           
  4150FG       UNLAWFUL TAKING/POSS OF NONGAME MAMM      M                                                                           
  4151BP       MISUSE OF NEEDLE/SYRINGE                  M                                                                           
  4152.5VC     FAIL TO REGISTER OUT-OF-STATE REG VEH     I                                                                           
  4159VC       FAIL TO NOTIFY DMV OF ADDRESS CHANGE      I                                                                           
  416(A)PC     REFUSE TO DISPERSE                        M                                                                           
  416PC        REFUSE TO DISPERSE                        M                                                                           
  4160(A)BP    ACT AS WHOLESALER OF DANGEROUS DRUGS      M                                                                           
  4160DBP      UNDER INFLUENCE OF DRUGS                  M                                                                           
  4160VC       FAIL CHANGE ADD ON REG                    I                                                                           
  4164BP       SELL POISON TO MINOR                      M                                                                           
  417.1PC      EXHIBIT FIREARM/PRESENCE RESERVE PO       F                                                                           
  417.2(A)PC   EXHIBIT REPLICA OF FIREARM                M                                                                           
  417.2(B)PC   SELL/MFG/DISTRIBUTE IMITATION FIREAR      M                                                                           
  417.2PC      EXHIBIT REPLICA OF FIREARM                M                                                                           
  417.25(A)PC  DRAWING/EXHIBITING LASER SCOPE            M                                                                           
  417.26(A)PC  AIM/ETC LASER POINTER                     M                                                                           
  417.27(A)PC  SELL LASER POINTER                        I                                                                           
  417.27(B)PC  POSSESSION OF LASER ON SCHOOL PREMISES    I                                                                           

  PAGE   109                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  417.27(C)PC  AIM LASER POINTER INTO EYES OF ANOTHER    I                                                                           
  417.27(D)PC  AIM LASER POINTER: GUIDE DOG              I                                                                           
  417.3PC      OCCUPANT OF VEHICLE EXHIBIT FIREARM       F                                                                           
  417.4PC      DRAW/EXHIBIT IMITATION FIREARM            M                                                                           
  417.6(A)PC   EXHIBIT FIREARM/WEAPON W/GBI INTENT       F                                                                           
  417.6PC      EXHIBIT FIREARM/WEAPON W/GBI INTENT       F                                                                           
  417.8PC      EXHIBIT FIREARM/WEAPON TO RESIST ARREST   F                                                                           
  417(A)(1)PC  EXHIBIT DEADLY WEAPON NO FIREARM          M                                                                           
  417(A)(2)PC  EXHIBIT FIREARM                           M                                                                           
  417(A)PC     EXHIBIT DEADLY WEAPON/FIREARM             M                                                                           
  417(A)2APC   EXHIBIT CONCELABLE FIREARM IN PUBLIC      M                                                                           
  417(A)2BPC   EXHIBIT CONCEALABLE FIREARM               M                                                                           
  417(B)PC     DRAW/EXHIBIT GROUNDS OF DAY CARE CTR/ETC  M                                                                           
  417(B)PCDC   DRAW/EXHIBIT F/ARM ON DAY CARE CENTE      B                                                                           
  417(B)PCFPO  EXHIBIT FIREARM PRES PO                   F                                                                           
  417(B)PCPO   DRAW/EXHIBIT F/ARM ON DAY CARE CENTE      B                                                                           
  417(C)PC     EXHIBIT FIREARM PRESENCE PEACE OFFICER    M                                                                           
  417A2APC     EXHIBIT CONSEALABLE FIREARM IN PUBLIC     M                                                                           
  417A2BPC     EXHIBIT CONSEALABLE FIREARM               M                                                                           
  417PC        EXHIBIT DEADLY WEAPON/FIREARM             M                                                                           
  41700HS      DISCHARGE CONTAMINANTS IN DANGEROUS       M                                                                           
  41701HS      DISCHARGE CONTAMINANTS 3+ MINS IN 1       M                                                                           
  418PC        FORCIBLE ENTRY AND DETAINER               M                                                                           
  41800HS      UNAUTHORIZED AGRICULTURAL BURNING         M                                                                           
  419PC        RETAKE LAND AFTER LEGAL REMOVAL           M                                                                           
  41950(A)PR   UNAUTHORIZED REMOVAL OF RECYCLABLE M      M                                                                           
  41950PRC     UNLAWFUL REMOVAL RECYCLEABLE MATERIA      M                                                                           
  41960.2CHS   USE DEFECTIVE VAPOR RECOVERY CNTL SY      M                                                                           
  41960.2DHS   USE DEFECTIVE VAPOR RECOVERY CNTL SY      M                                                                           
  420PC        PREVENT ENTRY UPON PUBLIC LANDS           M                                                                           
  42003(A)VC   FAILURE TO PAY COURT ORDERED FINE         M                                                                           
  42005(E)VC   FAIL TO ATTEND COURT ORDERED TRAFFIC      M                                                                           
  42005VC      FAILURE TO APPEAR AT TRAFFIC COURT        M                                                                           
  422.6(A)PC   VIOLATE CIVIL RIGHTS BY FORCE/THREAT      M                                                                           
  422.6(B)PC   DAMAGE/DESTROY PROP TO VIOL CIVIL RIGHTS  M                                                                           
  422.7(A)PC   VIOL CIVIL RIGHTS:CAUSE VIOLENT INJ/      B                                                                           
  422.7(B)PC   VIOL CIVIL RIGHTS:CAUSE PROPERTY DAM      B                                                                           
  422.7PC      INTIMIDATE/INTERFERE RACE/COLOR/ETC       B                                                                           
  422.77(A)PC  VIOLATE CIVIL RIGHTS                      M                                                                           
  422.9(A)PC   WILLFUL VIOLATION OF ORDER                M                                                                           
  422(A)PC     TERRORIST THREATS                         F                                                                           
  422(B)PC     REPEALED 1987                             F                                                                           

  PAGE   110                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  422(C)PC     REPEALED 1987                             F                                                                           
  422(D)PC     REPEALED 1987                             F                                                                           
  422PC        TERRORIST THREATS                         F                                                                           
  4227(A)BP    FURNISH DANG DRUG W/O PRESCRIPTION        M                                                                           
  4227BP       FURNISH DANGEROUS DRUG W/O PRESCRIPTION   M                                                                           
  4228(A)BP    DISPENSE DANGEROUS DRUGS W/O LABEL        M                                                                           
  4229BP       REFILL NONREFILLABLE PRESCRIPTION         M                                                                           
  423.2(A)PC   OBSTRUCT CLINIC ENTRANCE W/FORCE/VIOL/ET  M                                                                           
  423.2(B)PC   OBST PLACE OF WORSHIP W/FORCE/VIOL/ETC    M                                                                           
  423.2(C)PC   OBSTRUCT CLINIC ENTRANCE W/O FORCE/VIOL   M                                                                           
  423.2(D)PC   OBSTRUCT PLACE OF WORSHIP W/O FORCE/VIOL  M                                                                           
  423.2(E)PC   DAMAGE/DESTROY PROPERTY AT CLINIC         M                                                                           
  423.2(F)PC   DAMAGE/DESTROY PROPERTY PLACE OF WORSHIP  M                                                                           
  4230BP       POSSESS DANG DRUG W/O PRESCRIPTION        M                                                                           
  4232BP       FAIL MAINT RECORDS DANGER DRUGS SALE      M                                                                           
  4234BP       DANGEROUS DRUG VIOL:USE MINOR AS AGENT    F                                                                           
  4235BP       DANGEROUS DRUGS VIOLATION                 M                                                                           
  424PC        EMBEZZLEMENT                              F                                                                           
  42400.1AHS   NEGLIGENTLY EMIT AIR CONTAMINANT          M                                                                           
  42400.2AHS   KNOWINGLY EMIT AIR CONTAMANT/FAIL CO      M                                                                           
  42400.2BHS   FALSE REQ AIR EMISSION DOCU W/INT TO      M                                                                           
  42400.2CHS   FALSE REQ AIR EMISSION DOCU W/INT TO      M                                                                           
  42400(A)HS   FAIL OPER VAPOR RCOVY SYSTM GAS CARG      M                                                                           
  42408(A)HS   TAMPER W/MONITORING EQUIPMENT             M                                                                           
  425PC        FAIL TO PAY PUBLIC MONEY                  F                                                                           
  428PC        OBSTRUCT OFFICER COLLECTING REVENUE       M                                                                           
  429PC        FAIL COLLECT/REMIT TELECOMM SERVICE       M                                                                           
  4291(A)PR    FAIL TO MAINTAIN FIREBREAK                M                                                                           
  42941FA      FRUIT OFFERED FOR SALE - NO STATEMEN      M                                                                           
  42945FA      DISPOSE OF FOOD AFFIXED W/WARNING TA      M                                                                           
  43 8364.1DU  FED REG:NONCOMPLIANCE:CLOSURE PUBLIC      N                                                                           
  43 8365.1 4  FED REG:POSS CNTL SUBS ON PUBLIC LAN      N                                                                           
  4301FA       SCALPING                                  M                                                                           
  4304FG       ABANDONING A CARCASS                      M                                                                           
  431PC        FAIL TO DELIVER TAX RECEIPTS              M                                                                           
  432PC        POSS BLANK LICENSES/RECEIPTS              F                                                                           
  4322BP       FALSE REP REG PHARMACY                    M                                                                           
  4323BP       FALSE REP:DR/ETC:OBT DRUG                 M                                                                           
  4324(A)BP    FORGE/ETC PRESCRIPTION                    F                                                                           
  4324(B)BP    POSS DRUGS BY FORGED PRESCRIPTION         B                                                                           
  4325(A)BP    UNAUTH PRESCRIPTION BLANK                 M                                                                           
  4326(A)BP    OBT HYPO NDL/SRYNGE:FRAUD                 M                                                                           

