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FUNCTION: This transaction reassigns cases. Public Defender will enter transaction PDRA and Attorney employee number on PDMU Menu screen.

1. Key in the Transaction code PDRA.
2. Key in the Current Attorney #.
3. Key in X Next to the JAIN.
4. Press the ENTER



The response will display case being reassigned to Public Defender for cases selected.


Data Element Name



Current ATTY#

The attorney that is currently assign to the case. If the number entered on PDMU is not valid, display an error message.



The name of the attorney that is assigned to the case. Display the name that corresponds to the ATTY# entered on PDMU.


Reassign ATTY#

The employee number of the attorney that will be assigned to the case(s). If the attorney employee number entered is not valid, display an error message.


Reassign all cases: Y/N


If Y is entered, do not allow selection of any data on the screen. Display an error message if the user enters Y and tries to select cases.

If N is entered user can select case(s) with an X by the JAIN or press the enter key to continue to the next page.

Start Date:

The start date format is MMDDYY. Display an error message if an invalid date is entered.



Display the JAIN number for the minor.



Display the court numbers for the minor.


Juvenile Name

Display the last name and first name initial for the minor.


Next Hearing

Display the next hearing (dept. data type) scheduled for the minor.

Case Loc.

Display the Public Defender case location for the assignment.

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