  PAGE   111                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  4326(A)14CA  VIOLATION OF POSTED ORDER                 B                                                                           
  4326(B)BP    MISUSE HYPO NEEDL/SYRINGE                 M                                                                           
  4326(14)CA   WALKING OFF DESIGNATED TRAIL              M                                                                           
  4327BP       SELL/ETC DRUGS:UNDER INFLUENCE            M                                                                           
  4328BP       NON-PHARMACIST FURNISHING DANGEROUS       M                                                                           
  4329BP       MAN/ETC PHARM/ETC NO REG                  M                                                                           
  4330FG       DEER LICENSE REQUIRED TO TAKE DEER        M                                                                           
  4331(A)BP    UNAUTH GIVE DANG DEV/ETC                  M                                                                           
  4332BP       DANG DRUG/ETC RECORD VIOL                 M                                                                           
  4335(A)BP    DANG DRUG:USE MNR:AGENT                   F                                                                           
  4336FG       HUNT W/O TAGS/FAIL TO ATTACH              M                                                                           
  4336FGC      POSSESS UNTAGGED DEER                     M                                                                           
  4340(B)FG    ILLEGALLY APPLY/OBTAIN DEER LICENSE       M                                                                           
  4341FG       FAIL TO HAVE DEER LICENSE SIGNED          M                                                                           
  436PC        ACT UNLAWFULLY AS AUCTIONEER              M                                                                           
  4384BP       SECURE PHARMACY REG BY FALSE REPRESE      B                                                                           
  4385BP       NON-PHARMACIST FURNISHING DANGEROUS       M                                                                           
  4387.1BP     FURN DANG DEVICE/ETC BY UNAUTH PERSO      M                                                                           
  4387BP       UNREGISTERED PHARMACY DISPENSE DANGR      M                                                                           
  439PC        GET INSURANCE FROM UNLICENSED COMPANY     M                                                                           
  4390.1BP     POSSESS/COPY UNAUTH PRESCRIPTION BLANKS   M                                                                           
  4390.5BP     FALSE REP AS DOCTOR TO OBTAIN DRUGS       M                                                                           
  4390(A)BP    FORGERY OF PRESCRIPTION                   B                                                                           
  4390(B)BP    POSSESSION FORGED PRESCRIPTION            B                                                                           
  4390BP       FORGED PRESCRIPTION                       F                                                                           
  4391BP       UNLAWFUL DISPLAY PHARMACY SIGN            M                                                                           
  4392BP       SELL DRUGS WITHOUT LICENSE                M                                                                           
  440PC        OFFICIAL REFUSE INSPECTION OF RECORDS     M                                                                           
  4401HS       DUMPING GARBAGE/NAVIGATION WATER/OCEAN    M                                                                           
  44015(A)1HS  PROV SMOG CERTIF FOR TAMPERED VEH         M                                                                           
  44015HS      SMOG STATION ISSUE INVALID/ETC SMOG       M                                                                           
  4402HS       GARBAGE ON VESSEL/DUMPING/NAV WTR/OCN     M                                                                           
  44032HS      UNLIC SMOG CHECK TECHNICIAN               M                                                                           
  44059HS      MAKE FALSE STATEMENT RE VEH EMISSION      B                                                                           
  44209HS      FALSIFICATION OF TEST RECORDS/REPORT      B                                                                           
  4422(B)PR    PERSON ALLOW FIRE TO ESCAPE/SPREAD        M                                                                           
  4422PR       PERSON ALLOW FIRE TO ESCAPE/SPREAD        M                                                                           
  4442(A)PR    USE SPARK ARRESTER IN PARK                M                                                                           
  4453.6VC     FAIL TO PRODUCE LESSEE INFO TO P/O        I                                                                           
  4454(A)VC    FAIL TO CARRY REGISTER IN VEHICLE         I                                                                           
  4454AVC      REGISTRATION CARD NOT IN VEHICLE          I                                                                           
  4457VC       PLATES,TABS,CERTIF OBT WHEN LOST/MUTIL    I                                                                           

  PAGE   112                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  4458VC       PLATES LOST/STOLEN-NOTIFY POLICE          I                                                                           
  446.9(A)PC   POSS CODE GRABBING DEVICE:INTENT:ILL      M                                                                           
  446.9(B)PC   USE CODE GRABBG DEV FOR VEH ALARM:IN      M                                                                           
  4461(A)VC    LEND DISABLED PERSONS PLACARD             M                                                                           
  4461(B)VC    LEND DISABLED PERSON PLACARD              M                                                                           
  4461(C)VC    MISUSE DISABLED PERSON PLACARD            M                                                                           
  4461(D)VC    MISUSE OF DISABLED PERSON'S PLACARD       M                                                                           
  4461VC       IMPROPER USE OF LICENSE PLATE             M                                                                           
  4462.5VC     AVOID REGISTRATION COMPLIANCE             M                                                                           
  4462(A)VC    PRESENT EVID OF REGIS TO OFFICER          I                                                                           
  4462(B)VC    FALSE LICENSE PLATES                      I                                                                           
  4462(C)VC    POSSESSION OF FALSE VEHICLE ID            M                                                                           
  4463.5(A)VC  MFG/SELL FACSIMILE LICENSE PLATE          M                                                                           
  4463(A)VC    FORGE/ALTER VEHICLE REGISTRATION          F                                                                           
  4463(A)1VC   ALTER REGISTRATION/LICENSE                B                                                                           
  4463(A)2VC   FALSE EVIDENCE OF REGISTRATION            B                                                                           
  4463(B)VC    FORGE/ETC DISABLE PERS PLACARD W/INTENT   M                                                                           
  4463(B)1VC   FALSIFY DISABLED PERSON PLACARD           M                                                                           
  4463(B)2VC   PASS COUNTERFEIT DISABLED PERSON PLACARD  M                                                                           
  4463(B)3VC   POSSESS DISABLED PERSON PLACARD FOR SALE  M                                                                           
  4463(C)VC    DISPLAY FALSE DISABLED PLACARD W/INTENT   M                                                                           
  4463(D)VC    LEND/PERMIT USE OF DISABLED PERSN PL      M                                                                           
  4463VC       FALSE EVID OF REG W/INTENT TO DEFRAUD     F                                                                           
  4464VC       DISPLAY FALSE LICENSE ON VEHICLE          I                                                                           
  447APC       ARSON - REPEALED                          F                                                                           
  4476HS       DUMP OFFENSIVE MATTER                     M                                                                           
  448APC       BURN BUILDING NOT DWELLING - REPEALED     F                                                                           
  44810EC      WILLFUL INTERFERENCE W/CLASSROOM CONDUCT  M                                                                           
  44811EC      PARENT/ETC DISRPT CLSWRK/EXTRACURR ACTIV  M                                                                           
  44812EC      INSULT TEACHER ON SCHOOL PREMISES         M                                                                           
  45.03LAMC    LOITERING IN PUBLIC PLACE AFTER 10 P.M.   M                                                                           
  4500PC       ASSAULT BY LIFE PRISONER                  F                                                                           
  4501.1(A)PC  AGGRAVATE BATTERY BY PRISONER             F                                                                           
  4501.5PC     BATTERY BY PRISONER                       F                                                                           
  4501PC       ASSAULT BY PRISONER                       F                                                                           
  4502(A)PC    POSSESSION DEADLY WEAPON BY PRISONER      F                                                                           
  4502(B)PC    MFG/ATTEMPT MFG DEADLY WEAPN BY PRIS      F                                                                           
  4502PC       PRISONER POSSESS WEAPON                   F                                                                           
  4503PC       CONFINED PERSON HOLDS HOSTAGE             F                                                                           
  451.5(A)PC   AGGRAVATED ARSON                          F                                                                           
  451.5(A)1PC  AGGRAVATED ARSON WITH PRIOR               F                                                                           
  451(A)PC     ARSON CAUSING GREAT BODILY INJURY         F                                                                           

  PAGE   113                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  451(B)PC     ARSON:INHABITED STRUCTURE/PROPERTY        F                                                                           
  451(C)PC     ARSON:STRUCTURE/FOREST LAND               F                                                                           
  451(D)PC     ARSON:PROPERTY                            F                                                                           
  451(E)PC     PRISONER/CONFINED PERSON COMMIT ARSON     F                                                                           
  451APC       ARSON CAUSING GREAT BODILY INJURY         F                                                                           
  451B(A)PC    PRISONER LOCAL FACILITY START FIRE        F                                                                           
  451PC        ARSON                                     F                                                                           
  452(A)PC     CAUSING FIRE THAT CAUSES GBI              F                                                                           
  452(B)PC     CAUSING FIRE OF INHABITED STRUCTURE/PROP  F                                                                           
  452(C)PC     CAUSING FIRE OF STRUCTURE/FOREST LAND     F                                                                           
  452(D)PC     CAUSING FIRE OF PROPERTY                  M                                                                           
  452PC        CAUSING FIRE OF PROPERTY                  M                                                                           
  453(A)PC     POSS MATERIAL/DEVICE FOR ARSON            F                                                                           
  453(B)PC     POSSESS/MANUFACTURE/DISPOSE OF FIREBOMB   F                                                                           
  4530(A)PC    PRISON ESCAPE WITH FORCE                  F                                                                           
  4530(B)PC    PRISON ESCAPE WITHOUT FORCE               F                                                                           
  4530(C)PC    FAIL RETURN/CONFINEMENT/TEMP REL FRM CRC  F                                                                           
  4530(C)PCTR  FAIL RETURN TO CONFINEMENT:TEMP RELE      F                                                                           
  4530CPCCON   FAIL TO RETURN TO CONFINEMENT             F                                                                           
  4532(A)PC    ESCAPE JAIL CHG W/MISD; FORCE/VIOLENCE    F                                                                           
  4532(A)1PC   ESCAPE FROM JAIL WHILE CHARGED W/MISD     F                                                                           
  4532(A)2PC   ESCAPE FROM JAIL W/FORCE/VIOLENCE         F                                                                           
  4532(A)3PC   ESC:FAIL RET JAIL ON TIME                 B                                                                           
  4532(B)PC    ESCAPE JAIL CHG W/FEL; FORCE/VIOLENCE     F                                                                           
  4532(B)PCVI  ESCAPE JAIL WHIL CHARGE W/FEL:FORCE/      B                                                                           
  4532(B)PCWO  ESCAPE JAIL WHILE CHARGED W/FELONY        B                                                                           
  4532(B)1PC   ESCAPE FROM JAIL WHILE CHARGED W/FELONY   F                                                                           
  4532(B)2PC   ESCAPE JAIL:CHARGED WITH FEL:FORCE/V      F                                                                           
  4532(D)PC    ESC:NOT RET JAIL:WORK/ETC                 B                                                                           
  4532APC      ESCAPE JAIL WHIL CHARGE W/MISD:FORCE      B                                                                           
  4532APCVIO   ESCAPE JAIL WHIL CHARGE W/MISD:FORCE      B                                                                           
  4532APCWOV   ESCAPE JAIL WHILE CHARGED W/MISD          B                                                                           
  4532PC       ESCAPE JAIL/DETENTION                     F                                                                           
  4533PC       GUARD AID ESCAPE                          F                                                                           
  4534PC       ANY PERSON AID ESCAPE                     F                                                                           
  4535PC       FURNISH ESCAPE EQUIPMENT                  F                                                                           
  4536(A)PC    MDSO ESCAPE:MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY        F                                                                           
  454(A)(1)PC  ARSON/UNLAWFU CAUSE FIRE DUR INSURRE      F                                                                           
  454(A)(2)PC  ARSON/UNLAWFU CAUSE FIRE DURING EMER      F                                                                           
  454(A)PC     ARSON DURING STATE OF INSURECTION/EMERG   F                                                                           
  454(B)PC     ARSON DURING STATE OF INSURECTION/EMERG   F                                                                           
  4540BP       PSYCH TECHNICIANS: OPERATING W/O LIC      M                                                                           

  PAGE   114                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  4541BP       USE OF TITLES BY NONLIC PSYCH TECHNI      M                                                                           
  455(A)PC     ATTEMPT ARSON                             F                                                                           
  455PC        ATTEMPT/AID/COUNSEL/PROCURE ARSON         F                                                                           
  4550.1PC     RESCUE/ATMPT RESCUE PRISONER/CAP OFFENSE  F                                                                           
  4550.2PC     RESCUE/ATMPT RESCUE PRISONER/NON-CAP OFF  F                                                                           
  457.1(H)PC   FAILURE TO REGISTER AFTER CONVICT AR      M                                                                           
  457.1(I)PC   FAILURE TO REGISTER AS AN ARSON OFFE      M                                                                           
  4570.1PC     WRITTEN COMMNICATION W/PRISONER W/O OK    M                                                                           
  4570.5PC     FALSE ID FOR PRISON/JAIL ADMISSION        M                                                                           
  4570PC       COMMUNICATE W/PRISONER W/O CONSENT        M                                                                           
  4571PC       FELON ON PRISON GROUNDS                   F                                                                           
  4572PC       VAGRANT ON PRISON GROUNDS                 M                                                                           
  4573.5PC     BRING DRUGS INTO PRISON/JAIL              F                                                                           
  4573.5PCBDP  BRING DRUGS INTO PRISON                   F                                                                           
  4573.6(A)PC  POSSESS CONTRABAND IN JAIL                F                                                                           
  4573.6PC     POSSESS DRUGS/ALCOHOL IN PRISON/JAIL      F                                                                           
  4573.6PCPRI  POSSESS DRUGS IN PRISON                   F                                                                           
  4573.8PC     POSSESSION DRUGS/ALCOHOL IN PRISON/JAIL   F                                                                           
  4573.9PC     NONINMATE SELL/ETC CNTL SUB TO PERSN      F                                                                           
  4573(A)PC    BRING CONTRABAND IN JAIL                  F                                                                           
  4573PC       BRING NARCO/ALCOHOL INTO PRISON/JAIL      F                                                                           
  4573PCDRG    BRING CNTL SUB/ETC JAIL                   F                                                                           
  4574(A)PC    WEAPON/TEAR GAS OFFENSE:PRISON/ETC        F                                                                           
  4574(B)PC    SEND TEAR GAS/WEAPON TO PRISON/JAIL:USED  F                                                                           
  4574(C)PC    BRING/SEND TEAR GAS/WEAPON TO PRISN/JAIL  M                                                                           
  4575(D)PC    POSSESSION OF HANDCUFF KEY IN JAIL        M                                                                           
  459.5PC      SHOPLIFTING                               B                                                                           
  459-460APCF  FIRST DEGREE RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY         F                                                                           
  459-460BPCS  SECOND DEGREE COMMERCIAL BURGLARY         F                                                                           
  459PC        BURGLARY                                  B                                                                           
  459PCAUTO    BURGLARY FROM VEHICLE                     F                                                                           
  459PCCOM     COMMERCIAL BURGLARY                       F                                                                           
  459PCFDG     BURGLARY:FIRST DEGREE                     F                                                                           
  459PCGAR     GARAGE BURGLARY                           F                                                                           
  459PCRES     RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY                      F                                                                           
  459PCSDG     BURGLARY:SECOND DEGREE                    B                                                                           
  460.1PC      BURGLARY:FIRST DEGREE                     F                                                                           
  460.2PC      BURGLARY:SECOND DEGREE                    F                                                                           
  460(A)PC     BURGLARY:FIRST DEGREE                     F                                                                           
  460(B)PC     BURGLARY:SECOND DEGREE                    B                                                                           
  460PC        BURGLARY                                  F                                                                           
  4600(A)PC    DAMAGE JAIL/PRISON                        F                                                                           

  PAGE   115                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  4600(A)VC    NOTIFY DMV/CHANGE OF ADDRESS 10 DAYS      I                                                                           
  4600PC       DAMAGE PRISON/JAIL OVER/UNDER $200        M                                                                           
  4602VC       REFUSE TO RENEW REGISTRATION EXP 12-      M                                                                           
  461.1PC      BURGLARY:FIRST DEGREE (PUNISHMENT)        F                                                                           
  461.2PC      BURGLARY:SECOND DEGREE (PUNISHMENT)       F                                                                           
  461PC        BURGLARY (PUNISHMENT)                     F                                                                           
  463(A)PC     LOOTING;2ND DEG BURGLARY DURING EMERGENC  F                                                                           
  463(B)PC     LOOTING; GRAND THEFT DURING EMERGENCY     F                                                                           
  463(C)PC     PETTY THEFT DURING EARTHQUAKE/ETC         M                                                                           
  464PC        BURGLARY WITH EXPLOSIVES/ETC              F                                                                           
  4657(A)FG    FAIL TO TAG/ETC WILD PIG                  M                                                                           
  466.1PC      FAIL MAINT RECORD SALE OF LOCK PICK/      M                                                                           
  466.3(A)PC   POSSESS DEVICE TO TAMPER W/VENDING MACH   M                                                                           
  466.3PC      POSSESS DEVICE TO TAMPER W/VENDING MACH   M                                                                           
  466.5(A)PC   POSSESS VEHICLE MASTER KEY W/INTENT       M                                                                           
  466.5(B)PC   POSSESS/USE VEHICLE MASTER KEY            M                                                                           
  466.5(C)PC   MANUFACTURE/SELL VEHICLE MASTER KEY       M                                                                           
  466.5PC      POSSESS/USE/ETC VEHICLE MASTER KEY        M                                                                           
  466.6(A)PC   ILLEGALLY MAKE VEHICLE MASTER KEY         M                                                                           
  466.7PC      ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF VEHICLE KEY         M                                                                           
  466.8(A)PC   MAKE RESIDENCE KEY W/O MAINT ID OF B      M                                                                           
  466.9(A)PC   POSS CODE GRABBING DEVICE:INTENT:ILL      M                                                                           
  466.9(B)PC   USE CODE GRABBG DEV FOR VEH ALARM:IN      M                                                                           
  466PC        POSSESS BURGLAR TOOLS                     M                                                                           
  467PC        POSSESS WEAPON TO COMMIT ASSAULT          M                                                                           
  468PC        BUY/SELL SNIPERSCOPE                      M                                                                           
  469PC        MAKE/USE/POSSESS PUBLIC BUILDING KEY      M                                                                           
  470(A)PC     FORGERY                                   M                                                                           
  470(B)PC     FORGERY                                   F                                                                           
  470(C)PC     FORGERY                                   B                                                                           
  470(D)PC     FORGERY                                   M                                                                           
  470A_473APC  FORGERY > $950 IN VALUE                   B                                                                           
  470A_473BPC  FORGERY OF CHECK, BOND, BILL < $950       B                                                                           
  470APC       ALTER/FORGE/FALISFY DRIVER LICENSE ID     F                                                                           
  470B_473APC  FORGERY > $950 IN VALUE                   B                                                                           
  470B_473BPC  FORGERY OF CHECK, BOND, BILL < $950       B                                                                           
  470BPC       POSSESS DRIVER LICENSE/ID-COMMIT FORGERY  F                                                                           
  470D_473APC  FORGERY > $950 IN VALUE                   B                                                                           
  470D_473BPC  FORGERY OF A CHECK, BOND, BILL < $950     B                                                                           
  470PC        FORGERY                                   F                                                                           
  4700(B)FG    POSSESS BIGHORN SHEEP W/O PERMIT          M                                                                           
  471.5PC      ALTER/ETC MEDICAL RECORD W/FRAUD INTENT   M                                                                           

  PAGE   116                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  471PC        MAKE FALSE ENTRIES IN RECORD              F                                                                           
  472PC        FORGE OFFICIAL SEAL                       M                                                                           
  473PC        FORGERY (PUNISHMENT)                      F                                                                           
  474PC        SEND FORGED PHONE/WIRE MESS TO DEFRAUD    F                                                                           
  475(A)PC     POSS ITEMS S/INTENT TO FORGE, CNTERFEIT   B                                                                           
  475(B)PC     POSS BLANK CHECK W/INTENT TO COMMIT FORG  M                                                                           
  475(C)PC     POSS CHECK W/INTENT TO COMM FORGERY       M                                                                           
  475A_473APC  FORGERY > $950 IN VALUE                   B                                                                           
  475A_473BPC  FORGERY OF A CHECK, BOND, BILL < $950     B                                                                           
  475APC       POSSESS BAD CHECK/MONEY ORDER             M                                                                           
  475B_473APC  FORGERY > $950 IN VALUE                   B                                                                           
  475B_473BPC  FORGERY < $950 IN VALUE                   B                                                                           
  475C_473APC  FORGERY > $950 IN VALUE                   B                                                                           
  475C_473BPC  FORGERY RELATING TO A CHECK > $950        B                                                                           
  475PC        POSSESS FORGED NOTES                      F                                                                           
  4758(A)FG    UNLAWFULLY SELLING/ETC OF BEAR MEAT       B                                                                           
  4758FG       SELLING BEAR PARTS                        M                                                                           
  476_473APC   FORGERY > $950 IN VALUE                   B                                                                           
  476_473BPC   FORGERY OF A CHECK, BOND, BILL < $950     B                                                                           
  476A(A)PC    NONSUFFICIENT FUNDS:CHECKS > $950         B                                                                           
  476A(B)PC    NONSUFFICIENT FUNDS:CHECKS < $950         B                                                                           
  476A(D)1PC   INSUFFICIENT FUNDS CHECKS                 M                                                                           
  476APC       NONSUFFICIENT FUNDS CHECKS                B                                                                           
  476PC        FORGERY RELATED TO BILL, NOTE OR CHECK    B                                                                           
  4766HS       VIOLATION OF DIST ORDINANCE/REGULATI      M                                                                           
  477PC        COUNTERFEITING                            F                                                                           
  478PC        COUNTERFEITING (PUNISHMENT)               F                                                                           
  479PC        POSSESS/RECEIVE COUNTERFEIT COIN/ETC      F                                                                           
  480(A)PC     MAKE/POSSESS COUNTERFEIT PLATES/DIES      F                                                                           
  480PC        MAKE/POSSESS COUNTERFEIT PLATES           F                                                                           
  4800(B)FG    UNLAWFUL POSSESSION/ETC OF MOUNTAIN       M                                                                           
  4800FG       INJURE/POS/ETC MOUNTNLION                 M                                                                           
  481.1(A)PC   COUNTERFEIT/ETC. PUBLIC CARRIER FARE      F                                                                           
  481.1(B)PC   POSSESS COUNTERFEIT PUBLIC CARRIER FARE   M                                                                           
  481PC        FORGE RAILROAD/STEAMSHIP TICKET           F                                                                           
  482PC        RESTORE RAILROAD/STEAMSHIP TICKET         M                                                                           
  48200EC      PARENT/ETC FAIL TO SEND PUPIL TO SCHOOL   I                                                                           
  4825BP       PRACTICE VETERINARY MEDICINE W/O LIC      M                                                                           
  48262EC      HABITUAL TRUANT                           S                                                                           
  48264EC      TRUANCY                                   J                                                                           
  48293(A)EC   NEGLECT TO SEND CHILD TO SCHOOL           I                                                                           
  48293(A)1EC  FAIL TO COMPLY W/ED LAW AS PARENT/GUARDI  I                                                                           

  PAGE   117                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  48293(A)2EC  PARENT/ETC FAIL TO COMPLY W/ED LAW W/PR   I                                                                           
  48293(A)3EC  PARENT/ETC FAIL TO COMPLY W/ED LAW W/PRS  I                                                                           
  48293EC      NEGLECT TO SEND CHILD TO SCHOOL           I                                                                           
  483.5(A)PC   DECEPTIVE DOCUMENT CRIME                  F                                                                           
  483.5(B)PC   POSS DOCUMENT ALTERING DEVICE             M                                                                           
  483PC        SELL TICKET TO IMPROPER PERSON            M                                                                           
  4831BP       VIOLATION OF VETERINARIAN REGULATION      M                                                                           
  484.1(A)PC   FALSE INFORMATION/I.D TO PAWNBROKER/ETC   F                                                                           
  484.1_GTPC   GRAND THEFT FR PAWNBROKER                 F                                                                           
  484.1_PTPC   PETTY THEFT FROM PAWN W/SP PR             F                                                                           
  484(A)/488P  PETTY THEFT                               M                                                                           
  484(A)_PTPC  PETTY THEFT W/SPEC PRIOR                  B                                                                           
  484(A)_P1PC  PETTY THEFT NOT EXCEEDING $50             M                                                                           
  484(A)_THPC  PETTY W/PR & SP THEFT PRI                 B                                                                           
  484(A)PC     THEFT PERSONAL PROPERTY/OVER/UNDER $400   B                                                                           
  484(A)PCGTH  GRAND THEFT (OVER $400)                   F                                                                           
  484(A)PCPSN  THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY                M                                                                           
  484(A)PCSHP  SHOPLIFT                                  M                                                                           
  484(A)PCTPP  THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY (OVER $40      F                                                                           
  484(A)PTTPC  PETTY THEFT                               M                                                                           
  484(B)PC     THEFT/NO RTN RENTED PROP OVR/UNDR $400    M                                                                           
  484/488PC    PETTY THEFT                               M                                                                           
  484A/488PC   PETTY THEIFT                              M                                                                           
  484APC       CREDIT CARD THEFT                         F                                                                           
  484BPC       DIVERSION OF FUNDS/OVER/UNDER $1000       F                                                                           
  484CPC       OBTAIN MONEY BY FALSE VOUCHER             F                                                                           
  484E(A)PC    ACQUIRE ACCESS CARD W/INTENT TO USE/SELL  F                                                                           
  484E(B)PC    ACQUIRE ACCESS CARD KNOWN TO BE LOST      M                                                                           
  484E(C)PC    ACQUIRE ACCESS CARD W/INTENT TO DEFRAUD   F                                                                           
  484E(D)PC    ACQUIRE ACCESS CARD IN 4+ NAMES O/12 MOS  F                                                                           
  484E(E)PC    ACQUIRE ACCESS CARD ACCOUNT NUMBER        F                                                                           
  484E(1)PC    PETTY THEFT:ACQUIRE ACCESS CARD W/O O.K.  M                                                                           
  484E(2)PC    PETTY THEFT:ACQUIRE LOST ACCESS CARD      M                                                                           
  484E(3)PC    GRAND THEFT:SELL ACCESS CARD W/INTENT     F                                                                           
  484E(4)PC    GRAND THEFT:ACCESS CARD                   F                                                                           
  484EPC       THEFT OF ACCESS CARD                      B                                                                           
  484F(A)PC    FORGE/MAKE/USE OF ACCESS CARD TO DEFRAUD  F                                                                           
  484F(B)PC    FORGE NAME ON ACCESS CARD                 M                                                                           
  484F(C)PC    ACCESS CARD FORGERY                       B                                                                           
  484F(1)PC    FORGE ACCESS CARD TO DEFRAUD              F                                                                           
  484F(2)PC    FORGE NAME ON ACCESS CARD                 F                                                                           
  484FPC       FORGERY OF ACCESS CARD                    F                                                                           

  PAGE   118                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  484G(A)PC    THEFT BY FORGED/INVALID ACCESS CARD       M                                                                           
  484G(B)PC    THEFT/MISREPRESENT AS ACCESS CARD HOLDER  F                                                                           
  484GPC       THEFT BY USE OF ACCESS CARD O/U $400      F                                                                           
  484H(A)PC    GIVE GOODS:KNOW ILLEGAL ACCESS CARD       M                                                                           
  484H(B)PC    FAIL TO GIVE GOODS AS STATED/ACCESS CARD  B                                                                           
  484HPC       GIVE GOODS:ILLEGAL ACCESS CARD O/U $400   B                                                                           
  484I(A)PC    POSSESS INCOMPLETE ACCESS CARD            M                                                                           
  484I(B)PC    POSSESS ACCESS CARD EQUIPMENT             F                                                                           
  484I(C)PC    MAKE/ETC:FAKE CARDS                       B                                                                           
  484IPC       INCOMPLETE ACCESS CARE/EQUIPMENT          B                                                                           
  484JPC       PUBLISH ACCESS CARD NUMBER/TO DEFRAUD     M                                                                           
  484PC        THEFT                                     M                                                                           
  484PCTFMV    THEFT FROM VEHICLE                        B                                                                           
  4841BP       FAIL TO MAINTAIN VETERINARY LICENSE       M                                                                           
  48450EC      PARENT REQUIRED TO SEND CHILD TO SCH      M                                                                           
  48454EC      FAILURE TO COMPEL ATTENDANCE              M                                                                           
  485_PTPC     PETTY THEFT OF LOST PROPERTY              B                                                                           
  485_487APC   GRAND THEFT LOST PROPERTY                 F                                                                           
  485_490.2PC  PETTY THEFT LOST PROPERTY W/SP PR         F                                                                           
  485PC        APPROPRIATE LOST PROPERTY OVER/UND/$400   F                                                                           
  4850(B)FG    TAKE/INJURE MOUNTAIN LION                 M                                                                           
  4850BP       FAIL TO PROPERLY DISPLAY VET LICENSE      M                                                                           
  4853BP       VETERINARY PREMISES NOT REGISTERED        M                                                                           
  4854BP       VET MAINTAIN UNCLEAN PREMISES/EQUIPM      M                                                                           
  4855BP       FAIL TO MAINTAIN VETERINARY RECORDS       M                                                                           
  487.1PC      GRAND THEFT:PROPERTY                      F                                                                           
  487.1PCTFMV  GRAND THEFT PROPERTY FROM VEHICLE         F                                                                           
  487.2PC      GRAND THEFT FROM PERSON                   F                                                                           
  487.3PC      GRAND THEFT                               F                                                                           
  487.3PCGT    GRAND THEFT:MISCELLANEOUS                 F                                                                           
  487.3PCGTA   GRAND THEFT:AUTO                          F                                                                           
  487(A)PC     GRND THFT MONEY/PROP EXCEED $400 VALUE    M                                                                           
  487(B)(2)PC  GRAND THEFT AQUACTURAL PRODUCTS           B                                                                           
  487(B)(3)PC  GRAND THEFT FROM EMPLOYER                 M                                                                           
  487(C)PC     GRAND THEFT PERSON                        M                                                                           
  487(D)(1)PC  GRAND THEFT AUTO/HORSE/ETC                B                                                                           
  487(D)(2)PC  GRAND THEFT FIREARM                       B                                                                           
  487(D)PC     GRAND THEFT: AUTO/FIREARM/ANIMAL/ETC      F                                                                           
  487(D)PCGTA  GRAND THEFT AUTO                          F                                                                           
  487(D)1PC    GRAND THEFT OF AUTOMOBILE                 B                                                                           
  487(3)PC     GRAND THEFT:AUTOMOBILE/MISCELLANEOUS      F                                                                           
  487A(A)PC    GRAND THEFT:ANIMAL CARCASS                F                                                                           

  PAGE   119                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  487A(B)PC    GRAND THEFT:CARCASS PORTION               F                                                                           
  487APC       GRAND THEFT:ANIMAL CARCASS                F                                                                           
  487BPC       GRAND THEFT:CONVERT REAL PROPERTY         F                                                                           
  487B1APC     GRAND THEFT FARM CROPS > $100 VALUE       B                                                                           
  487CPC       PETTY THEFT                               M                                                                           
  487DPC       GRAND THEFT:GOLD DUST/ETC                 F                                                                           
  487EPC       GRAND THEFT:DOG                           F                                                                           
  487FPC       PETTY THEFT:DOG                           M                                                                           
  487GPC       GRAND THEFT:DOG FOR SALE OR RESEARCH      F                                                                           
  487H(A)PC    GRAND THEFT:  VEHICLES/VESSELS/ETC        F                                                                           
  487H(B)PC    GRAND THEFT VEH/VESSEL W/2 PRIORS         F                                                                           
  487HAPC      GRAND THEFT:MOTOR VEHICLE                 F                                                                           
  487HPC       GRAND THEFT VEHICLE/VESSEL/ETC            F                                                                           
  487JPC       THEFT OF COPPER MATERIALS                 F                                                                           
  487PC        GRAND THEFT                               F                                                                           
  488PC        PETTY THEFT                               M                                                                           
  489PC        GRAND THEFT (PUNISHMENT)                  F                                                                           
  48900(B)EC   POSSES, SOLD OR FURNISH WEAPON ON SCHOOL  M                                                                           
  49 46504US   INTERF W/FLIGHT CREW/ETC                  F                                                                           
  490.1(A)PC   PETTY THEFT LESS THAN $50                 M                                                                           
  490.1PC      PETTY THEFT LESS THAN $50                 M                                                                           
  490.2PC      PETTY THEFT                               B                                                                           
  490.4(A)PC   ORGANIZED RETAIL PETTY THEFT              B                                                                           
  490.5(A)PC   PETTY THEFT:RETAIL MERCHANDISE/ETC        M                                                                           
  490.5PC      PETTY THEFT:RETAIL MERCHANDISE/ETC        M                                                                           
  490PC        PETTY THEFT (PUNISHMENT)                  M                                                                           
  492PC        LARCENY OF WRITTEN INSTRUMENTS            M                                                                           
  49307EC      VIOLATE ORDER OF SCHOOL CROSSING GUA      M                                                                           
  4935(A)BP    PRACTICE ACUPUNCTURE WITHOUT LICENSE      M                                                                           
  495.5PC      SHOPLIFTING AFTER A SPECIFIED PRIOR CONV  M                                                                           
  495PC        REMOVE PART OF REALTY                     F                                                                           
  496.1PC      RECEIVE KNOWN STOLEN PROPERTY             F                                                                           
  496.2PC      DEALER NOT DETERMINE OWNERSHIP            F                                                                           
  496.3PC      DEALER NOT DETERMINING OWNERSHIP          B                                                                           
  496.5PC      ATTEMPT TO COMMIT ANY 496PC CRIME         F                                                                           
  496(A)PC     RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY > $950          B                                                                           
  496(A)PRPC   RECEIVING KNOW STOLEN PROPERTY            B                                                                           
  496(B)PC     RECEIVING STOLEN LIBRARY BOOKS            M                                                                           
  496(C)PC     DEALER NOT DETERMINING OWNERSHIP          B                                                                           
  496(D)PC     ATTEMPT RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY>$4      B                                                                           
  496(E)PC     ATTEMPT TO COMMIT ANY 496 PC CRIME        F                                                                           
  496A(A)PC    JUNKER BUYS WIRE/METAL ILLEGALLY          F                                                                           

  PAGE   120                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  496BPC       RECEIVING STOLEN LIBRARY BOOKS            M                                                                           
  496CPC       COPY REALTY TITLE INFO OVER/UNDER $400    F                                                                           
  496D(A)PC    RECEIVE STOLEN PROPERTY VEHICLE/VESSEL    M                                                                           
  496DPC       RECEIVE STOLEN PROPERTY                   F                                                                           
  496PC        RECEIVE KNOWN STOLEN PROPERTY O/U $400    M                                                                           
  497PC        BRINGING STOLEN PROPERTY INTO THE STATE   F                                                                           
  498(B)(1)PC  THEFT OF UTILITY SERVICES > $400          B                                                                           
  498(B)(2)PC  TAMPERING W/UTILITY METER EXCEEDING       B                                                                           
  498(B)(3)PC  TAMPER W/UTILITY PROPERTY                 M                                                                           
  498(B)(4)PC  THEFT OF UTILITY SERVICES                 M                                                                           
  498(B)(5)PC  USE/REC BENEFIT FROM UTILITY FRAUD/T      M                                                                           
  498(D)PC     THEFT OF UTILITY SERVICES OVER $400       F                                                                           
  4980.10BP    PRACT MARRIAG/FAMILY/CHILD COUNSEL N      M                                                                           
  4980.40F3BP  UNLICENSED COUNSELING SUPERVISOR          M                                                                           
  4980(B)BP    PRACTICE MARRIAGE/FAMILY COUNSEL W/O      M                                                                           
  499(A)PC     AUTO THEFT W/SPECIFIC PRIOR               F                                                                           
  499(C)PC     TAKE VEH FOR TEMP USE W/3+ SPECIFIC       F                                                                           
  499(D)PC     AUTO THEFT W/SPECIFIC PRIORS              F                                                                           
  499APC       BYPASS METER/STEAL ELECTRICITY            M                                                                           
  499B.1(A)PC  TAKE VEHICLE FOR TEMPORARY USE W/PRIOR    F                                                                           
  499B.1(C)PC  THEFT OF VEH/VESSEL W/3+ PR:PC499B        F                                                                           
  499B.1(D)PC  THEFT:VEH/VESL W/2PR:PC499B&1PR:AUTO      F                                                                           
  499B.1PC     THEFT OF VEHICLE/VESSEL WITH PRCONFI      F                                                                           
  499B(A)PC    TAKE BICYCLE W/O PERMISSION               M                                                                           
  499BPC       TAKE VEHICLE FOR TEMPORARY USE            M                                                                           
  499C(B)PC    THEFT OF TRADE SECRETS                    F                                                                           
  499C(B)1PC   THEFT OF TRADE SECRETS:STEALS             F                                                                           
  499C(B)2PC   THEFT OF TRADE SECRETS:FRAUD              F                                                                           
  499C(B)3PC   THEFT OF TRADE SECRETS:UNLAWFUL ACCESS    F                                                                           
  499C(B)4PC   THEFT OF TRADE SECRETS:UNLAWFUL COPYING   F                                                                           
  499C(C)PC    THEFT OF TRADE SECRETS:OFFERS BRIBE       F                                                                           
  499DPC       TAKE AIRCRAFT W/O OWNERS CONSENT          F                                                                           
  4996BP       REPRESENT SELF AS SOCIAL WORKER           M                                                                           
  500(A)(1)PC  FAIL TRANSMIT $ TO FOREIGN COUNTRY        B                                                                           
  500(A)(2)PC  FAIL PROV INSTRUCTNS RE $ TRANSFER        B                                                                           
  500(A)(3)PC  FAIL REFUND $ N/TRANS TO FOREIGN COU      B                                                                           
  5000FG       TAKE OR POSSESS TORTOISE                  M                                                                           
  501(A)PC     PURCHASE JUNK FROM MINOR                  M                                                                           
  5011.5VC     FAIL TO DISPLAY SPECIAL ID PLATE          M                                                                           
  502.5PC      REMOVE STRUCTURE/FIXTURE OVR/UNDER $400   F                                                                           
  502.6(A)PC   FRAUDULENT USE OF INFO STORED PAYMNT      M                                                                           
  502.6(B)PC   ILLEGAL POSS SCANNING/REENCODING DEV      M                                                                           

  PAGE   121                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  502.7(A)PC   FRADULENT USE OF T/T SERV OVER $400.00    M                                                                           
  502.7(A)1PC  UNAUTH CHARGE TO CARD/NO/OVER $400 W/PR   B                                                                           
  502.7(A)2PC  CHARGE TO NON-EXISTENT NUMBER/OVER $      B                                                                           
  502.7(A)3PC  UNAUTHORIZED USE BY CODE/ETC > $400       B                                                                           
  502.7(A)4PC  TAMPER W/PHONE EQUIP/$400 OR W/PRIOR      B                                                                           
  502.7(B)1PC  AVOID TOLL CHARGE/OVER $400 OR W/PRIOR    F                                                                           
  502.7(B)2PC  SALE/ETC PLAN FOR DEVICE DEFRAUD/ >       B                                                                           
  502.7(C)PC   FRAUDULENT USE OF TELEPHONE/TELEGRAPH     M                                                                           
  502.7(D)PC   FRAUD USE OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERV      B                                                                           
  502.7(G)PC   THEFT OF TELEPHONE/TELEGRAPH SERV W/PRIO  F                                                                           
  502.7PC      FRADULENT USE OF T/T SERVICE              B                                                                           
  502.8(A)PC   ADVERTISE ILLEGAL TELCOMMUNICATION EQUIP  F                                                                           
  502.8(B)PC   AVOID CHARGES W/ILLEGAL TELECOMM EQUIP    M                                                                           
  502.8(C)PC   POSS/USE ILLGL COMMUNICATIONS EQUIP W/PR  F                                                                           
  502.8(D)PC   SELL ILLEGAL TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT  F                                                                           
  502.8(E)PC   POSS TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIP FOR SALE     F                                                                           
  502.8(F)PC   MANU ILLEGAL TELCOMMUNICATION EQUIP/SELL  F                                                                           
  502.8APCADV  ADV ILLEGAL TELECOM EQUIP                 M                                                                           
  502.8EPCPOS  POS 10+ IL TELCOM:SEL/ETC                 F                                                                           
  502(C)(1)PC  ALTER COMPUTER SYSTEM                     F                                                                           
  502(C)(2)PC  UNAUTHORIZED COPY/USE COMPUTER DATA       F                                                                           
  502(C)(3)PC  UNAUTHORIZED USE/COMPUTER SERVICES        M                                                                           
  502(C)(4)PC  ALTER COMPUTER SYSTEMS                    F                                                                           
  502(C)(5)PC  DISRUPT COMPUTER SYSTEMS                  F                                                                           
  502(C)(6)PC  ASSISTANCE TO ACCESS COMPUTER             F                                                                           
  502(C)(7)PC  UNAUTH ACCESS COMPUTER/OV $5000 VIC LOSS  F                                                                           
  502(C)(8)PC  INTRODUCE COMPUTER CONTAMNT/UNDER $5000   M                                                                           
  502(E)PC     UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO COMPUTER           I                                                                           
  502C(1)APC   ACCESS COMPUTER TO DEFRAUD/DECEIVE/E      B                                                                           
  502C(1)BPC   FRAUD USE OF COMPUTER TO OBT $/PROP/      B                                                                           
  503PC        EMBEZZLEMENT OVER/UNDER $400              M                                                                           
  5037VC       MOTORIZED BIKE W/O LICENSE PLATES         M                                                                           
  504_487APC   EMBEZZLEMENT EXCEED $950                  F                                                                           
  504_490.2PC  EMBZL N/EXCEED $950 W/SP PR               F                                                                           
  504_514PC    EMBEZZLEMENT PUBLIC FUNDS                 F                                                                           
  504A_PTPC    EMBEZZLE N/EXCEED $950 W/SP PR            F                                                                           
  504A_487APC  EMBEZZLEMENT EXCEED $950                  F                                                                           
  504APC       EMBEZZLE LEASED PROPERTY OVR/UNDR $400    M                                                                           
  504BPC       DEBTOR EMBEZZLE PROP PROCEEDS OV/UN $400  F                                                                           
  504PC        EMBEZZLE PROP BY PUB/PRIV OFFCR (> $400)  F                                                                           
  505PC        CARRIER EMBEZZLE PROPERTY OV/UN $400      F                                                                           
  5050BP       ACCOUNTANTS: PRACTICE W/O LICENSE         M                                                                           

  PAGE   122                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  5051BP       PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY DEFINED                M                                                                           
  5054.1PC     STATE PRISON ESCAPEE                      F                                                                           
  5055BP       UNLAWFUL USE ACCOUNTANT TITLE/BUS NA      M                                                                           
  5058BP       USE TITLE LIKELY CONFUSED W/ACCOUNTA      M                                                                           
  506APC       EMBEZZLEMENT BY COLLECTOR OF ACCTS/D      F                                                                           
  506BPC       VIOLATION/REAL PROPERTY SALES CONTRACT    F                                                                           
  506PC        EMBEZZLE PRIVATE PROPERTY OVER $400       F                                                                           
  507PC        EMBEZZLEMENT BY BAILEE/ETC OV/UN $400     M                                                                           
  508PC        EMBEZZLEMENT BY EMPLOYEE OV/UN $400       F                                                                           
  5097.99BPR   POSSESS/ETC NATIVE AMERICAN ARTIFACT      F                                                                           
  5105.5(D)VC  IMPROP USE/DISPLAY ENVIRONMENTL LIC       M                                                                           
  5132PU       FAIL TO DISPLAY IDENTIFICATION SYMBO      M                                                                           
  5133PU       NO PERMIT TO TRANSPORT HOUSEHOLD GOO      M                                                                           
  5139PU       FAIL TO OBSERVE COMMISSION RULES          M                                                                           
  514PC        EMBEZZLEMENT OVER/UNDER $400(PUNISHMENT)  F                                                                           
  5158C1D1CA   FAIL PROVIDE APPROVED RESP EQUIP          M                                                                           
  5158C1E2CA   FAIL PROVIDE HOISTING DEVICE              M                                                                           
  518PC        EXTORTION                                 F                                                                           
  519.1PC      EXTORTION BY THREAT:INJURY                F                                                                           
  519.2PC      EXTORTION BY THREAT:ACCUSE OF CRIME       F                                                                           
  519.3PC      EXTORTION BY THREAT:DISGRACE              F                                                                           
  519.4PC      EXTORTION BY THREAT:EXPOSE SECRET         F                                                                           
  519PC        EXTORTION BY THREAT                       F                                                                           
  520PC        EXTORTION (PUNISHMENT)                    F                                                                           
  5200VC       LOC AND NO. OF LICENSE PLATES             I                                                                           
  5201(F)VC    NO CASING SHIELD OBSTRUCT LICENSE PL      I                                                                           
  5201VC       LICENSE SECURELY ATTACHED TO VEH          I                                                                           
  52010FG      SHOTGUN SIX CARTRIDGES AT ONCE            M                                                                           
  5202VC       OPR VEH W/O PROPER DISPLAY OF LICENSE     I                                                                           
  5204(A)VC    EXPIRED TABS/FAIL DISPLAY                 I                                                                           
  5204VC       LICENSE PLATE TABS/REAR LICENSE PLATE     I                                                                           
  522PC        OBTAIN SIGNATURE BY THREAT                F                                                                           
  523(A)PC     EXTORT BY THREATEN LETTER                 F                                                                           
  523PC        THREATENING LETTER W/INTENT EXTORT        F                                                                           
  524PC        ATTEMPTED EXTORTION                       F                                                                           
  526PC        EXTORT WITH FALSE COURT DOCUMENT          M                                                                           
  527PC        SELL/ETC FALSE COURT DOCUMENT             M                                                                           
  528.5(A)PC   INTERNET/ELECTRONIC IMPERSONATION         M                                                                           
  528PC        MARRY UNDER FALSE PERSONATION             F                                                                           
  5286PU       OPERATE HOUSEHOLD GOODS CARRIER W/O       M                                                                           
  529.1PC      PERSONATE TO POST BAIL/SURETY             F                                                                           
  529.2PC      PERSONATE TO RECORD DOCUMENT              F                                                                           

  PAGE   123                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  529.3PC      PERSONATE TO MAKE OTHER LIABLE            F                                                                           
  529.5(A)PC   MFG/SELL/TRANS/CNTRFT GOVERN ID/DRVR LIC  M                                                                           
  529.5(B)PC   MFG/ETC GOVERNMENT ID/DRIVER'S LIC/E      B                                                                           
  529.5(C)PC   ILLEGAL POSS N/GOVERN ISSUED ID CARD/DL   M                                                                           
  529.5PC      MAKE/SELL FAKE ID/DRIVERS LICENSE         M                                                                           
  529.7PC      FALSELY OBTAIN/POSSESS DMV DOCUMENTS      M                                                                           
  529(A)(1)PC  FALSE PERSONATION OF ANOTHER FOR BAIL/SU  F                                                                           
  529(A)(3)PC  FALSE PERSONATION                         F                                                                           
  529(3)PC     FALSE PERSONATION                         F                                                                           
  529APC       FAKE BIRTH ID WITH INTENT TO DECEIVE      F                                                                           
  529PC        FALSE PERSONATION OF ANOTHER              M                                                                           
  530.5(A)PC   GET CREDIT/ETC OTHER'S ID                 B                                                                           
  530.5(C)1PC  IDENTITY THEIF                            M                                                                           
  530.5(C)2PC  IDENTIFYING INFOMATION THEFT W/ PRIOR     B                                                                           
  530.5(C)3PC  MULTIPLE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION THEFT    F                                                                           
  530.5(D)PC   IDENTITY THEFT                            M                                                                           
  530.5(D)1PC  UNLAWFUL TRANSFER OF IDENTIFYING A INFO   F                                                                           
  530.5(D)2PC  UNLAWFUL TRANSFER OF ID INFO FOR ID THEF  F                                                                           
  530.5(E)PC   MAIL THEFT                                M                                                                           
  530.5PC      UNAUTHORIZED USE OF PERSONAL ID INFORMAT  M                                                                           
  530PC        PERSONATE TO GET MONEY/PROPERTY O/U $400  M                                                                           
  5306(A)FA    REFUSE TO COMPLY W/QUARANTINE REGULA      M                                                                           
  5306(B)FA    UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF QUARANTINED P      M                                                                           
  531APC       CONVEY PROPERTY FRAUDULENTLY              M                                                                           
  531PC        FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCES                    M                                                                           
  5311PU       OPERATE HOUSEGOODS CURRIER                M                                                                           
  5314.5PU     ADVERTISING W/O PERMIT                    M                                                                           
  532(A)PC     OBTAIN MONEY/ETC BY FALSE PRETENSES       F                                                                           
  532A(1)PC    FALSE FINANCIAL STATEMENT WITH-W/O AKA    F                                                                           
  532A(2)PC    BENEFIT/FALSE FINANCE STATEMENT/AKA       F                                                                           
  532A(3)PC    REAFIRM FALSE FINANCIAL STATEMENT/AKA     F                                                                           
  532A(4)PC    FALSE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS                B                                                                           
  532APC       FALSE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS                B                                                                           
  532B(B)      IMPERSONATE VETERAN TO DEFRAUD            M                                                                           
  532B(B)PC    IMPERSONATE VETERAN TO DEFRAUD            M                                                                           
  532BPC       IMPERSONATE VETERAN TO SOLICIT            M                                                                           
  532CPC       LOTTERY OF REAL PROPERTY                  M                                                                           
  532D(A)PC    FRAUD:SOLICIT CHARITY/ETC                 M                                                                           
  532DPC       FRAUDULENT CHARITY SOLICITATION           M                                                                           
  532EPC       CONSTRUCTION BROKER KICKBACKS             M                                                                           
  532PC        OBT MONEY/ETC-FALSE PRETENSES O/U $400    B                                                                           
  533PC        SELL LAND TWICE                           F                                                                           

  PAGE   124                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  534HS        USE OF ENVIRNMTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST       M                                                                           
  534PC        SPOUSE SELL LANDS W/O PERMISSION          F                                                                           
  535PC        MOCK AUCTION                              F                                                                           
  5352VC       TRAILER COACH, REGISTRATION REQUIRED      I                                                                           
  536APC       PROPERTY BROKER SALE STATEMENTS           M                                                                           
  536PC        FALSE STATEMENTS BY BROKERS/ETC           M                                                                           
  5360.5(A)PU  ILLEGALLY OPERATE PASSENGER CARRIER       M                                                                           
  537(A)(1)PC  DEFRAUDING AN INNKEEPER ($400 OR LESS)    M                                                                           
  537(A)(2)PC  DEFRAUDING AN INNKEEPER OVER $400         F                                                                           
  537(A)PC     DEFRAUDING AN INNKEEPER                   F                                                                           
  537(C)(2)PC  DEFRAUD INNKEEPER/ETC BY FORCE/ETC(>      B                                                                           
  537(C)PC     DEFRAUDING LIVERY OWNER                   B                                                                           
  537BPC       DEFRAUD LIVERY STABLE OWNER               M                                                                           
  537CPC       UNAUTHORIZED ANIMAL/VEHICLE USE           M                                                                           
  537E(A)PC    BUY/SELL ARTICLES WITH I.D. REMOVED       M                                                                           
  537E(A)1PC   BUY/SELL PROP W/ID RMVD VAL LESS TH/$400  M                                                                           
  537E(A)3PC   BUY/SELL ARTICLES W/ID REMOVED            F                                                                           
  537EPC       BUY/SELL ARTICLES WITH I.D. REMOVED       M                                                                           
  537FPC       SELL REBUILT BATTERY W/O LABEL            M                                                                           
  5371PU       OPRATE CHARTER/PARTY CARRIER W/O PERMIT   M                                                                           
  5377PU       UNAUTHORIZED TRANSFER OF PERMIT           M                                                                           
  5379PU       OPER CARRIER DURG SUSP/REV OF PERMIT      M                                                                           
  538.5PC      FRAUDULENT WIRE/RADIO/TV COMMUNICATIONS   F                                                                           
  538APC       USE OTHER'S NAME ON LETTER TO NEWSPAPER   M                                                                           
  538BPC       SECRET SOCIETY/RELIG ORDER I.D./GET AID   M                                                                           
  538C(A)PC    DISTRIBUTE UNAUTHORIZED ADVERTISEMENT     M                                                                           
  538C(C)PC    UNAUTHORIZED ADVERTISEMENT INSERT         M                                                                           
  538D(A)PC    WEAR/ETC ID/ETC:IMPERS PO                 M                                                                           
  538D(B)PC    MAKE/ETC ID/ETC:IMPERS PO                 M                                                                           
  538D(B)1PC   IMPERSONATING A PEACE OFFICER             M                                                                           
  538D(B)2PC   IMPERSONATING A PEACE OFFICER             M                                                                           
  538D(C)PC    IMPERSONATING A PEACE OFFICER             M                                                                           
  538DPC       IMPERSONATE PEACE OFFICER                 M                                                                           
  538EPC       IMPERSONATE FIREMAN                       M                                                                           
  538FPC       IMPRSNATE PUBLIC UTILITY EMPLOYEE DE      M                                                                           
  538PC        REMOVE MORTGAGED PROPERTY                 F                                                                           
  5385PU       FAIL/DISPLAY CLASSIFICATION ID/CHRTR      M                                                                           
  5386PU       NO ID FOR CHARTER LIMO                    M                                                                           
  539PC        FRAUD CERTIFY COMPLETE COMMUNITY SER      M                                                                           
  540PC        STEAL/FORGE RATION COUPON/ETC             F                                                                           
  541PC        SELL/GIVE/TRANSFER FORGED RATION COUPONS  F                                                                           
  5411HS       ILLEGAL DISCHARGE OF SEWAGE/WASTE/ETC     M                                                                           

  PAGE   125                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  5411PU       CHARTER A CARRIER W/O PERMIT              M                                                                           
  5414.5PU     OPERATE W/O PERMIT/CERTIFICATE            M                                                                           
  542PC        OBTAIN FORGED RATION COUPON/STAMPS/ETC    F                                                                           
  543PC        ILLEGALLY ACQUIRE/ETC RATION COUPON/ETC   F                                                                           
  5461HS       ILLEGALLY DISCHARGE RAW SEWAGE            M                                                                           
  548(A)PC     INJURE/DESTROY/ETC INSURED PROPERTY       F                                                                           
  549PC        INSURANCE FRAUD                           F                                                                           
  55.10LA      KNIFE AND DAGGER IN PUBLIC                M                                                                           
  550(A)(1)PC  PRESENT FALSE/FRAUDULENT INSURANCE C      B                                                                           
  550(A)(2)PC  PRESENT MULTIE CLAIMS W/INTENT TO DE      B                                                                           
  550(A)(3)PC  CAUSE VHCL ACCIDENT TO PRSNT FALSE CLAIM  F                                                                           
  550(A)(4)PC  PRESENT FALSE VEHICLE THEFT/INS CLAIM     F                                                                           
  550(A)(5)PC  PREP WRITING W/INTENT SUPPORT FALSE       B                                                                           
  550(A)(6)PC  ASSIST/ETC FALSE OR FRAUD INSURANCE       B                                                                           
  550(A)(7)PC  FALS/FRAUD CLAIM FOR HEALTH BENEFIT       B                                                                           
  550(A)(8)PC  SUBMT CLAIM FOR HEALTH CARE NOT USED      B                                                                           
  550(A)(9)PC  PRESENT MULTIPLE HEALTH CARE CLAIMS       B                                                                           
  550(A)PC     FINE AND/OR PRIS-FRAUD CLAIM OVER $4      B                                                                           
  550(A)10PC   PRES PAYMT UNDERCHARGES,HEALTH CARE       B                                                                           
  550(A)6APC   KNOWINGLY ASSIST/CONSPIRE W/FALSE CL      B                                                                           
  550(A)6CPC   KNOWING ASSIST/CAUSE VEH ACCDNT FOR       F                                                                           
  550(A)6DPC   KNOWINGLY ASSIST/PREP FALSE WRITING       B                                                                           
  550(B)(1)PC  PROV FALSE/ETC INSURANCE INFO FOR PA      B                                                                           
  550(B)(2)PC  CONSPIRE:FAKE STMNT:CLAIM                 B                                                                           
  550(B)(3)PC  HIDE FACTS:INS ENTITLMNTS                 B                                                                           
  550(B)PC     FINE AND/OR PRIS-FRAUD CL $400 OR LE      M                                                                           
  550(C)PC     NO PROBAT-MULTIP PRIOR 550PC FEL CON      F                                                                           
  550(D)PC     SENT ENHANCE-PRIOR FRAUD CLAIM CONV(      F                                                                           
  550PC        FALSE/FRAUD CLAIMS-VEHICLE LOSS/DAMA      B                                                                           
  5507FG       POSSESS OF SPEAR IN ENCLOSED AREA         M                                                                           
  5508FG       POSSESS FISH UNDETERMINED SIZE            M                                                                           
  5509FG       UNLAWFUL POSSESSION UNIDENTIFIABLE F      M                                                                           
  551(A)PC     FRAUD ACT BY AUTO REPAIR DEALER $400      B                                                                           
  551(B)PC     FRAUD ACT BY AUTO REPAIR DEALER $400      B                                                                           
  552LC        CAUSE EMPLOYEE TO WORK EXCESS HOURS       M                                                                           
  5521.5FG     TAKE ABALONE FOR COMMERICAL PURPOSE       M                                                                           
  5536(A)BP    PRACTICE AS ARCHITECT W/O A LICENSE       M                                                                           
  5536BP       PRACTICE AS ARCHITECT W/O LICENSE         M                                                                           
  554(A)PC     TRESPASS:PETROLEUM INDUSTRY               M                                                                           
  554(B)PC     TRESPASS:GAS FACILITY                     M                                                                           
  554(C)PC     TRESPASS:ELECTRICAL FACILITY              M                                                                           
  554(D)PC     TRESPASS:BROADCAST FACILITY               M                                                                           

  PAGE   126                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  554(E)PC     TRESPASS:WATER FACILITY                   M                                                                           
  554(F)PC     TRESPASS:EXPLOSIVES FACILITY              M                                                                           
  554(G)PC     TRESPASS:RAILROAD FACILITY                M                                                                           
  554(H)PC     TRESPASS:COMMUNITY FACILITY               M                                                                           
  554(I)PC     TRESPASS:QUARRY                           M                                                                           
  554PC        TRESPASS:POSTED PROPERTY                  M                                                                           
  555.1PC      DESTROY POSTED SIGN                       M                                                                           
  555.2PC      LOITER NEAR POSTED PROPERTY               M                                                                           
  555PC        ENTER/REMAIN ON POSTED PROPERTY           M                                                                           
  556.1PC      POST SIGN ON PRIVATE PROPERTY             M                                                                           
  556(A)(1)IC  PRESENT FASLE/FRAUDULENT INS CLAIM        F                                                                           
  556(A)(2)IC  FILE MULTIPLE INS CLAIMS W/INTENT         F                                                                           
  556(A)(3)IC  PREPARE FALSE DOCUMENT TO SUPP INS CLAIM  F                                                                           
  556(A)(4)IC  PREPARE FALSE DOCUMENT                    F                                                                           
  556(A)IC     INSURANCE CLAIM FRAUD                     F                                                                           
  556(B)IC     FALSE/FRAUDULENT INSURANCE CLAIM          F                                                                           
  556IC        MAKE/ETC FALSE/FRAUDULNT INSURANCE CLAIM  F                                                                           
  556PC        POST SIGN ON PUBLIC PROPERTY              M                                                                           
  558.1PC      TRESPASS:CERTAIN UC LAND (PUNISHMENT)     M                                                                           
  558PC        TRESPASS:CERTAIN UC LAND                  M                                                                           
  560.1PC      BAILEE ISSUE FRAUDULENT RECEIPT           M                                                                           
  560.2PC      BAILEE DELIVER GOODS UNLAWFULLY           M                                                                           
  560.3PC      DEPOSIT GOODS W/O TITLE WITH BAILEE       M                                                                           
  560.4PC      BAILEE ISSUE DUPLICATE/ADDITIONAL TITLE   F                                                                           
  560.5PC      WAREHOUSEMAN ISSUE FRAUDULENT TITLE       M                                                                           
  560.6(1)PC   FRAUDULENT RECEIPT FOR STORED GOODS       M                                                                           
  560.6(2)PC   FRAUDULENT RECEIPT FOR STORED GOODS       M                                                                           
  560.6(3)PC   FRAUDULENT RECEIPT FOR STORED GOODS       M                                                                           
  560.6PC      FRAUDULENT RECEIPT FOR STORED GOODS       M                                                                           
  560PC        CRIME INVOLVING BAILMENTS                 F                                                                           
  5640BP       UNLIC USE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT TIT      M                                                                           
  565PC        USE/OBLITERATE DAIRY BRAND REG UNDER 400  M                                                                           
  5650(A)FG    DEPOSIT PETROLEUM IN WATERS               M                                                                           
  5650(A)1FG   UNLAWFUL DEPOSIT OF PETROLEUM NEAR W      M                                                                           
  5650(A)3FG   DEPOSIT SAWDUST/SHAVINGS/ETC IN WATE      M                                                                           
  5650(A)4FG   UNLAWFUL DEPOSIT OF FACTORY REFUSE        M                                                                           
  5650(A)6FG   UNLAWFUL DEPOSIT SUBSTANCE HARM WILD      M                                                                           
  5650(B)FG    DEPOSIT REFUSE IN WATERS                  M                                                                           
  5650(C)FG    UNLAWFUL DEPOSIT OF SAWDUST/ETC IN W      M                                                                           
  5650(D)FG    WATER POLLUTION                           M                                                                           
  5650(E)FG    WATER POLLUTION W/COCCULUS INDICUS        M                                                                           
  5650(F)FG    WATER POLLUTION - HARMFUL TO FISH/ET      M                                                                           

  PAGE   127                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  5650(2)FG    DEPOSIT CARBONACEOUS MATERIAL IN WAT      M                                                                           
  5650FG       POLLUTION OF STREAM                       M                                                                           
  5652FG       PLACE/ETC POLLUTANT NEAR STATE WATERS     M                                                                           
  5653FG       PERMIT REQUIRED TO OPERATE DREDGE         M                                                                           
  566PC        USE/OBLITERATE DAIRY BRAND REG OVER $400  F                                                                           
  56632FA      ACT AS LICENSING AGENT W/O PERMIT         M                                                                           
  570PC        UNLAWFUL SUBLEASING OF MOTOR VEHICLE      B                                                                           
  571(B)PC     UNLAWFUL SUBLEASING OF MOTOR VEHICLE      B                                                                           
  5753VC       FAILURE TO TRANSFER REGISTRATION          M                                                                           
  577PC        ISSUE FALSE BILLS OF LADING/ETC           F                                                                           
  578PC        ISSUE FALSE WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS            F                                                                           
  580.20BP     STORING INOPERABLE VEHICLES               M                                                                           
  580BP        SELL MEDICAL DEGREE/CERTIF/TRANSCRIPT     F                                                                           
  580PC        ISSUE UNMARKED DUPLICATE RECEIPTS         F                                                                           
  581BP        UNLAWFUL PROCUREMENT MEDICAL DIPLOMA      B                                                                           
  581PC        WAREHOUSEMAN SELL MERCHANDISE W/O O.K.    F                                                                           
  582BP        FRAUDULENT PHYSICIAN CERTIFICATE          B                                                                           
  587.1(A)PC   MOVE LOCOMOTIVE W/O AUTHORIZATION         M                                                                           
  587.1(B)PC   MOVE LOCOMO W/O AUTH; POSSIBLE INJ/DEATH  F                                                                           
  587.1PC      INJURE RAILROAD/RAILROAD BRIDGE           F                                                                           
  587.2PC      PLACE OBJECT ON RAILROAD TRACK            F                                                                           
  587APC       TAMPER WITH RAILROAD APPARATUS            M                                                                           
  587BPC       TRESPASS:RAILROAD TRAIN                   M                                                                           
  587CPC       EVADE RAILROAD FARE                       M                                                                           
  587PC        INJURE RAILROAD/RAILROAD BRIDGE           F                                                                           
  588APC       THROW INJ SUBST/HIWAY W-W/O GBI INTENT    F                                                                           
  588BPC       BREAK/REMOVE WARNING DEVICES              M                                                                           
  588PC        INJURE PUBLIC/PRIVATE HIGHWAY/BRIDGE      M                                                                           
  590PC        REMOVE/INJURE GUIDE POSTS                 M                                                                           
  5900(A)VC    TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP                     I                                                                           
  5900VC       FAIL NOTE DMV:VEH SEL/ET                  I                                                                           
  5901(A)VC    FAIL TO NOTIFY DMV OF VEHICLE TRANSF      M                                                                           
  5902(A)VC    FAIL NOTE DMV:OWN TRANSFR                 I                                                                           
  591.5PC      UNLAWFULLY DAMAGE/ETC WIRELESS DEVICE     M                                                                           
  591PC        INJURE TELEPHONE/POWER LINE               F                                                                           
  592(A)PC     TAKE WATER FR CANAL/ETC FOR MANUFACT      M                                                                           
  592PC        INTERFERE WITH WATER CONTROL DEVICE       M                                                                           
  593A(A)PC    PUT IRON/STEEL IN TIMBER INTENT LUMB      F                                                                           
  593APC       PUT NAILS IN WOOD FOR LUMBER MFG          F                                                                           
  593BPC       CLIMB ON ELECTRICAL POWER POLE            M                                                                           
  593CPC       DAMAGE GAS PIPE OR MAIN                   F                                                                           
  593D(A)PC    UNAUTHORIZED CONNECTING OF CABLE TV       M                                                                           

  PAGE   128                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  593D(A)1PC   UNAUTHRZD MULTICHANNEL/INFO SERVCS C      M                                                                           
  593D(A)2PC   POSS UNATHRZD MULTICHANNEL/INFO SERV      M                                                                           
  593D(A)4PC   ILLEGALLY ALTER MULTICHANNEL ACCESS       M                                                                           
  593D(B)PC    UNAUTHORIZED CONNECTING OF CABLE T.V.     F                                                                           
  593D(C)PC    SELL/ETC UNAUTH DECODING DEV/CABLE T.V.   M                                                                           
  593DD2(A)PC  UNAUTH SALE OF VIDEO DESCRAMBLER          B                                                                           
  593DD2(B)PC  UNAUTH SALE OF VIDEO DESCRAMBLER          B                                                                           
  593DPC       UNAUTHORIZED CONNECTING OF CABLE TV       M                                                                           
  593E(A)PC    UNAUTHORIZED CABLE TV INTERCEPT/DECODERS  M                                                                           
  593E(B)PC    UNAUTHORIZED MFG OF CABLE TV INTERCE      M                                                                           
  593EPC       UNAUTHORIZED CABLE TV INTERCEPTORS        M                                                                           
  593FPC       MANUFACT/ETC UNAUTH AIR TRANSMISS DE      M                                                                           
  593PC        INTERFERE WITH POWER LINE                 F                                                                           
  594.1(A)PC   SELL/FURNISH SPRAY PAINT TO MINOR         M                                                                           
  594.1(A)1PC  SELL/FURNISH SPRAY PAINT TO MINOR         M                                                                           
  594.1(B)PC   MINOR PURCHASE SPRAY PAINT                M                                                                           
  594.1(C)PC   SPRAY PAINT RETAILER FAIL POST SIGN       M                                                                           
  594.1(D)PC   UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF SPRAY PAINT        M                                                                           
  594.1(E)PC   MINOR POSSESS SPRAY PAINT                 M                                                                           
  594.1(E)1PC  MINOR POSSESSING SPRAY PAINT              M                                                                           
  594.2(A)PC   POSS OF TOOLS W/INTENT TO VANDALIZE       M                                                                           
  594.2PC      POSS TOOLS W/INTENT COMMIT VANDLSM/GRAFF  M                                                                           
  594.3(A)PC   VANDALISM:  PLACE OF WORSHIP              M                                                                           
  594.3(B)PC   VANDALIZE PLACE OF WORSHIP                F                                                                           
  594.3PC      VANDALIZE PLACE OF WORSHIP                F                                                                           
  594.35(A)PC  DESTRUCTION OF CEMETERY/MORTUARY PROPERT  B                                                                           
  594.35(D)PC  OBSTRUCTING FUNERAL                       B                                                                           
  594.4(A)PC   VANDALISM USING NOXIOUS CHEMICALS         M                                                                           
  594.7PC      ENHANCEMENT - VANDALISM W/PRIOR           B                                                                           
  594(A)(1)PC  VANDALISM                                 B                                                                           
  594(A)(2)PC  VANDALISM                                 M                                                                           
  594(A)(3)PC  VANDALISM                                 M                                                                           
  594(A)PC     VANDALISM                                 B                                                                           
  594(B)(1)PC  VANDALISM W/LOSS VALUED = OR > $400       M                                                                           
  594(B)(2)PC  VANDALISM ($5,000 TO UNDER $50,000)       F                                                                           
  594(B)(3)PC  VANDALISM ($1000 TO UNDER $5000)          M                                                                           
  594(B)(4)PC  VANDALISM (UNDER $1000)                   M                                                                           
  594(B)1PC    VANDALISM W/LOSS VALUE =  OR > $ 400      B                                                                           
  594(B)2APC   DEFACE/DAMAGE PROPERTY LESS THAN $400     M                                                                           
  594(B)2BPC   DEFACE/DAMAGE/ETC PROP <$400 W PREV CONV  M                                                                           
  594(B)2PC    VANDALISM ($5,000 TO UNDER $50,000)       F                                                                           
  594(B)4APC   DESTROY PROPERTY VALUED LESS THAN $1      M                                                                           

  PAGE   129                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  594(B)4BPC   VANDALISM LESS THAN $400 W/PRIOR          M                                                                           
  594(2)(A)PC  VANDALISM UNDER $400                      M                                                                           
  594PC        MALICIOUS MISCHIEF/VANDALISM              B                                                                           
  596.5PC      ABUSIVE BEH OF ELEPHANT BY OWNER/MAN      M                                                                           
  596PC        ADMINISTER/EXPOSE POISON/ANOTHERS ANIMAL  M                                                                           
  597.1(A)PC   FAILURE TO CARE FOR AMINAL                M                                                                           
  597.5(A)PC   POSSESS/TRAIN/ETC FIGHTING DOG            F                                                                           
  597.5(A)1PC  POSSESS/TRAIN/ETC FIGHTING DOG            F                                                                           
  597.5(A)2PC  CAUSE DOG FIGHT FOR GAIN/ETC              F                                                                           
  597.5(A)3PC  PERMIT/AID/ETC DOG FIGHTING/TRAINING      M                                                                           
  597.5(B)PC   PRESENT AT DOG FIGHT                      M                                                                           
  597.5PC      POSSESS/TRAIN/ETC FIGHTING DOG            F                                                                           
  597.7(A)PC   ANIMAL ENDANGERMENT W/IJURY               M                                                                           
  597(A)PC     CRUELTY TO ANIMALS                        F                                                                           
  597(B)PC     CRUELTY TO ANIMAL                         F                                                                           
  597(C)PC     CRUELTY TO ANIMAL                         M                                                                           
  597(F)PC     ANIMAL UNATTENDED IN BUILDING/ENCLOS      M                                                                           
  597APC       INHUMANE TRANSPORT OF ANIMAL              M                                                                           
  597B(A)PC    ILLEGAL ANIMAL FIGHTING W/PR              F                                                                           
  597BPC       PERMIT/ETC ANIMAL/BIRD FIGHT              M                                                                           
  597CPC       UNLAWFUL PRESENCE/FIGHTING ANIMALS        M                                                                           
  597EPC       IMPOUND ANIMAL W/O FOOD OR WATER          M                                                                           
  597F(A)PC    PERMIT ANIMAL TO GO WITHOUT CARE          M                                                                           
  597FPC       PERMIT ANIMAL TO GO W/O CARE              M                                                                           
  597G(A)PC    POLING A HORSE                            M                                                                           
  597GPC       POLING A HORSE                            M                                                                           
  597HPC       USE LIVE DECOY AT DOG RACE                M                                                                           
  597IPC       MFG/SELL/POSSESS FIGHTING BIRD EQUIPMENT  M                                                                           
  597JPC       POSSESS GAME COCK FOR FIGHTING            M                                                                           
  597KPC       USE BRISTLE/TACK BUR/ETC                  M                                                                           
  597L(1)PC    NOT MAINT. PET FACIL. IN SANITARY COND    M                                                                           
  597L(2)PC    NOT PROVIDE PROPER HEAT/ETC IN PET FACIL  M                                                                           
  597L(3)PC    PET SHOP:IMPROPER MAINTENACE AND CARE     M                                                                           
  597L(4)PC    PET SHOP SELL DISEASED/INJURED PETS       M                                                                           
  597L(5)PC    PET SHOP:IMPROPER MAINTENACE AND CARE     M                                                                           
  597LPC       PET SHOP:IMPROPER MAINTENANCE AND CARE    M                                                                           
  597MPC       PROMOTE/STAGE/ETC BULLFIGHT               M                                                                           
  597NPC       DOCK TAIL OF HORSE                        M                                                                           
  597O(B)1PC   INHUMANE TRANSPORTATION OF EQUINE AN      M                                                                           
  597O(B)2PC   INHUMANE TRANSPORTATION OF EQUINE AN      M                                                                           
  597PPC       REGISTER DOCKED HORSE                     M                                                                           
  597QPC       DRIVE UNREGISTERED DOCKED HORSE           M                                                                           

  PAGE   130                                                                                                                         
  JAQ05  08/01/22                                                                                                                    
        JAI CHARGE CODE LIST FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT'S USE                                                                               
            AS OF 08/01/22                                                                                                           
   CODE        CHARGE DESCRIPTION                        LEVEL                                                                       
  ------       ------------------                        -----                                                                       
  597RPC       VIOLATE ANTI DOCKING LAW                  M                                                                           
  597S(A)PC    ABANDON ANIMAL                            M                                                                           
  597SPC       ABANDON DOG OR CAT                        M                                                                           
  597TPC       CONFINED ANIMAL:INADEQUATE CARE           M